maria ines August 20, 2019

Hello, I wanted to introduce a new perfume brand The Alchemist Atelier. This brand has a very innovative concept: it gives the possibility to perfume lovers to become perfume creators by using a new technology called the scent creator. It just opened the first Atelier in Paris. Here the website where you can check more: thealchemistatelier.com Amazing concept! You can buy the Scent Creator and make your own unique fragrances for every day and ocasion.

Jason July 30, 2018

Hi, I develop a ultimate guide to help women choosing right perfume You can check it here: https://www.toppacksolution.com/finding-the-best-perfume-for-women/ If you like, we can write a similar post for your blog. Thank you Jason

Cian April 14, 2018

The blogger has a statement on the page that says: "Email me new posts." However, there is no link to contact her. How do we contact her, especially if we have a question about a perfume? Thank you.

Nikhil February 1, 2018

A great initiative. This may help a lot of people who want buy perfumes online.

Patricia HAEZEBROUCK September 22, 2017

ISIPCA puts online the second version of its MOOC, in English version, on November 17th: "From the art to smell to the sensory marketing" Reference school by the international perfume businesses, by the cosmetic and by the aromas, ISIPCA proposes a rich, dynamic on-line free course, resolutely opened on the current perfume knowledge. It is in French and English language, totally adapted for an accessibility to the people in situation of handicap. That you are fascinated, professional, or novice, you can update or complete your knowledge. This MOOC will undoubtedly allow to introduce new vocations! What is a MOOC? A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an on-line course, free and open to all. It is a new intelligent way and collaborative to develop its knowledge, while being connected. More than 5,500 people had joined the first one, in French language. This course addresses the professionals of the sectors of the perfume, the marketing, the luxury but also the young people, the high school students and the students in chemistry, in pharmacy, in food-processing industry, in biology… in fact, to the people who want to learn and to discover our practices. The perfume is a part of the memory of yesterday and today For centuries, the perfume occupies a favored place in civilizations, sometimes connected with the sacred rites, the symbol of membership in a social class, a remedy against the problems of the body or the soul or still the sensual finery, it crossed ages. But what hides behind this seeming simplicity? The perfume is at the heart of our society, where the sensory universe is more and more exploited. The sense of smell which is our most innate sense, delicately makes a way. This MOOC suggests to the learners widening their knowledge, discovering what are the actors and the factors which are taken into account in the olfactive dimension. It will be suggested to the learners experimenting the processes of creation of a flavor through various exercises and estimating their own knowledge and skills in olfaction. What is its program? We speak olfaction, science, perfume, knowledge, aroma, luxury, marketing, .. and many other subjects so fascinating there. The registration is opened from September 15th. He is structured in 4 sequences, on a duration of 4 weeks, from November 17th till December 15th, 2017, with 4 evaluations. In the term of this MOOC, it is proposed to the interested participants, the online paying certificate attributed at the end of a questionnaire. This test (realized in a limited time) will be watched online, by a specialized examiner, beside of whom the participants will have to book an appointment between December 18th, 2017 and January 12th, 2018. At the end of the MOOC, the best learner will be the winner in a free participation in the Summer School ISIPCA 2018: link towards the platform https://www.fun-mooc.fr/

Mabad Alali June 11, 2017

Dear Sir .. we are company interesting in sale perfume and cosmetic in Saudi Arabia we want wonder about do you have any agent in saudi arabia? Because after look your website and your products really we like your company and we hope deal with you if you want agent or exclusive distributors in saudi arabia and middle east .. Best Wishes... Mr. Mabad ALALi The seven places CO. public relations manager

farmasiuyelikblog January 20, 2017


NadiaZ November 2, 2016

Hello,I couldn't find your drop us a note link for your address to send samples for review. I am the creator of NadiaZ, and am contacting you as I believe we share the same love for natural niche perfumes, luxury and art. I would be very glad to send you samples for your reviews on my artworks.I am already listed on fragrantica http://www.fragrantica.com/designers/Nadia-Z.html and soon will be on beauty almanach. NadiaZ is the first natural Haute parfumerie and Cosmetics brand made in Switzerland with indigenous plants and unique sculpture pieces, each piece is unique, customizable and in limited edition of about 300 per year. They are at the intersection of Art, Perfume and Therapy. Please have a look at my website http://www.nadiaz.ch My cosmetics also focus on people who place their health and wellbeing first, having sensitive skins requiring trustable natural ingredients. NadiaZ goal is to elevate perfume into the world of Art while promoting indigenous knowledge and plants, to enable the communities to protect biodiversity and their environment while getting economic opportunities. After more than a decade of humanitarian missions, I built a strong network of communities all over the world, which is why for example I designed the bottles using Shona Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe. I am a physicist and humanitarian worker and I am building my company without external investors and I mainly rely on appreciation and online medias for the visibility of my brand without any of the marketing budget commercial companies have. My workshop is near Lausanne in Switzerland where I store rare indigenous plants and it is open to visitors. I am looking forward to hear from you. Best regards

Dian McPherson April 2, 2016

Have you reviewed Cosmico by DS & Durga? need help. love perfume, deathly allergic to this one. what's up?

Stanley March 26, 2016

this lace is fantastic i'm just starting my adventure into perfume and this is one great tool

Terrie March 11, 2016

I also stumbled onto this website after researching a perfume I have called China Vetyver by Henry Jacques. I have many perfumes by this perfumer and I am wondering if anyone has tried or has any knowledge of the old perfume house in San Francisco that closed in 2011. Here is a list of the perfumes purchased from Henry Jacques Perfume house, If you have a serious "nose" for pure and unique scents... I may have a sample or two for you. 1. Rose Bulgare 2. Rose O'od 3. China Vetyver 4. Myrrhe 5. Frankinsense 6. Nour 7. Osara 8. Galia 9. O'od 18 10. Extrait Rose (Caron) 11. Soiliales 12. Teporaline 13. Malek/Terek Highness 14. Highness (not sure) 15. Gardin De France 16. Bouquet Deluxe

AndreaTV (@AndreaTVdotcom) March 10, 2016

I just stumbled upon your blog after trying to find out more about a particular perfume. My coworkers were naming "old Lady" scents and wanted to know if there is such a thing. You a great resource for anyone interested in smell goods!

Alessandra Giansanti Zorlas July 2, 2015

Hi I am trying to update my PR list

Rabih Obeid April 11, 2015

I have just bougt mouchoir de monsieur edt from guerlain, a really nice fresh fragrance, but i'm reading some comments stating that it is better to use it during winter times. Can i have your kind and professional recommendation about that please? Thanks!

marco December 4, 2014

I am one of those people who get sneezing from just one whiff of fragrance that is too strong , but I also want to wear a fragrance . I know some others might have the same issue , and wondered if you could recommend some perfumes with a /subtle/low sillage , inoffensive pleasant , fresh scent – Thanks Marco

Tessa Delmage February 12, 2014

I have been searching everywhere in the uk to find my lovely Bal a Versailles perfume. I was given 2 bottles years ago and desperate to find it again. Bu where? Thank you ?Tessa Delmage

Gary Mandel June 2, 2013

I have been looking for Maud Frizon perfume and can't find it anywhere. Have the stopped making it? Is there anyplace where I can purchase it?

Merlin March 25, 2013

Hi, I was just reading 'A Week of Tauer Perfumes' written by Hester and found that there was no place for new comments. I particularly enjoyed the article as I am also from S.Africa and enjoyed the familiar references! I don't know of any local perfume blogs so it was great to hear from a Tauer enthusiast living in the same country I do.

Priscilla February 28, 2013

I discovered your interesting and exciting site while feverishly searching for information on Jungle Gardenia by Tuvache. I first used it when I was 16 yrs. old, and having just turned 61 yrs. young, I crave the smell and feeling this perfume gave me so many years ago. Yes, I must be traveling back in time, in my head, but it's become an obsession for me to smell and wear this perfume again. If anyone knows a reputable person, store, site to buy the " original" or obtain even a sample of Tuvache Jungle Gardenia I would be most appreciative.

Eva Lawrence February 24, 2013

Does anyone know where can i get Les Bains Du Marais MUSC BLANC Huile de soin Beauty fine oil? I have been trying to find this for a couple of years. They still have different fragrances but not MUSC BLANC. I bought a couple of bottles several years ago but cannot seem to locate it anywhere. I love the clean and fresh fragrance.

Erwin de Groot December 25, 2012

Dear Colleagues, I was on your lovely website this Xmas morning. And I really enjoyed reading it. As perfumelover (and also retailer) we have also our own perfume weblog. You can find it here: http://www.parfumerie.nl/weblog It is in Dutch (but could ofcourse be read by google translate) Here we point out, upcoming fragrances, perfumenews & perfume reviews written by Erik Maarten Zwaga, a perfume specialist & journalist. Maybe it is nice reading for you. Kind regards, Erwin de Groot Parfumerie.nl Weblog

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