Thanksgiving is Thursday, I’m hosting the dinner this year (hellooo, 20lb. turkey!), and on Wednesday morning I’ll be picking the Big Cheese up from the airport (I hope) for his return from Bangkok and Burma, he’s been gone since October.   So I won’t be hanging out on here too much on Wednesday, I’ve got to get the pies baked and the prep work done, but I wanted to wish everyone who partakes a happy Thanksgiving.

I haven’t been feeling particularly thankful recently, although oddly enough all it takes is a funny mini-crisis of the kid-fall-down-go-boom variety to remind me how incredibly lucky I really am.  (Don’t worry, everyone’s fine.)    So I’m not stressing too much, I’m going to crack open the bubbly and have a good time.  That’s my table up there.

So this post could go all gooey right about now, but it isn’t.  Instead I am going to name the first five things I’m thankful for, and I invite you to do the same.  SUPERFICIAL IS FINE.  I’m always OVERTHINKING everything.

1. I still have my daddy, even though he’s really old.

2. I live in a city with lots of interesting cultural things to do.

3. Mitsouko.  The first perfume of my perfume insanity.  The one that made me stop in the middle of a store because my world had just been turned upside down.  The one that redefined for me what a perfume could be.  The first one that I said: I don’t know what that smell is, or what this is about, but somehow … everything has changed.

4. I discovered how much fun nail polish is.  Okay, that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d delete in a Working-for-World-Peace mood, just because I’m ashamed it’s so shallow.  But today?  I’m leaving it.

5. Okay, this one is weird, but … I was always really fussy about food as a kid.  I love food now.  I´m thankful I managed somehow grow up to become a more adventurous eater.  Trying a new kind of food is one of my favorite things to do.

It goes without saying – or mebbe not – that I am incredibly thankful for all the pleasure, and friends, that perfume has brought me.  Safe travels if you’re on the way home to visit family.   And happy birthday Anita/Musette!

  • hongkongmom says:

    and i am thankful for nail varnish too…allshadesofeverycolourandshimeerandglitterandmatt….what joy!8-|

  • Eva says:

    1. Coco for bringing No 5 to the world and steering my ife on a deliciously fragrant path since I was 16 years old – and that was ages ago!!
    2. Edmond Roudnitska for Diorella – a great love of mine for decades which has brought me much joy and a couldm’t-give-a-damn- attitude when called for.
    3. Ormonde Jayne Woman for always making me feel mysterious and wonderful and sexy.
    4. Serge Lutens for ALL his incredible and original creations.
    5. The Posse for being my perfume life-line!! 🙂

  • Francesca says:

    Just catching up on the posts that came in after the last time I checked in, and I want to say thank you for all the beautiful insights. Wish I could meet all of you.

  • Olfacta says:

    My health, my wonderful husband who puts up with me, home, comfort, talents, friends and this fascinating obsession.

  • AnnieA says:

    For Thanksgiving I too count as a blessing having perfume in my life. Come to think of it, having a working nose in general is nice (not having a cold, etc.)…

  • mariekel says:

    To all those who lost someone close to them around this time/recently, my heart goes out to you.

    Despite things being tough finanically and in the career department, I still have a good deal to be grateful for:

    1. both parents are still alive and my relationship with both of them is better now than ever before.

    2. My beautiful Basset diva, Halsbury, who brought joy and aggravation back into my life 8 months after I lost my first Basset, Stansgate, and thought I would never get over it.

    3. My health. I quit smoking 1 month ago (fingers crossed) and drinking 5.5 years ago.

    4. My pals, who have stuck by me through some tricky times and who are hilarious and great fun…

    5. The Roudnitska family, Andy Tauer and all the other extraordinary perfumers who gave me a new home here on PP with you fabulous people!

  • melanie says:

    love your dishes.
    Have a happy thanksgiving to all of you.
    I am grateful simply to be alive, to have a warm home to live in, a safe community to live in, clean water that comes through the tap whenever I turn it on; a family that loves me and I love.

  • Tara C says:

    It’s been a good year for me, and I’m very thankful:

    1. I have both my parents and my brother here
    2. I have a wonderful partner and furry family who I love to bits
    3. I’m grateful for the perfume world, as someone else mentioned above
    4. I’m grateful for my wonderful homes, both in the USA and Canada
    5. And last of all I am grateful for health and prosperity, may it continue.

    Thank you for making the Perfume Posse a great place to visit every day!

  • Aparatchick says:

    I’m thankful for:

    1. What I always think of as “Perfume World.” In the midst of a really lousy day, I can always turn to the internet and join in wonderful conversations about perfume (and plenty of great off-topic things too!)

    2. A husband who says “I think you should do whatever you want to do.” He’s my number one cheerleader.

    3. Family members who are people I actually enjoy spending time with and who don’t do hurtful/bizarre things. I was reading a letter today in an advice column from a woman whose boyfriend’s family wanted to charge family and friends $40.00 per person to come to their house for T-day dinner. Ooooookay. In my family, if we all sat around and ate hot dogs, we’d be OK with that as long as everyone could be together. Though I admit that games of Monopoly or Risk can get vicious. :d

    4. Animals. They give me such pleasure; from my cat who sleeps by my side when I’m sick to the birds that nested outside my front door to the bunnies that I see hopping around my suburban home at dusk.

    5. Memories. I miss my grandparents and my mother during the holidays, but I rejoice in the memories I have of them.

  • I’m grateful for:

    1) My friends!! And their awesome propensity to do things like our perfume party two weeks ago 😀

    2) My wonderful mother & boyfriend

    3) Normal Life Experiences, like first formal event I’m attending as a grown up

    4) The ability to study something I love… I mean, who else gets assigned homework that is “PLAY VIDEO GAMES” 😀

    5) That some people actually care what I have to say about perfumes. I was flabbergasted when someone actually bought a bottle of perfume based on a review I wrote for specktra. That feels amazing, to have an opinion that is valued!

  • Musette says:


    your l-)>-)

  • Musette says:

    the signal here is wonky as can be – let’s see if it finishes out the reply. In case not:

    Perfume cheers this gal right up

    Mallomars – an excellent food source during the chilly months

    xo >-)

    xo >-)

  • Tiara says:

    This has been one heck of a year and part of me is quite grateful to see 2009 wind down.

    However, I am thankful for:

    1. My mom and her (mostly) good health. My dad died in September so we’re facing the holidays without him. BUT — we’re not moping because he would have put his foot down on that! He loved when we all got together so we’re doing just that.

    2. My ever growing family. My oldest son welcomed a baby boy (child #4) in August. Although a month early, he is doing well after a brief struggle. The others are happy, healthy, loving, and full of fun. My husband and I comment quite often how lucky and thankful we are.

    3. Living in this wonderful, caring community. Every time I drive back into our little village, my heart knows it’s home. I am continually amazed at the caring gestures extended to those in need here. Not just financially, but emotionally and physically as well. A very special place indeed.

    4. The friends who have been with me through life’s ups and downs, especially the one who has known me since we were together in kindergarten.

    5. The internet. It has lead me to many interesting people, ideas, resources, fun, pictures, etc. It has also sucked away more hours than I care to admit, but I cannot imagine life with out it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • T-Rex says:

    Your love of nail polish isn’t shallow! I love nail polish, too. Doing my own nails is soothing therapy.

    Have you ever played with Konad? I’ve just ordered and received my first Konad supplies. I think this will be everything that a normal manicure can be, but squared.

  • Oldcrone that likes holidays says:

    I love this post! It warmed up this old heart. Thank you!!! 🙂

  • Nava says:

    Is grateful acceptable? I am in Canada now and tomorrow is just Thursday here. But I am thankful for the following:

    1. My aunt and uncle whose kindness and generosity towards me has been nothing short of spectacular.

    2. A roof over my head and food (albeit lots of vegetables lately) in my belly. See above.

    3. My health and fairly well being.

    4. A roomful of books to curl up in bed with.

    5. A place to scrawl my etchings and all the wonderful people who read them.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and a very happy birthday to you, Anita.


  • Musette says:

    March, thank you for the birthday shout-out! I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. I was thinking ‘whiiiiine’ because I’m away from my boys, etc but you know what? It’s a beautiful day and everybody is in one piece and that’s just grand!

    My ‘thanks’ list is HUGE but I will keep it in check here:

    1. My pop is still with me. He’s really, REALLY irritating but I like the fact that he’s still breathing air and admiring huge crows and rainbows with equal delight. I almost lost him about 2 weeks ago, which makes having him all the more precious.
    1. My family. all of ’em. that includes my boys, including my giant baby boy dog who I just let go. Just because they ain’t here doesn’t mean they aren’t here….
    1. My friends – and that includes YOU POSSE, YOU! ’nuff said. Except I gotta say – YOU POSSE are a gift beyond pearls. such warm, generous, fascinating people. March, Patty, Shelley, Carter….lord, if I had to do without you (and everyone else)…I dunno…
    1. My health. I have had some close scrapes so enjoying my health is a priviledge! don’t WASTE YOUR HEALTH! It is a gift. Francesca, I am sending HUGE thoughts of strength and recovery to you! You will recover. you will.
    1. Perfume. Cheers this gal right the heck up!
    1. Freedom. freedom of will, freedom of action (within reason) Freedom to eat:
    1. Mallomars. need I say more?

    okay, I’m done.

    oh! don’t forget haircolor!!!!! and beauty products, all of them! Nothing cheerier than Beauty One on Montana or the Larchmont beauty drugstore.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone and thank you SO much for the Birthday wishes!!!

    xo >-)

    • Louise says:

      oh, Happy Birthday dear M/A <:-p

    • Francesca says:

      Happy Birthday and thanks for all your good healing wishes!:x

    • carter says:

      Mallomars. See, now this is why I adore you 😡

    • Shelley says:

      Mallomars!! Didja find ’em??? Oh, I shall be ever vigilant in looking for them… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

      • Musette says:

        thank you all and yes, Shelley, I did find them. Your Sunset only had one box (they go fast) so I popped over to HiPark and stocked up – see, the trick is to put them in the freezer for the warmer months, when you can’t get them for love nor money! I usually buy 6 boxes to freeze, eat two of them because I am a pig (not at once, mind you, that’s a coma waiting to happen) and then bury the rest in a brown paper bag so they are not visible. Then I forget all about them until June, when I think 😕 didn’t I stash some ‘mars in the freezer?

        Then < :-p #:-s it's a Mallomar Hollerday! Have a wonderful Turkey Day! xoxoxo >-)

  • Louise says:

    Lovely table, and hugs to your sweet daddy 😡 and you, of course @};-

    Thanks be to:

    1) my family

    2) my friends, who are truly family to me-and so many that I’ve met through this “hobby”

    3) nature

    4) work I mostly love

    5) some weird resilience that always gets me through…

    Happy Holiday to all!

  • Connie says:

    Though holidays seem to augment the sadness of having lost a loved one it also reminds us how lucky we were to have had them in our lives, if only briefly.

    I’m thankful for my son who is the light of my life.

    I’m thankful for my mom and siblings who are always at the ready for whatever I need. And for my father whose presence I feel all around me each day.

    I’m thankful for my friends–those here and those not.

    I’m thankful for my home. For the view that greets me each morning across the beautiful blue bay to the dazzling skyline atwinkle in lights that tucks me in at night.

    I’m thankful for all the people on here who inspire me and kindly impart their wisdom with wit every day. Thank you.

    I wish everyone here a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Catherine says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And I hope the homecoming reunion is happiness-squared.

    This has been such a year, so I will certainly chime in on the five things I’m thankful for.

    1. My boyfriend (who just grinned at me and took a picture!) I’m so much in love, I can give any sixteen-year-old a run for their money regarding clichés and the like.

    2. Edward Bess. He put me in five engine red lipstick and made me feel like a goddess for it. I followed it up with Dior’s Creme de Gloss in Rouge Nectar. I now want Le Metier de Beauté’s siren red (Riviera?) and NARS’s Dragon Red.

    3. Mona di Orio Nuit Noire. After not wearing much perfume for years, this one grabbed me and we made hot passionate love.

    4. Now living in this wonderful *city*, rather than in the tiny town I was in before.

    5. My kitty. She loves me so much she almost licks my skin off whenever I put on scented lotion.

  • Rappleyea says:

    Hmm… my list could easily get out of hand, because even through the worst times of my life, I’ve forced myself to realize that if I have food and shelter, I have way more than millions of people in this world. So besides the obvious of friends, family, and health, I’m most thankful for the spiritual journey that my life has been, the beauty of central Ky. that surrounds me daily, the fun I have going to Broadway plays and U. K. basketball games, and the pleasure that perfume, books, music, and a good cup of hot tea bring to my life.

    Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

    • Catherine says:

      I grew up in Kentucky! There is no more beautiful place than Central Ky.

      • Rappleyea says:

        I’ve left for years on end, but always come back. So nice to meet a perfumista who used to hail “from this neck of the woods”! 🙂

  • hongkongmom says:

    ps…beautiful table

  • hongkongmom says:

    i have way more than 5 things to be thankful for
    Thank G-d for my life, my faith and ability/freedom of choice to do good.
    for my husband and 4 healthy kids
    for love and the choice to be positive
    for creativity in art, food, perfume…and the list goes on
    for a gorgous world full of wonderful architecture, (zahara hadids amazing awesome structure in rome..the maxxxi!!)nature, art, science, medicine…and the list goes on
    and thank G-d for my family, friend and u amazing people on this very special blog, who without whom, I would never ever be able to be thankful for all of the above…
    Now hows that for an ex south african, who was not brought up with thanksgiving, who lives in hong kong, which doesn’t have thanksgiving but does have american friends who have taught me all about it!!!
    HAve a beautiful, fragrant and delicious thanksgiving

    • Francesca says:

      Wow, four healthy kids, that really is a blessing. So happy for you!

      • hongkongmom says:

        it sure is, especially after losing a beautiful baby girl and a three month pregancy from this a Higher place (*)

  • Fiordiligi says:

    As I’m not an American I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and all this mushy stuff doesn’t come naturally to a British person, you know!

    However, I wish all of you who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving indeed. Carter, your mention of Benny Goodman got to me. My dad died 21 years ago but he was a Benny Goodman man through and through.

    I am very thankful that our devotion to perfume has brought together this disparate group of funny, clever, crazy people.

  • Francesca says:

    1. I have a big “WOOOOO” this Thanksgiving because I’m not dead and/or paralyzed–had a very bad fall recently from which I will, dammit, recover.

    2. After 30 years together, my husband continues to be my knight in shining armor.

    3. I love my friends. Some of them live waaaay too far away, but they warm my heart nonetheless. And I love some I haven’t even actually met in person. Thank you Posse (lookin’ at you, Carter Berger)

    4. Grateful for the Posse. Even if I don’t know enough about the matter at hand, I love the insights of March, Patty, Lee, Nava, Musette (Happy Birthday) and any other guest commentators, as well as everyone who adds her/his literate, witty input to the discussion.

    5. And thank Goddess for my pretty little country retreat which keeps me sane as my publishing job gets crazier and crazier.

    Adding another one: 6: my completely ridiculous, beautiful, loving, tiny little dogs, at whom I can’t help smiling even when everything is otherwise sh***y.

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely, interesting Posse people.:x

    • Musette says:

      F –

      hang in there! you will be all right! I took a header off my motorcycle @ 60mph and survived – and recovered 99% of my cognitive and motor skills. You will do just fine! I have complete faith in that.


      • carter says:

        Yes, but you probably weren’t sauced. She claims that it was water she was carrying, but then that’s what one *would* say, isn’t it? I’m just grateful that she didn’t die and that her dogs did not have to eat here while waiting for Irwin to come home from Connecticut, so that would be #6 on my list.

  • carter says:

    Well, this one sort of hit me between the eyes because my dad died on Thanksgiving three years ago, and it casts a pall over the whole she-bang, but I can chase it away as I do every year by playing A Closer Walk by Benny Goodman and saying a toast to his memory with an ice cold gin martini, straight up, extra olives. I can feel him in the room with the very first note of that song.

    And I have much to be thankful for:

    1) The fact that I live a half-a-block from Central Park, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    2) The freedom to do what I want to do with my days. We’d be in a much better financial position if I were to go back to having a “real” job, but we get buy this way and it’s worth it.

    3) A husband who is fine with it.

    4) Stockings With Care. My favorite thing to do during the holidays. Buying, wrapping, and delivering gifts on homeless child’s Christmas list brings me immeasurable joy. Doing it for a handful of them, even more.

    5) As Lee would hilariously say, The Terriers. My Border Terriers Dash & Lark make me happy every single day.

    Happy Birthday, darling Anita, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful perfume nutcases >:d<

    • carter says:

      Make that “by” not “buy”. I’d be oh, so thankful if I could spell.

    • tmp00 says:

      darjeeling, you have a life worth giving thanks for, and next time I’m in NYC I’d love to have a lift a glass to it..

    • Tommasina says:

      Carter, I’m sorry for your loss. Having lost someone on a holiday is so much harder in some ways.

    • Tara says:

      Carter I am very sorry about your father, but you have his spirit so he lives on…Happy Thanksgiving

      • carter says:

        You are all angels. You know that about yourselves, right?

        He was born on New Year’s Day, so there’s no way he was going to go out without a bang, as well. I just wish he had picked Arbor Day or something relatively easy like that.


  • tmp00 says:

    I wrote about it in my blog and won’t add to it except to add that amongst my treasured friends are several that I’ve made from this perfume habit, some of whom I have not even met yet. The generosity, kindness, taste, intelligence and general fabulousness of you all sometimes floors me. Thank goodness you’re breeding! There’s hope for the human race!:)>-

  • Tara says:

    March you are lucky to have your Daddy, mine died in January and this will be our first Thanksgiving without him. It is difficult but I am still thankful for many things.

    1. My boys – two little ones (actually not so little 10 and 12..WOW how time flies!!) and one in his forties (the husband) they make life worth living, every day!!

    2. My friends, without them, their laughter and compassion, sometimes I don’t know how I’d continue on….

    3. My family (close and distant)….because they always stick by me and support me when it really matters…THANK YOU!!!!

    4. Books..they provide an escape, education..what a wonderful source of inspiration.

    5. Cruel Intentions By Kilian..because right now I think I smell amazing!!! I love that Oud note in the background..its awesome.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…It’s my favorits holiday..all you need to do is eat (or cook), drink and have fun (and watch football) … and then nap…

    • Tommasina says:

      Tara, my darling Daddy also died in January; I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • Tara says:

        Thank you Tommasina…I am sorry for you as is very difficult..I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and your father’s spirit and love sustains you through the holidays..