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Aug 212014
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Amoureuse Parfums DelRae Fragrantica

Hi Perfumed Posse Peeps! What’s up? Well, the North is in the throes of the end of Summer and we Down Under are heading rapidly towards spring. SPRING!! So I wanted to chat about Amoureuse, a fragrance that perfectly fits the mid seasons for me. Wearable as a reminder of Spring, or during spring, all weather really but particularly perfect in the mids.

Amoureuse by Michel Roudnitska for Parfums DelRae 2002

Amoureuse Parfums DelRae FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

BaseNotes gives these featured accords:
Top: Tangerine, cardamom
Heart: French tuberose, French jasmine, Tahitian ginger lily
Base: Oakmoss, honey, sandalwood

I think we need to look at the perfumer today Michel Roudnitska, extremely talented son of Edmond (Femme, Diorissimo, Eau Sauvage, La Parfume de Therese, Eau d”Hermes) and a fine perfumer in his own right. Michel created Noir Epices, Shiloh and Magnolia Grandiflora Michel as well as a few of the DelRae frags. Clearly a modern master in his own right.

Amoureuse Parfums DelRae Alpinia_zerumbet Wikipedia

Tangerine and cardamom, it’s not really the open because already Amoureuse is all sexy, dirty, green and breathy white flowers with urinous honey straight out of the gate. Amoureuse opens freaky, no other word for it, and I can’t get enough. Disgusting and gorgeous play against each other, vibrating until gorgeous wins out after about 15-20 minutes and suddenly you are being blown about by a tropical storm of beautiful wet white flowers that still talk of the bedroom but softer, languid, hot air and white beaches, blue sky and al fresco dining as the year thaws from winter. My skin throws a very narcissus accord at this point, both green and piercingly beautiful that hints at both flower and stalk, sappy, broken and fresh cut.

The heart is wonderful in Amoureuse, yes just like falling in love Amoureuse tends to make me giddy, happy, energetic and magically gorgeous. Amoureuse is a glamour all of its own. Like adding a patina of the sultry overblown fecund Empress from the tarot deck. Amoureuse is spring, from the earth to the Amoureuse Parfums DelRae  Hedychium_gardnerianum Wikipediatrees and flowers, the uncontrollable urge to reproduce and the brilliant pumping, birthing and growing of new life.

The spicy green is maintained all through the life of Amoureuse, though not a bitter green, no spiky or hard edges because Amoureuse is about cardamoms softness and plush green depths creating shadow to the bright high flying florals lights.

Lasting and projection are excellent with Amoureuse, you can easily overspray so do exercise restraint until you work out how your body reacts with it. My usually scent eating body will still be wafting a generous quantity of fragrance if I do a spritz to my chest and one to my wrists and smoosh after I finish work for the night, so 6 hours later still quite fragrant and in the morning I’ll wake with quite a good hint of sandalwood and honey with the merest memory of the white flowers.

Further reading: Muse In Wooden Shoes and Grain de Musc
LuckyScent has $135/50ml
Surrender To Chance has $4/.5ml

I hope you enjoyed today’s fragrant meanderings. If you liked this then jump on over to Australian Perfume Junkies and say hi. We love visitors there too.

Portia x

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Aug 192014
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vintage syringe

My darlings….my apologies for bailing on youlast week.  I couldn’t even TELL you I was bailing because.  Hooterville.  Downed Internet Service.  Hooterville.  That means there’s not ‘oh, well.  Let’s just walk down to Starbucks, grab a latte and write the post’.  When the Internets iz down here, it’s DOWN.  So…sorry!  It came back online about 4 hours later but by that time it was 11p and I was wiped and ….Hooterville.


And I had so much to tell you, too!  Let’s start with CANNING!  The tomato harvest came in hard and fast and I needed to get those dawgs canned UP!  I remember my first year canning.  I was sooo scared.  Visions of people turning green and exploding on the floor of the ER  danced in my head.  Experienced canners told me to get over myself and get that stuff in the jars.  So I did.  And it was good!  Now I’m going to learn how to pressure can green beans.  My friend Mary, who has been canning since she was a little sprout (ha!) is teaching me – I figure she’s canned for 30 years, nobody on her watch has kicked the bucket….so I should be in Very Good Hands.  I want to dill some of the beans and garlic some and plain can some – green beans lend themselves to so many flavors, don’t they?  And sauerkraut!  I don’t even like sauerkraut!  But …c’mon!  It’s one of those skills I feel I should have, like Tim Cahill and the flying lessons. Ya nebber know…you could be on the run from zombies and come across a cabbage or two…..


Tetanus.  I haz it.  Well, okay…I don’t.  But..you won’t believe this. So I spent 12 hours in my garden on Sunday, doing perilous-type things involving sawing/hammering/digging/hoeing/stapling….So…7p rolls around and I’m closing up the garden…walk over to the gate..and step on an old roofing nail!  I’d been on that narrow path at least 9000000 times that day!  My foot is fine..as I told a friend, the shriekage was more for the sheer ‘WTF’ery of it all.  There was a puncture – not deep.  But good grief!  A rusty nail?  Could it get any more cliche?  And it’s been 13 yrs since I last tetanused-up.  And Cliche.  So The Big Poke is tomorrow.  I hate tetanus shots.  They’re like cholera shots.  Like someone is injecting pudding into your arm.  Pudding laced with acid and live wasps.  In a Victorian-era Torture syringe, wielded by a sadistic T-Rex.  I ain’t happy about it.

Dr TRex

this is gonna hurt!


Nails aside, working in the garden has been fun and brought forth a lot of smells.  It’s been a rollercoaster ride, weatherwise, veering from 90F to 55F to rain to drought…and that seems like it’s all in a day!  (I’ve changed my clothes twice today – sweater this rainy morning and sundress this 90F afternoon.  Sigh).  Weeds galore – but also some fun stuff!  I have a patchouli plant!  Patchouli is one of those scents I have never given much thought to (big surprise there!).  I never even considered where patchouli comes from.  For all I knew it was just born, fully distilled, in those little amber bottles at the health-food store!  Wrong!   It’s really a lovely little plant and the leaves are hippie-dippy-heavenly! As the weather cools I’ll take cuttings so I can repot for next spring.  Mint, too!  I have tons of mint drying on the drying rack but there is something especially decadent about pouring over fresh mint leaves, in the dead of winter…oh, bliss.  So it’s time to start taking cuttings of that as well.  My dill weed has exploded all over my garden, just as I hoped it would, which means the whole place is alight with that weird, wonderful smell.

Lemon verbena.  This is another rooting but it’s more ‘just in case’ since I have a gorgeous plant in a gorgeous pot and I hope it sticks with me for a good many years.  Lemon verbena is one of the most wonderful scents in all of Scentdom – and I rarely find a scent that captures the true essence of the plant.  Too often they veer into that laundry soap/lemon cleaner arena.     To be honest, it’s easier to just go out and rub a leaf on my wrists!  LOL!  It’s so fresh and sunshine-y and pretty!  My pal Joe suggested I wear Delrae Wit over the lemon verbena.    What a great combo!  Patty did a rollicking review of it here and she’s spot-on!  The lemon verbena amps the ‘green-y’ aspects of Wit and keeps it from toppling over into that rotty phase that I can easily do without, especially as my nerves are still frayed to the snapping point as it is.  I am not looking for any challenging scents right now.  If folks want to smell like the unwashed panties of a perimenopausal velociraptor, go right ahead.  I’ll stick with the pretty, thank you.


Speaking of teh pretty….I have a couple of rose scents I’ve been testing out, since the weather has been so odd.  Rose, especially the lighter, ‘truer’ roses,  is one of those notes that can so easily go sour – and too often do.  But there are a couple of lighter scents that are gorgeous, holding their own in the transitional weather and staying true to their gorgeous creation.  What are they?  Well, stay tuned…I’m going to tell you all about them next week.  In the meantime, I’m going to reward you for reading this ramble-licious post.  Two of you will win some samples from the Messy Armoire if you drop me a comment, letting me know what kind of weird weather you’re having – and what are you wearing in it? 

Aug 182014
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Creed Acqua Originale Collection just in introduced in 2014 five perfumes. - Asian Green Tea, Cedre Blanc, Iris Tuberose, Aberdeen Lavender, Vetiver Geranium.`

This won’t be an extensive review of each of the five.  Overall, I do like the collection. It fills some holes in the Creed lineup. I just didn’t find a lot that was really overly fabulous. But a nice collection regardless.

The collection was inspired by Olivier Creed’s many travels, synthesizing those adventures into perfume as art.

Creed Asian Green Tea is a ctirus aromatic based on a love of  the culture of Japan,nwith notes of bergamot, mandarin, lemon petitgrain, violet, heliotrope, rose, cassie, green tea, amber, sandalwood and musk.  I really like this, and it’s the one that I think fills a hole for Creed. Do they have any other tea fragrance?  It’s subtle, has the Creed imprint, but has a plush violet green tea aroma that’s pretty charming.

Creed Cedre Blanc is a tribute to the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains Creed loved with notes  laurel, cardamom, galbanum, geranium, water lily, jasmine, Virginian cedar, vetiver and sandalwood.  I think Creed has some other scents similar to this, but I really like the treatment of cedar. There are moments when it feels a little too aquatic, but I suffer through them and get to a better laurel and spiced mixed with the cedar.

Creed Iris Tuberose, a white floral, is based on two of Creed’s favorite places – Tuscany and India.  Notes of iris, galbanum,violet leaf, orange, Indian tuberose, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, Sicilian orange blossom, musk and Mexican vanilla.   More tuberose on the open with gentle iris and other floral support.  Creed does have other tuberose and iris scents, yes?  I never pay as much attention as I should.  I really do like this one.  The tuberose skirts the edge of somewhat skanky, which is a great plus, and that makes it much more interesting for me than a lot of the Creed florals.  Really liked this one.

Creed Aberdeen Lavender was created as homage to Queen Victoria, honoring the Scottish Highlands filled with lavender that she loved.  An oriental fougere, it has notes of absinthe, rosemary, bergamot, lemon, lavender, tuberose, iris, rose, patchouli, leather and vetiver.   Creed has a lot of lavender-based scents, but this one brings some new stuff. It’s not a traditional fougere, it’s definitely oriental. The pairing of strong absinthe and rosemary give it a quirky feel, but it stays really wearably great.

Creed Vetiver Geranium is inspired by the Island of Java, home of some of the world’s finest vetiver  Notes of Indonesian vetiver, geranium, granny smith apple, bergamot, lemon, cinnamon, rose, patchouli, cedar and amber.  Again, Creed has a lot of vetiver in their lineup, but this brings some new perfume shapes out.  Spices and geranium give the vetiver a bed of warmth that’s a hit with me. This wound up being my favorite and the one I least expected to surprise me with how offbeatly lovely it was.

So favorite Creed fragrance, if you have one?  I’ll give away three sets of samples to commenters today.

Aug 172014
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fantasyIt’s mid-August, it’s hot and muggy here (for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere at least) and I’m well ready to be done with summer, and to welcome autumn’s charms with open arms. Even though I know Mother Nature likely will not oblige me until at least early October. But in the spirit of our imagination-laden post last week, I’m thinking of faraway places I would love to visit on holiday, a fantasy vacation, if only the wallet were willing.

So, what would be your late summer fantasy trip, holiday or vacation? What scent(s) would you take to accompany you on your journey, or would you just wait and get your fragrance there?

Mine would be a getaway to London, looking forward to at least a few coolish, rainy days, having a lovely afternoon tea or two, wandering about the neighborhoods and parks, and of course, fragrance shopping. And what trip to London would be complete without a visit to Harrod’s in general, and the Roja Dove boutique in particular? And this time around, stops at Ormonde Jayne, the Jo Loves boutique, Amouage, Penhaligon’s and Selfridge’s would round out my fragrant vacation. And I’d swing by Fortnum & Mason, too, for good measure.

And, as it’s my fantasy, I’d travel across the Pond in first-class, stay in a posh hotel within walking distance of Harrod’s, so I could easily make multiple return visits to spritz new scents. I’d also have a private car available to take me to destinations that weren’t close to a Tube station, or to fabulous restaurants at which I could wear fabulous high heels. Never mind that I haven’t been out of my Brooks sneakers or flats in years. :) Hey, if you’re whipping up a fantasy, might as well go big, right?

I visited London in 2002, but was not quite the perfume fiend that I am now, and I had my elderly mother-in-law with me, who does not do well around a lot of fragrance. Besides, our days were jam-packed trying to see all the wonderful sites in London and beyond (it was her first trip there), get some good fish and chips, have a few glorious afternoon teas, and take in some marvelous British theatre. So my fantasy holiday would revolve around fragrance for sure this time.

What about you?

Ormonde Jayne Black Gold Extrait & Parfum d'Empire Corsica Furiosa Review

Ormonde Jayne Black Gold Extrait & Parfum d’Empire Corsica Furiosa Review

Ormonde Jayne Black Gold Extrait & Parfum d’Empire Corsica Furiosa Reviews are coming up, but first!  (sorry, it’s full-tilt Big Brother season, and as much as I hate myself for watching it, I just can’t quit you, BB) let’s do winners from past giveaways. Winners of the Serge Lutens L’Orpheline samples The rest, please…