Castelbajac for a Trashy Friday (and update on Caron split)

Firstly, an update on the Caron split. One, I’ll likely be adding a Montaigne extrait split later, once I get more information on if it is available in an urn for a bigger bottle split. I believe it is significantly much more expensive, but how much more, I don’t know. Does anyone know the pricing on a big bottle of Montaigne, if it comes in a 200 ml? So if you are interested in that when it happens (probably after the first of the year), just email me so I can put you in the group once I get some specifics on possibility and price.

The rest of the splits, we are close to having a split on a 200 ml of Poivre, for sure we can do a 100+ ml split right now. We have at least a 100 ml split of En Avion. Or et Noir is halfway to a 100 ml bottle split. Narcisse Noir is actually Narcisse Blanc in the urns, so I’m skipping past that one at this point. There is interest in Tabac Blond, Acosia, Farnesiana, French Can Can and Pois de Senteur, but not enough for a bottle split yet. So if you are interested in any of those, e-mail me at pgeissler at gmail dot com and let me know which ones and what amount you’re interested in. If we do a 200 ml bottle split of any of these (except the Montaigne), the cost should be about $2.60 per ml, plus postage, etc., which shouldn’t add that much. If we do a 100 ml bottle split, the price will be about $3.40 per ml, plus postage, etc. Again, the cost will all be reduced if there is a Caron sale. Word is right now there probably won’t be a sale and that they are low on urn parfums, so be patient if they are out of stock.

Okay, enough of that, I’ll probably not update this but one more time next week and then close it.

Vanilla, almond and musk are the notes given for Castelbajac. I tested the EDP. This scent was one I had picked up shortly after it was released years ago, always liked it, and then lost it, and just rebought it again. Simply forgot how much I really love this clean, simple, slightly sweet scent.

Most reviews mention it smells like laundry, and it is very laundry-ish in the drydown, but it makes me think of sun-dried sheets kind of laundry, that fresh scent mixed with a skosh of almond — clean, crisp, soft, never overpowering. My mom used to pull out the old wringer washer once a month to do all the heavy laundry, mostly sheets, coats, rugs, etc. This day-long grinding chore was at the top of my detested farm activites list, until we’d start pulling those sheets off the line… heaven, and Castelbajac reminds me very much of that smell. If you like almond scents generally, but Rahat and other almond scents are just too, too much, this one might work for you. It’s a light almond, light musk and light vanilla. This is a definite comfort scent, and it’s widely available at discounters for a good price in the EDP.

Britney files for divorce… well, color me surprised that it took this long. Funniest part — they have video of Fedex getting the text message saying she was divorcing him. Now… that is coooollllllld.

Neil Patrick Harris comes out, maybe partly due to Perez Hilton’s constant haranguing him in blog posts. Now, it bothers me greatly that anyone would take another to task to make their personal sex life public. Am I wrong there? Or have we changed so much as a society that all gay people now have to make that public information? WTF?! Anyway, that’s what’s bothering me this week.

  • Katie says:

    I’m so tired of this outing crap. I mean, it’s one thing if it’s some hyprocritical politician or talking head who has a history of gay-bashing when they themselves are gay, but some random celeb? Who I probably couldn’t care less about anyhow? Sheesh, it’s just tiresome more than anything else. I’m thinking I’ll write a whole post outing George Clooney as straight: I mean, it’s of vital public interest that he finally admits it!:(|)

  • Giselle says:

    Castelbajac is fantastic on a hot summer day, but in winter, esp. indoors, it is too clean, almost ‘bounce sheet clean’ —
    But the laundry soap – almond combo is wonderful in summer, on some unrelenting humid day when your clothes go limp and any movement feels like exertion. THAT is the day when you’ll love Castelbajac and see it as a “genius combination”.

    it is good also for visiting the doctor or a friend in the hospital , as it wards off that medical chemical smell in a gentle sweet way without adding florals,spices or skank.

    call me addicted, I can find a time and a place for nearly any scent.

  • Elle says:

    I bought Castlebajac because I liked the bottle and for a few minutes thought I would like the scent. I did, but I lost interest…clean just can’t hold the attention of my skank loving soul.
    I’d never heard of Perez Hilton – sounds like he’s obnoxious as h*ll. Can’t say I’d ever given a thought to NPH’s sexuality one way or the other, but if I had, I’d have guessed gay. No, people shouldn’t have to discuss their sexuality ever…unless they’re an evangelist preaching against a certain sexual group and working on political campaigns against gay marriage.

  • March says:

    Almond LAUNDRY?!?! Well, okay, then.

    Hey, we had one of those ringer washers in our basement when I was little, I was always afraid I was gonna get sucked into it and flattened.

    I think it’s great that Brit’s splitting up with K-Fed, but let’s face it: she married that corn-rowed loser in the first place. It’s not like he morphed into that nightmare after the honeymoon. So now she’ll probably rebound with some other young greasebag.

  • violetnoir says:

    Castelbajac is indeed delightful. I was really into it a couple of summers ago. I need to pull that adorable red pillow bottle out and use it again. Funny, but I like it a lot better than Rahat Loukhoum.

    I guess Doogie figured it was better to get it out in the open than to have some scandal rag do it. To be honest, I don’t care, and I think a lot of people don’t care, but there you have it.

    Three words for Brit: It’s About Time!!! The ex is so trashy, that I fear he may make the split a public spectacle. Last night I heard on Access Hollywood, or Extra, or one of those entertainment shows, that he will fight her for custody of their babies. How pathetic is that? Then today on the radio I heard that he was consulting an attorney about divorcing Britney first, but she got wind of it and beat him to the punch. Sounds like his ego, rather than what’s best for his babies, is his most important consideration. He’s hanging in there for every millisecond of his “fifteen minutes” of fame, and it’s sickening.


  • Josey says:

    If you’re ever up for doing a Nuit de Noel or Tabac Blond bottle split, sign me up :d

  • tmp00 says:

    I think NPH handled it pretty well; he actually was responding to a publicist who “inned” him by seemingly telling a magazine that he was not gay.

    There’s something ironic about the fact that Brit can legally marry and NPH can’t.

  • Leopoldo says:

    Never seen Doogie Howser, though it was on TV here. If anyone wants to know about my sex life, even though I’m not in the public eye, please send me a very small postcard on which I can write your reply…

    Glad to see Britters is over Kevfever.

    And I think that’s about it. Yes it is.

  • sariah says:

    Yep, Perez is just really mean sometimes. I don’t agree with his pressuring people to come out of the closet. Doogie, “Gayken” (Clay Aiken), etc. I don’t mind about all the Fedex stuff though, I can’t help but thinking he deserves it being such a publicity whore.

  • Veronica says:

    It doesn’t bother me that Neal Patrick Harris has come out.

    It bothers me that he is Doogie Howser.

  • kuri says:

    I’m very relieved that she’s divorcing him. Which is kind of sad.

    I’m having trouble imagining Laundry and almonds, but it sounds perfect. Light, a little sweet, and almond! Should I just buy a bottle online? Can’t seem to find it in stores here. Sure, I’ve only been looking a week, but I want it now.

  • Marina says:

    Good morning! I saw a couple of pictures of Britney, she looks almost hottt again. It’s about time she ditched that bugger. ūüôā