Diptyque Marons Grille (Roasted Chestnuts) candle

I’m in love with a 4-inch glass cup full of wax that permeates my house with roasted chestnuts on a plume of light vanilla, which just renders that toasty nut smell slightly milky.

One of the Diptyque limited edition holiday candles, Marons Grille (roasted chestnuts) may force me to beg them desperately to keep making them or I’m faced with buying about 20 of them just to have around. Surely everyone will understand the reason for no Christmas this year?

I’ve never though Diptyque had great throw on candles, but this is decent, mostlly because it is soft and needs to stay soft, so the lighter throw works.  It had everyone coming into the house asking what that smell was.

I also got the Benzoin one, but I can’t tell you much about it except it smells rich and all incensey right out of the box. I’ve been too busy  with my roasting chestnuts to pay it much mind.  I do promise to get to it eventually!

Now, the price tag is $68 at Beautyhabit, but if you use the code instyle, you’ll get 20% off, so that makes it a bit more reasonable’ish?  Well, not really, but it doesn’t cost so much, at least.

That’s it that’s all I’ve got today.  Life intervened, but please feel free to use comments to talk about whatever you like!  Favorite holiday candle, smell, whatever!  Roasted chestnuts and cinnamon and clove are mine.  Pretty traditional there.

  • Ann Noel says:

    Hi! That candle sounds yummy. Also wanted to ask Carmencanada if the Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant candle has pretty good fragrant power. So many candles just don’t do much scenting of a room, but I have found the Bond No. 9 ones are pretty potent. Thanks so much!

  • Tara C says:

    I love Guerlain’s Hiver en Russie, as well as my old IUNX Papyrus, Liquidambar and Cistus candles. Would love to get the Benjoin candle but I just can’t afford it with my perfume budget sucking up all available money.

  • tammy says:

    Hmmmm, sounds as though this is not the place to say that I have had my Christmas tree up for a week now, huh?? And am wearing Nuit de Noël right now?

    My candle habit pre-dates my perfume one by a decade, and I think the best all-round for the price are Votivo, and Pacifica. I used to think Votivo were expensive, but having succumbed to DL&Co and Bond No. 9 candles with no hesitation, Votivo are all but free to me now. My favorite of theirs for the holidays is Joie de Noel. I have friends who also enjoy their Christmas Sage. I’ll be trying Clementine & Clove for the first time this year.

    I’d also recommend The Thymes Frazier Fir…the most realistic tree fragrance I have come across.

    For those of you still in proper Autumn mode, Votivo has one called Anjou Pear that is also nice, if you don’t mind straight-up pear.


  • Joe says:

    This sounds yummylicious, but what I really love about those LE candles is the votive glass and box design. Maybe that Polish cut-paper thing just speaks to me as someone who is part Polish. I told R on NST that I’d be happy if someone just recycled their box in my direction!

    Who can afford candles with the amount of $$ I sink into perfume? However, I am getting a free Floris Tuberose & Vanilla candle any day now. As far as candles go, I love some of the Voluspas, and they’re much more in my price range than Diptyque.

    • Joe says:

      For whatever it’s worth, I’ll also add that my favorite Voluspa is their Baltic Amber, which I love the smell of all winter long. I should really buy another one.

      • Katie says:

        This is my favorie candle ever. Especially in the 3 wick tin for only $18. So pretty and so cheap.

  • Jared says:

    Wow…I have not been in the candle scene at all! I don’t even know which lines have them and which are good- where’s a good place to begin? I heard the Malle line is coming out with some candles…

  • CynthiaW says:

    Is that $68 for one candle?!?! Because that’s what it looks like on the website and I keep thinking that it can’t possibly be so – surely, there is at least four refills? Not that $68 for four small candles isn’t a lot of money, but still….

  • Jemimagold says:

    I love burning Kenneth Turner’s candle (in the original scent) during the holidays. The fact that I envision this candle being used at Prince Charles’ homes only adds to its glamour! (Oh, and I like Diptyque Feu de Bois in the wintertime too.)

  • Louise says:

    After a condo fire in my complex last year-caused by a candle-I’m still afraid to light up 😕 I am, however, enjoying the unlit throw of my Messe de Minuit candle.

    I’m craving the smell of just-baked apple pie, but that’ll have to wait a couple of weeks :d/

  • anna says:

    I am burning OJ Orris Noir and while it is not really a holiday scent, I really like the spiciness and the throw. A tiny candle scents my entire apartment! For holiday scents I really like burning some of Body Shop’s oil like Gingerbread and Spicy Vanilla

  • fleurdelys says:

    The smell of roasting chestnuts gives me the “sense-surround” experience of New York City in winter: cold air, bustling crowds around Rockefeller Center, and stores’ holiday displays. Unfortunately most vendors seem to go in for hot pretzels now, so burnt pretzel has the same effect on me. Don’t think I’d recommend that as a candle fragrance.

  • Jarvis says:

    The Diptyque Marron grillés was the standout in their holiday line for me too, Patty. I’ve also been enjoying Guerlain’s L’Hiver en Russe candle — incense and woods with a proper Guerlain amber base.

  • waftbycarol says:

    Nothing like the toasty , almost marshmallow smell of chestnuts .
    Usually , I just put a touch of honey in my morning latte , but when Monin came out with Roasted Chestnut syrup , I was smitten with chestnut latte !
    I saw the lovely candles at Aedes…SWOON !!
    It’s not too early for holiday-U.S. Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY !!
    What kind of stuffing do you put in your Turkeys ?
    I love a nutty , sage=y traditional bread stuffing , with lots of onions .

    • Disteza says:

      I’m not so much into candles, but chestnuts remind me of Christmas in Bavaria as a child, and I am smitten with all things chestnut. As for stuffing, last year we did a savory chestnut and country ham stuffing that was delicious (and totally worth the bruised fingertips from all of the chestnut shelling). I’m always horrified at the prices I’m willing to pay for glaceed chestnuts, which are worse than dark chocolate for me due to their rarity. I fear that if I get the chestnutty candle, I will drool uncontrollably and end up trying to eat them. =p~

  • Fiordiligi says:

    I especially love the Benzoin candle, actually, but I agree that it’s far too early to think about Christmas! The only problem with Diptyqe candles for me is that they are paraffin wax based and therefore “dirty.” I love the fragrances, though, and have Opopanax and Pomander lined up for December.

    The Ormonde Jayne candles are very beautiful and high quality.

    Do you remember the Guerlain candles of old in blue glass on a gold base? They smelled heavenly but were far too baroque in design for me.

  • JAntoinette says:

    Klara and lady jane grey,

    I received a three candle mini set from Ormonde Jayne as a gift and I love it. The candles have a nice soft wax and decent throw. I am burning Orris Noir at the moment and it is lasting forever. The gift packaging was so chic I almost didn’t want to open the box (almost)!

    • Klara says:

      I have to admit that I am a little bit jealous now.
      Would you mind telling me what are the other scents of the candles that you have received and (if you know) how do they compare to the original fragrances?
      Thank you!

      • JAntoinette says:

        I received Tolu, Ormonde and Orris Noir. I have only burned the Orris Noir, so I just sprayed a little of the perfume to compare. While the candle doesn’t have the nuanced development of the perfume, I think it captures the essence well. I don’t have Tolu or Ormonde (which just says Ormonde on the bottom, I’m guessing Ormonde Woman)to compare to, but they smell pretty delish on their own.

        • Klara says:

          JAntioinette, thank you!
          I am now seriously thinking of buying one of those sets.
          And yes, the packaging of Ormonde Jayne looks very elegant.

  • hongkongmom says:

    i HAVE to go and smell this new diptyque candle…

    • Millicent says:

      Are you in Hong Kong, and if so, where’s a good place to check out Diptyque (and other niche-ish scents)? I will be there later this month and need a fix!

      • hongkongmom says:

        Good places to get a fix..Lane Crawford (Pacific Place or IFC MALL) Joyce beauty (Central) and Harvey Nichols across the road from Joyce (In the Central district) The new Cartiers can Only be found at the Cartier Store in Tsim Sha Tsui and the VCA exclusives at the Vab Cleef and Arpels in Princes Building as can the Chanel Exclusives in the Chanel store in Princes Building…Enjoy urself:)

        • Millicent says:

          Thank you! All I can find here in Kuala Lumpur are the most mainstream department store brands. And no one gives samples!

  • Klara says:

    I saw these Diptyque candles on ausliebezumduft.com, I think. They look gorgeous!
    Does anyone have any experience with Ormonde Jayne candles? I have been looking at the set of 4 small candles putting it in and out off the online basket. And they will have the 10% discount soon and… well, I think I don’t need to explain any further.
    Right now I really love the smeel of orange peels, OJ Woman and the smell of my “perfume drawer” filled with samples always makes me happy 🙂

    • lady jane grey says:

      Hm, it’s a pity Klara haven’t got an answer to her O.Jayne candle question – I’m thinking about buying them as well (I use O.J.’s Ta’if parfume)

  • Holiday smells… Ain’t it a little early?
    I’ve been burning Annick Goutal’s Encens Flamboyant candle a hell of a lot. It’s extremely true to the fragrance — Isabelle Doyen says it gave her a lot of trouble but she nailed it. The smell is not all incense, and it does convey something wintery, if not festive!

    • March says:

      Haha. D, our holiday smell season starts earlier with Thanksgiving in a couple weeks… although I hear you about not rushing it, the Christmas stuff was up in the aisle with the Halloween candy. /:)

  • violetnoir says:

    I would say peppermint, pine needles and roasting turkey or ham with all the spices baking in them are my favorite holiday scents. Oh, and don’t forget the ‘nog!

    Have you smelled the new Malle home fragrances? Some of them sound gorgeous…even though the price isn’t.

    Speaking of smells, Patty, I can’t wait to test the new OJ Tiare, but in the meantime, I decided that I really do like Prada L’Eau Ambree.

    How’s boot camp going? A colleague of mine has been doing something similar to you, and she looks divine. I bet you do, too, Miss Foxy!

    Hugs and love!