What I’m loving 11/12

I promised a cheap mascara to die for, and today I’ve got it!

But a couple of other things first.

Got a sample of YSL Teint Parfait (3, Champagne). I’m not exactly sure what it is supposed to do. They call it a complexion enhancer. 3 is supposed to illuminate cheeckbones, forehead and chin. At 45, I’m not sure how much illumation I ought to have, but I do use it as a light foundation when I don’t want to do anything heavy, putting it around on my cheekbones, forehead and chin, as they suggest, but not for illumination as much as coverage. At $35, I wouldn’t buy it, but it sure was a nice sample that I got with something or other.

I have to confess to pre-ordering a couple of items from the Tom Ford Amber Nude makeup for Estee Lauder. Just a lipstick and the refillable face highlighter compact. Again, as with all highlighter things that I have bought and will probably continue buying, I’m never quite sure what I should be getting, but this one is a really lovely nudey gold color, so it goes on very sheer with just a hint of gold in it. Not annoying “I just came off my hookin’ shift gold,” but that shimmery gold that is subtle and pretty. The SA’s told me this was selling like hotcakes, I got the last one of the face highlighter, and apparently this is a limited edition he did this time. So now I’m kind of wondering what I’m going to refill my pretty gold compact with when this runs out. I’ll worry about that later.

Okay, this is the elusive “cheap mascara” that is perfect that I’ve been searching for. I’ve tried most of them and loved some. Lancome ones (all the ‘cils in the world), the YSLs, which I love dearly. Lots that I haven’t loved that have been expensive. Lots that I haven’t loved that were cheap. Why does everyone love Great Lash? I hate that crap, it flakes off, irritates my eyes, and I end up looking like a tramp in two hours.

What is this magic cheap product? I’ve read reviews on it all over the place, but with my bad experiences with Drugstore mascaras, I was truly skeptical. Hearing that it was in short supply, I got a link to the Max Factor site where I could buy it directly (and now you have it too).

They’ve got the new brush technology, it has soft, flexible bristles. Whatever they did, it’s amazing. Easily went on my lashes, no clumping, all the way from the base to the tip of the lashes. I even experimented and didn’t curl my lashes first, just to see if I could get the same effect as when I curl, and I did. It coats great. I could have done just one coat and been fine, but a double coat is just habit, and that second coat really locked in the curl.

The true test, though, is does it irritate my eyes? The joyous, happy answer is, no, it does not. Not in an hour, not in a half day, not all day. No smudging, no raccooning. My only wish is that it will come in a dark brown eventually or lots of other colors would be better! Dark Green and dark purple and a dark blue! This is as good as mascara gets, and much less than what I normally pay for mascara. $7.89 for the limited edition on the Max Factor site, but I believe it’s less than that in the stores.

Next up: Next week I promise to review the perfume of my dreams that is now in my hands, but a work trip to L.A. is coming up, so it will have to wait.

  • Patty says:

    :bouncy: Now I’ll have to try that, especially if they have dark brown or any other color. Thanks for letting me know, Katie!

  • Katie says:

    I still love the Physician’s Formula Retro mascara for a good cheapie. It works so well on me, and just really gives me plush long lashes. The wand handle is a bit of a trick, though 🙁 It does come in a dark brown though, which is something that like you I also appreciate.