L’artisan Fleur de Narcisse

Well, I have my sample of this overpriced elixir in my hands for about a week, and I’ve been spritzing it off and on since thent, trying to figure it out.

Am I more enlightened about what it is now? Not so much. I was totally in love with Fleur D’Oranger, and I’m going to miss it now that it’s gone, and I halfway expected Fleur de Narcisse to be a floral in the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Notes of narcissus, hay, hyacinth, blond tobacco, iris, black currant bud, moss and leather. What the hell? That’s not a floral. When I first spritz it, again, it’s NOT a floral in any traditional sense, though it does feel like the inside parts of a flower. Marina described this in her review, and she is spot on, and I can’t improve upon her review at all, only to add my own impressions. This does have that undercurrent that Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower does, that almost oiliness, that is hard to sniff up close and find pretty, but just exudes beauty at a distance in an abstract kind of way. The leather and hay sprout up through the flower after about ten minutes, and this scent takes a turn down a pretty earthy path.

Back in the day, on the farm, we used to do a lot of gardening in our leather gloves and mulching with hay. This is THAT smell, a series of complex things all running together to create this whole other thing. For me, it is a scent memory that includes the smell of earth and laughing with my mom on a day where the sun beat down on us as we tended to growing things. When I was living that memory, I didn’t know how special it was — it is only through the arch of time that I can look back and see it as a grace-filled moment. Fleur de Narcisse is like that, hard to see up close, but exquisite when you pull back and quit trying to see its parts.

This scent is no shrinking violet — or flower of any sort — it is substantial and sensuous. Due to be released in November in the U.S., it is currently available from First in Fragrance for 220 Euros, plus shipping, etc.. This is not an inexpensive perfume. Is it worth it? Given that I don’t recall smelling anything else like it in recent memory, and putting it on a par with the price tag of Carnal Flower in the depth of ingredients and uniqueness, I think it is, but only if you aren’t expecting a bouquet of sweet posies… just sayin’.

Drawing for this week — a sample of Fleur de narcisse. Just drop a note in the comments that you’d like to be in the drawing, and I’ll include you!


  1. I would be proud to be included in the draw. Sounds fascinating.:x

  2. :((;)Please, please,please…
    Thank you !
    I enjoyed greatly your attempts to describe your impressions, especially your remembrances of your mother, and mulching…
    That alone would make it worth the price !

  3. Grew up on a farm and would love to be reminded of hay, tobacco, leather, etc! Please enter me in the drawing.

  4. would adore being included in your drawing..always fun to try a bit of what costs as much as my monthly medication bill.

  5. Hay is such a strong scent memory for me – it always shocks me back to my childhood. I would love to be included in the drawing – thanks!

  6. Patty…this was a particularly great review, and I’d love to be included in the sample drawing. Thanks!

  7. Please include me in the drawing! I`ve been waiting for this one.

  8. Great review, Patty! I have horses, so I handle hay on a daily basis, LOL! I love the aroma of fresh, sweet hay on a cold brisk morning. The scent sounds intriguing. Please include me in the drawing.

  9. I got a brief sniff at a L’Artisan event, and I’m totally in love, too. It smells weird at first, then its true beauty comes out. I actually much prefer it to Fleur d’Oranger. But the price! Eep. :((

  10. After a review like that! Please include me in the drawing. I really have to make a trip to a L’Artisan store sometime.

  11. Got you all included that wanted in the drawing!

    Marina and Ina — I know, I know! I *had* to buy it and now am just waiting for my overpriced bottle to arrive. It is just bizarrely beautiful, and I am totally smitten. I agree with you Ina, as much as I loved Fleur D’Oranger, I prefer Fleur de Narcisse as just a more complete and complex scent.

  12. Hi, You’ve made me even more curious about this scent. Please include me in the drawing.

  13. Oh heavens, how can you do this to me? :(( I won’t rest till I sniff this, now. Please enter me in the draw. 🙂

  14. This perfume sounds like it could be the smell of my parents’ garden in April, when there are sheets of narcissus growing up out of dead grass, old leaves, and mud, and just the first stirrings of new greenery.
    I would LOVE to be in the drawing!

  15. Wow! This is a beautiful review, Patty. 😡

    And, absolutely, positively please include me in the drawing.

    Hugs, rsj

  16. Ohh, Patty, you do intrigue. I just received a wonderful little bundle from you today and am greedy for more…especially after such an evocative review…would you please include me in the drawing as well?

  17. I never had the opportunity to smell Fleur d´Oranger, so it would be wonderful to smell Fleur de Narcisse.
    Please, include me in the drawing!

  18. sounds mindspinning – please include me in the drawing. also, i tried the laser treatment for broken capillaries around the nose ($500 for 2 sessions, no insurance coverage of course) and they all came back the same way in a few months…better luck to you!

  19. Please include me in the drawing! :d So glad to hear this isn’t really “florally”…I MUST sniff!

  20. Patty,

    What an intriguing review! I am smitten with my Fleur d”Oranger (altho I ask myself every time I wear it if the occaison is worthy…) I can’t wait to smell this creation. How is the staying power?

    Please include me in yr drawing.


  21. Wonderful review. I love reading your gardening memories, and sharing that experience of the seemingly ordinary moments that prove to be so special — especially in the garden. Please include me in the drawing.

  22. Please include me in the drawing as well. This sounds incredibly intriguing.


  23. Patty- loved the review, especially the part about laughing with your mom in the sunshine. Please include me in the drawing- this sounds like great stuff!

  24. Hi. This sounds so lovely. I’d love to be included in your drawing, thanks.

  25. This is the sort of thing I absolutely should not try for fear I will love it so please include me in the drawing.

  26. What is WRONG w/ my skin chemistry???? I LIVE for hay and leather in scents!!! The earthier the better! But I swear that for the first three hours this scent is on, all I get is hair spray. Life is not fair! After three hours I get a little bit of hay and tobacco, but only a little and it’s not worth the wait…or the price. I realize I should be totally ecstatic here, but I still feel rudely cheated. :((

  27. I’d love to be in the drawing. It sounds intriguing 🙂

  28. Sounds gorgeous! Please include me in the drawing 🙂

  29. Sounds like another new and interesting L’A. So does the “hay” note remind you of Dzing!?
    Please enter me in the drawing as well.

  30. I grew up next to a farm and find those earthy smells very comforting. Please include me in the drawing if it’s not too late!

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