High Tea

March waxes poetic about L’Artisan’s Tea for Two all the time, but I don’t know that I’ve every fully added my two cents on it.  Now that fall is here, it’s one that becomes a staple in my fragrance wardrobe.

With notes of tea, Ginger, cinnamon, green anise, honey and vanilla, this is probably the only fragrance containing some honey that I can stomach. Though I believe Parfumerie Generale’s Harmatan Noir has some honey in it too, so maybe it’s just tea scents with honey that work for me.  This is pure loveliness from start to finish. It starts out pungent with tea and dries to a gorgeous spicy tea with honey scent, soft, warm and inviting.

 Several years ago we went on vacation to Hawaii, the island of Lanai. There are basically two hotels on that island, both owned by the Four Seasons — one that sits on the ocean, the Resort Lana’i, and the Lodge at Koele that sits up in the hillls.  We stayed at the beach hotel, but took one day and spent it at the Lodge.  The two places couldn’t be more different, and we loved them both, but if we ever went back, we would stay at the lodge. Higher up on the island, the temperature difference was dramatic, slightly cool, stunning gardens, and the hotel had a huge wrap-around porch with big chairs all around it, and they brought tea out for you wherever you were. Very British, very reserved, it just oozed old money out of the cracks in the mortar and planks on the porch. Despite all that British reserve, it was one of the warmest, most comforting places I have ever spent time in — utterly relaxed and at ease and at home.  When I smell Tea for Two, all I think of is that place and that feeling of relaxing into comfort and ease.

So, listen, I’ve been thinking about doing a spot of Botox on my furrow line on my forehead, just a skosh, not all jacked up with it, and maybe just a squidge of Restylane on my upper lip to smooth out those little lines.  Should I go ahead and do it or no?

 Drawing for this week, I’ll draw for two winners for a sample of Tea for Two.  Just leave a comment asking to be in the drawing!

Tigs September 18, 2006

Sorry, rather late to this one. On the botox issue - I would just be very careful about the "just this time" scenario. My best friend is a doctor who says you could very easily build a fortune out of women who say "just this once" and then end up bringing in their life savings. I know my own perfume addiction started in a similar way!

Joanne September 17, 2006

Please enter me in drawing. I've had the botox several times never a frozen look, nobody ever notices except myself. Tried resty around lip area, was not impressed. Plus my lip swelled up for at least a day and there was no improvement. Thanks Jo:-?

gingele September 17, 2006

Patty - A little late to the party, but wanted to add 2 comments: First, try the Botox. I have it exactly whre you are thinking of getting it and could not be more thrilled with the results. As others have said - find a good doc (I go to my derm) who has much experience so as to use it judiciously. Not only did it really act as advertised (no more 11s between the brows) but it did so in such an unobtrusive and sublte way. No one really "notices" it per se - but that is the point. Once folks start to notice, you know you've had too much. Give it a go, I bet you will be quite pleased with the results. I'm a convert - that is for sure. Second, thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane. Mr. Gingele & I honeymooned on Lanai - the Lodge was a wonderfully unexpected surprise after spending days on the beach. Had one of the best meals of our lives up there and loved the feel of the place. :x

SAndy September 16, 2006

I say go for the Botox/Restylane. You shouldn't wait until the wrinkle is very deep - then you'll need a ton and the wrinkle won't smooth out as nicely. I've been getting it done for 3 years and NOBODY would ever think I do. It literally takes 10 years off your face (the bad years, I might add) in one fell swoop. Just don't let them do around the eyes - that's where our expression lies - around the eyes. But that 11 between the brows and the laugh lines - got to go baby.

patchamour September 15, 2006

Dear Patty, Lovely description of T42. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, Patch

Alica September 15, 2006

Hi Patty, I would appreeciate to be included in the drawing. Thanks!

dinazad September 15, 2006

Oh by the way: ever since I took up belly dancing I think my tummy is absolutely charming! Can't understand why I was so immune to its glory before.... :x

MNM September 15, 2006

I've never tried Botox but did a little Restalyne last year. Loved it. So subtle (assuming you get a good doc) and lasts forever. Done right, no one but you should know you've had a bit of facial fluffing, and as long as you are doing it to please only yourself then I say go for it! I'm new to this site but LOVING it. Perfume is my new obsession and a great way to procrastinate instead of working ; ) Please enter me for the drawing of Tea for Two - I've never sniffed it, but it sounds lovely.

CindyN September 15, 2006

Patti, For my 2 cents, I say do the Restalyne, do the Botox. I've done both (I prefer Juvederm to Restalyne however)and typically no one, not even my best friends are the wiser. If you get a good doc, you won't have to worry about frozen areas in your visage--botox application has come a very long way. If it bothers you, and you can easily make it gone...why not? Especially if it makes you feel better about yourself. We all want to grow old gracefully, and a bit of enhancement can help. Years ago makeup application was also boo-hoo'd, yet look at us now. I'm of the same mind as Judith and Rhonda. Enjoy. If you have any question, pop me an email. Also, if you could include me in the drawing, I'd appreciate it.

Steve H September 15, 2006

Please no botox! Please also enter me into the T42 drawing.

Karen September 14, 2006

Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you. Interesting use of a fragrance clue to help solve a case on a recent "Law and Order, Special Victims Unit". The character Oliva Benson sticks her head into the perp's car and announces "An old woman sat in this car." Why? She recognized the scent of lilies and roses. She then announces "Lilies and roses. No woman under 60 would wear such a perfume." Gee thanks, Olivia! I'm not near 60 and I would gladly wear such a fragrance. Now your nasty prejudice makes me feel like a "Special Victim". Her partner asked "How do you know it wasn't his (perp's) daughter sitting in this car? And Olivia says: (the cops had interviewed the daughter in a previous scene) "She wears bergamot and sandalwood". Well, as it turns out, the lilies and roses scent left in the car came from a bouquet of fresh flowers that the perp was bringing to put on someone's grave. But bergamot is a top note in for example, Shalimar, which means that it will dissapate quickly. And sandalwood is a base note. So the L&O, SVU writers need to bone up on their fragrances. Olivia did not say "I recognized Perp's daughter's fragrance which has bergamot and sandalwood." Nor did she ask Perp's daughter which fragrance was she wearing. So how did she recognize the bergamot and sandalwood together? I don't think she could have, unless she recogized the fragrance itself and knew that it contained those two ingridients. And she didn't say that she did. She just announces "Bergamot and Sandalwood". Now, I don't think this is possible, to detect bergamot and sandalwood together on a fragrance at the same time, since one is a top note and the other is a base note. Well, enough my wool-gathering -- or would that be ranting?

Patty September 14, 2006

Justine, how cool! So they let you do just one little squirt in the furrow line? Can you do Restylane there too? I think I'd feel more comfortable with that one since it's just filler.

Patty September 14, 2006

R -- um, nope, 46 is not the new 26. I wish! :)

Patty September 14, 2006

Ina, okay, okay, NO botox, but maybe just a squidge of restylane to get part of my top lip back.

Patty September 14, 2006

Chaya, worried dachsund? Hahaha! That's a great visual and probably a little bit accurate. In my case, it's more likely I'll try it once or twice and then just find it not worth the $$ to keep doing it.

rachael September 14, 2006

Tea for Two sounds just perfect for today: cold and rainy. I'd love to try it

Justine September 14, 2006

I've always been contrary....so I'll go ahead and say Hellya, do the botox. Its not permanent and if it makes you feel good, well why the heck not give it a shot? Its hardly major surgery, it wears off, I mean whats to loose here? Of course, I'm biased, since I just tried it myself right between the brows. In my experience, it DOES NOT make you at all expressionless. Maybe if you got it all over your eyes and stuff it would, I don't know. Anyway, my furrows are completely gone. I love how I look. Smooth and wonderful, years younger and way less stressed. I honestly think my face looks friendlier. My laugh lines are still there, and I'm completely ok with that, I don't want no lines... Every time I look in the mirror I'm pleased. Its not something I'd do forever but, I gotta say, it sure makes me feel good right now. Finally, for me personally, the slop has not been that slippery, so far. I love the furrow GONE, love looking so much more peacful, but I'm not tempted to do all over my face. I like my face. It was the furrow I didn't like. Feel free to email me if you have any questions...

tmp00 September 14, 2006

Botox Parties are run by somewhat unscrupulous types and I would not recommend going to one. I think it's important to go to a real dermo for this stuff. I would never screw around with my face that way. I find the whole Botox think kind wary-making. It's not been on the market long enough to judge the long term effects, and really, when you think about it, what happens to muscles that you don't use? They sag. I am personally convinced that the reason that Nicole Kidman always has her hair pulled back that severely is that without the ponytail her forehead would just flop over onto the bridge of her nose. :o

violetnoir September 14, 2006

Hmmmm...whatever turns you on, babe, but I agree with everyone else. You might want to try it once to see how it goes, but I think your worries may be premature. Anyway, isn't 46 the new 26? I already have a bottle of t42, so there's no need to enter me in the drawing. Hugs!

Ina September 14, 2006

Patty! First of all, get that Botox idea outta your head! Do you hear me? If you don't, you'll see me doing this: :((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:(( Second, Tea For Two is all chai tea on me, and recently it's been way too sweet, for some reason. But you should totally get that L'Artisan candle! The one I wrote about, can't recall the name now. :d

chayaruchama September 14, 2006

Patty, Dina rocks... I am a thermally-challenged female... for G-d's sake, at age 3 , the neighbors were phoning my mother- "Estelle, come and get her OUT of the street.. she's pulled off her snowsuit, and is rolling in the snow like a Finn!" SO, if I was hot then , imagine how hot I am now ! I work with sweet young things who jack the thermostat up to 85...THAT hurts... DH says I really put out the BTU's. I didn't mean to insinuate that you are horribly vain- I wouldn't dream of it. Maybe, just play up what you love about yourself, and just consider making peace with the furrow... The way you describe it, it makes you sound like a worried dachshund- extremely adorable ! I simply know too many who start, and then become addicted to procedures. It's a slippery slope...

Twibbet September 14, 2006

Please enter me in the drawing for Tea for Two! I've smelled it on a paper strip a couple of times, and my husband has wrinkled up his face and forbidden me to try it on, so I obviously need a sample to try out when he's not around :d

Patty September 14, 2006

Sybil -- yeah. I don't want to wind up a cosmetic procedure whore, that would just be the worst thing I can imagine. I still have really good skin with just slight wear and tear, and I really do love my laugh lines, but not The Furrow. :)

Patty September 14, 2006

Judith, I will be right with you on rioting if they discontinue Dzing. That is just a surreal thing of beauty. I've heard that there's a Restylane Rewards thing where you get money back when you do the procedures, which helps on the cost. I figure it's only about two or three bottles of perfume? I dunno, still thinking about it.

Patty September 14, 2006

tmp -- what's a botox party? Is that how you mange to get just one little teeny bit instead of tons of it? If I did it, I just one one little squirt right in that brow furrow.

Patty September 14, 2006

Will do, Christine, and thanks! Y'all have helped me be convinced to not shoot poison in the form of Botox into my face, but I'm still down with the restylane.

Patty September 14, 2006

Dinazhad -- agree on the hot flashes. I've been lucky not to have them at all to this point. My mom had them pretty bad, and it was freaky watching her just burn up. My menopause has been pretty mild. Okay, you've convinced me on the botox, I wasn't warming up to doing that too much and am easily swayed to NOT get it, but the resty still has me interested.

Patty September 14, 2006

Rhonda,I will!!! I've see the results with restylane, and that's what I'm leaning towards. Botox's frozen face thing worries me, so I'm more reluctant to do that. I agree with looking in the mirror and starting to see someone else staring back. I'm okay with getting old, I just don't want to look like I'm there too fast. I don't think I'd ever do a facelift or anything like that, but small things seem like not a horrible idea. If I do it, count on me blogging about it with all the gory detatils. I think I should do it just so I CAN blog about it. :)

Elle September 14, 2006

Patty, That rumor is apparently quite strong on the European boards. However, they are notoriously slow about running out of d/ced fragrances. Navigateur was d/ced *ages* ago and yet you can still get bottles. L

Patty September 14, 2006

Kuri, I'm definitely fine with my face for the most part, it's aging well. Just that one furrow in the middle of my forehead and the lines that are turning into crevasses on my upper lip, those two things bug me. Crow's feet, laugh lines, all that stuff I love, I've earned that face, but I spent too much time in the sun squinting, and I always furrow my brown when I'm thinking, and that one big line really bugs me.

sybil September 14, 2006

Patty...I'd go w/ the same logic as you on the Botox & restylane...a little bit will be gone in 3 months. But there's that old slippery slope thing, though & what a great story from Dinazad! The Vermont Country Store sells products called "Frownies" and "Wrinklies" that are supposed to have the same effect as Botox, so maybe that's worth a try...

Patty September 14, 2006

Elle, no!!!!!!! They can NEVER get rid of Dzing. My life would just come to a screeching halt. Is that rumor strong to quite strong? If so, I'm stocking up on 10 bottles now to see me through my 90s.

Patty September 14, 2006

Sariah, exactly! I have a chai tea candle too from somewhere, and when I really want to stink up the house in a good way, I just light that up. Coffee and tea smells really are the best ones out there.

Patty September 14, 2006

March, you're such a goof. I remember those days too. Now I Happily spritz smoke and circus scents all over me and feel like a million bucks.

Patty September 14, 2006

Dusan, you are so sweet, but 46 is not a tender age by any definition of the term, and I'm not incredibly vain or anything. I'll think about it more. I'm leaning towards no to the Botox (the idea of it does bug me) and yes to the Resty.

Judith September 14, 2006

I am so sad about Tea for Two. It's clearly a great fragrance, and I love the beginning of it on me. But the drydown goes weird (and not in a good way) with my chemistry. An honest SA completely agreed with me--it just doesn't work! Wahhhhh!! Oh well, there are other tea scents that do (AG, PG). If they discontinue Dzing, though, I will throw a major tantrum. On the other topic--I am always thinking of doing something-or-other to my aging face (not sure what, though):), and my husband and friends are always talking me out of it. For now, I will let them. For one thing--it's quite expensive, and I need the money to spend on perfumes!!! Loved Dinazad's story.

tmp00 September 14, 2006

I usually council people to just say no to the 'bo, but if used judiciously the results can be spectacular (once opened, they have to use the whole dose, so they try to get as much use out of it as possible, either by selling you on more areas or having more people there to inject, hence those "botox parties"). So I say, give it a try. Please enter me into the draw

Christine September 14, 2006

Please enter me in the drawing! Tea for Two is one that I've been meaning to order as a sample...but you know the credit card weeps. And also, even though I don't know you...I say "nah" to the Botox.

dinazad September 14, 2006

Actually, I'd be more interested why nobody's come up with a way of turning hot flushes into something useful, like a way of loading your cellphone or keeping those yoghurt cultures warm or heating water or something.... Perfectly good energy going astray in these days when energy sources are getting rare, and no scientist in sight to do something about it..... Grumble.... Botox - honey, the stuff's a poison. In non-toxic doses, admittedly, but it's still a deadly poison. That's one thought I just can't get away from, personally.

Patty September 14, 2006

Chaya, I'm not over the top vain, and I don't want to kill off my crow's feet and little wrinkles at all, I love those, I've earned them, and I have no problem wrinkling gently into old age. But the one furrow bothers me, as does the lines above the upper lip, it makes it harder to look past. I may just see if they can do restylane in that furrow (I do hate the nonmovement of Botox) and in the upper lip. Aging really doesn't bother me, but I'm also not against using minor cosmetic aids (hence my large makeup collection) to improve some of the aging process that is bothering me. Now, if anyone can tell me how to combat menopausal belly, I'd be much obliged. That truly sucks. I used to have a great waistline, even if my weight was up a little bit, but once I hit perimenopause and now menopause in the last two years, it's ridiculous

Patty September 14, 2006

Dinazad, I would have agreed with you not too long ago, and I have very mixed feelings on Botox, I hate the expression it takes out of your face, but right now this one furrow in my forehead (it's a bad habit when I'm thinking) is just a little too expressionfull, it's the expression that dominates. I wouldn't do anything to the wrinkles around my eyes, etc., I actually love those a LOT, but just that one furrow bugs me. I figger I can try it once, and if I hate it, in three months it will be gone. The one I'm pretty sure I do want to look into more, though is the Restylane for my lips, just a skosh of it above the lip line to restore my naturally great lips and keep lipstick from bleeding, which it's just now starting to do. :)

Rhonda September 14, 2006

I too am at the age where I am considering doing a little something to my face and am also conflicted with the superficiality and vanity involved in cosmetic surgery, but on the other hand, I am beginning to hate the way I look (tired, haggard and droopy) and the way people respond to me now as a middle aged woman. It's somewhat depressing. So, Patty, if there's something available to combat the aging process, I say go for it and let us know all the details. P.S. Please enter me in the Tea for Two drawing.

kuri September 14, 2006

I suggest that you not do it. dinazad's story about the movie star is lovely. Please enter me in the drawing; I've wanted to try Tea for Two for a while. I love tea scents!

Elle September 14, 2006

I have pure, unconditional love for Tea for Two. If they ever discontinue it (just read that Dzing may be on the chopping block), I will start a petition to prevent that - while simultaneously emptying our bank account to do some obscene stock piling. :-)

sariah September 14, 2006

Hi Patty, Tea for 2 reminds me a lot of this green tea scented candle I have just after I light it, because it smells like tea and smoke and it's a little waxy. It's very atmospheric, wonderful that you have that association of the hotel in Hawaii.

March September 14, 2006

Oh! The perfect cold, rainy day today! Precisely the kind of day for Tea for Two! But there are so many other fall fragrances up there, calling to me... Tea for Two I fondly recall because it was one of the first outside-the-box fragrances I sniffed -- one that smelled interesting rather than conventionally pretty. It took me a few days to decide that I could actually WEAR it rather than just sniff it.:">

Dusan September 14, 2006

Patty, a categorical NO to Botox, especially not at your tender age, wait until you're at least 60 if you find the idea so appealing. I just think you *don't* need it. Enter me for what would be, if I get lucky, the first L'Artisan I'd smell. Hugs

chayaruchama September 14, 2006

Patty, I agree with Dina on this one- although I've never seen you, I am certain that this is something you DON'T need... With your delicate skin, try a dab or two, every day, of Clarins' SPF 40 ...it's imperceptible, and keeps damage at bay. Not ashy looking. Good antioxidants [ like Idebenol] help a lot [trust the sister, I worked with derm patients, and in burn units- and people tell me that I have great skin]... Although I so enjoy beauty, I seek the unfolding of the inner self whenever I meet someone, NO KIDDING ! As a matter of fact, I can't help but see it, and it can be so distracting for me- one's inner agenda and sufferings become immediately visible- that, unlike Bill Clinton, I literally feel your pain... Kisses to you...

dinazad September 14, 2006

Forget about Botox, dear. At a certain age, flawlessy smooth skin makes you look fat, like a dress which is too tight. Which movie star was it who sued an Italian magazine because they edited the wrinkles out of her picture? She said she'd worked hard to get the face she had, and she wasn't going to be photoshopped out of it. Dead right she was, too, whoever it was!!! Life gives us the material, the folds and wrinkles: we're responsible for draping them elegantly. On a different note: I agree that Tea for Two is divine (and one of the few L'Artisans I can smell at all, all the others just disappear between the bottle and my skin and nose): Tea, clotted cream, scones and linen napkins with lace. And elegantly draped wrinkles. The way to live!