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Apr 172015
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ventIt’s fairly well known that I am and have been for years a big fan of the Annick Goutal line. I think f it as arguably the original niche line- when I first smelled them back in the 80’s at Bergdorf Goodman, they were a complete 180 from where perfumes were going at the time. Over the years, they’ve introduced some that I adored and some that I didn’t, but they were always true to the vision of Annick Goutal.

Vent de Folie is no exception.

The marketing copy from the website is, well, interesting..

Just like Annick Goutal, a free, bold and uncompromising young lady.

Initially, a sweet pea, a flower in the city. Then, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen imagine New York, its avenues, its glass towers reaching the sky…

A young lady inflamed by the thrill of the city… Like an urban flower, she strolls around, following her instinct.

Vent de Folie, a sillage of craziness follows her…

Well, okay then.

I happen to love the smell of sweet pea, and Vent de Folie pretty much nails that scent. At first is comes with a bright burst of citrus, then adds in rose, the kind that has a slight tinge of geranium. Barely-there tinges of fruits are there, listed as raspberry and black currant, but in no way does this become the dreaded fruity floral. A soft musk anchors the finish, bringing the whole composition together.

What it has to do with New York, glass towers or craziness I have no idea. It does smell really lovely; it’s youthful without being jejune. Lasting power for something so sheer is fairly good- I got six hours on my skin. I can imagine on a sultry New York day taking this out of the icebox and giving myself a nice refreshing spritz.

Or, for that matter a sultry LA evening..

Notes (from luckyscent): Sweet pea, blood orange, geranium, black currant, raspberry, white musk and cedarwood.

I assume it’s available at the usual suspects, $105 for 50ML. I asked for and received my sample at ScentBar.

Image: luckyscent

Apr 162015
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Orange Blossom Penhaligon`s Fragrantica

Hey Perfume Posse Peeps! Orange Blossom is a hard note to soliflor because we all have our own internal scent memory (well I do from the orange tree in the backyard when we were kids) of how Orange Blossom should smell. Penhaligon’s offering is very pretty.

Orange Blossom by Penhaligon’s 2010

Orange Blossom by Bertrand Duchaufour

Orange Blossom Penhaligon`s FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Neroli, bergamot, amalfi lemon, pink pepper, violet leaf, cardamon
Heart: Jasmine, tuberose, rose, orchid, peach blossom, orange
Base: Musk, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, vanilla

There is some confusion surrounding dates. Orange Blossom was originally released by Penhaligon’s in 1976 (created by Michael Pickthall) and has been resurrected in 2010 by Bertrand Duchaufour as part of their Anthology Collection.

LOVELY! The first word that springs into my head is lovely. Sparkling citrus, like an orange sparkling water, very fresh and wet and slightly green. I float on a sea of lightly effervescent citrus and it is pretty and light but surprisingly dense. There is a lovely pithy resinous breath that flows in underneath and creates a warm depth in counterpoint and then we are into a citrus tinged floral bouquet. Is this spring in a bottle? Have I found the secret elixir to propel me back into the great green rush and surge of spring growth?

Orange Blossom Penhaligon`s Van_Gogh_-_Angler_und_Boote_an_der_Pont_de_Clichy WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Yes, Orange Blossom is about the orange blossom but it is not really a soliflor. Orange Blossom is about the dream of spring, the flowers, fruit and springtime frolicks in the warmth after winters has left the world go. Orange Blossom is picnics and sports, laughter and running madly around the backyard and then doing helicopters on the spot in sheer unbridled happiness that spring has arrived. Ha Ha ha! I go on a bit sometimes but whenever I wear Orange Blossom by Penhaligon’s I find myself smiling from ear to ear and remembering the mad and happy days of spring in our backyard being a complete nutter with my sister and one or two of our dogs.

Orange Blossom Penhaligon`s kids-running McConnMama PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Once the heart subsides we get a lovely sweet and pithy dry down. The notes don’t say honey but I do get that left over animalic growl towards the late middle and end, not hugely but a quiet memory of it. I like Orange Blossom very much.

Further reading: Scent Epiphany and Bonkers About Perfume
FragranceNet has $125/100ml before Coupon
First In Fragrance has €140/100ml + Samples

Do you have a favourite Orange Blossom fragrance? Do you have a fragrance that takes you right back to your childhood?

If you thought this was fun or interesting come over to AustralianPerfumeJunkies  and say hello too. We love visitors.
Portia xx

Apr 142015
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Lisa Wallos.

by Guest Poster Marla

Robin’s perfume swaps at NST are popular with both novice and jaded perfumistas. I don’t buy perfume anymore; I have enough! But I do like to share and swap decants and partials, so Robin’s gig is exactly my thing. During the latest swap meet, I traded with Perfumista J, who added a tiny vial of something called Kiori to my package. I don’t often wear perfume oils, but, curious as always, I gave it a try. The first sniff led to this post.

Kiori is the creation of Lisa Wallos, a former classical ballet dancer, now a busy mom and teacher. It’s a lush, natural vanillic oriental with floral and patchouli accents. One drop lasts many hours, and that’s unusual for naturals. What I particularly enjoy about Kiori is its blooming presence that remains steadfast and comforting. It is much like ballet, where the delicate beauty of the dance is undergirded by the dancer’s tremendous strength and discipline.

I asked Lisa how the aesthetics of ballet informed her work as a perfumer. She answered,

“With ballet, aesthetics are everything. I’m not sure if there are any other art forms where so many dimensions of perfection are required at once. But what may separate one dancer from another, what makes people drawn to one dancer over another, is their unique abilities that extend beyond the standard expectations. Oftentimes it’s their spectacular gifts of turns for example.  But to me it’s just as important to see what the dancer reveals to the audience- their humanness, their inner beauty and personal expression ….  As a perfume lover and new perfumer, I think not only about how a scent makes me feel or what it conjures up, but what a given scent reveals about its creator.  Who is the being behind the scent and what part of themselves do they show us through their creation? “

KioriKiori reminds me quite a bit of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely, which also has the ballet connection (SJP is a massive fan), and also features vanilla, patch, and soft florals. They don’t smell at all alike, yet they share the same elegant, comforting aesthetic vibe. Lisa describes Kiori’s development: “It had to be appropriate when I’m out and about with my kids or at a gala event. The scent is quiet and contemplative, raw and passionate.” After wearing Kiori for a week, I agree with Lisa that Kiori’s contrasting facets, elegant yet raw, contemplative yet passionate, are what make it so wearable and compelling.

For those interested in trying Kiori, it’s available at Lisa’s website, mykiori.com.

And for those who wish to comment on ballet and perfume, there will be a random draw for a sample of Kiori.


Apr 132015
 April 13, 2015  Posted by on April 13, 2015 30 Responses »
by kilian single malt

By Kilian Single Malt was made for Harrod’s in London. I, of course, could never explain why, nor am I guessing anyone cares about that part of it.

by kilian single malt

What you do need to know about By Kilian Single Malt is it’s a boozier Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, and that is a very good thing.  Notes of wheat, plum, vanilla, tolu and cedar are the listed notes I can find.  The wheat absolute gives it a nice earthy tobacco’ish bent, but better.  Yes, I’m a wheat slut.  If anyone ever pairs that with daphne, I will just.die.

Kilian Single Malt opens very strongly boozy vanilla, which is lovely, and it’s those first few minutes that makes it very Tobacco Vanille/Back to Black.  Strong vanilla bursts, smoky tobacco.  As this starts drying down, the wheat, plum and tolu change it into something else, and the strength of it gives way to those notes, keeping it out of the too much of a clone of either of those.  The plummy wheat combination is lovely.  Dark, smokey,  and earthy grit.  I’m not sure I get as much booze in the drydown, but I’m not a malt kind of girl and really don’t know much about any resemblance to that.  It has lots of booze on the open, but settles into a lowkey booze for me.

This is one of my favorite Kilians, which is hard to say when I have a lot of favorites in this line.

Winners of the Guerlain le Plus Beau Jour da ma Vie are – Katharine, Tiffanie, JillM, Rachel Luria and Brooke.  Just click on Drop Us a Note at the top of the blog, send me your name and address and remind me what you’ve won.  I’ll send you a quick “got it” e-mail so you know it didn’t drop into my spam filter and then get it sent to you.

We will do another sample giveaway for By Kilian Single Malt samples.  Just comment with your favorite Kilian or booze fragrance in comments, and I’ll draw 3 winners.

Poetics of Place

Poetics of Place

Note:  Ann is out today so I’m posting in her place.  March will be posting for my Wednesday.  Everybody Change Partners & Dance!   We all know that perfume can conjure of memories of people and experiences.  It can also conjure up memories of place.  Interestingly, I find that the The rest, please…

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