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Nov 302015
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living roomnow
living roomnow

My cozy living room.

Squeee!!! Happy December.

I love this time of year. Christmas has already thrown up all over our living room – we did all the decorating over Thanksgiving, while eating our traditional repast of pizza. This year we decided to try to fit every single ornament on the tree. It was fun, even though there isn’t much tree left that isn’t bedizened with some weird blown glass pickle or parrot or dinosaur or deep sea diver.

I’m at peace with missing my dad – mostly in passing waves, when I can’t call him or see him on a holiday. I know the first year will be hard.

Anyway, scent-wise, this is the season basically to go insane. In the house I have those lamp rings (on my few remaining incandescents) that you fill with essential oils – I’m partial to a combo of cinnamon, ginger and orange. My room spray alternates between some faux-pine stuff (to complement our faux tree) and the divine Annick Goutal Noel, which smells like the inside of a veeeeery expensive florist, with emphasis on the big walk-in chiller.

I went down in the basement and rootled around.  It is finally cold enough to feel right for super cold weather scents. I grabbed:

Fendi Theorema, because its candied orange always makes me think of the holidays;

My weird vintage robo-duck bottle of Donna Karan, because I’m still trying to decide if I like it;

Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger – this is the season for Serge, isn’t it? I could have substituted any two or five other SL scents here.

Teo Cabanel Alahineyummmmmmm, so glad I dug this out. My bottle’s older, and it is rich and sweet and spicy.

Unum Lavs — Patty sent me this in the summer and I just couldn’t deal. But now it’s perfect! What’s winter without an incense?

Your turn. Are there particular scents you turn to now, or associate with the season? What’s in your regular rotation?



Nov 292015
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perfume posse - perfume reviews, perfume blog

Cyber Monday shopping cartAh, it’s Cyber Monday. Since the media has been reporting that Black Friday sales here in the U.S. are slightly down from last year, it’ll be interesting to see how the retail world fares this Cyber Monday.

I don’t tend to do much online shopping on this day as I’m usually working a long day, and some of my buying is done, the rest will have to wait until later, and I’ve learned my lesson about impulse buying. But I know some of you have been (and will be) busy today ferreting out good deals, bargains, bonuses, and what-not.

My one online foray this weekend proved rather disappointing. As some of you may have heard about or experienced firsthand, the Neiman Marcus site has been plagued with technical difficulties, going up and down (mostly down, it seemed, at least on Friday) like a jack-in-the-box. So unless things go really well on this Cyber Monday, I’m guessing their sales might take a bit of a hit. I had flirted with the idea of splurging on a Frederic Malle candle there, but after several tries, I finally threw up my hands in exasperation. I took the hint: perhaps it was a sign from above that the purchase was not meant to be. :)

So all you experienced shoppers, please share your tips and tricks, good sites to visit, what you’re planning to buy, or what goodies you’ve already found. Are big online retailers such as Luckyscent, Beautyhabit, and others a gold mine for you or do you do better at smaller venues, such as Diptyque, or various indie perfumers?

Or do you avoid the Cyber Monday hubbub altogether and wait for later bargains and last-minute deals to come down the pike?

Nov 272015
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thanksgiving-058I went to the Auto Show, ate enough turkey and stuffing to sink a boat and am wearing MKK. Hope (if you celebrate it) that your turkey day is great.

Nov 262015
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Vanilla Smoke Eau de Parfum Spray Aftelier

Hey Perfume Posse, a couple of years ago I did an Indie Perfumery Gift List and I thought it might be fun to do another Indie Perfumery list this year. So much out there and a lot of it is very reasonably priced. Great gifting for your friends and family who will be thrilled to get something totally unusual and beautiful. I can imagine them bragging right now. What I have done today is give an introduction to each and then used the fragrances copy (in italics). I hope this gives you both my and the perfumers angle.

Most of these wonderful Indie Perfumers also have Gift Certificates so your friends and family can choose their own.

Indie Perfumery Gift List 2015

Smell Bent Christmas 2015 Indie PerfumeryPhoto Stolen Smell Bent

Brent Leonesio of Smell Bent: The 2015 Sample Pack looks fabulous again, Brent is a sexy man and I think he brings something special to Indie Perfumery. Try all 6 of our delightfully festive holiday scents in 4ml travel spray.  Dead of Winter (vanilla licorice) Gimel a Break! (woody beeswax) Siberian SheWolf (vanilla ambergris) Werewolf Lumberjack Reclining (robust musk) Winter of Love (old school patchouli)  WinterVixen (cocoa hazelnut). Excellent twists on old favourites and only $35 from Smell Bent.

Noel Enchante DSH Perfumes Indie PerfumeryPhoto Stolen DSH Perfumes

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes: Noel Enchanté {Enchanted Christmas : Holiday fragrance no.15} comes in a 4oz organic body lotion, doesn’t have to be fragrance to be Indie Perfumery! A rich tuberose floriental chypre.  Noel Enchanté starts with a green hit in the topnote as it moves into a tuberose heart.  Amber, spices, and a deep oakmoss finish, vintage style, in the drydown.  *Definitely a dark take on a white flower and a tuberose that’s great on a man or woman. Noel Enchanté Organic Body lotion 4oz is $18.50, you can add a 3ml deluxe spray for another $18.50, yes $37 for the two. Perfect, from DSH Perfumes.

DSH currently has a coupon code for 20% off with sparkle15

Body Balm Olympic Orchids Indie PerfumeryPhoto Stolen Olympic Orchids

Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids: Olympic Orchids Body Balm is the newest thing on the site, looks so enticing and sounds amazing. This 100% natural formula contains shea butter, argan oil, frankincense, and ethically-harvested New Caledonian sandalwood, nothing else. It’s pure, it’s vegan, it’s free of artificial fragrances, preservatives, and additives, and it’s great for a whole host of purposes. It soothes and smooths rough skin, it makes a fantastic makeup base, hair pomade, or lip balm, and it’s just the thing to use to protect your exposed skin if you’re out in the cold doing winter work or sports. 2-ounce translucent cranberry red jar. Only $18 on Olympic Orchids.

Tabac Aurea Sonoma Scent StudioPhoto Stolen Sonoma Scent Studio

Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studio: With a great choice of naturals or mixed media Laurie Erickson has a dedicated band of followers. Ireally like her style of Indie Perfumery, it always seems so beautifully smooth. My personal favourite is Tabac Aurea, a gorgeous golden glutinous waft of amber tobacco woods that smells like honey looks. Tabac Aurea has an enticing golden amber drydown and a pipe tobacco note that is enjoyed by women as well as men. It’s smooth and softly gourmand… A 5ml Travel Spray will only set you back $17 at Sonoma Scent Studio

Jasmine Summer SOIVOHLE Indie PerfumeryPhoto Stolen SOIVOHLE

Liz Zorn of SOIVOHLE: Jasmine Summer is part of the SOIVOHLE Street Collection. It gets quite a bit of wear around here and I’m lucky enough to have Liz Zorn’s painting made in homage to the scent and also called Jasmine Summer. I love that Liz can continue a thriving fine arts life alongside her Indie Perfumery. She is also so freaking lovely. A soft and sensual Jasmine with touch of lime and tropical fruits in the opening, sweet fennel and a hint of muguet in the heart and a dry down of soft vanilla kissed musk. You can grab the 10ml atomiser for only $26 at SOIVOHLE.

Sale on right now at Soivohle – 25% off with the coupon code HOLIDAZE!

Vanilla Smoke Aftelier Indie PerfumeryPhoto Stolen Aftelier

Mandy Aftel for Aftelier: Well Mandy Aftel has done it again, the doyen of Indie Perfumery has hit us with a superb 2015 release. As you may know my all time favourite fragrance is Shalimar. Mandy has re-imagined vanilla with a focus on the smoky and dark heart of the oriental genre, and the tea drinking nomads of the steppes. Imagine if Shalimar had not been born in France but somewhere in Asia. A dry, dense and rasping vanilla that will surprise and delight you with its complexity and nuance. This should be the gift you give yourself for surviving 2015. From $6 – $180 at Aftelier

Mohur Neela Vermeire Creations LuckyScentPhoto Stolen LuckyScent

Neela Vermeire at Neela Vermeire Creations: Mohur! I love you. That eye rolling, heart thumping thrill every time I spritz. The magical story and the concentration of highest quality ingredients all curated lovingly by Neela with Bertrand Duchuafour. But the real surprise in Mohur is the subtle “Indian pastry” accord tucked in the petals of its rose garden, with notes of carrot, almond, cardamom and ambrette, lending a tender touch to this majestic composition. If Patou had been Indian, this would have been Joy… LuckyScent has $265/60ml


Aurora Solid Roxana Illuminated Perfume Indie PerfumeryPhoto Stolen Roxana Illuminated Perfume

Roxana at Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Aurora will always remind me of a stunningly languid afternoon spent hanging out with Roxana, her husband Greg (and Tom from Perfume Posse) in their house in California, we chatted, drank matte and sniffed. I get goosebumps remembering. It was like we had found the heart of Indie Perfumerie in the hills around Malibu, heavenly.  Aurora solid, natural perfume is an intoxicating golden elixir that is feminine and richly woven. The floral bouquet at the heart of Aurora bridges the amber base with spicy, citrus top notes to produce a carnation inspired fragrance. Roxana’s Illuminated Perfume Etsy site has $35

I hope you enjoyed my Indie Perfumery Gifting list this year. What would you add?
Portia xxx


Happy birthday, Musette!!

Happy birthday, Musette!!

Ah .. it’s getting close to Thanksgiving, must be time to send our beautiful, talented and oh-so kind-hearted Anita birthday greetings!! All of us here at the Posse are wishing you a wonderful day, filled with all the things you enjoy most, darling lady!! Sending much love and many hugs The rest, please…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This last year has flown by, and here we are at the holiday season once again.  First, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I have so much to be grateful for this year, but one of the things I have been thankful for the last ten years are the friends The rest, please…

Hermes Caleche

Hermes Caleche

By March My dad died on the 13th. He had a fantastic run – 93 years, most of them healthy, still living in the home my sister and I grew up in. We’re all local so when it came time to call hospice, it was easier (as far as these The rest, please…

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