Jeanne Marie Auclair January 18, 2007

/:) Love this blog! Wonderful descriptions of my favorite item in the whole world--perfume! This is going to have to become my weekend haunt! My favorite find of 2006 was a lovely bottle of Molinard's Habanita. Last night I dreamed of Serge's whole collection--I kid you not--I was viewing his French Web site before going to be last night. I feel compelled to buy at least 6 bottled in 2007, maybe every other month. He is my all-time favorite perfumer. I've only owned two; Ambre Sultan and Un Bois Vanille. I want to know each of his beauties personally! F. Malle is seducing me as well! Jeanne Marie Auclair

BBliss January 3, 2007

Happy New Year, ladies - and thank you for the great lists and the blog. And yes, Achtung is one of the best albums EVER - cutting edge at the time, and just plain good now. I really gotta get to the Chaos and the Cuir Amethyste this year and I will!

Carla January 2, 2007

I'm going to check out that foundation now. Happy New Year and thank you for the great list.

Beba Simo December 31, 2006

It has taken me two days to go thru all the bloggers in Fav Things 2006 list but I loved it! Thanks for including my favorite, that 73 year old ever young Vol de Nuit, and many thanks for introducing me to Andy Tauer L'Air and Parfumerie Generale Harmatan, both are at the top of my list with VdN. My best wishes for you and March for 2007.

Erika December 31, 2006

Happy New Year Patty & March :)

beauty chick December 31, 2006

Congrats on the courage to "cross the aisle" into the men's dept. I look forward to reading more of those discoveries in the coming new year!

Victoria's Own December 31, 2006

Oh I am so with you on the smaller bottles! We can only wish I guess. And the new Chanels, well maybe if we boycot or complain enough? Loved your lists, Happy New Year! - Victoria

risa December 30, 2006

*giggle* what a fantastic list! i loved it both with and without, for different reasons. happy new year to you both!

Gretchen December 30, 2006

Love your lists! Great blog! Thanks for the inspiring reviews!!

Vetiveronica December 30, 2006

Re: March's List, Item 9, Men's Department. With Musical Accompaniment. Vetiver, vetiver, vetiver, vetiver, vetiver. ('Star Star', The Rolling Stones.)

trinity December 30, 2006

Late to the party, but wanted to say I enjoy the blog, one of my faves, thanks Patty and March!!! Hmm, 2006 scents, my faves that I purchased this year are Attrape Couer, Carnal Flower, and at the very top, Fleur de Narcisse. OMG, this scent is perfect, absolute heaven for me. Scent bombs, well, AT Orris can go to the head of the class in this catagory. Yuck is all I can say. On my list to try is the new shaping foundation from Armani. I am on my second bottle of LSF, and I love it, so have to try the new one soon. Cheers and Happy New Year!!!!!

Leopoldo December 30, 2006

Awesome as always. Too much to comment on; too much to try. I'm with Patty on Harmatan Noir (although it does go soapy on me once in a while), and with March on the assmassai warrior stink. I most want to try all three Assouline (man, I'm a butt-obsessive) candles, but most espcially the leather, but I'm unlikely to. Andy is my perfumer of the year, for his decency, charm and warmth, especially in the face of recent attacks online (poor lad). My favourite new things of 2006 are: discovering Déclaration, Terre d'Hermes, falling in love all over again with Poivre Samarcande (looks like I'm about to run off with your virtual bf, Patty), the ambiance range from Parfums Nicolaï, Lonestar, and other stuff that I can't remember. Happy new year, all!

Terri S-B December 30, 2006

About the Narcisse Noir, since I love the EDT, how does it compare to the parfum? I assume the parfum is just that much more intense, but is it like some other fragrances where the differences between an EDT and parfum can be so great as to make them almost different scents altogether? Don't know if I worded that question properly, but hopefully you know what I mean. Thanks

Bela December 30, 2006

Such a great list! Loved reading it all. Happy New Year!

koneko December 30, 2006

Great lists! I love reading about these fragrances, I have tons of new fragrances to try out in 2007. I have not heard about the magical FM body butters much, but now... I want!!!

Camilla December 30, 2006

From Patty, I'll take the Caron and Parfumerie Generale nominations, especially Poivre, Narcisse Noir and Aomassai. Inspired by March's list are my picks for a stinky foot & cheesy leather, Montale's Oud Cuir d' Arabie (layer this with anything, and you will see) and a classic from the men's department: Dunhill Edition, a frosty treat for male and female incense lovers alike.

Fragrant Funster December 30, 2006

s'prazdnikom you darling girls! Thank you for the lovely blog & have a fragrant New Year.

Cait December 30, 2006

If I haven't said this, my visits to this blog have been one of my favorite things of 2006 because you two are so great and fun and it's really great conversation around here. :(( I also like seeing both of your tastes metamorphosize with all your discoveries. I remain, as ever, your big lash batting floral gal. From Patty's list, I must try many chocolate martinis, the assouline candle, and THE BEURRE THE BEURRE THE EVERLOVIN BEURRRRE! From March's list, I need Cuir Amethyste and no, NOT A WIFE (they can be so much trouble!) but to try all those sexy colognes like Polo Double Black. Cheers! Happy New Year to all of you who write and read this blog!

Katie December 30, 2006

Heh heh, impressions of CB Musk coming soon... Trying to gather my thoughts on it first, and hopefully in time for a year's round-up of the 2006 releases.

March December 30, 2006

Katie -- I've tried the new one and don't like it, but I'll keep an eye peeled for the new one. Hey, whadja think of the CB Musk?:d

March December 30, 2006

Gaia -- ack!!!! That Assomassi! Lord, I hated that buttcrack-y thing. Everyone else lurved it. Let me know what happens.

March December 30, 2006

Gigi -- have fun playing in the fragrance.

March December 30, 2006

Ina -- it was YOU!!! I KNEW somebody else liked it. It's not getting a lot of love in general, I don't think. Hah. What do they know!

March December 30, 2006

Victoria -- I have learned so much from you this year. Thanks.:">

March December 30, 2006

Angela -- I have you to thank for getting me into all sorts of trouble, particularly most recently with Femme --- the new one (I've got a vintage on the way for comparison.) Oh. My. God. What a freaking bombshell.

March December 30, 2006

Tania -- thanks for stopping by! I cannot WAIT for your new book, I am sooooo excited.

March December 30, 2006

Toya -- I love the name of your blog.

March December 30, 2006

Maria -- thanks! So sorry about the Encens et Lavande -- it would be pretty pointless without the Encens part (I adore that one too.) If it makes you feel better, that PG Harmatan Noir they're always going on about smells like watery soap on me.

March December 30, 2006

Annietown -- thanks! We're going to have lots of fun in 2007 too.

March December 30, 2006

mireille -- we're pleased to enable anyone's addiction.:">

March December 30, 2006

Christine -- tiny tiny bottles. Let's all keep visualizing them.

March December 30, 2006

Robin -- I still owe you bigtime for a couple of new favorites -- like Theorema -- and for inspiring me to revisit Eau de Merveilles (I see from your list you had the same reevaluation that I did.)

March December 30, 2006

Elle -- teeny weeny bottles! Really. 10 ml would be fine too, but ain't gonna happen. Can't wait to see what CB gets up to in 2007.

March December 30, 2006

Marina -- can we do a mournful high-five?:-? The Cuir Amethyste (hey, look, I spelled it wrong in the post) is one of those funny stealth ones on me. Remember, I can't even smell the entire silly thing. But it's got ... this weird Wonder-Woman type force-field attached to it. When I have it on, I feel powerful. Does that make any sense at all? I bet you have one like that ... and men LOVE it. It's funny how much they love it. That stupid Pheromone thing should be so alluring...

March December 30, 2006

Judith -- ah, I'm looking forward to smelling 2007 with you!

Katie December 29, 2006

March, now that you've ventured over to the boys' side, I insist you try VINTAGE Lanvin Vetyver... I have this weird hunch you'll enjoy it. (Not sure if you'll like the reformulated current version, though.) And if there's testers for Xeryus Rouge, try that, it's delish: don't think it's one you'd like for yourself, but again, it's delish. Patty, love the list in song. Especially because I too love Barry :d Happy New Year!<:-p

Gaia, the non-blonde December 29, 2006

The two of you are responsible to a great part of my perfume education (and to several of the bottles on my dresser). I have several Parfumerie Generale samples to work my way through. I'll start with Aomassai. Happy New Year!

Gigi December 29, 2006

I love the GA designer shaping foundation, too -- it really is unlike anything else I've used before. I've decided to try new types of fragrances this year. Ever since I was traumatized in the '80s by Giorgio BH and CK Obsession (I was in fashion school and all the girls seemed to wear so much of the stuff -- so much so that once during a test I had to excuse myself from the room because I was choking!), I've been surrounding myself only with fresh and citrusy scents. I'm taking both lists and running to the nearest fragrance specialty store. It's time to explore!

Ina December 29, 2006

Patty, I rediscovered Vol de Nuit parfum this year, too. It's gorgeous! March, I can't believe I've left out Cuir Amethyste! Totally agree with you.

Victoria December 29, 2006

You two are gems in your own right. It is such a pleasure to read your posts, and I look forward to more in 2007! Happy New Year!

AngelaS December 29, 2006

Patty and March, you two are on my top ten best of 2006 (right in there with Vol de Nuit, Le Labo Iris, and ribeye steaks). I've been spending my mornings with you, coffee at my side, gearing up for a day of work, and it's been terrific. Thanks!

Maria B. December 29, 2006

Oops. Sorry. Under my category of classy chypre that formerly reminded me of my aunt, I should have written Caron Alpona!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm in the middle of moving. The brain is on long trips and cleaning supplies. :">:">:">:">:">

Tania December 29, 2006

Love the lists! Yay for the bombshell fragrances that disrupt conversation (Poivre, Narcisse Noir, Carnal Flower, I'm looking at you) and the sly wallflower fragrances when you just feel like eavesdropping. Happy New Year to you both!

Toya December 29, 2006

Hi! I had a great time reading both lists. I'm not a perfume expert, but reading these lists make me wanna be! Could you please correct my blog address? The Life of a Ladybug can be found at http://lifeofaladybug.typepad.com. Thank you!

Maria B. December 29, 2006

Most interesting lists, ladies! If there were a category for Best-Smelling Comedy Divas of 2006, you'd be it. About Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande: On me it's all cold lavender, no incense. On my husband it didn't work either. Big disappointment because I love incense. Classy chypre: I now don't know how it could have reminded me of my aunt. I love it! It's elegant and deep, and, weirdly enough, it has become a comfort scent for me (and not at all because of the aunt thing).

Annieytown December 29, 2006

I have never tried any of the PG scents but you have hooked me with the description of Harmatan Noir as a smokey tea. OMG. I really need to get back on track with trying and seeking out new scents. I think that the Armani foundation might be the most mentioned product on all the bloggers list. Thanks P and M and have a wonderful New Year!!!

mireille December 29, 2006

P, Vol de Nuit ... yes, yes, yes! (thanks to you) ... and Armani foundation, must see this for myself. Patty, thanks for all you've done to encourage my perfume habit ... and Happy New Year! xoxo

Christine December 29, 2006

Amen Patty on "Achtung Baby"! And good lord, if bottles came smaller I could afford so much more.

Robin December 29, 2006

*wails* I want some of that FM body butter stuff! Ain't gonna pay for it though. Great lists, both of you, and hope you both have a perfect 2007!

Elle December 29, 2006

Fabulous lists! Nods head in sad agreement w/ that perfume obsession song. And I *have* to try that leather candle. *Love* my CBs!!! His musk really is gorgeous on me and layers beautifully w/ other scents. And I'm so w/ you in wanting smaller bottles. Please! People no longer have a soul commitment to just one scent. I'd need to live for approximately 746 years (and have major, choking sillage) to actually get through my bottles. Thank God and ebay for decants. And do the people at Chanel think I am in need of handy substitutes for weights to do curls w/?? Ugh.

Marina December 29, 2006

Patty, High Five for Parfumerie Generale. March, (a slightly sad) High Five for Chaos. March, I can't believe you love Cuir Amethyste so much! Maybe I should give it another chance...

Judith December 29, 2006

Love both these lists, and I really can't decide between them. I'll take some of both, please!8-|

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