Etat Libre special deal and winner of MDCI samples

Hey, a post on Saturday!!

I forgot to put up the winner of the MDCI samples this week. And I decided to give away three sets of samples. The winners are: Amy K, Fragrant Funster and Nina. Just hit the Contact Us button on the left and send me your address to get your samples!

Etat Libres are at Bendel’s! Call Gerard at 212-247-1100 (main number, ask for him in Perfumes), and he can set you up with any bottles you like. They also have candles, and one of them translates to Boots and Whips, and as Gerard was reading me the descriptions for all three of them, I felt myself breathing hard and a small drop of sweat was running down my bosom…. Lord, it was like a bodice ripper, only more porny! Now, I know some of you have objections to these because of the ludicrous names, but the names just crack me up. In a world full of perfume releases, it is hard to get attention, and these guys certainly picked names that have started buzz, both good and bad. Does that matter? Any buzz is good buzz. Exhibit A is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. I see people panning it over and over and over, but it is flying off the shelves from just the buzz, and part of the buzz is from the name, which sounds exotic and rich and a little, well, hot!

I’ve got the Etat Libres coming to my little sample/decant store, and I’m offering a limited time special for 1 ml ($27) or 2.5 ml ($55) set of each of the 11 scents at Fragrant Fripperies. It’s only good until Monday at 5 p.m., and I’ll be sending out those sample sets no later than 1/31/07. I’m not going to do too many more announcements on my decant/sample thing here just because I like to keep them separated, so if you want to know about special deals, just sign up for my newsletter (a link is on the Fragrant Fripperies site).

  • Elle says:

    Wonderful! Can’t believe I didn’t check on Sat. I ordered a couple already (one unsniffed), but have serious doubts about Gerard, sweetheart that he is, including more than one sample, if that. Off to FF!

  • Maria B. says:

    No way, Patty. I’ve seen the label of Secretions Magnifiques. The only way I’d walk up to a bottle like that would be blind-folded and with a gun to my head. Now, the Songes half-moon bottle, isn’t that a pretty one? And the butterfly on top of Mandragore… Those were the days. (I think I’ll go creak my way to a comfy chair to have a cup of tea.)

  • Louise says:

    Well, now I am part of the experiment-I ordered the sampler set. I think I am not offended because of: 1)the humor involved;and 2) the honesty of presenting perfumes named in at least some cases for the purposes intended. Oops (ducking).

  • I loved and bought several of them, including J & C and Rien. Putain des Palaces was one of my least favorite ones, too fruity.

    I guess I should get cracking on some of those Etat Libre reviews, but want to do an overview first.

  • Patty says:

    Louise, I’m curious as well. I’ve heard a handful of them are really quite good, and several others, while not incredibly wearable, should be sniffed. The jasmin cigarette one and the hotel slut often get mentioned as terrific, and Rien, too, I think.

    Now the juice has to live up to the slutty hype, which is a far more difficult task.

  • Patty says:

    A surprise for you! I may start doing a quick Saturday post of just goofy stuff in the future.

    I think the names definitely lead to a coarsening of culture and a trivialization of sexuality. I am a total prude, and normally my moral compass is pretty good on this stuff, and I don’t know why the names aren’t bothering me more.

    I have heard the Secretions Magnifique do smell pretty much like what they say they do, so you and March better get in line for that one. I should have mine on Monday or Tuesday latest, so we’ll know soon!

    I’m trying to think what a hotel slut would smell like? Unmade bed, slightly raunchy, leftover perfume and mussed lipstick.

  • Louise says:

    Whew!-if one finds the names offensive, then the descriptions and illustrations on their website are sure to shock, which may be the point, though I find plenty of “tongue in cheek” (so to speak) in their names and descriptors. But this begs the question-how are the scents??? Reviews have been limited and mixed thus far. This might be a have-to-try!

  • Maria B. says:

    A post on a Saturday! I almost didn’t check.

    I’m one of those people who object to the Orange Free State’s names. I think it’s a vulgarization of sensuality–and sexuality. We perfume lovers are a sensual bunch. We notice and care about the minutest shifts in the evolution of one dabbing of a perfume. It’s a lovely sort of sensuality.

    I don’t want to wear anything called Putains des Palaces. Bois de Jasmin translated the expression as “hotel sluts.” I think it’s more like “hotel whores,” i.e., call girls. My sexuality has nothing to do with commerce and mutual exploitation. But that’s just me. :d

    And the names are not at all honest. Does Putain des Palaces actually smell like a call girl after a few appointments? I’d go for unconventional namings that really said what was in a perfume: Civet’s Butt or Accord of Sperm Whale’s Intestinal Excretion. I think March and I would be first in line for those. ūüėČ