Off again!

Where in the world did today go? I was going to write a nice, thoughtful post for y’all, but between finally noticing that I only have 30 minutes to change planes in D.C. to make our flight for Paris and finding out some but — as — notveryniceword creepy agency decided to put some other Patty White’s unpaid bill on my credit report, which takes umpteen phone calls to protest and start undoing, plus the mandatory complaint I made to the FTC just because it ruined my zen for the day, I did not get a nice or thoughtful post written.   It’s 8 p.m. at night, and I’m finally packed and ready to go.  Some of you might point out that that happens frequently, and I would be the first to agree.

We’re off to Paris with my youngest son, my sister and niece.  My sister and niece have never been before, and they are completely freaked out that we may not make that connection in D.C., leaving her to navigate he Paris airport to the hotel on her own for 24 hours.  Taking pity on her, we’re going to go to the airport about 6 hours early and try to standby for an earlier flight.

What I’m most looking forward to sniffing is hopefully the new vanilla Hermessence. Not sure if it’s out yet, but we’ll sure go look.  And that new Serge, is it the cellophane thing?  I haven’t heard the actual date of release for it, but will definitelly take a peak at that.  Anything anyone wants me to sniff or that I should hunt down while I’m there? Besides plenty of macaroons and a couple of cute little hats.  I’ll be able to check in at different points this week.

Can we talk briefly about The Bachelor?  This is the first time they’ve had a bachelor that seems like a pretty great guy.  Every season, this stupid show sucks me in, to my bitter regret, much like American Idol.  I get emotionally attached to these media whores and just want to kick myself for watching the first episode. Am I the only one that does that?

 Oh!  Almost forgot.  It looks like March and I will be heading to L.A. in March’ish.  We’ll know dates in the next couple of weeks, but if you’re in the area or have been wanting a trip there or have ideas on can’t-miss visits, beyond the usual suspects, we’re all ears!

  • mollypenny says:

    When I started dating my ex-husband he would suffer through The Bachelor just to be able to hang out with me. Wish they stayed like that forever! Now days I visit my mom once a week and we watch it together. It’s rather torturous it’s so bad but mom and I like to be caddy about the contestants (don’t we all! they set it up that way). When that season is over we watch Dancing With the Stars together. I also watch America’s Next Top Model because it’s so fun to see their makeup and outfits!

    And yes, Jason seems better than Bachelors of yore, but it freaks me out that he says that he KNOWS he’s going to find his future wife in that group.

    Hope you’re having a blast in gay Paris!

  • carmencanada says:

    Patty, the Lutens, the Hermès and the Goutal aren’t out yet… But I have samples of the two latter (heh heh), so you’ll have a preview Saturday!

  • Gretchen says:

    Is Chanel no22 available in extrait form (or at least edp, or anything beyond the edt available in US Chanel boutiques) in Paris? Somehow such a rumor reached me; I’m hoping it’s true. Best not to hold my breath, I suppose.

  • Shelley says:

    Sure. Pure perfume Bois des Isles. And the same of L’Heure Bleu. And find out if they’re reformulating Fem du Bois over there at Serge Lutens…new bottle suspicion… /:)

    Never ask. There’s always something. 😉 Have a great time!!

  • Linda says:

    I would love to see you both. I live in Arroyo Grande (3 1/2 hours away) and will make a trek — just keep me posted!

  • Kelly says:

    JCE on Vanilla? Bring me some!!! 😡
    Have a great time and good luck in CDG (I hate that airport… )
    Love ya’ Shirl!

  • Divalano says:

    Aw gee, Paris? *yawwwwwn* Poor you (where’s the envious emoticon?)

    Thanks for reminding me about that Hermessence & yes please, you must let us know exactly why we need it desperately. The Serge … this is me not having high hopes but really really wanting to sniff that one too. And hats! I didn’t used to like hats but my boyfriend, who wears hats with aplomb, has converted me. And hats in Paris! Just thinking about a trip to Paris to eat, sniff & try on hats … (*sigh*)

  • karin says:

    Patty, I’m jealous. PARIS???? Wow. I’ve been dying to go back. It’s been about 10 years since I was there. Now that I live on the East coast, I have no excuse! Must get to Paris…

    One thing – IF you end up at Guerlain, and IF you don’t mind, would you ask when Insolence EDP is releasing in the U.S.? Some of us are dying to know. Thanks!

    Re: the Bachelor, I’ve watched that show for years. There were a few I missed – the Italian prince guy (or whoever he was) and I didn’t watch the first one. I think I watched most of the others, though! So, no, you’re not the only one. 🙂 I personally don’t care much for Jason, but I won’t go into a long discussion here. Something curious, though – in the previews they showed Deanna saying she “made a mistake” – what’s THAT about??? Other silly shows I get hooked on – America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway (love this one, but we only have cheap cable so no longer get it!!!). If you want good Bachelor discussion, go to

    Have a BLAST in Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • karin says:

      You know what? My calculations were wrong. I think it’s been almost 15 years since I’ve been to Paris! That’s abominable!!!!

  • Melissa says:

    Have a marvelous time. Can’t think of anything to add to the fragrance list. I hope that you can hunt down the Hermessence and new Serge.

  • Louise says:

    Bon Voyage :d/ !

  • violetnoir says:

    LA? Really, Patty? You and March? Together? Woo-hoo!!

    Have a wonderful time in Paris with your family. I wonder if you can sniff the new AG fragrance and the new Parfums del Rae Emotionelle, or something like that.

    Anyway, be good and have a blast!

    Hugs and love!