Return of Trashy Friday

It’s been a long while since we did Trashy Friday, and since I seem to manage about one episode of Nawt every other week, and it’s summer, and I just can’t seem to get serious about anything, let’s comb through our trashy culture this week and see what’s new.

Amanda Lepore is looking to get into beauty products — could a perfume be around the corner. All my dreams of smelling like botox, silicone and rubber could come true!

Britney may have served her mom with a restraining order.

Paris is out of jail, has gotten religion, but can’t pick a favorite bible verse, and vows to reform her life.  Do you believe her?  Do you care?

Do we think Lindsay’s rehab is taking this time? Given that she’s extending her stay in rehab… maybe?  And is it really possible that she may get the starring role as Paris Hilton on a movie of Paris’ life?  Isn’t Paris like 22?  Can you even have lived enough to have a movie made on your life?  With Britney doing the soundtrack to the movie… *rolls eyes* 

You’re getting some Christian Bale eye candy just because… he’s gorgeous, even when no, especially when he’s all scruffy.  I never loved Batman until he slipped into the rubber suit.

Favorite self-tanners this year.  On the more inexpensive side, you cannot beat L’Oreal Sublime Glow daily moisturizer. Goes on great, has a nice color, not orange, blends easily, doesn’t turn into a mess with multiple applications, which was the problem I ran into with the Jergens one.  The more expensive favorite is Lancome Flash Bronzer glow “n Wear.  It has more of a tint in it, so you get an immediate nice tan bronzey color, but you have to be a little more careful on application to make sure it blends and covers.  Both have a pretty glow to them.  Favorite face bronzer is the Lancome Flash Bronzer, the companion to the Flash Bronzer Glow ‘N Wear.

My favorite reality guilty pleasure of the summer, besides the upcoming Big brother, is PirateMaster.  I hate that show, honest, it’s a train wreck with almost no likable characters, but every week I’m back watching Those Pirate Wannabes make asses out of themselves.  Best reality so far this summer is So You Think You Can Dance. Great dancers this year, it’s hard to pick less than five favorites. But if they do not toss Cedric this week, then they need new judges. Lovely young man with a good dance skill, but this contest does not fit his kind of dancing at all.

Chef shows — I have to watch both Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey makes them cry, and Top Chef actually has people who can cook, so I’m less guilty watching that Top Chef, but they both amuse me mightily for different reasons.  Micah leaving on Top Chef was beyond welcome. What a whiney cook.   She would go on and on about missing her daughter when she was doing poorly and was silent on that when things were going good.  There IS no crying or whining in cooking.  Criminy!

Finally got ’round to reading the last Harry Potter book, the Half-Blood Prince. Yes, I know, I’m slow, but I needed to get it done before the new movie and book comes out in July.

Okay, admit it, you missed Trashy Friday, the post you can miss… but why when it takes so little brain power to read? Have a great weekend! 

  • Flora says:

    Oh, I love me some Trashy Friday, for sure!

    My fave reality show of this season (other than my all-time guilty pleasure of Dancing With the Stars) was Shear Genius. It’s very tightly formatted after Project Runway, with lots of fun guest judges from the hair world. It was even more fun when my favorite guy won! Now I can’t wait for the next season. :d

  • Lexi says:

    loved your trashy friday! am new to your website, found
    accidently while browsing through fragrance sites-my one true
    addiction, particularly the niche and vintage fragrances. Your
    site is like a dream come true!!! Then I read “trashy friday”,
    and your guilty pleasure TV shows are my favorites! (except the Pirate Master show- I admit that I hate it, but also am compelled to sometimes watch in fascinated horror at how people can actually show themselves in front of millions to be such complete asses…
    LOVE Hell’s Kitchen, nothing better than to see Gordon Ramsay having a tantrum- “YEW BLOODY DONKAYY”!! Makes my rotten day lots better!! Keep up the fun, I’ll be back for more!:x

  • Glad I checked out the comments. My first thought was, “I am sooooo the wrong demographic for this.” Then I discovered that we all just love you even if our Trashy Friday is totally different. I gave up TV two years ago when I saw my first reality show and found it so painful I switched channels and discovered there. . .is. . . nothing. . .on. . .I. . .want. . .to watch. I don’t know who Christian Bale is, but I sure did look at his picture closely to make sure I didn’t! I know who Brittney, Paris, and Lindsay are, but I promised them I wouldn’t describe my life second by second to them, and won’t support their publicity machinery by listening to theirs. Now, back to creating the journalling class I’m teaching in July. Not trash, but some Fridays are work days, sigh. Keep taking pictures in Thailand!

  • Jennifer says:

    Patty thank you for posting the hotness that is Christian Bale. I highly recommend Reign of Fire for insane scruffy sexy featuring Mr. Bale.

  • pitbull friend says:

    Oh, Lee — btw — the Bookmooch site is international (based in Britain, even), so no reason you can’t play! –Ellen

  • Gail S says:

    Ah Patty, maybe we are twins separated at birth? Perfume and reality TV, the true joys of life! My favorite is SYTYCD probably because of DD’s budding dance career. They have some absolutely amazing dancers this year! And how pissed were the judges that Cedric wasn’t in the bottom three this week? Ah well, their own fault, they could have sent him home either of the last two weeks. I wanted to cry right along with poor Jesus last night :((
    Gotta tell ya, I’m kinda feeling some love for Lacey. I didn’t want to because I’m all about the lyrical/contemporary, but she just might make a believer out of me! Danny’s a fabulous dancer, but also an arrogant a**hole, and I just can’t support that

    And I’m going to pretend I didn’t click on that Amanda Lepore link because that seriously disturbed me!

    • Patty says:

      Yup! 🙂 Lacey is earning some love, fer sure. Jesus would have gone home eventually, he wouldn’t make it to the end, I don’t think, but the judges were torched about Cedric. Agree with you, they could have sent him home already, and they lost a good, budding dancer — wait, THREE of them — to keep him warbling around the stage.

  • Teri says:

    Hurray for the return of Trashy Friday!

    I’ve actually found myself avoiding my beloved tv news programs recently, because they are ‘all Paris, all the time’. I never had much interest in the vapid heiress before, but I like her even less now that she has (coughbscough) ‘found’ religion and a sense of social responsibility. Pulleeze. =))

    I have to give a plug here for So You Think You Can Dance. I have fallen into cultural lust with choreographer Wade Robson who is not only pushing the envelope, he’s dragging it kicking and screaming behind him as he takes the art of the dance into the 21st century. I was absolutely riveted by the dance he choreographed on this week’s show, depicting a hummingbird and the emergence of a flower. If you tend to be a cultural snob about reality shows, make an exception for this one.

    Have a great weekend everybody!

    • Patty says:

      yes, I am totally smitten with the choreographers on Dance, they have been magnificent. Mia Michaels, Wade, the hip-hop guys, all of them have done a beautiful job.

      I love watching that because it gives you an idea of what is being done out there. The dance with Hok was truly special, just magic. As was the dance Danny and Anya did last week or the week before? The Viennese Waltz? Wow, that was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

  • – sources say that Ms(?) Lepore will be having a scent 4 sale.

    – Christian Bale….. guh…. right up there with Clive Owen (and JC Ellena – my future baby daddy)

    – Hok & Danny for final two guys…. must see them dance together.

    – Gordon could peel my potatoes any time he wanted to.

    – everythign I know about the Harry Potter Books (all of them) I got through the

    – must give Piratemaster a shot….who’s the guy who looks like Poopert Jr?

    • Patty says:

      Did you see how taken aback Danny was about being in the bottom three? He is an awesome dancer, but isn’t he the one with the ego problem? It was on display last night. He’s a beautiful dancer, but not very lovable. Hok is not as good of a dancer across the board, but very lovable.

      Those Vote for the Worst people must have kicked into action to save Cedric from the bottom three.

      • Fragrant Funster says:

        Danny may come off as “arrogant” but not without very good reason. His resume is rather packed.

        I find it easier to take than some shuffling “aw shucks” false humility which would be a rather greater conceit.

  • violetnoir says:

    Woman, I love Trashy Friday! You know that, don’t you?

    Gotta roll my eyes big time about Paris. Who knows…if she gets the right team of experts together, maybe she will open a half-way house for female convicts. Truth is always stranger than fiction…

    Have a great weekend,Patty!


  • Amy says:

    Mmmmmmm, Christian. Oh, I just looooooove him. And not in a nice way.

    It’s eye-candy Friday, evidently, I posted some, too. An excellent way to wrap up the week.

    I’ve decided I am not talking any more about Paris Hilton, ever. Ignore her and maybe she’ll go away.

    Amanda Lepore — ridiculous, but in a sublime, gotta-give-her-props-for-committing-to-it kinda way. Just hopefully no in a folks-want-to-emulate-her kinda way

    • Patty says:

      Yeah, I’m ignoring Paris after this, too. At least Brittney and Lindsey have actually done a little something, had some kind of career doing something, no matter how short.

      christian… yum. As bad as that movie “American Psycho” was, he made it soooooo enjoyable.

  • tmp00 says:

    Just the fact that you know of Amanda Lepore at all is pretty impressive…

  • Lee says:

    If Judith is out of it, I’ve never even known where ‘it’ is. Who? Where? When? Like Elle, I want the pale and interesting look but my forehead has already gone chestnutty…

    • Patty says:

      Oh, I try to stay completely out of the sun some of the time, and then I go through these phases where I like a tan, which I know is bad for me, but usually when I know I’m going on vacation and will be at the beach. It’s just easier to be a little tan and have to worry less about burning.

  • pitbull friend says:

    OK, for those as out of it as I am:

    Amanda Lepore is described on several sites along the lines of being “one of New York’s most influential transvestite, drag, and transgendered performers.” It is her picture Patty used above, with the big ol’ lips.

    Nanette Lepore is a fashion designer specializing in “bohemian” styles. She has two fragrances, “Nanette Lepore” and “Shanghai Butterfly,” both of which seem largely to have escaped critical notice, though two Basenotes commenters say that the latter is a weaker version of D&G Light Blue. “Nanette Lepore” contains green apple, which means I’m never, never, never going to try it.

    Annette Lepore doesn’t seem to be anyone famous. –Ellen (I love Google, yes I do!!! :d)

    • Lee says:

      Fished it out. Thinking about your Echinacea planting too as I look at mine coming into flower in my front garden….:)

  • pitbull friend says:

    Ah, sometimes I think I need cable. Patty, I do not know where you find the time — sleep much, sweetie? 😡

    Keeping self entertained through foster dogs & cheap books. Got new foster yesterday — gorgeous, sweet year old long-legged pit mix (her floppy-over ear makes her breathtakingly cute) but knows absolutely nothing. We’re addressing important concepts such as peeing outside & not jumping up on people.

    And then I curse & praise the friend who turned me on to a website called Bookmooch. You list books you’re willing to send to others. When others “mooch” those books from you, you get points you can use to “mooch” books. If you don’t want to mooch, you can donate points to schools & prisons so they can mooch! So, given that a pound at book rate is $2.13 in the US, you can often get books you’ve been dying to read for that price. (It’s also hooked in with Amazon, in case no one has the book you want & you don’t want to wait.)

    Technology in the service of humankind, yesssss! –Ellen :d:d

    • Lee says:

      I want your book mooching, dog fostering life…

      • pitbull friend says:

        Lee, sweetie, come on over! I’ll fix you up with a stack of books, an iced tea, and as much canine company as you can stand. Bring Matt so I can sniff you both! But you’ll have to forgive the fact that the only plantings I have are those who adore neglect. (I have a pocket prairie behind the house for coneflowers & their friends.) Hey, btw, the filter grabbed my post about Nanette & Amanda. Can someone fish me out? Thanks. –Ellen 😡

        • Dusan says:

          E, I adore you for looking after your canine babies, you know that dontcha! Can I too come over, pleeez? Can’t promise that my peke will behave, though 😀

          • pitbull friend says:

            Dusan, mi perro es su perro! Any time, dear heart. And maybe your peke will teach these big guys some valuable lessons. –Ellen

    • Patty says:

      I actually process lots of information really fast, just one of those unique talents, so I don’t spend that much time on any of those things, luckily!! 🙂

      That Bookmooch sounds like a great idea! I have so many books that I routinely have to sell/give/swap. That’s a wonderful way to do that!

  • Elle says:

    I am hugely relieved to read Judith’s comment, since I only had the vaguest idea who Annette Lepore is. I’ve also never seen any of those shows (hell, hadn’t even heard of two of them). I *would* be watching Top Chef if only our %$#*&@! cable company would add Bravo. I’ve seen Gordon’s shows on BBC, but haven’t seen Hell’s Kitchen. Must go check what channel has it. God pray it’s not Bravo. Grumble, grumble…
    Also have never used a self tanner. Crave the look of white skin and bemoan the fact I’m always somewhat tanned (despite using liberal amounts of sunscreen) since I can’t seem to resist being outside every spare second I have.
    I find it almost impossible to believe anyone would go see a movie about Paris. I’m still mystified as to why Larry King wasted a full hour interviewing her.
    I will never forgive JKR if she kills off Harry. I’m still feeling just a bit bitter about her killing off another character I loved – won’t mention names since am not sure if everyone’s read all of them.
    Will crawl back into my hole next to Judith’s now. 🙂

    • Judith says:

      Are we sure, though, that this character is really dead? Maybe he is, but in any case, I will lay odds that when he said “please” to the other character, he was begging him to do exactly what he did. IYKWIM. What do you think? And BTW, it’s “Amanda” not “Annette” 🙂 *she calls from her hole, feigning superiority*:d

      • Elle says:

        LMAO! See, I really am totally clueless about Amanda L. 🙂
        I actually do wonder if the character you’re speaking of is really dead. The “please” does indeed suggest all sorts of possibilities. The character I was thinking of, though, is one who was killed earlier in the series and who I really do think is dead (JK has been fairly definite about this in a couple of interviews). 🙁

        • Lee says:

          I’m sure that character to whom you both refer is alive. I just *feel* it in my muggle bones.

          • Judith says:

            You could very well be right. Although I also think it’s possible that he had to die for some reason, and that the character whom he begged had promised to kill him under these circumstances, making him a heroic-Judas sort of figure. I don’t really know about character A (the “dead” one), so I will trust your feeling, but I do have a strong feeling of my own that character B (“Judas”) will turn out to be a tortured hero of some sort. IYKWIM.:)

          • Judith says:

            PS, And while I think it’s possible that tortured-Judas-hero may have to die, I doubt that Harry will.

            J, trying desperately to prove that she know something about some pop culture!:)

          • Lee says:

            I’m with you all the way.

        • Judith says:

          Oh, I get it now:)! Yeah, the earlier character is certainly dead–and I agree, that was both sad and shocking.

    • Maria says:

      I also have never used a self-tanner and have no interest in ever doing so in the future. Tans and my face just don’t go together.

      I recognized the picture of Amanda Lepore only because I once caught a couple of minutes of a 60 Minutes interview of her about her plastic surgery obsession. I wouldn’t have known her name. She is/was married to a rich guy.

      I also was very disappointed with the death that occurred in Order of the Phoenix. I was rather angry, and it remains my least favorite book. I’d say he’s definitely dead.

      About the one whose death we see in The Half-Blood Prince, I fear he too is dead. That’s the thinking on a couple of Muggle Web sites. About the character that does the deed, I don’t know, though I do consider that “please” strong evidence one way. There’s a book out that argues both sides–another source of income for the Harry Potter industry. Gosh, I’m going to miss the series. =((

      • Lee says:

        Oh – Order was my favourite. I love the darkness, the sacrifice and that evil woman (to be played in film by Helena Bonham-wotsit). I’m a Goth at heart, I’ve just discovered. Gulp. That isn’t true, I hope!

    • Patty says:

      Hell’s Kitchen is on Fox on Mondays. It really is just awful, the way he yells at them, but it’s a train wreck I can’t stop watching.

      I’m of two minds on if she kills of HP. If it fits the storyline, I’ll be okay with it, but if it is just to make the series dead, I’ll be very unhappy.

  • Marina says:

    I am a big fan of Top Chef 🙂 Can’t seem to warm up to any contestant this season though, unlike the last one when I was on Team Marcel all the way through 🙂 But it’s early days yet.

  • Judith says:

    OK–in the distant past, I used to be relatively cool–or so I thought! b-) But you have made me realize–once again– how really out of it I am!~:> Witness the facts that

    –I don’t even know who Amanda Lepore IS

    –I have never used a self-tanner (considering trying your suggestions, though I’m afraid I’d do it wrong and turn all streaky and orange; I’m clumsy too).

    –I’ve never watched any of those shows (although the dancing and cooking ones sound great, and I’m a big fan–much to my husband’s amusement–of Project Runway, so clearly I should get cracking here).

    –Although I HAVE heard of the rest of the people you mention (I’m not dead, after all), I thought you were joking about LL playing PH etc., until I clicked on the link. As brilliant and wacky as your Nawt series is, it faces stiff competition from reality!

    I will crawl back into my hole now. . . .

    • Judith says:

      Well, it appears that Amanda Lepore has been around for quite some time, so this either moves my pitiful claims to past coolness ever further back, or disproves them altogether. Oh, well!

    • Melissa says:

      I’m also a project-runway fan; I’m amazed at them making these outfits in two days when I can hardly sew on a button! I’ve heard that Tim Gunn is going to have his own show–I think it’s A Guide to Taste and Style or something like that–kind of a “what not to wear” that doesn’t actually empty out people’s closets. Anybody know if that show is really going to happen and if so when?

    • Patty says:

      Well, other than my guilty pleasure of being addicted to some reality TeeVee, I have to admit I wouldn’t keep up on the celebrity trashy gossip except it falls within my job to sorta know that stuff, as well as all the political things — not sure which I find to be bigger tools? If you follow it for a while, it starts to grow on you as just a spectator sport.

  • rosarita says:

    Oooh, Christian Bale…

    Well, I know practically nothing about any of the things you’ve posted about, but I did see some of Paris on Larry King. I truly don’t get the appeal. She’s a very pretty, very rich girl who apparently has no education and no qualifications to do much of anything. Can’t sing, act or converse w/any intelligence. Although in her defense, how many Americans could site their favorite Bible passage on the spot? She might as well capitalize on her looks while she can.

    Good lord, a movie of her life? With LL and the hapless Britn’y? *shudder* Although every mention of Lindsey brings out the midwest mom in me. That girl needs a few good meals and a long nap, IMO.

    • Patty says:

      I dunno, if i’d spent the last couple of weeks in a cell, I think I could quote some verses. /:) Well, I can, regardless, though not many. Maybe she could have, but was afraid of getting it wrong?


  • Maria says:

    Of course we missed Trashy Friday. Maybe Britney did reform if she’s gotten protective about her kids. I don’t know about the other celebulushes.

    What I really want to talk about is Harry Potter. Are you getting it delivered from Amazon or are you going to a bookstore at midnight? When the Half-Blood Prince was released, we went to a party at the Borders in Sacramento, and while it was low-key, it was still fun–lots of kids in academic gowns. Since the 21st is K’s birthday, we’ll start the celebrations at Borders again. I hope Harry doesn’t get killed. Could J.K. Rowling really do that? And what about poor Ginny, she seems fated to be Harry’s love. Yeah, that’s us, going to parties at bookstores. <:-p

    • Patty says:

      Did the Amazon thing, I’m in bed by 10p every night, just can’t seem to keep my peepers open after that.

      I wasn’t crazy about the half-blood prince, just didn’t like the ending, but I remain hopeful that the one who died is still in some form, even if it is less corporeal. :-\