Elizabeth August 17, 2018

Greetings, help please. I shopped for the samples (have no idea how I got there but it was after much browsing so I could not repeat the 'operation') then tried to signed in with Amazon but for some reason it didn't accept my password, so I asked Amazon to email my password. To make a long story short :) I coudln't go back to the page where I saved the samples to my cart...Is there a way I can access 'my cart' again, or even the page to choose the samples? thank you for your help (if all possible, could you send a link to my email?) I've been here for 44 minutes trying to get this done. Thanks Liz

Buy Perfumes Online September 24, 2017

You can get free small voils from our website https://perfumeaddiction.com in India Only

Philip Himmelstein December 15, 2016

That's great, I've been purchasing samples from Surrender To Chance tor a couple months now and reading this blog for about a year and had no clue you guys were related. Way cool.

WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies May 29, 2016

OK, I am retired,and I want the real,not Mexican, Maja perfume and (soap? does the soap scent you,if you bathe with it?)I got the Talcum Maja made in Mexico, very disappointing.I don't want it.I want the real,old,original Maja perfume or cologne.It was a knock out!--and some excellent powder or soap too.--I am NOT buying the Mexican stuff.In my youth,foreign even some French, perfumes or dusting powder were more available, sold also in tiny catalogs, cheaper.I even got the old Paco Rabann (spelling) once.,it was yummy.I am an exotic,and also floral, perfume lover.modern fruit,grapefruit, or "killer scents" like "Opium" do not interest me.I remember Tatianna (spelling) and very exotic, oriental, heavy scents, floral like roses and gardenia, interest me.complex,floral,,strong, spicy and mysterious, that's mine.So Maja always was great.(we found out, some excellent mens' colognes also suited we exotic,strong cologne lovers.) HOW DO I get the original Maja vintage cologne & perfume now?Only on Ebay? let me know.It used to reek of sophistication and allure. sigh. --I am old fashioned, I know.Does the company really think we old Maja-lovers will be satisfied with bad copies from Mexico?(I hate globalization, it renders everything badly made, and inferior copies. junk.) I do mean that, globalization turned good quality products into JUNK. Everything, even glass bead "millefiore" Italian beads are no longer made--China destroyed the market.(OK, I'll stop ranting.) unfortunately, its true. THANKS! GREAT SITE! I do want some old and quality scents. ----I'm old, its about time. ;)

Katrina Chaney April 20, 2016


beautizar10 November 7, 2015

My name is Mary Beth and I am a scent slut. Even though I am a nurse, I never gave up my make up artistry because I would have access to the goods while doing make up on the side. Plus , I ALWAYS was leading my cliets to the fragrances because IMHO , everyone needs a new fragrance with a new look, outfit, pair of shoes, haircut , pedicure or even if they walked their dog! I also received s discount ehich greatly heloed me support my habit. I know fragrance is a personal preference. But, YOUTH DEW and AROMATICS ELIXIR: Please put the bottle down slowly and call a friend or your daughter. They will be so very happy to take you out for congratulatory dinner! This is your first and second step. You CAN do this. I put my Pink Sugar to sleep . I did, Idid. I adore fragrances. I sm so happy that I sm nit alone! !! My name id Mary Beth snd I am a scent slut.

JayneNoor August 27, 2015

As I am from UK, I regularly make use of First in Fragrance (an excellent German outfit - http://www.ausliebezumduft.de/) and Les Senteurs (a brilliant London store - http://www.lessenteurs.com/) who both offer a very reasonably priced samples service. However, I have to say that the service from Surrender to Chance is excellent too.

zahrasboutique February 14, 2015

Zahras Perfumes provide perfume samples http://perfume.zahras.com - [email protected]

Melissa February 5, 2015

If you're looking for perfume samples in Australia, check out scentsamples.com.au.

Buy Fragrance on Discount March 13, 2014

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Lee Lawrence March 7, 2013

Sometimes, in the ever-spinning game of life, the odds are that at SOME point, all 7s are going to come up, which means that SOMETHING is afoot in the cosmos. There I was, a beekeeper, NOT enjoying that season of winter, that in-between, that meh time when nothing is happening except inside my head, which led me to begin contemplating where my honey business should ooze to next. We have honey, natch, several niche flavors-one that tastes like toasted marshmallows- and 2 scents of hand bar, one citrussy, and one lavender, -pretty tame- a body lotion-also tame- and beeswax candles, plain. HMmmmm, what would be ...INTERESTING... . Lo and behold, my friend Julie blows back from her trip to Argentina and arrives on my doorstep. She starts talking about the trip and somehow gets around to saying that there's this book I should read on my new Samsung Galaxy 3 called Jitterbug Perfume, about people who travel time-maybe they are vampires? she can't remember, but I should read it. Enter the Oregon unrelenting rain after a teaser spring week. Naturally, desperate for entertainment, I went to Kindle, and there was, suggested for me... yup. I bought it. Read it. Was mesmerized by it. Googled Jitterbug perfume and found Opus Oils. Who makes bespoke scents... THAT'S IT!!! Lee's Bees will have it's OWN perfume! Then I started reading about perfumes. I am very odor oriented, and both my parents were wine experts, so the notion of top notes, finishes, etc. was not totally foreign to me in general, but, in terms of perfumes in particular, they were. More Googling, and... here found myself. Samples? Words I've never heard before? Saville vs Morroccan oranges? What?. A novice scent slut blossomed inside me, and here I am at the beginning of another of life's great adventures. YIPEEEeeeeeee....

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