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Dec 182014
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Today is the day Perfume Posse hosts Andy Tauer’s Advent Calendar Giveaway.  Here’s all you have to do to enter the drawing.    Leave a comment telling us what your favorite Tauer fragrance is or that you would like to try most (if you haven’t been able to try any) and you will be entered in a drawing to win an Explorer Set from Andy Tauer (this is a great prize!) .  Comment quickly, we will draw our winner on Sunday December 21, 2014!  If you want to visit other blogs hosting their day of the Advent Calendar, click here!

Below are some of the rules from Andy on who can be entered –

The draw is worldwide. Some exceptions apply: Italy, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Greece (we cannot ship there). The prize will be shipped for free from Switzerland, through FedEx. Local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible to make sure that they are allowed to import the prize.

We ship to the address given to us and do not contact the addressee afterwards nor will we use the contact information for any other purpose than sending the prize, nor will we forward the address to anybody else except for the purpose of shipping the prize to the winner.

Dec 182014
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Perfume Calligraphy Saffron Aramis Fragrantica

YoooHoo! Posse! Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies and I have been looking through this years cache of new releases. There have been HUNDREDS!!! There was no way I could keep up with them all even though I tried my best. I did get my sniff on quite a lot of what was offered though because Surrender To Chance has an excellent Recent Release page and I also grab the LuckyScent sample bags when they’re offered (don’t get me started on those freaking annoying .7ml dabs), all you have to do is give them your email address and they send you loads of great offers. I can always tell you my Favourite 2014 Fragrance but what the heck were yours? So it’s time to fess up….

What Was Your Favourite 2014 Fragrance Release?

As always I have no one good answer so I’m going to do a little list, these are in no order but as they came to my mind.

Perfume Calligraphy Saffron Aramis Fragrantica

Mainstream Favourite 2014 Fragrance

Terracotta le Parfum – Guerlain: Not groundbreaking but soft, fresh and pretty yet hefty and very Guerlain. Love the bottle too.

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique – Bottega Veneta: Love this crisp cologne style aromatic, very sexy.

Perfume Calligraphy Saffron – Aramis: Discovered this extremely sensual glamour puss in LA with Tom Pease & Andrew on a shopping excursion and wish I’d purchased it.

Sunshine Amouage Fragrantica

Mass Market Niche Favourite 2014 Fragrance

Iris Tubereuse – Creed: Much more tuberose than iris but stunning, simple and elegant from a house I rarely click with.

L’Orpheline – Serge Lutens: Love this, cool green incense that fades to dry wood.

Sunshine – Amouage: The most fun bottle ever. The fragrance is a reminder that the best ingredients make a difference (a very modern Guerlain style Amouage)

Or du Serail Naomi Goodsir Fragrantica

Niche Favourite 2014 Fragrance

Or du Serail – Naomi Goodsir: Review on the backburner for months. Totally more-ish, bought the bottle.

Wit – Parfums DelRae: The best Parfums DelRae offering ever. You must try Wit.

Liqueur Charnelle – Huitieme Art Parfums: Fell instantly in love with this warm boozy beauty and bought it at OSSWALD NYC.

Mohur Extrait Neela Vermeire Creations Fragrantica

Independent Favourite 2014 Fragrance

Mohuir Extrait – Neela Vermeire Creations: So ME it hurts. I have a decant but need to get to Europe to collect my numbered bottle.

Narcissus – CB I Hate Perfume: This is gorgeous and disgusting narcissus in equal measure, love it.

Chenonceau – King`s Palace Perfumery: Best surprise newby of the year for me. This is the ultimate comfort scent for cool weather and a furry amber bomb in summer.

Palimpsest – Aftelier Perfumes: Mandy Aftel = Genius. The naughtiest honey/white flower mix of the century. FABULOUS!!


Most of these are available to sample at Surrender To Chance

Righto! So now it’s your turn. What was your Favourite 2014 Fragrance?
Portia xx


All photos supplied Fragrantica


Dec 162014
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Yikes!  It’s almost Christmas!!!!  I’ve had a blast picking out some fun gifts for friends & family  – they run the gamut from perfume (expected) to micro-local (gorgeous turned-wood pieces by some fabulous old guy who lives somewhere around here – he and his wife were at our Autumn Fair and I fell in love with his work.  Got some and forgot to get his card.  The pieces are gorgeous, turned walnut and birch with turquoise dust embedded in the whorls and cracks.  Stunning.  Then there’s the Stunningly Practical.  El O mos def falls into that category (you should’ve seen the look on his face the year I bought him dress clothes.  You’d thought I gave him scabies.)   One of his gifts this year is so stunningly practical, I almost want it myself.  Almost.

for those hard to reach spots

for those hard to reach spots

But I doubt most of you want to hear about pivot adaptors.  So let’s get to the Beauty!!!

Beauty ‘stuff’ is so personal that I used to be afraid to give it – then I realized that nothing makes ME happier than getting ‘beauty’ – especially new and obscure  – so why not surprise some of my fellow Beauty freaks with some new fun things:

Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water.  I spritz the daylights out of this stuff.   Every. Single. Day.   Heck, several times a day.   The rose scent is very, very subtle and it feels soooo good on my poor, tired skin!  I get the 500ml bottles and decant into a small mister for office and travel.  At $19 for 500ml this is an affordable luxury – and it’s a great way to introduce newbies to the art of hydration.  Available at Beautyhabit 


Diptyque Rich Butter for the Body.  My beloved Andy has a lot to answer for.  Ever since he tucked a sample of this in one of my bags, I’ve been a slave to this rich, richly-scented creme.  Even though it’s rich in scent, it’s weirdly neutral – and very, very luxe. Get it from Andy at NM for $90.  I still hate that damn glass jar, though.  I think the designer was Struck by Evil.  I would like to strike the designer with this jar.  But…oh, the stuff inside!!!!



Cheap & Cheerful Soaps & Such.   Portia and I vie for Queen of Soap.  I love me some soap!  And it doesn’t always have to be an insanely expensive soap, either.  I get a kick out of trolling the shelves at TJMaxx & Marshalls – oftentimes I find cool, no-name soaps that lather beautifully and smell fantastic!   I found this little beauty (a perfect accompaniment to Iris 39 & Xerjoff Iriss)  $3.99!  I would happily give this as a gift (and would love to receive it!) – if ever I find an accompanying body lotion/cream you will hear the SQUEEE! on Jupiter.  Step in front of me to take it and I Will Knock You Down (rrrarrwww!).   Both TJ & Marsh are a bit passive-aggressive with their price stickers (I think they take a secret delight in putting the sticker RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF THE PACKAGE)  but a bit of alcohol or lighter fluid on a cotton ball and a razor blade takes care of that.   Saturdays Francine and I both lunged for a gorgeous Almond soap (Jergens LOVE!)  -with any luck you’ll stumble upon a Claus Porto for the price of a bag of potato chips.  And your bathroom will smell DIVINE!

iris pallida soap

so pretty!!!







Smellin’ Good

The two new Surrender to Chance Jasmines  decants – great little gifts that will make a huge impact on the fragrance lover on your list.  And no, I am not saying this because of my connection to Patty & Lisa.  I don’t even like jasmine!  But there’s something about these two exquisite scents.  I don’t think it matters if they love jasmine or not – they need to smell these.  I am giving little bits of these to some very lucky friends…

Surrender.  I did.

Surrender. I did.

and Smellin’ Good While Doin’ Good

A lot of you know Tama Blough, perfume blogger and Scent Event coordinator in SF – she has been the driving force behind most of the really wonderful Perfume Events in the Bay Area, is an accomplished, artist-level quilter…and ..well, she’s in a challenging, terminal way, without health insurance or any other safety net to make her remaining time here comfortable or dignified.  That’s when the Perfume Community stepped in and said HELLZ NO!  A beautiful offering to help offset Tama’s ongoing medical and living expenses:  Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics worked with Michelyn Camen of cafleurebon to create a signature scent for Tama – San Francisco Rose.   It’s a gorgeous scent, made even more gorgeous by Tanja’s incredible generosity – all of the net proceeds go directly to help support Tama’s care during this time.

San Francisco Rose Notes: : Rose Otto Turkey, Rose absolue Bulgaria, Orris Root, Pink Pomelo, Tonka Bean, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Precious Woods accord, touch of Patchouli and others. Infused with Herkimer Diamond and Rose Quarz which have healing properties.

Price: $138,00 (111,00 Euros), without tax if ordered from the US, so for US customers the total will be around: $113.00 plus shipping $7.00 – I just got my bottle, it came quickly and is beautifully packaged.  And did I mention it’s gorgeous?  It is!



Doin’ Good Feels Good.

As much as I enjoy giving and receiving gifts, there comes a point in a gal’s life where she just doesn’t NEED anything – at least not anything that anyone she knows can afford (I’m still hoping His Majesty the Sultan comes through with that diamond but in the meantime…….)…

ummm….Your Majesty?  Helllooooo?

this can be a challenging time of year for so many of us.  Last year was really wonky for me, financially and you’d think I would’ve reveled in getting ‘stuff’ – but you know what?  The thing that eased my Crazy the most was GIVING!  Huh.  Who’dathunkit.  Ironic that the place that gives me the biggest emotional bang for my buck is one I found right here on the Posse:  Modest Needs.   I write about this organization every year for one simple reason:  It’s a GREAT organization!!  I am leery of giant charities where, if you take a look at their structure, seems more about administration than actual giving (and some purported ‘charities’ are actually private, for-profit corporations!).  What I like about Modest Needs is this:  it’s a practical, boots-on-the-ground organization.  I think I called it ‘for want of a nail’ and a ‘weld in the chain of Life’ – cliche as can be, I know – but there is truth in most cliches (which is how they get to be cliches, duh!).  I think my introduction to the organization was reading about a working single mother whose refrigerator had crapped out.  Typical story for so many people – she could work, feed her kids, pay her bills…but there was no real money for a new fridge (or repairs on the crappy one).  Something as simple as that, standing in the way of her being able to keep her household afloat.  She only needed a small amount of money – but that money would go directly towards the repair or purchase of that refrigerator.  I dunno – something so sublimely simple, so direct, just resonated with me.  As did the fact that $5 or $500 – all was meaningful and goes directly to the vetted recipient (there is a separate line for donating to MNF’s admin costs.  Charities do have to be able to pay their own bills, too!).  Whenever I find myself mindlessly trolling the shopping pages of the Internet I stop to see if I’m trying to fill a hole in my spirit.  Another pair of shoes prolly ain’t gonna do it but you know what?  Donating $ to MNF fills that hole quite nicely, thank you!  Funny how that works, innit?

Yourself.  Give Yourself.  This time of year is rough on a lot of people.  Unhappy people, lost people, shy people – even people who bounce around.  Old people (yeah, they get picked up and taken to Aunt Esther’s for Christmas Dinner but…honey, Winter is LONG!  Especially in the Northern climes).  Pick up the phone.  Call somebody. Go visit an isolated or  elderly neighbor!  Bring something and have a cuppa with them.  Maybe more than once!  Make eye contact with someone who’s alone in a mall or something. Smile.  You don’t have to spend the afternoon with them – perhaps just a compliment on their lipstick or choice of footwear – I do it all the time because I like to do it and it’s stunning how many wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to chat with.  You can’t spare 5 minutes to hear about how they chose those shoes or about their dog?  Yes You Can.  Loneliness isn’t always someone sitting at the kitchen table, sobbing.  Sometimes it’s standing right in front of you in the pickle aisle at Kroger.  Smile.  Say hello.  It makes a difference.  And you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make to you, too!


Dec 152014
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Amouage Sunshine

Amouage Sunshine has me perplexed beyond belief.  I keep angling at writing this review for a month and then wind up scratching my head and the review and rethinking it. I don’t know whether it’s love or hate.   Musette has done a review on Amouage Sunshine already, and it is an excellent one.  Not sure that I can add anything to her review game on this.

That bright yellow bottle…

Amouage Sunshine


… makes my heart go all melty right off the bat.  Dear Lord, it is a damn yellow perfume bottle.  ALL my hopes and dreams for the perfect perfume bottle have come true.  I’m fully prepped to love this unsniffed. It goes on all sparkly and fresh. Yeah, there, I said it, the part that I want to hate.  I haaaaaate fresh perfumes.  But I don’t really hate this exactly. I sorta hate it, but it is liquid gold and sunny and bright and, yikes! still fresh’ish.  But not in that “cover it up” kind of way.

Then I get it – it is what a happy perfume should be. It has some of the same elements that I’ve come to hate in the overload of fresh, happy perfumes that line the commercial counters, and then it goes to some other place.  A place rich with memory of life.  What’s that saying?  Life is one, long dreary sludge, punctuated by moments of sheer joy.  Amouage Sunshine gets that – the sludge, the detour into despair, then polishes it all with a patina that only the unflagging optimist has the patience and perseverance to undertake.  As an unflagging optimist, I do get Amouage Sunshine.

But that freshness!

Then I do what I always do when something is under my skin.   I breathe and relax and let it be what it is.  Embrace the freshness because that is a part of all of this.  It’s not Amouage Sunshine’s fault that it’s perky and happy and joyous.

It’s not only that.

Do you have those moments when you have been sad or melancholy for either known reasons or reasons you cannot figure out? A moment happens that pierces through the melancholy, lets hope in, and for that one second — you know, it’s not even coming from sadness, so scratch that.  I was reasonably bored last Sunday at Mass, it was early in the morning.  The priest was the same one I’d gone through Advent confession with that pumped me up so much the week before.  He’s from India and a joyful spirit – Amouage Sunshine contained in one person.  During the mass he would say  — “One God for yever and yever.”  I don’t know why that shredded my dark clouds of boredom and dreary, but it did.  It was something bright that illuminated all the sameness of life and made it beautiful. Amouage Sunshine, I love it because it does that too.

Yeah, I’ve decided I love it, despite its freshness.

Notes of Almond, Blackcurrant Liqueur, Davana, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Vanilla, Magnolia, Cade, Patchouli, Papyrus and Tobacco Blond.  What a list of notes.  I love davana, that gives it that something else that won’t quite come to you – sorta weird, sorta ecstatic, sorta dirty.  A lush, happy floral with some serious depths once you stop giving the fresh part of it the evil eye.  An interesting turn for Christopher Chong. First, this is a single, it’s the feminine, with no masculine counterpart, per their usual release.

I have some winners from previous week’s posts to give away! First, I promised Amouage Sunshine samples from a previous post, and the winners are – Einsof and flowergirlbee.

CB I Hate Perfume Do Not Ask Me Why sample winners – Angelique, Michael R, Tena, Julie L, Pixel, and Eloquaint.

All you drawing winners, just click on the Drop Us a Note at the top, send me your address, remind me what you’ve won. I’ll send you a response, once I dig in that e-mail box, to let you know I got it and it wasn’t spirited away by the spam fairies, and then I’ll get it in the mail to you!

So what can we talk about this week?  Are you ready for Hanukkah and/or Christmas? I do the minimal  Throw up a tree get a present for my two sons and my mom, hand out yearly bonuses, and that’s it. I make Christmas lasagna, order pies from Wednesday’s pies, and I keep  my Christmas stress to zero or slightly below that.  You?

Too-good-to-be-forgotten Monday: Coco by Chanel

Too-good-to-be-forgotten Monday: Coco by Chanel

“Er, excuse me, ma’am, I don’t mean to bother you, but what fragrance are you wearing? It’s so lovely.” We as perfumistas may have had this happen to us: A stranger approaches us to ask about our perfume; or we may have been the ones doing the asking. I can’t The rest, please…

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