kuri October 6, 2007

Just tried the parfum today, thanks! Wow, yummy! Easy to wear, interesting, hard to describe, but I really like it. I may need a bottle. It just smells really good to me. I wanted to ask all my coworkers what they thought, but I forgot to.

Theresa September 20, 2007

I've been wanting to try this for a while! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks.

Nthny September 18, 2007

The notes you described here make me think of one of my favorite fragrances of the moment: Lanvin Arpege pour Homme. It is dense and rich, with a touch of hesperidic brightness at the opening, quickly smoothing out to a milky iris with creamy hazelnut and dark vanilla. And it's not niche! How bout that!

noyna September 18, 2007

Hi, March! I'm sorry to have been out of touch lately...there's ever so much to tell you. Ummm, some of it is about homming. Really. Sending you an e-mail today... It's wonderful to hear about your sniffage -- I hope to make it to DC sometime soon to explore more with you and continue our delicious chats. Please enter me into the drawing, if it isn't too late!

minette September 18, 2007

i'm laughing because today at the store i sprayed two bois 1920s on my legs - down near my ankles - because the shop folk had warned me that they change and might go south on me. they didn't, but that was my solution. i even raised my leg to my nose while there - though thank goodness no one was there to see my acrobatic feat. the two i tried were real patchouli (after ten seconds of flirting with patchouli, it smells just like ambre extreme), and sutra ylang, which is quite nice, though i'm not sure worth the price. the vetiver ambre (is that right?) smelled good, but didn't try it on skin. the shop just got the line, so i'll have back to play with them. i haven't seen much about them. oh, yes, please enter me in the BB drawing. thanks.

sweetlife September 17, 2007

Oh, my. This sound sooo up my alley. Better put me into that draw! BTW -- I tried Sushi Imperiale (still don't get the name) a few months ago on a trip to LA and was shocked not to like it, since the notes sounded great and I love the line. It was sweet gingerbread and cloves (which always remind me of shaving cream) on me. The combo made me giggle. Will be interested to hear what it does on you skin as I'm clearly in the minority.

Gaia September 17, 2007

I'm so jealous you got to have a girl-sniffing afternoon. Here I am living within sniffing distance from all that's good with no one but my long suffering husband who's willing to play with me. No need to enter me to the draw: I'm already hoarding a couple of bottles of the Bui. I don't know what they were thinking regarding marketing. She's a great designer, but one needs to be into fashion to actually know her name, so why not sell it through the niche channels? There are enough of those just in NYC, and I'm sure it'd have done well with decent exposure.

Kelly September 17, 2007

Oooh - sounds gooood! Please enter me.

Jealous in NYC September 17, 2007

I am so jealous you got to meet Nancy, and so jealous that Nancy got to meet you! Marina :d

violetnoir September 17, 2007

Woman, if I had known you liked it, I would have sent you some more. Have your tried Sonia Rykiel? The round, frosted bottle? It smells very much like BB. Hugs!

Louise September 17, 2007

Got plenty to share, little woman...\:d/

tmp00 September 17, 2007

I'd love to give this one a whirl, please enter me in the draw.

Gina September 17, 2007

Please do enter me in this drawing - this sounds divine!

Bluechile (Cathy) September 17, 2007

Since we can call ourselves anything we want when posting a comment, I was going to call myself "March and Nancy's Neighbor(ish)" :)>- but thought that might be a tad forward ..... ;) anyhoo....please enter me in the drawing. March, daarling, does Art With Flowers carry the PG or SL lines? I haven't gotten my sorry self over there yet (I'm falling hard for PG). When I consider that a year or so ago, my love/knowledge of perfume included only Shalimar and Miss Dior Cherie, well, I appreciate the Decanting Gals anew.

Patty September 17, 2007

Now I want that cuir d'iris thing, gah! I did sneak out and buy some of the bui, I couldn't help it, it could be gone tomorrow!!!

Robin September 17, 2007

BB is a great scent, and it really is a shame it got axed. If it had been a L'Artisan (and IMHO, it could have been) it would have sold, methings.

sybil September 17, 2007

Please put me in the drawing. I'll try anything, and this sounds very nice! BTW--I still owe you for introducing me to Theorema...

Divalano September 17, 2007

So now I'm not only jealous of Lee for his early access to the new PdE's but I'm terribly envious of you girls for your visit to Nancy now, too. The leather scents got my antennae up; don't think the Kitsune is me but maybe I do have to try the PG Iris Cuir. Hmm. And yes, please enter me in the BB drawing, creamy warm comforting & elegant sounds yum to me :)

Judith September 17, 2007

For some reason, I have never been as moved by BB as most people seem to be (thank goodness for Tigs).:) I mean, I thought it was nice, but. . . But what WAS that new leather????

loverdoll September 17, 2007

I Have heard much about this one also, and it sounds interesting . . .please enter me,too. Also want to know about the new leather, seeing as how I am a leather girl all the way . . . .G

Anne September 17, 2007

Oh, what I would have given to have been there with all of you! I would have brought the best chocolate cookies EVER! http://www.browniepointsblog.com/2006/06/13/alice-medrichs-melting-chocolate-meringues/ :((:(( Ok, ok, now that I'm done crying... Nancy sent me a sample of this along with some purchases back in the fishbone days. I fell in love, found a bottle (think it was ebay) and now I can't wait for the temperature here in Miami to drop to below 95 so I can wear it again, and again and .... :)>-

Gail S September 17, 2007

I received a small decant of Barbara Bui just a couple of days ago and have no idea which one it is. Would love to be entered into the draw so I can compare! Umm..anyone in West Texas have a Nancy-size (and quality) collection? Because I'm really jealous! Waaaannnntt to go sniffing somewhere good!

Lee September 17, 2007

You are insane *runs off to do sniff comparison between Chene and Noir Epices*:d

kuri September 17, 2007

Ooh, I've read about this before. The notes sound yummy, other than the clove. Oh wait, I have no problems with cloves, it's aniseed I dislike :) I'd love to try it! Annie, I'm curious how you discovered it. Was it sold in dept. stores?

annie September 17, 2007

8-|OOOOOOOOH,Lordy....Barbara Bui! I wore this for several years,before it was d/c'd (a total record for me)...I worked in a hospital lab,and had to run to the E.R. to do a test on a patient.One of the nurses passed me,and said "you smell so GOOD",what do you have on,,,,Escape?"...gakgakgak!.....I later reasoned that she was into saving lives,not niche perfumes,and that I would recover....it is a wonderful,classy,subtle perfume;good to wear day or night to absolutely ANY event;probably one of my all-time faves/:)

Amarie September 17, 2007

What a blissfully wonderful time! There is no-one near who shares my passion and I have to resort to those nearest and dearest to indoctrinate. The notes in Barbara Bui sound just perfect, so please enter me.

hausvonstone September 17, 2007

Argh! You evil thing - you have hit upon my current vicious lemming. Are we in virtual sniff sync? Wah wah wah. I've been googling this all week. I was watching (though not buying) that on eBay. Please enter me in the drawing... AND please tell if you have tried Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale. Very cinnamon warm pudding, I thought. Rich.

k September 17, 2007

:(( I wish I understood what is going on. I have read through several pages here, and I have only recognized a few of the scents mentioned. I feel totally out of the loop...I am thinking that there is no way I can afford any of the scents I see here. :( But you do seem to be having fun at it...

Maria September 17, 2007

Oh, what fun you gals had! I wish I'd been there with you. I want to know what Louise's leather was. I also want to know what else worked particularly well on her. Not that you're not a beacon to us all, March. :-D Hey, I tried to insert an automatic emoticon and it didn't work. If you see a whole line of grins, that's why. Thanks for reminding me about Andree Putman. I have a sample and haven't tried it yet. I'm reading the Riot Act to one of my classes Monday. What do I wear on such occasions? Why, Cuir de Russie, of course. (Repeat of Riot Act reading to follow on Friday.) Please include me in the draw.

Tigs September 17, 2007

Maybe I gave up too fast. A long-awaited try at this and I thought total "meh". But I was in a scent-filled, open concept Italian restaurant and was wearing painful squeezy shoes, so maybe I was not in a proper testing frame of mind.

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