Vanilla Smoke by Mandy Aftel: Review: Live Video Sniff

Vanilla Smoke by Mandy Aftel Campfire WikiMedia

Hi there Posse, Vanilla Smoke is Mandy Aftel’s 2015 release. Mandy is known and loved for her stellar fragrances and also for her books on fragrance (Essence & Alchemy and Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent) and her natural perfumery school. I bought a… Continue Reading

Fougère Bengale by Parfum d`Empire 2007

Fougere Bengale Parfum d`Empire Fragrantica

Heya Posse, Fougère Bengale by Parfum d`Empire is a rarely sung about treasure. Recently I was tempted to go FB but I thought it would be more sensible to buy a decant, see if I go through it and THEN… Continue Reading