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Apr 222014
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…you Posse!  Sooo much fun reading your comments and choices from the Beautyhabit post.   El O and my wallet don’t thank you, though…you created so damn many lemmings..I went back and looked at my cart:  I could open the Hooterville branch, running around dabbing face cream on cows and spritzing rosewater on chickens!

Oooh!  speaking of rosewater.  I am such a rosewater junkie…..I have an entire shelf in my cabinet devoted to flower essence sprays  – eucalyptus and tea tree (feet, obviously – so OW on the face!)….lavender, which keeps me settled down when it’s Clobberin’ Time…but the vast majority are rose distillations.  Something about a good rosewater just cheers my poor, tired skin right the heck UP!  So…Beautyhabit is now carrying the Alteya line of Bulgarian Rose essence products.  Remember my pop’s line about not knowing whether to defecate or lose his ability to see?  Yeah, that.    Anyhoo, the icing on the cake is the discount code (don’t forget – it’s POSSE and it’s still good through 31May2014).   FREE SHIPPING!

So, this isn’t a review.   I haven’t tried the line yet.  But as soon as I do……

I’m scrabbling through my rackety mind to see what else….oh, yes…..WINNERS! (heh.  rackety mind)

Bruno spun the random.org dial and….

epic woman! zazie! sharon c! nemo!

send me your info (anita AT perfumeposse DAWT cahm)  and I’ll get it to the Beautyhabit beauties.  These are eGift certificates so all I need is your email address (please put it in the body of the email).    I’ll gather all four and get them over there asap.

Sorry for the short, rambly post.  I have to get my business and household ready for my absence.  I am off to Dallas for my father’s military honors service.  My father (whom, as some of you know, was profiled in Tom Brokaw’s book The Greatest Generation) was insanely proud of his WWII service – in many ways, in his later life it came to define him. Plus, he was a Media Hog.  Got a camera?   My dad always knew where it was pointed and made sure to get his grinning self in that shot!  The service is being covered by a PA newspaper; I like to think my father is tickled blue to be in the spotlight, again!  Like Audrey Hepburn.  Gawsh….can they please leave that woman in peace?  Please?   Have you seen the new Dove chocolate ad?   I’m usually pretty easygoing about these things but this one skeeves me right out.  Creepiest thing I’ve seen in ages!!!.  dovehep1Funny, about the ‘prep’ thing.  I know there are guys out there who plan and organize before they leave..but El O Ain’t That Guy.  He’ll throw 5 socks and a banana in a bag, hop on his bike and it’s vaya con Dios, baby!  Me?  I’ve spent the last 2 days with customers, shippers, the vet (they are going to check in on Bruno while I’m gone – see what I mean?  Can you imagine El O setting that up?  Neither can I)…….

…anyway, with all the ‘prep’, the one thing I am not going to do is clean the house before I leave.  Do you know how many times I’ve done that?  And why!  Whyyyy?  I could leave for Just One Day – and come back to a Hazmat site.    Next life?  I’m coming back as a guy.  Or Bulgarian Rosewater. Or 5 socks and a banana.

Apr 212014
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It has been a long time, but it’s time for Swapmania. I need you guys to help us pick the dates! Weekends work best, like on a Saturday/Sunday?  How about if we do it May 3/4 or May 17/18.  Let’s vote on one of those two weekends, and most votes will be the dates we use.  If you have any ideas/suggestions for changes this time around, also post those.  

For those of you that weren’t around for the last Swapmania, here’s a brief overview and a link to Swapmania Rules in the past -

Here’s your chance to unload all your unloved perfumes you bought after Anita, Ann, Portia, Tom and Patty lied to you in a review about how great they are.  Also, in the past folks have swapped for all sorts of random things, including tea, chocolate, hand-knit scarves and knitted elf shoes (see below picture).

efl slippers



So start going through your closets and drawers, cataloging your misfortunes, because all that is about to change!  You’re going to swap them away and get something less heinous wonderful in return!

If you are a lurking newbie and you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a link to the last Swapmania.  Basically, you list your perfumes and somebody offers something for it. It’s just that simple.  And insane.









Apr 202014
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nail polish 1

nail polish 1 First off, for those of you who celebrate it, wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter, one of my favorite holidays, with its message of forgiveness, rebirth and hope. And I know we are all delighted to have (mostly) put this whopper of a winter behind us (and a hot summer for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere). Now on to the not-so-fragrant portion of our program.

I hope no one minds too much, but I’m a little fragrance-challenged right now, so I’ll visit nail polish territory, if that’s OK, especially now that it’s starting to get warm enough for many of us to bare our tootsies.

First, a confession: I’ve haven’t worn much nail polish over the past few years. Actually, hardly any at all since we adopted our son, as it just wasn’t on my radar, fashion-wise or time-wise. I would, however, do a soft pedicure hue for spring and then a more vibrant one for summer each year (last summer’s was the pinkish coral-red of OPI’s Are We There Yet?, shown just below), but that was about it.

nail polish 2 But lately, I’ve been paying more attention to my hands and nails, and polish has piqued my interest once again. Now I will never have long, glamorous talons awash in a gorgeous ruby-red hue, much as I would love them; my short, stubby little fingers and oddly shaped fingernails just aren’t cut out for that. My fingernail shades have got to be somewhat neutral and easy wear (read: not so obvious when they wear or chip a little).

So far this year, OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender (above right) turned out to be a fun pedicure hue for me over spring break, more pink than lavender, but still lovely. It might make its way onto my fingers, too, later on. And I’m also finding some flattering nail polish shades from Essie and Nicole by OPI. I stumbled upon one Nicole I really liked at Walgreen’s but haven’t seen it anywhere else, and couldn’t find a phot of it online. It’s called The New Neutral and it’s a pinky, mauve-y, slightly lavender kind of shade that’s nice on me. And looks to be a good transitional look for spring. It seems similar to Essie’s Ladylike, but was just a touch lighter and brighter and looked better with my skintone.

And I’ve also pulled out Nicole by OPI’s Enchantress from a year or two ago (but I still see it on a few shelves this year). A blue/pink sort of duochrome, its pretty and sheer on its own (I like two coats), but nail polish 3is such a fun overcoat to jazz up other colors. I had a old Estee Lauder, flat-ish putty pink nail polish that I rarely wore and the Enchantress brought it to life beautifully.

Now come summer, if the polish bug still is still biting me, I might go for some brighter shades. And depending on how the fingernails are holding up, maybe even daring to tiptoe into warm-weather red territory. (Which reminds me, one day I will share my pedicure horror story from a few years back.)

Do you remember when Musette posted a while back about the scented nail polish line from Revlon? I saw them in-store and looked them over. They’re oh-so-cool, but none of the va-va-voom colors was really my style and I was in too much of a hurry to sniff any of them. But I bet they would look great on some of you.

Anyhoo, what are your hands and feet wearing as spring rolls in? Do you tend to wear the same favorites every year or are you all about trying the newest crop of colors, experimenting and changing it up frequently?

Apr 182014
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GriffinIf you have been reading my random natterings for a while you know that I think that Roxana of Roxana Illuminated perfumes is a true artist. She’s resurrected one of her older perfumes, Impromptu. When I reviewed it on PST I wrote “Without being consciously retro, it makes me think of a scent from the 40′s. Mainly because it’s such a rich scent, taking the smoky-sweet aspects of Chaparall with additions of of butter-soft carnation and her botanical version of leather. For me the opening is all about the carnation, which is almost soapy but then quickly warms with the spices. As it progresses you get into the parts of Chaparall that I love- which I wrote of as the ‘distillation of California with it’s herbal woodiness and hint of wildfires.’ While the scent itself is delightfully smoky, as Donna noted the leather shows none of the birch-tar aspects of other scents. Nor is it of a new car; it’s more Hermes than Honda.”

Now this is a re-imagining or recreation of that version. I think it’s perfection- I love how it goes from slightly chilly and sweet on my skin to darker and richer. When worn with the solid, it’s adds a sort of buttery richness to the scent (and also makes it last much longer.) I love the fact that we have these people out there making these scents, basically in their homes, and they are so talented and committed to bring beauty into the world rather than just generate some forgettable flanker that will be at the discounters by the time you get home from Macy’s.

Impromptu is truly beautiful.

Impromptu is available on her site in several sizes. May samples were provided by the perfumer.

Image: Her Blog

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel by Grandiflora 2014

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel by Grandiflora 2014

Hello Lovelies, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies with a new fragrance by an Australian company, Grandiflora. This is a tragedy and good luck story in one. One of Sydney’s most beautiful and prestigious florists, Saskia Havekes, decided to do a fragrance for her shop. Not wanting anything less than wonderful, The rest, please…

The Beauties of Beautyhabit..annnd....a stunning draw!

The Beauties of Beautyhabit..annnd….a stunning draw!

Musette sez:     I’m always interested in other business owners – who are they?  how did they start their business?  how’s it going? do you wake up, at 2am, screaming?   In the coming weeks I will introduce you to some of my favorite small-biz retailers.  A lot of us The rest, please…

Byredo Flowerhead and Roja Dove Musk Aoud Absolue Precieux

Byredo Flowerhead and Roja Dove Musk Aoud Absolue Precieux

  Now, you may be thinking – is she crazy today?  No not more so than any other day.  First, the picture above, I’ve seen the Byredo Flowerhead graphic, which is cool, but everyone is using it, and I really loved this painting just for the pure weird. Reviewing Byredo The rest, please…