Blind Scent Sampling

It’s my turn for the Blind Scent sampling.  Ina at Aromascope and Victoria at Victoria’s Own reviewed three scents that I sent them.

Knowing how extensive their collection is, it’s really difficult to pick three scents that are unique enough to be of interest or that they wouldn’t recognize, but I tried my best.

  •  #1 — Victoria said, “Vintage? Strong, wow, makes my eyes water! Not to say I don’t like it, I do, but wow. I have no clue what it is. I smell leather/suede, that’s the only note I can pick out. Smells faintly familiar though, pretty sure I have smelled it before. Ina said, “Um, an aftershave? Something with pine and moss and a whole bunch of citrus. Smells like some cheap drugstore cologne. Please tell me this is not some high end kick-arse potion. As it dries down, it gets softer and slightly powdery/soapy, still pretty heavy on pine that’s juicy and sort of sparkling. Now it smells sort of bitter mossy. Wow! What a transformation! Deep, bitter, almost leathery pine and moss. What is this? A Dior?”

What it is — Parfumerie Generale Querelle, one of their private perfumes that you sometimes get when you order.  When I first put this on, I thought it was just horrible, that cheap drugstore smell, but it really has an incredibly unique drydown.  It’s got some of that skanky oakmoss in there that I know March would swoon for, which reminds me, I need to send this on to her.

  • #2 — Victoria said, “I dunno, it smells like malted milk balls perfume!  It’s warm, dry with a creamy untertone. Maybe it’s leather too.  Someone’s old shoes filled with malted milk balls.” Ina said, “This has gotta be some etailer creation. I’m getting some sort of a Christmas/potpourri theme here. Lavender? Spice? It’d make a nice candle but on my skin, it’s a total no-no. It’s remotely along the lines of Maharadjah by Parfums de Nicolai – *very* remotely. Sort of the same theme but softer. Not much development, just sitting there. In about 15 minutes, all I’m getting is some kind of sour note (I wanna say “feet” but it’s more along the lines of “urine”). Sorry!

What it is: CB I Hate Perfumes Limited Edition Gingerbread. Now, this is from his home line and is intended to be a room spray. I love it as long as I just put it on my clothes and not on my skin, but I would love for this to be a candle.

  • #3 — Victoria said “Starts out very soapy, then gets very peppery. The change is quite striking. There is a creamy floral there that is slightly indolic, neroli? Due to the peppery nature, what comes to mind is once of the L’Artisans – I’ll say Poivre Piquant. Ina says “This has got to be a vintage scent. Heavy floral – tuberose, for sure, some jasmine, maybe rose. I think I’ve smelled it before but can’t place it yet. Oy. Now that it’s dried down a bit, it smells very old-fashioned. Not Mitsouko old-fashioned (as in, classic old-fashioned), more like outdated. The florals soften up quite a bit, and there’s a soft amber base with just a touch of old-fashioned powder. Is this something by Crabtree & Evelyn? I know, I said vintage at first but not so sure any more.”

What it is:  Givenchy Le De.  I’m not a huge vintage fan as far as wearing them, though I always like to smell them and admire them. This one is one of my favorite vintages, though, that a dear friend sent me.

  • nhog says:

    what i i am in a love quarlle what i shoud do

  • Marina says:

    I’d love to try that Quarelle! And I am snickering about Ina’s comment on an “etailer creation”…And I am really laughing out loud at her guess that Le De is something by Crabtree and Evelyn. My dear Le De. I am going to go cuddle and console my poor bottle tonight.

  • Katie says:

    Heh, fun selections.

    I love how V gets shoes while Ina almost gets feet from the Gingerbread spray. Too funny.

    Loved the readings they both got on Le De. How interesting. I can’t recall now, did you ever write about it earlier? What’s your (brief) take on it?

  • Tigs says:

    I think it’s been very brave of you all to do these: for the chooser, the risk of having a favourite labeled a cheap stinker and for the blind sampler, the risk of offending or just plain missing the mark. They’ve been great fun to read, thanks to all.

  • Robin says:

    Absolutely love “Someone’s old shoes filled with malted milk balls”…LOL, that actually describes any number of fragrances. Fun project!

  • Ina says:

    Wow, Patty! I wasn’t that far off! *pats herself on back* \:d/ Totally agree on Quarelle – drugstore beginning, vintage end. CB Gingerbread! I knew it was Christmassy. But Le De? LE DE? I have a sample that I swear does not smell like your sample. Did you use parfum, by chance? I must compare them. OK, I take the Crabtree&Evelyn comment back. 😕 This was so much fun!!!

  • Elle says:

    Wow, that Querelle sounds fantastic. But I *love* the Gingerbread! Layered w/ his Smoky Tobacco and Gathering Apples it’s just gorgeous. And I also adore Le De, which has something of a #5 vibe to my nose. Outdated, Ina? C&E? Hangs head, clutches treasured Le De bottle to chest, contemplates the financial advantages of having a non-vintage obsessed nose transplant.

  • March says:

    Um, yeah — you definitely need to send your blogmate that skanky oakmoss Querelle. Is the opening as bad as the Aomassai? Gad, that one’s half an hour of hell.

    Can’t believe they didn’t like the gingerbread — it was such a great smell! Although I didn’t put any on my skin, now that I think about it…

  • chayaruchama says:

    Good work, Ina and V !
    I howl when I read this stuff…

    Interesting choices, Patty.
    Random, planned, or some of more recent sniffs?
    Hoe do you choose?

    Sniff well,all and be happy…