Random Sunday: Run, Blinc, Tauer

Three random Sunday items:

First, a big thanks to all of you who suggested I try Sephora OPI´s Run With It nail polish when I was doing my odd colors. I never did because it wasn´t unusual enough in the bottle, frankly.  It looked a little too beige/boring.  I finally dropped it on a bare nail in the store one day (it lives next to the blingier and perennially sold out Queen of Everything) and … wow.  That´s really beautiful in an understated way, isn´t it?  Kind of a dove grey on me with (Violetnoir pointed this out) faint pinkish undertones, and it has a very, very slight shimmer that reads as crà¨me but doesn´t get that boring scuffed matte thing going on.  I bought it and wore it to LA since it´s such a perfect neutral color, and no chips for a week.  Violetnoir was so taken with the color when she saw it on me, she bought some for herself, and given that she and I have very different skin tones, I´m guessing it´s a fairly universal nude.  Here’s a link to the Sephora review blog that (if you scroll down) shows the true color in all its subtle glory, although that’s not the sharpest mani in the world (looks like mine!)

Second, I have found the perfect no-smudge mascara.  No, seriously, this one is different.  I´ve tried all the major brands of regular (non-waterproof) mascara.   They all give me raccoon eyes.  It´s my fault – I have dry skin, so I over-moisturize and under-powder, because powder can be really aging in those teeny under-eye crinkles.  Thus the raccoon eyes.  Also I hate getting those little mascara flakies in my sensitive eyes, so all the hyper-extending/thickening mascaras are out.  Finally, some waterproofs don´t raccoon on me, but they´re such a pain to remove I´m always worried about the effect on my slightly sparse eyelashes, and too much remover itself can irritate my eyes.

I finally tried one of those “tube” mascaras – the original Kiss Me, made by Blinc, sold at Sephora.  It´s some sort of plastic polymer (?) that makes a teeny tube around your lash, read more here.  I also like that it has a relatively small brush, which in my opinion gives better control and less clumping.  To remove it, you wet your lashes, let them sit a minute, and then the tubes slide off (I´m warning you, in case you think all your lashes fell out – it´s a little freaky to see those lashy things in your hand.)  Some people remove them in the shower.  I just kind of slide them off with a damp cotton square.   The mascara doesn´t irritate my eyes at all and it DOES NOT BUDGE.  Does not flake, smear or clump.  Now, everything has a downside, and this one is: you´re getting natural-looking lashes.  This is not a hyper-thickening, super-lengthening formula.  What you get is definition and darkness and that´s about it.  So anyone looking for length/thickening should look elsewhere.  But for those of you who, like me, have tried everything from Maybelline Great Lash to Lancome to Chanel, Shiseido and beyond looking for something that doesn´t wind up under your eyes, this is well worth trying.  If you get it at Sephora and you hate it – remember, they´ll take it back used.

Finally, for anyone interested in the comments discussion in a recent post re: Andy Tauer´s use of capital letters in naming his fragrances, I asked him, and here´s his answer:

I have read the question and the speculations about the capitalized names…. And I just did the following:

I got a copy of each flyer (the flyer is the standard…what I have on the web is not really consistent, I guess).

And I looked at the flyers and the rule is: There is none.

To be honest: I never really cared about it.
I consider writing, spelling and capitalization rules as recommendations. A constant source of pain for my partner who happens to be a teacher.

Well, anyhow: Here is a glimpse of what could be a rule…

English (pure English): Capitalized with one exception: Vetiver dance (don´t ask me why…. I think dance should be small her…you see: I am trying to find a cheap excuse!)

French: only first word capitalized, exception: Maroc in Le Maroc pour elle, this is capitalized following correct French rules (the W.-factor, my partner teaches also French)

The Incense extràªme and Incense rosé are tricky anyhow: I mix two languages here (on purpose). Incense is English, extràªme and rosé are French.

I find this bridging of two languages nice and enjoy it. So far I got not one question about it which is amazing….

Personally, I find the fact that he didn’t kill himself thinking about the names rather refreshing.   Instead I guess he’s putting all that thought into … the fragrance.  I like that thinking.

  • Maura says:

    Thanks so much for the for the information regarding the capitalizations! I was just wondering if I was missing a secret behind the writing style ;). I still want to write L’Air du Desert Marocain which I KNOW is inaccurate no matter how hard I try.

  • tmp00 says:

    You know, Joe Keenan (who is a hilarious writer you all should read) once wrote that there should be cosmetics for men, marketed as things like “lip dirt”.

    Having eyelashes that have gone from being blond to white, I am thinking that this mascara might be something to try. Perhaps “lash dirt”? “Just for Men eyes and brows”?

    • March says:

      I think you’d look stunning in mascara. 8-| Takes a bit of practice, though, and I’d go with the brown. I powder my brows, which seeems to cover up the *premature* grays. :d

  • I have allergies, sensitive skin, and eyes that react really badly to the slightest bit of something in them. I discovered Blinc Kiss Me a couple of years ago. It’s the only mascara I’ve found that absolutely will not cause any irritation to my eyes. Yes, I tried the old-style cake mascaras. They still stung and compared to them the Blinc comes off downright lush. The only time I had any of it come off was during a downpour accompanied by irritating wind when I dabbed my wet eyes with a tissue. No raccoon eyes, though, just lost some tubes and had to remove a couple from my skin.

    Blinc does come in more colors. They have 2 shades of brown plus blue, green and purple. Sephora used to carry them on their web site, but they seem to just have black both in-store and on-line now. blinc.com shows and sells them but I haven’t ordered there. Fortunately for me the spa I patronize carries the dark brown as I’m a bit too fair for the black, especially given that I’m used to seeing myself in no mascara.

    • March says:

      So it DOES come in colors! I swear Patty had purple, but then I couldn’t find it anywhere so I thought I was confused. The purple looks gorgeous on her, it’s actually really subtle.

      I hear you on the irritation. The first couple of days it just felt … weird. I mean, I was aware of having *something* on my lashes. But it wasn’t irritation (which I was worried about) just a new sensation. And I kept waiting for the inevitable flakies, but they never happened. Also (and maybe I’m nuts) but I think my lashes feel a bit softer when I take the tubes off. Regular mascara always seemed so drying the few times I wore it, checking frantically to clean up the under-eye mess… that’s funny about the downpour, I assume if you got them wet enough the little tubes would fall off.

      • I agree on the drying from regular mascara, though it’s been over a decade so my opinion’s a bit out of date. I do not miss eye makeup remover, either. Ouch.

  • lunarose says:

    edt: ‘that IS tubing mascara!’ Sheesh! sunday mornings….|-)

  • lunarose says:

    Aren’t. Tubing. Mascaras. WONDERFUL!

    i’m 47 next May and have NEVER been able to wear mascara for any length of time for exactly the reasons you lay out. and i love the look, so it was so aggravating! also, i find that when using makeup remover on waterproof mascaras i can never get all the remover off, thus more raccoon eyes the next day.

    for the very fair like myself, Clinique makes a tubing mascara called Lash Power which comes in a really nice dark brown (‘dark chocolate’). at Macy’s they let me give it a trial run out of the tester tube that they use with disposable applicators. i even sleep with it on more often than not, it’s that non-irritating, and it stays put all night! *truly miraculous* (i know i’m completely over the top about this, but i’ve never been able to wear mascara before at all.)^:)^

    Lancome makes a tubing mascara as well, but it is only available on and off at drugstores. it has ‘tubes’ somewhere in the name, and says on the back that it comes off with warm water. i don’t see it on the lancome website right now, but i saw some last week in the store. anyways i thought i’d mention it for possible wider availability and budget consciousness. March, than you for giving wider attention to the technological wonder that i stubing mascara![-o<

    • March says:

      Thanks for the comments! It’s nice to know about the Clinique. I know some gals out there want a lighter color…. I had a heckuva time coming up with a list of tube-tech mascaras.

      I have heard/read there are “drugstore” variations for less money but couldn’t come up with a single name…. do you perhaps mean L’Oreal instead of Lancome? They’re the drugstore subdivision, I think… I browsed at cheaper places but never could find one. In any case, after all the dough I’ve spent on mascaras I ended up giving to my girls, $24 for something that I can actually wear doesn’t seem that ridiculous. :d

      • Louise says:

        I think the drugstore one is L’Oréal Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara …haven’t tried it yet, but am a big fan of the tubular

        • lunarose says:

          Thank You Louise! That’s the one i was thinking of! as you can tell from my pitiful and copious typos, my noggin was/is (?) not what it could/should be……..and March, i think mascara is definitely worth paying the $$$ for, considering that you wear it every day and the trouble it can cause your eyes (and your looks!) if it doesn’t work. i’m just happy there’s some variety out there since i think it means this type of mascara is becoming more popular and thus more likely to be available for a while! (hhmmm. that reminds me of the way my mom would think……~:> )

          • March says:

            It makes a huge difference in my eye appearance, and I like how easy and non-messy it is to remove. My face-washing routine with warm water rinsing loosens them up, and they slide off easily then, with no clean-up to be done under my eyes, picking extra mascara out of my lashes, etc. I’ve always found mascara such a pain.

  • Musette says:

    Ow! Andy, ow! :(( “recommendations”? Ow.

    But it’s your product, your spelling.


    Tube Mascara is wonderful! Like Natalie, I wear Kiss Me Mascara, especially when riding (too many times spent wincing in pain as the rain slid through my visor and caused the mascara to run into my eyes. Talk about ‘ow’!

    Found “Kiss Me” at a small (now defunct) boutique in Chicago – love it. Glad to know there’s some tubular love at Sephora. And yes, it is Japanese.

    Nail polish – looked at that link. Try as I might I still can’t get with the greys but that may be because I have not physically sampled it – will check it out next Sephora trip!


    • March says:

      I bought it at Sephora because I figured if it was awful (I’m allergic to some products) I could return it. And a $24 mascara is not cheap. But it makes a big difference in my eye appearance and is non-irritating. Big fan here.

      You and Robin are relatively close in skin tone. But if that color just doesn’t appeal, well then, it doesn’t! 🙂 It’s a warm color, I think it could work. And it’s not one of those weird matte grays.

  • Natalie says:

    OK, the editor in me winces at “I consider writing, spelling and capitalization rules as recommendations,” but I must admit that it is charmingly refreshing that he just slaps a name on with no massive marketing department to micromanage it all. Then again, the ad copy that comes out of most big perfume houses isn’t exactly Tennyson either — and they have no excuse!

    Another vote here for Kiss Me mascara… It is indeed wonderful, especially if you wear contacts, and taking it off is kind of fun! Glad to know Sephora carries it now; I used to buy it mail-order from a beauty supply company in L.A. (I think it’s Japanese). I’ve tried the Kevyn Aucoin version too, but I like the Kiss Me brush better (and the Aucoin packaging separates in the wrong places).

    • March says:

      Well, I feel your pain (the journalist/editor/perfectionist in me.) On the other hand I loved his refreshingly honest answer, and how everything doesn’t feel focus-grouped to death, you know?

      I read all the tubular mascara reviews on Sephora before choosing (there’s the Aucoin, and one of the others, I forget which.) Overall the reviews for Kiss Me were the strongest. There were a lot of endorsements from contact lens wearers.

  • elizablue says:

    I love his logic–he’s thought it through and there’s a reason for using both languages! I speak both so it’s mildly annoying when French is used incorrectly in the naming and describing of fragrances…and where can I get samples or decants? I love incense and vetiver!!!

    • Vasily says:

      The Perfumed Court and Luckyscent has samples and decants, and Luckyscent has samples and full bottles of Tauer fragrances. Incense Extreme reminds me quite a bit of CdeG’s Avignon, but as is the case with all Andy’s perfumes the longevity is amazing. Incense Rose is odd: clementines, incense, rose, orris, and wood dancing around each other. Vetiver dance is a peppery, smoky take on vetiver; if Guerlain Vetiver is my favorite warm weather vetiver, Vetiver dance has to be my favorite cool weather vetiver.