Andy Tauer winner (Patty)

Using a random number generator to pick the comment number to win the Andy Tauer bottle, the winner is – Nancy C! Click on the Contact Us over on the left, send me your address, and tell me which flavor of bottle you would like, and I’ll forward that on to Andy to send to you.  Thanks to everyone for playing.

After a few days on a boat at Lake Powell to close out the summer, I think I’m finally ready to dive my nose back into perfume.  It occurs to me that every summer, the same thing happens for me, and I think for not just a few of you, we take a vacation from our passions, which is a good thing, they always need a rest to keep them fresh.  When the nights turn cool, it occurs to me that sniffing new perfumes is a good thing.

Does that mean I’ve done that? Um, no.  But I have targeted a couple of things that I would like to sit down and sniff, but you guys get to pick it.  I’ve got two Dorins we grabbed at Roja Dove in London in July – Fullah and Taif Rose.  I’m sorta remembering the Fullah as a little skanky.  I’ve also got three Made in Italy scents that were exclusive at Harvey Nick’s in London. I seem to vaguely recall that one or two of them are pretty skanky as well, and were surprisingly well made for what appeared – by name and presentation – to be an uninspired theme, names of cities in Italy.  Or I’ve got samples from Luckyscent of the new Mona di Orio scents, the leather and a couple of more things.

So you can vote in comments about what you most would like to have a review description of, and whatever gets the most votes, I’ll do next Tuesday. If something else is really getting to you that you’d like me to try and hunt down and sniff for you, let me know that in comments too! Well, except Boxeuse, which I’m as impatiently waiting for like y’all!

  • Dante's Bra says:

    Of course I want to hear about all of them, but the di orios would be my vote. Ditto on the frustration with stuff i know i’ll never try!

  • Sue says:

    Thank you for mentioning those Made in Italy fragrances! I would love to hear your review of them, as one’s been on my mind for the past month. I tried three of them this summer in Switzerland of all places and sprayed the one I liked best on just as the store was closing. This was both a good and terrible idea.

    The fragrance was a gorgeous gingery (a bit like the ginger in Bois des Iles) light oriental, but I couldn’t remember the name and didn’t see the fragrances anywhere else on my trip. Back in the states, I googled Italian city names in search of this line, but to no luck as the names of the perfumes are so abstract. For example, “22 Settembre 2007, ore 8 Vaporetto per il Lido, Venezia.” Honestly, that makes Kenzo’s “7:15 AM in Bali” a short title.

    So, thank you again for helping me solve the mystery of what line these perfumes were part of. I would love to hear your reviews or any guesses you might have on which one I liked.

  • Kim says:

    well, since I hate to have to chose and always like to create an option not offered on the menu…..
    I vote for all of them. Maybe spread out over the next 3 Tuesdays.

    :d :-\”

  • Anna in Edinburgh says:

    Taif Rose, of course – I can’t resist rose, ever.

  • Disteza says:

    How about a review on those new Amouage Memoir perfumes in the sexy black bottles? I’m not sure when they’re supposed to come out, but they look promising. And by promising I mean drool-worthy for skanky rose leather chypre lovers.

  • Lisa S. says:

    I’d really love a review of the Taif Rose. But I think the ones at Luckyscent will be much more available. So my vote is for the Mona di Orio’s.

  • Masha says:

    The ones available at Luckyscent. Nothing’s more discouraging to read than a perfume review of something completely unattainable except to a resident of City X, and only then on alternate Thursdays and if suitable sacrifices have been made to the perfume gods that morning by virgin ferrets….

  • Rowanhill says:

    di Orios please.

  • Fiordiligi says:

    As I bought a Dorin (Classic) in Roja’s Haute Parfumerie when the line first came in, I too would be pleased to read a review of either or both of your Dorins (or, you know, your latest eyeliner find).

  • carter says:

    Taif Rose. Sucka for those Arabian roses.

  • Joe says:

    I vote for the amber or leather Mona di Orio scents. I was ignoring them for awhile and thinking I was immune to them, but now I’m very curious again, and I like the line. I love musk too, but the notes in that one don’t sound as interesting right now. I find myself craving amber this past week (I got a bit obsessed with the new Laura Mercier for a few days).