Original JAR Golconda

Did y’all know that JAR has secured a few bottles of the original Baccarat bottles of Golconda, original formula, from Paris?  Yeah, they called me like three times to make sure I knew, too.  Thanks, JAR gorgeous guys at Bergdorf Goodman.

I’d never smelled the original, but how much better could it be from the version they have now, she asked foolishly?  Don’t ask, you’re better off not knowing, is what I should have said.

I love the version of Golconda they have now, it’s a benignly malevolent carnation scent that makes me think of the reflection of the Wicked Stepmother in Snow White.  The original version is the Wicked Stepmother, full of smooth poison and soft words, something you think you should back away from, but your feet betray you and you step closer.

If you’re a big fan of Golconda and can stomach the $800 price tag, you should call now and get yours. They don’t have a lot, they come in that beautiful bottle, and hey, it’s the holidays, what else are you gonna get for yourself this year?

After we entered Phase II of the outside decorating this year – yes, it is the 14th, we think we’ll be done by Christmas – I’ve decide you really need to string lights when it’s dark out, but it’s slightly dangerous.  I’m not sure how my son managed to get the blue-headed guy swathed out with lights in the tree (he says it is a character from Avatar) in daylight, but it has made me laugh harder than any decoration he’s done to date. When we finally get it done, maybe by the New Year, I’ll post pictures here or on Facebook.

  • Natalie says:

    Sure, I’ll take two! But only on condition that Taylor hand-delivers them to my boudoir…

  • Erin T says:

    Shhhhhh!!! I’m still in my how-much-better-could-it-be moment. I love the current version with all my heart and I just don’t want to even think about a more expensive version.

  • Lavanya says:

    ooh- that sounds wonderful..*shakes finger at you*..I think, Golconda (the version in NY) reminded me of a sweet-spicy Indian drink (or was that Shadow- they got mixed up at some point in my brain)- This step mother version sounds more up my alley..:) Diamond Water and Bolt of Lightning were my lemmings then (and still are)..

  • Musette says:

    Patty –

    thanks for the explanation of that figure on your lawn. I though I was imagining a monstro, then ??? mentioned it so I was off the hook! Can’t wait to see the finished decorations!!

    JAR is so far off my radar it might as well be on Pluto – for which I am exceedingly grateful! That’s the price of a new shower head!

    xox >-)

  • Disteza says:

    Golconda was not quite me, but oh, Bolt of Lightning! I’m still trying to scheme out a way to make that purchase work.

  • divinemama says:

    Wow! That bottle is GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting the link, Teger!

    Cause I’ll never see it in person.:((

  • Nancy says:

    Amazing that this Baccarat bottle of Jars resurfaces, finally. Years ago following my big promotion I bought this at Berdorf’s (1991 ?). I was told to invest in the bottle and it would be refillable at a lessor cost. Anyone hear of that story? Any how I still have the gorgeous bottle with a scant amount of the juice which I still adore and occasionally wear. Mmmmmmmm-mmmmmm, wonderful. 😡

  • Teger says:

    I’ve been lemming this one. There’s a picture in the BG 2009 Fall-Winter Beauty Book. Here’s the scan: http://micurl.com/CkAmr

  • Style Spy says:

    I have never smelled any of the JARs, because I cannot risk falling in love with something I can never afford. But I do like a good carnation, oh yes, I do…

  • March says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself, posting this. :d Fortunately I am not the giant fan of carnation, and I have a bottle of lil’ ol Malmaison so I think I’m good.

    I am dying to see your pics! Is butt-shaking Santa out there?

  • Shelley says:

    See, I thought you were going to finish “you should always string lights” with “on a mild day.” LOL, “in the dark.” Then, I see its penumbral genius…it’s like you are pretending your front yard is a Lite Brite. Fabulous!

    Of course, me in the dark is inviting b-( .

    As for the Golconda…Magic Fume Fairy would have to drop it off. I’m setting my sights on an elusive CBIHP Cradle of Light, and I’ll put the few leftover coins I have toward I large trunk, so I can be part of Louise’s baggage on her European trip. 😉

    • Louise says:

      Aw, Shelley, I was just gonna stuff you into my carry-on-you’re not more than 3 oz, right? :)>-

  • Fiordiligi says:

    I am a bad perfumista as I’ve never sniffed this, though I believe I have a nano-droplet lurking somewhere with all my samples. Sounds quite fabulous but I am already anticipating the new Guerlains which are bound to be multo caro (and I’m not even considering next year’s Mon Precieux Nectar which is going to be l’Abeille in another 12,000 Euro presentation…..).

    Congrats on the decorations! I may be tempted to get a few tasteful silver twigs to put in a tall glass vase but that will be the absolute limit of our Christmas frou-frou.

  • Louise says:

    Aw, you eeeevil temptress….$-)

    That’s a gazillion bucks for, um, exactly how much? It does sound divine, but then again so does a spring jaunt to Europe 😕

  • hongkongmom says:

    CANNOT stomach the price tag, and do not know the frag…but would dare to smell….glad u r having lots of laughs and looking forward to seeing your photos of final decoration complete!!!:)

  • Winifreida says:

    After sampling hundreds, and already for a couple of decades experiencing the awful let-downs of smelling the latest crap on trips to the Big Smoke (Sydney), I would say, girl, just get the real thing that makes your heart sing. Life’s too short. When my OH saw my bank statement recently, I tactfully (NOT) reminded him of his friend Otto who regularly spends 25K on……a POSTAGE STAMP!!!

  • Flora says:

    Oh Jeebus, just kill me now! I tried the orginal one MANY years ago when it was first released – $400 was the price tag then and that almost seems like a bargain now. That juice was awesome beyond belief. I have a tiny bit left of my sample, must be about 20 years old now – and it is still wonderful. I take it out now and then just to inhale a few breaths. The tag line for Golconda back then was “The Essence of India” – if India smells like the world’s best clove carnations multiplied exponentially. Unless I win the lottery, I won’t ever see a full bottle of this in my lifetime. :((