Lash me.

Some of you may remember a couple of years ago, I decided to do eyelash extensions.  I have plenty of eyelashes, they’re long enough and thick enough, but they are blond and fine. If I don’t throw on some kind of liner or mascara, I have no eyes.

That first round of extensions took 2 1/2 hours to put on, and they started coming out in a week, heavily on one side that I slept on.  Given the cost and having to refill every three weeks with lashes coming out quite a lot in between, it got crossed off of things I wanted to maintain.

Until now.  I tried again with someone else, someone that does almost exclusively lashes, and that’s it.  The first time I had them done by someone who did fine, but it was just an extra service they did.  It makes all the difference.  Mandy put on my lashes in an hour, I’ve had them a week, and I haven’t noticed any lashes coming out, they look as good today as they did a week ago.  This is what I wanted.  I wake up every morning with my eyes on. I just run an eyelash comb through them to separate, and I can go out the door and do nothing else to my face and get through the day.

The cost is still a big drawback.  $250 for the initial install and then $70 every three weeks or so for maintenance.  Worth it?  This time, yeah, with this aesthetician.  It makes all the difference. So if you’ve tried them before with someone who didn’t do pretty much exclusively lashes and weren’t that happy, you might try again.  She was more expensive for the initial application, but to be this happy with the results makes it completely worth it.

I have my Tauer Orange Star sample!  It’s been a training week at my real job, so I’ve had zero time to spend time with it, but it’s definitely Tauer richness, interesting.   Because I haven’t had enough time to do more than just sniff at it and go ah, yum!  I’m not going to review it until I can.  Also, I didn’t choose a winner yet for the Orange Star bottle courtesy of Andy and Luckyscent because we’re still getting comments on that post, but I will pick the winner via random number draw next Tuesday!

  • mary says:

    Patty– I spotted an article in a dr. office waiting room magazine, about a topical medicine for inducing eyelash growth. It may be the same stuff Carter refers to in the post above– some drug company producing a glaucoma treatment drug noticed a side effect of the medicine was thick, beautiful eyelash growth. They isolated the part of the medicine leading to that side effect and got approval to market it separately– a standard Rx should cost about $125 a pop. The mag was the March edition of Real Simple–sorry I cannot recall the name of the med. You can probably google it up if you are interested –just wanted to pass that along. I do so enjoy reading your posts– :)>-Mary

  • fashion bop says:

    Lash me! hehe,, sounds cool… 😡

    BUt I still like natural stuff…

  • eldora says:

    Oh My, must meet this Mandy! Help a fellow CO gal out??? Front range places are scary. Will take any & all recs you have for good places in Denver/Boulder. Thanks ever so much!

  • Musette says:

    Congrats on finding a good lash fit!

    I thought of you on Tues, when I went to my pop’s podiatrist down here – I have a slightly ingrown toenail on my middle left toe, courtesy of thong sandals (I tend to scrunch my toes, I guess, in gripping the thong). This podiatrist deals primarily with the elderly (70+) and most are farmers… (just setting the stage for what happened next)

    Anyway…the ‘you’ part came when Dr and I had this unbelievably surreal conversation about pedicures (he thinks it’s a ‘fad’ and was completely 😮 when I told him that urban women have been getting them for 30+ years (at least this urban woman has). No notion of what a ‘stiletto’ pump is. The current crop of Louboutins, with their 5″ heels….. /:)

    Somehow we got on the subject of brow and toe waxing, finding the perfect colorist and Hermes handbags….

    xo >-)

  • maidenbliss says:

    Wow, I don’t think I could endure 2 1/2 hours –I couldn’t sit still that long while someone worked on such a delicate area. Although I’m blond I do have dark eyelashes and always curl them. Since I found Stiletto Mascara they’re looking even longer. You’re a brave woman! I’d be too scared to use the glue as I’m super sensitive. You look gorgeous in your photos – and happy!

  • Silviafunkly says:

    Patty, allow me to say that judging from the progression of Facebook photos appearing on the side of the Posse, you seem to be getting more beautiful by the day !

    On the lash extension subject, great idea and great effect, but I have always feared damaging my own lashes in the process. My left eyebrow started falling off recently (auto immune reponse to stress) and that ignited further paranoia. Am I wrong?

  • Louise says:

    I tried those eyelash extensions a few years ago, and sadly had an allergic reaction to the glue :((
    They might have looked fabulous if I hadn’t clawed them off so quickly.

    Then I tried lash tinting. Apparently I have very naughty lashes, and they refused the dye. Back to mascara.

    I may muster courage and try Latisse/Lumigan, but am a bit skeered. So for now I’m giving L’Oreal Lash Serum a spin…on my brows only. When I look like Groucho, as opposed to just Grouchy, I’ll be convinced.

    Am excited to hear more about Andy’s latest

    • carter says:

      I use Lumigan/Latisse and it works great for me. I buy it illegally (as in, without a prescription) from an internet pharmacy located in India. $10 a bottle, $25 s&h regardless of how many you spring for, so needless to say I buy it by the case. It makes my eyelashes really, really long. Lurve it, and God bless India.

      For awhile there I was also dying my lashes. I was buying it illegally from a company in Australia because at the time, anyway, eyelash dye was not safety-approved or whatev here in the States.

      By now I suspect that you all are picking up on the fact that I have a) no respect for the law when it interferes with my vanity, and b) no brains. Right on both counts.

      So, anyhoodle (as March would say), I quit the dying because the other thing about me is that I yam a sloth. The stuff was great if I had to just run out to the corner bodega or something sans makeup — at least I didn’t look like an over-sized rabbit with a Nutty Buddy habit — but it was no replacement for the glory that is Diorshow, so, eh, just call me Harvey in the Hood.