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Mar 292015
 March 29, 2015  Posted by on March 29, 2015 5 Responses »
shopping cart

shopping cartI think we all probably do it from time to time. We see a great buy online on something, or decide to splurge on a favorite scent or product, and we put it in our shopping cart. Now whether we pull the trigger on the purchase or not depends.

I’ve only done this a few times, but when I have …. I’ve rarely been able to hit the button on the sale. Do I have cold (perfume) feet or what?

In fact, I think I have several sample orders sitting in my Luckyscent cart now, and I’m dithering on whether to go ahead and get them.

I’m usually pretty content with samples and decants for the most part, but there are a few scents I wish I had put into my shopping cart and gone through with a long time ago, like discontinued lovelies such as Guerlain’s Iris Ganache and Attrape Coeur.

And I wish, wish, wish that I’d gotten more than a teensy bit of the Roja Dove Roja as well (alas, a full bottle, if you could find one a year or two ago, could only have been mine had I won the lottery.)

Also, I ponder on and off about getting Hiram Green’s decant bottle of the lovely chypre Shangri-La. (A dear friend gifted me with the HG decant of Moon Bloom, so I’m well taken care of there.)

And my recent long-term ;) love affair with Amouage Ubar has me sorely tempted, but then the good little angel on my shoulder says, “You know, you’re going to need new tires on your car soon; that is, if the poor old girl holds up a whole lot longer.” (She is — the car, not the angel — 11 now with over 220,000 miles.) Then I find myself praying that she will make it another 2 or 3 years at least and chastising myself for lusting after a bottle that’s in the ballpark of a car payment or several tires. And I’m not telling what the naughty angel on my other shoulder is whispering in my ear about it. See what a mess I am?

But for right now, I’m just making do with my samples and decants and enjoying them with a bit of restraint.

What about you? What items are ready to go in your shopping cart? Or what fragrances do you find seem to go in and out regularly, waiting for you to give the final OK? When you finally do pull the trigger, how do you justify it to yourself and/or your significant other? Do you treat yourself and splurge or do you save, save, save your pennies and then buy?

Mar 272015
 March 27, 2015  Posted by on March 27, 2015 21 Responses »

photoFirst off, the winner of the PureDistance White sample is MaggieCat. Please hit the contact us radio button and give us your shipping info and I’ll get it out to you.

Now here’s where I need some suggestions. I used to live in apartment that had windows on either end and that made for very good cross-ventilation. I was also an old (well, 50’s is old in Los Angeles) building and I never lit candles in it because it was an old wood structure that would probably go up like a matchstick if you even rubbed it hard enough. There was one time when AOL who had offices down the street plunged us into darkness for 24 hours and I was petrified one of my neighbors would pull an Ashley Greene and we’d go up like tinder. The bathroom also had windows as did the kitchen so any of the more unseemly odors didn’t linger (Although if I cooked something smoky it would set off the smoke detectors).

That and I was just convinced that I didn’t like candles. Maybe because my ex did, and practically anything he used to like I now don’t. (I know, bitter much? How do I stay single?)

Now I’m in a different place that has many advantages: a pool (which I never use), a gym (ditto), and central AC (which I told myself I’d never use, but have to great joy). The bad thing about it is that neither the kitchen nor the bathroom has windows, just incredibly ineffective fans. I hate the idea of Fabreze (although I admit I use it on occasion) and the orange oil stuff from Trader Joe’s is pretty ineffective. I did buy a bottle of Orchidée Impériale from Surrender to Chance, but it’s so lovely it seems like a waste to use it to try to cover up the smell of the Irv’s Burger I brought home.

As for the candles, I actually ended up winning two at two separate events: A Scent Bar Rhubarb Grass at one and a Hotel Costes at another. I was going to give them away but they both smelled so great I couldn’t bring myself to. (Cheap and greedy, too. How am I still single again?)

Then I finally decided to start using them.

I was told by someone that the best way to use a scented candle is to light it, let it for a decent puddle of melted wax, then put it out. This will make the scent waft over until the wax solidifies. So I have them on the counter of the little bar area and when I’m in the mood I’ll go light one, or both. I figure the worst that could happen if they tip over after they’re out is that I have to scrape wax off the formica.

So here’s my question to you: what do you recommend in the way of candles and air fresheners? Ones that are preferable less than the cost of a small diamond (I am shocked at what some places ask for wax) and one that keeps the chemicals to a minimum? Please share in the comments.

Photo of the fake candles my fire-phobic friend Terre gave me on groovy kitschy candlesticks my friend Kimberly gave me in my dining room. Photo taken by me, obviously.


Mar 262015
 March 26, 2015  Posted by on March 26, 2015 18 Responses »
24 Faubourg Hermes fragrantica

Hi there Perfume Posse! One of my favourites just appeared as if by magic. Today we are smelling 24 Faubourg, an orange blossom with ALL the trimmings and celebrating its 20th year in production in 2015. From the year that brought us Versace Blonde, Le Male by JPG, Poeme by Lancome and Ubar by Amouage: it was a VERY good year for fragrance and all of these are currently FB in my collection 20 years on.

24 Faubourg by Maurice Roucel for Hermès 1995

24 Faubourg Hermes fragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Orange, Ylang_Ylang, Hyacinth, peach
Heart: Black elder, orange blosson, jasmine, gardenia, iris
Base: Vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, amber

I often turn to 24 Faubourg at the end of summer. Yes I wear it occasionally through the year but it’s the end of the muggy heat in Sydney that really makes me head for the bottle and spray lavishly. Funnily, this year the bottle is in storage but I did happen upon a decant that I’ve had sitting in a box today from Posh Peasant and as the weather here is still warm enough I thought I go spritz crazy.

24-Faubourg-Hermes Georgia_O'Keeffe,_Series_1,_No._8 WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Ooooh! I think this might be a bit older than my bottle. The aldehydes and resins are immediately apparent even before the citrus/fruit zings into focus. WOW! Bright, dense, powerful, rich and glorious are the 5 words I wrote on spritzing, like the Georgia O’Keeffe painting above. It smells heavenly, so full and rich. Is there some animalic stuff not mentioned in the notes? Honey, civet or ambergris? Sexy, sensual and very high octane. My newer bottle has all these ingredients but arranged a bit differently and in what seems to be different doses from memory.

Into the heart the flowers make an exquisite bouquet that creates a perfect frame around the white flowers. So pretty; bold and yet completely wearable. Elegant. 24 Faubourg is like the synthesized juice of the Hermès branding, luxe, elegant, regal yet relaxed and comfortable. Like what the upper classes probably wear to polo or yachting. If ever a fragrance were to announce that you’ve arrived I think 24 Faubourg could be it. I could imagine Princess Diana, who it is said loved 24 Faubourg, arriving at a gala dressed in one of her fabulous gowns, gloves jewels etc and smelling 100% perfection in this.


24-Faubourg-HermesPhoto Stolen Hermès

After about an hour, maybe a bit less, 24 Faubourg becomes a much tamer animal and slightly soapy. Still fragrant but now it has calmed considerably. Lush floral with amber background and still a lovely animalic purr. I get quite good longevity at 5+ hours. Perfect for most situations but probably a bit full on for work environments unless you use a very light hand.

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and The Perfume Magazine
You can buy 24 Faubourg online at Hermès Hermès World Site Page<<<JUMP
Surrender To Chance starts at $3/ml

If you thought this was fun or interesting come over to AustralianPerfumeJunkies and say hello too. We love visitors.

What is your Spring or Autumn fragrance fling right now?
Portia xx

Mar 252015
 March 25, 2015  Posted by on March 25, 2015 2 Responses »
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.49.01 AM



 Fashionista has an interesting interview … Jean Patou Perfumer Thomas Fontaine Describes the Pressures of Developing an Exclusive Fragrance

Fontaine talks about the process of developing a fragrance for Patou, his work on Joy Forever, and some other news:

We’re relaunching old fragrances. This year we’re doing Vacances, L’Heure Attendue and Colony. When I’m working on this formula, I have to make sure that I’m keeping the spirit of the fragrance…”

  Photo of Fontaine – @jeanpatou Instagram.

Guerlain Le Plus Beau Jour de ma Vie - wedding perfume

Guerlain Le Plus Beau Jour de ma Vie – wedding perfume

Guerlain Le Plus Beau Jour de ma Vie is the latest Guerlain release. It is the eau de parfum of Bouquet de la Mariee.   Made for the bride-to-be with notes of syrup, sugar, candy canes, cotton candy, jelly beans, vanilla, caramel and nougat.  No, not really, but sorta.  Real The rest, please…

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