Who am I and What is that Smell?

It is officially official; I spend way too much time on the Internets.

I started off the year thinking that my introspective meanderings would shed some light on my mercurial fragrance collection, but no such luck. If anything, I find myself even more confused than I normally am about why I gravitate towards certain fragrances. It all seems to tie in with what I spend most of my time doing: surfing the Internet and writing about subjects that are relevant to most people, such as real estate, carpet cleaning, left handed golf clubs, behavioural assessment testing, wheelchairs and commodes… OK, I know I´m about to lose some of you, so I´ll stop. I´m literally overloaded with information and my head is on the verge of exploding. By the way, I´m not using the Queen´s English as a pose. My Microsoft Word program is Canadian!

I´m desperately in need of a spell in one of those 19th century sanatoriums; you know, the ones people went to with the hope they would not succumb to tuberculosis, or where women went to recuperate from wearing too-tight corsets. Place me in the too-tight corset category, please, since I am not suffering from any pulmonary ailments right now. I am guilty of “overthinking”; and I believe I have “overthought” myself into oblivion.

I love writing about fragrance; I always have and I always will. Fragrance has always had a place in my life as far back as I can remember. Lately, I find myself wishing I could think less, and just enjoy the things I love to smell. I don´t want to have to justify what I love and what I can´t stand. We´ve all been down that path millions of times. We´ve poked fun at celebrities, respected design houses and individual designers, niche brands, drug store brands, department store brands, natural, organic, synthetic, et. al. Is it time to literally stop and smell the roses?

As an almost non-existent winter (with apologies to everyone on the east coast of the US) draws to a close, my senses are shifting into warm weather mode, and I don´t think I´ll be dipping into any of my cold weather comfort scents for a while. Mind you, an April blizzard isn´t totally out of the realm of possibility, but even so, something inside me just clicked, and I am no longer craving incense, woods, and all the heavy stuff I normally do. I want to see light, feel light, and wear light. If I´m not careful, I might just spontaneously combust.

So, here´s the deal: I´ll be back on Monday, pinch-hitting for March while she flits about in Paris. I´m working on a list of what I feel are “light” scents, not necessarily because they are meant to be worn in warm weather, but because they make me feel “light”. It´s going to be similar to what Musette did last week, but I´m just going to stick to this one category for now. Please take the weekend to think about your own choices, because you know I´m going to ask what your “light” favourites are.

Happy Easter to all, and a belated Chag Sameach to all my friends celebrating Passover.

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  • K.R. says:

    My favorite expire by sillage antidote scents are Caron Coup de fouet and Doblis.

  • HopeB says:

    I’m wearing Kai & Marc Jacobs in this week’s warmer weather. 🙂

    Funny that you talk about information-overload, I just finished Marilyn Johnson’s “This Book is Overdue” about how librarians and libraries are more, not less, important in our digital age, to help us navigate all this information. She talks about an early science fiction book whose characters suffer from an all too-familiar “information sickness,” actually! (Caveat: I’m getting my MLS, so I love any book that sticks up for libraries and librarians 🙂

  • Shelley says:

    Contact made! Thank you, Lily! :*

    Returned home from a visit away…oh, BABY, did the weather turn. 80•F; setting records around here. Will be doing some thinking about light scents myself.

    Best of weekends to all.

  • Francesca says:

    My all-time favorite light scent is AG Eau du Sud. I also love Après l’Ondée EdT, and FM Angéliques sous la Pluie and En Passant. Recently (and yes, I know it got an awful lot of “meh” here), I’ve been wearing Balenciaga Paris. Hmmm, another gray day–maybe Après l’Ondée…