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Jul 272015
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Hermes Jour d'Hermes Gardenia review

Hermes Jour d'Hermes Gardenia reviewHermes Jour d’Hermes Gardenia is the newest release from Hermes, a flanker to Jour d’Hermes.

Never ready to like flankers, but since I loved Jour d’Hermes so much, I gave this a spin.  It’s great.  It’s that sophisticated, elegant floral that is perfect when you want a plush gardenia floral instead of something more earthy.  A fatty, plush floral that’s not too extruded – meaning it’s not super-loud or brassy, a touch of green in it keeps it dewy.  You could wear this lightly in an office, and it would be a beautiful wedding perfume as well. I am hoping they will do an absolu of this one.  There’s nothing groundbreaking in Hermes Jour d’Hermes Gardenia, but there is something beautiful, and no apologies for loving something that is easy to wear and really freaking pretty.  I always have a soft spot for perfumes that do that one job really well, go on, smell beautiful, and behave for the full time they are on.

Winners of the Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist and potential Carnal Flower Shower Gel – LaDona, CbSutcliffe, Petunia and karibub.  Winners of an older drawing for a sample set of Armani Prive Sable Fume and Sable Or, Unum Lavs and Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino – Jackie B and jirish.

Just click on Drop Us a Note at the top of the blog, send me your name and address and remind me what you’ve won.  I’ll send you a quick “got it” e-mail so you know it didn’t drop into my spam filter and then get it sent to you.

So what’s your mainstream perfume that you think does that one job the best of being beautiful and a great go-to perfume?  I’ll draw out three winners from commenters to get a sample of Hermes Jour d’Hermes Gardenia.

Jul 262015
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weatherSorry to report that I’m feeling a bit under the weather today (back and wrist acting up, among other things) and have decided it’s probably for the best that I just take it easy and lie low for a day or two.

But first, some comforting aromatherapy. I do think that the right scents can help take your mind off your aches and pains. So perhaps I’l indulge in a dab of my happy place Le Labo Tubereuse 40 on one wrist, and Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions Cologne on the other.

Speaking of which, I actually found this a while back at a nearby Ulta. It wasn’t in with the regular spray fragrances, but was over in the bath area. Very cool, and I was so excited to actually see it on the shelf that an SA came over to see if I needed help. After I went on and on about it, I got her to sniff it and she loved it, so think I made a convert.

Anyway, back to comfort: What scent(s) do you turn to when you’re feeling under the weather?

Although, the more I think about it, with this hot, humid weather we’re having here in my neck of the woods, shouldn’t everything be good and warmed up with no problems? I always thought chilly, rainy days made creaky joints, old injuries, arthritis, etc., act up, but I guess not always.

Jul 242015
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ericThis past week I was invited to the new home of Eric Buterbaugh line of scents. the scents are florals and quite lovely- I’ll be going into them more in the future as I live with them, but at first blush they’re beautifully done. I met with Fabrice Croisé, the charming and handsome Frenchman who partners with Eric in his retail store.

For those of you who don’t know of his work, Eric is a florist by trade- he’s the house florist for the Four Seasons Hotel and responsible for their gorgeous arrangements He decided to create a line of fragrances that were a perfumers dream; the best ingredients and an all-or-nothing approach. The perfumers were able have a free hand in creating the scents.

The Beverly Boulevard store is a beautiful space, with an attached art gallery, beautifully planted atrium with a seating area that is worlds away from the busy street.

The scents are Hyacinth, Lilly of the Valley, Tuberose, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender and Violet and are all quite beautiful in an unexpected way. They are very quiet scents, almost meditative. For instance the tuberose is very sheer with with an initial hit of citrus, while the rose is spicy with pepper and delicious musk. I also was told of some of the upcoming scents, which I promised to keep secret, but I think will please a lot of people.

I’ll be writing more about these as I live with them. If you are in Los Angeles you should stop by and experience these. The shop is on Beverly Boulevard just East of Sweetzer. More info is available on their website, here.

The scents are $300 for 3.4 ounces. I received my samples from the store.

Image credit: Los Angeles Times

Jul 232015
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Portia Parramatta First Bath July 2015

Heya Posse, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies with a grand tale of happiness. You know we sold the house in November 2014 and moved to an apartment in town? Well the bath there is small and was in the share bathroom so I only used it about once a week. Then we moved into our new apartment and the bathroom wasn’t ready. Well, it’s still not completely finished but the bath has been set and dried and on Monday was ready for some serious Bath Action! Can’t tell you how thrilled I am. So thrilled that I thought I’d share my excitement with you all today.

Bath Tub Gets Christened!

Portia Parramatta First Bath July 2015

Yes, there I am in all my glory with a cuppa and a bubble bath. Happy doesn’t cover the elation at getting into my long, wide and deep new bath. On top of that we are on GAS for our water and it’s set to 70C. I know! Amazing.

Ambre Fetiche Perfumed Shower Gel 150ml

So for my first bath I used my Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche Bath Gel as bubbles, it smelled so amazing and I really felt like a complete princess. BLISS!

Yes, I know you can see more lovely things on my sill so I’ll tell you what they are.

Old Spice Splash Cologne: Smells beautiful in the bath. About 2 teaspoons just before you jump in will have you and your bath smelling incredible

Nikki de Saint Phalle Body Oil: A few drops on this lovely furry green fragrance into the bath will send your skin soft and delicately fragrant. A wonderful base for any green or white floral scents.

Shalimar Bath Gel: Another beauty that makes a wonderful Bubble Bath and creates the perfect base for those magical Shalimar days and nights. Nothing smells so ridiculously extravagant as a Shalimar Bubble Bath.

Annick Goutal Ambre Fetich Bath Gel: So yummy and very reasonable considering it only takes about 10 drops to scent and bubble your bath. MMMMMMMM

Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao Bath & Body Oil: Sometimes I want to be completely overwhelmed with a fragrance softly and lusciously gourmand. Here we have a dry gourmand, it’s completely delicious but not edible. I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s how I feel about it. After bathing in a teaspoon of this my skin is so soft and glowing.

Soap & Shampoo

Madonna Truth or Dare Bath Gel: I use this as my body wash quite often. Madonna made some products that are now so ridiculously cheap and they smell amazing. If you like to wear white florals then this one makes an incredible base.

Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil: After putting a couple of squirts of this magical elixir in my bath the cares of the world seem to float away leaving me relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything. Woods and herbs compliment some lovely creamy ylang in a fully rejuvenating bath experience.

What are you using in your bath or shower currently that makes you feel special?
Portia xx

Stepping on a Snake

Stepping on a Snake

I was working on something else for today’s post, but then I got distracted. My daughter stepped on a snake. Unfortunately it was a copperhead, and it bit her. She’s in the hospital, getting all the appropriate care, and she’ll be fine, but some best-laid plans are out the window. The rest, please…

Hooray, hallelujah and a happy dance, too!: Frederic Malle Carnal Flower shower gel

Hooray, hallelujah and a happy dance, too!: Frederic Malle Carnal Flower shower gel

Whoo-hoo!! If I were physically able, I’d be turning cartwheels, flips and other cheerleader-like, jump-for-joy moves because I recently saw in an e-mail that Frederic Malle has launched Carnal Flower shower gel. Which I (and probably many of you) have been wishing and hoping for and whining about for what The rest, please…

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