PSA on Ebay Vintage perfume seller

This is an Ebay Public Service Announcement. (image courtesy of Fragrant Funster)



Example 1


This bottle was bought empty on eBay on 4/7/07. 


This bottle is being sold full currently on eBay.  Very rare bottle, very hard to come by, very tough to find full of parfum, almost topped off, and, surprisingly, unsealed.

Example 2!


Let’s take another look at an empty bottle bought by the same person that bought the Le De empty bottle.  It’s a Rival Poivre with the box.  Very beautiful… very empty.  Bought on 3/30/07.


Here’s a Rival Poivre bottle, being currently sold on eBay — very beautiful, very full, by the same seller as the full Le De parfum.

Example 3


Let’s see what else we have here… This Coty Complice bottle was bought by the same person who bought the empty bottles in example 1 and 2 on 4/17.  Very rare, very beautiful bottle, and…. completely, utterly empty.


The same seller of the FULL bottles in example 1 and 2 currently has this lovely Coty Complice up for auction — of course, it is full — to the brim!  Not even a little evaporation. Miraculous, no?

What is very, very sad is there is another ID  two other IDs that also buy empty bottles, and full bottles of the same perfume show up in listings of the same full bottle seller. I could fill up pages with these examples.   Anything that seems to be too good to be true probably is. I did buy from this seller twice.  One was a small 1/4 oz vintage Cuir de Russie for my own personal use. The other was a large Vol de Nuit parfum.  I did check against my square Guerlain factory sealed bottle, and it smelled the same, and I believe it was authentic, but out of an abundance of caution, I have pulled that bottle from my inventory and will not sell from it because with the sort of things from above, I just don’t want to use anything that came from a tainted source, no matter how firmly I believe it to be the real thing.

You can do your own research too. Any time there is a full bottle of something up, just do a search in completed listings for that name, and if you find a person that bought an empty bottle of the same thing and seems to buy lots of empties that another person has as fulls later…. well, duh.

This has been a Public Service Announcement with special thanks to the sleuths at MUA who did the research.

CH May 3, 2007

:o I'm STILL seeing several sellers for decants on Ebay. Meanwhile, I had just been ripped off from a seller. I bought a nearly new bottle of a niche fragrance, sent the money order with a delivery confirmation, and the seller changed her email in the meantime. I opened a dispute and she replied with yet another email. I have sent her multiple emails and have called her on the phone but she hasn't replied. It has been a month. I left negative feedback, yet Ebay has not pulled or dinged HER account despite the deceptive practices! I have forwarded all the info to Ebay, but apparently Ebay does not care about that. Perhaps if I was some big-shot lawyer from a fragrance company I might get someone to listen to me. :-l Meanwhile, she has not posted any other items to sell. If I ever see her, she'll get a bottle of Blue Sugar stuffed up her wazoo. b-)

pitbull friend April 23, 2007

WTF??? I just got three notices in the mail that I was "no longer obligated to buy" three items that were pulled from the Bay. Well, you dumb f(#(%, I already have them and gave good feedback on them. I believe two of the items were from Dragonfly, who they are listing as "no longer registered", (wow -- 4495 listed sales with 100 percent positive feedback!) and one from Bois Bois(2270 with essentially 100 percent pos). The companies in question -- I can only assume these companies complained, so they are now on my personal "heck with you" list: I Profumi di Firenze, Montale, and (sorry folks, I know this hurts some of you) Tom Ford. Eh, none of these were my all-time favorites. Now, if L'Artisan or Guerlain or Miller et Bertaux pulls this, I am going to be beyond consolation... --Ellen

tmp00 April 23, 2007

You mean there are fraudulent sellers on eBay that eBay is doing nothing about? The hell you say!?! I thought it was those bad, evil decanters that we needed nannying over! :d

Maryam April 22, 2007

:o:o I was wondering where I can buy empty perfume bottles that were unique and pretty for my own blends. I am not surprised if people do fill and resell the bottles though, quite underhanded though.

Lee April 22, 2007

Strange that two of those bottles have been withdrawn... Some people are bidding on Le De though. *shakes head*[-x

helg April 22, 2007

Your husband is wise.;) It goes without saying that weaker juice is of course the easiest alternative for the scammer to ante up the price of the sale! Completely unethical, but like you say quite difficult to pinpoint and prove conclusively talking about rare and vintage frags. Be well and don't worry, people are not totally obtuse! They know.

Clarissa April 21, 2007

Oops--PITHY little article, although "popithy" might have some use in certain contexts.

Clarissa April 21, 2007

I am so frustrated to see this kind of fraud, and yet have the right to buy and sell legitimate decants rescinded. By the way, I was doing a search on M Jacobs Orangle Splash on ebay and decants are still for sale. so what is happening? Also--any knowledge of faux bottles of Diorissimo being sold? And as a final note, there is a popithy litle article in the new Oprah by Chandler Burr on new spring scents.

helg April 21, 2007

I have never used Ebay in my life, but I feel for those peeople who do use it. The thing that maddened me is that the person suspected of this scam probably picked that alias as an insinuation that it was you so that people would be more easily fooled or confused. Think about it: Patty names both, same number of syllables, three words comprising both of them. Postively wicked!! I am glad it has been reaveled crystal clear it is someone unrelated to you. BTW, the whole axis of the scam relies on not being able to check the exact smell of something vintage for lack of a comparable source of the same time frame and storage conditions, which is of course a brilliantly diabolical concept. Glad it has been exposed!:o

Tigs April 21, 2007

Great post, Patty! Another reason for me to avoid eBay - I clearly don't know enough about how it works to feel comfortable purchasing anything vintage on there.

carmencanada April 21, 2007

I left quite a lot of comments about this on POL. This seller has been going under a number of identities for the past couple of years and I was ripped off under one of those previous IDs: the full bottle of Diorama never made it to France. The seller had warned that it might take three weeks to arrive and by the time I lost patience and tried to contact him, POOF! seller no longer on eBay. The worst thing is, I did cotton on to the present ID a while ago, enough to contact him about the Diorama (it was the same time merchandise, same type photographs, etc). Denial, of course. So I investigated... He was then buying empty bottles under the same ID, which I thought was mighty suspicious. I let go. I shouldn't have. What riles me up is eBay going after the decanters and not reacting to this. Surely someone has alerted them by now?

eaumy April 21, 2007

I was lurking on MUA, watching as the results of the sleuthing unfolded. It was an amazing job of detection and my hat is off to all the gals who figured out this guy's m.o. I think we need to get The Posse out after this guy. I don't know that I can publically say what I think should be done to someone who adulterates or passes fake perfume. Let's just say that I think he should be strung up by a certain part of his anatomy. Oh wait...they're probably too small.