New Issue of Sniffapalooza Magazine is up!


These just keep getting better and better, make sure you get on their mailing list and read these, they are full of information and funny and a great resource.  Now, go read while I contemplate how we can steal a writer that writes stuff like this about Anosmia:  

HEAD TRAUMA:  When your head flies through the windshield you can actually shear off your olfactory nerves where they enter your brain (insert gruesome mental image here).  Other blunt traumas can cause localized swelling or bleeds that  might knock out your smell.  The solution?  Wear a seat belt.  And if you are a boxer or roller derby queen please wear proper headgear or get a new job.  Avoid bar brawls.  (Dr. Dotson)

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  • James Dotson says:

    Hello? Yes, you can steal me for a cameo blog appearance. It must be a really stanky theme though.
    your head-injury specialist, Dr. D.