Rosine Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Maxima Mea Culpa

It will always be a mystery why I bother hunting down discontinued perfumes that people used to love, except that I want to smell for myself what that juice was like and if they made a good choice to discontinue it. When I heard about Parfums de Rosine Mea Culpa, I had to sniff it. Mostly because I love every last Rosine perfume I have tried, I like the name, and because this wasn’t a strictly rose perfume. Sorta like asking Brittney not to go barefoot into a gas station bathroom — how can such a thing come to be?

A review of Rosine Mea Culpa by Victoria at Bois de Jasmin:

“Mea Culpa opens up with creamy white roses and a hint of tuberose before losing some of the sweetness and gaining an aquatic quality. Tuberose is never pronounced, although it does become more apparent in the middle. Rather it hides in the background and adds a lush quality to other notes.” You can follow the link to read the rest of her thoughts.

Rosine Mea Culpa  does go on with a pretty gush of lightness, and settles into a delicate tuberose, to be sure, so delicate, I can’t really find it much. I do get the jasmine. It is an elegant scent that is very wearable. While it is not focused on roses, it does have that well-put-together de Rosine stamp all over it.

But to be honest? I think it’s good they stuck with all-out rose scents, which they do spectacularly. This is nice, and I like the treatment they did of tuberoses, but it’s not spectacular in that same way, and it would get lost in a sea of the soaring roses they do so well. Another perfume company could probably take this perfume and do really well with it.

If anyone has not tried the de Rosine roses yet, you must try them, even if you don’t think you like rose perfumes. You still may not after you sniff them, but at least you will know what a good one smells like. I know Aedes now carries them, and you can get samples there, and I think Beautyhabit has them as well, and they have a sample program as well. Once you try them, you “get” why they do roses only and do them better than anyone else.

If anyone wants a sample or decant of the Rosine Mea Culpa just to try for yourself, let me know, and I’ll send you some or the whole bottle to pass on to the next person that would like to try it. I think it’s definitely worth smelling for those of you like me who just want to know, and I suspect that it would find some people who would fall in love with it.

Now… guess what else I got in the mail? My other two Abinoams, Cobice and Beleza. I am hard pressed to decide which I like better, Cobice or Corazon. They were the two I liked the least just reading the notes. So odd.

Have I mentioned how much I love Autumn at La Creme lately? I do, I really, really do. I picked up the Yu-Be skin cream from her. I have the driest hands in the world in the winter, applying cream about 45 times a day. This stuff is unbelievably emollien and sticks well without being sticky or greasy in the leastt, I may never need another cream for my hands.

Anyway, that’s where I got the Abinoams, and she does have a sample program now, which I’m so happy to see! She’s got some other interesting things up there that I intend to get to. One is the Immaginal, which just sounds weird, but has captured my interest because it’s so flippin’ weird sounding. More on that later this week. But to tease you, here’s the blurb on the package: “From the watery abyss of the unconscious to the mysterious infernos of the ocean depths arises Immaginal, a feast for body, mind and spirit, consciousness made manifest, the ritual of beauty through sacred space and transformative scent.” Nope, haven’t smelled it yet, I’m just savoring the opening, all that watery sacred abyss has me worried.

  • pharmacy says:

    Hi ! 😀

  • Marina says:

    PS. What IS this aquatic note that everyone is smelling? Gosh I am happy I don’t get anything aquatic at all. *happy dance*

  • Marina says:


  • Katie says:

    P, if it’s not too much trouble, could I request a sample so I can finally smell it before you pass the bottle along to M?

  • Patty says:

    If you have some d’argent rolling around anywhere, let me know!:bouncy:

    Oh, do call Autumn, she is just wonderful and great to talk to, very knowledgeable about perfumes. I’m not sure why I hadn’t ordered anything form them before, but I’m glad I did. You will absolutely love her.


  • violetnoir says:

    Patty, I agree with your assessment of Mea Culpa. It is very much a fragrance of its time. It has an aquatic note that was so typical of fragrances from the nineties, a la L’Eau d’Issey.

    A friend gave me a sample of Mea Culpa this past summer. While it is not a classic, it is fun to try.

    No more D’Argent? That one and Ecume are my favorite Rosines.

    Now that Autumn has become your new “bud,” I may ask her to send me samples of the Abinoams. They sound intriguing. I have never ordered anything from La Creme. Maybe it’s time for me to do so. 💡

    Hugs and love!

  • Patty says:

    Victoria, I didn’t get captivated by it either, and it just didn’t stick around that long, the interesting parts, but I do think on the right person, it may be a really good scent. Miss Marina must be the person! 🙂

  • Victoria says:

    I frankly got bored with it, although it is a pretty tuberose. I do not find it creamy per se, as succulent, like the stem of a water lily. As children, we would pick water lilies and bite through the thick stems in order to make necklaces. Somehow I always think of that memory when I smell Mea Culpa.

  • Patty says:

    Marina, not a full bottle, about a half or so. Do you want it? Yes, of course I found it on eBay, just in my norma search fr rosines, hoping to turn up this one and the d’Argent that has to have a few more bottles floating around.

    If you want it, I’m happy to send it to you. I really like it, but it won’t be a favorite that I’ll wear, so I’m happy to pass it along to someone who loves it! Say the word, and I’ll pop it into the mail.

  • Patty says:

    March, Bad French translator is the only game I know. The Italians are so nice about butchering their language and even give you hints on how to get another drink the easy way instead of the long way we take.

    You would like the Cobice, I think if you like apple at all, though the apple doesn’t stick around long.

  • Marina says:

    Patty, you have…a Bottle of this? *gas* Where did you find it? Oh wait, I can guess 🙂
    This is my favorite tuberose. It is creamy and dreamy on me, with nothing aquatic, thankfully. I see your point about Rosine and roses, but I still can’t quite forgive them for discontinuing this beauty. *pouts*

  • marchlion says:

    Hey, let’s play a game — Bad French Translator!:bouncy:

    I say the first part is “The Two Faces of…” but can’t help you out with “L’Ame.”

    I’ve now tried several of the Rosines, and my favorite continues to be Ecume. That salty rose just suits me right down to the ground.

    I’ll have to go check your notes on the Cobice. Yeah, Corazon didn’t sound so great on paper, but on the skin…:thumbsup: