Tauer Advent Giveaway

Yes, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for – Tauer Perfumes’ Advent giveaway!  This year Andy did a scent for the event…

“I made an all natural, all botanical Eau de cologne, baptized LE COLOGNE DU MAGHREB, especially for this occasion. I use only natural essential oils, absolutes, and resins in it. It is a classical cologne, with a woody baseline chord, a firework of natural citrus notes, exploding into expensive sparkles, on a background with ambreine and cedarwood from the Moroccan High Atlas.

Like all colognes it is not made to last but it is a fragrant joy, living in the moment, leaving you with the finest veil of woods on your skin.

The prize is a 50 ml flacon that you cannot get from any retailer. It comes in a white cardboard box with ribbon.

Ingredients: Citrus essential oils and absolutes (such as lemon, bergamot, clementine, mandarine, grapefruit, orange blossom absolute, neroli oil), rose absolute and oil, cedarwood, ambrein, cistrose and much more.

We ship to the address given to us and do not contact the addressee afterwards nor will we use the contact information for any other purpose than sending the prize, nor will we forward the address to anybody else.”

So, March, how’s it smell?  Beautiful.  It smells like a cologne Andy Tauer would make, with a lightly incense-y drydown.  But of course.  As Andy wrote to me, “I guess I can‘t hide. I am the incense man.”

Just enter your name below, I’ll choose a winner via random.org, and Andy’s special Swiss elves (Swiss elves are actually made of chocolate! or cheese, I forget which) will mail it to the winner. UPDATE 12/17. COMMENTS ARE CLOSED.  And the winner is …. Allan! I emailed you.

This is interesting too!


  1. OMG, I’m first! Please, let this mean I’ll win! (This Tauer sounds like just the thing to brighten up dreary winter days.)

  2. Andy is of course so nice to do the Advent Calendar. And Le Cologne du Maghreb sounds great, as usual! SIgn me up for the draw!

  3. Oh yes! Please sign me up for the draw. It sounds wonderful and I love Andy’s scents.

  4. I would love to win this ! Please enter me in the drawing.
    I haven’t tried anything of Andy’s yet-and I’m just a bit scared to .Reason :I LOVELOVELOVE Opium by Ysl .Andy Tauer does incense-extremely well too based on reviews .I suspect once I fall for one it will be the beginning of a beautiful (and expensive—but worth it )journey.

  5. I’d also like to enter the drawing. I love incense frags. :”>

  6. OK, little Swiss elves, drop your fondue forks and yodel it from the top of the highest Alp — that Cologne is mine mine MINE! (Oh, and even if I’m not the lucky one, thank you!)

  7. I love Mr. Tauer. So talented and so generous. Please sign me up.

    Thanks posse

  8. Those notes….sound like perfection in a bottle!
    I can almost smell it!
    Please enter me in the draw and thankyou to Andy Tauer and Perfume Posse for hosting this generous advent draw!

  9. Evening =) Andy truly is the incense man! Please enter me in the draw and heck you are welcome to contact me anytime if ever there are fragrant goodies coming my way~

  10. Please enter my name in the draw, thank you so much :d I see a bottle of Incense Rose in my near future!

  11. I’m keen to try my luck. I wore Incense Extreme today – it’s my favourite incense – I can vouch for Andy being the incense King!

  12. Please enter me in the drawing.
    Winning this cologne would be
    the perfect holiday gift!!

  13. Yes, please enter my name in the draw! Thank you for hosting Andy’s generous event. Who wouldn’t love an all-natural citrus cologne with a touch of incense in the base?

  14. Funny! When you see “click here”, you never know where the link will take you. Nice to come here as well :)

  15. Please enter me in the draw !
    It’s my birthday today…just sayin’ .

  16. Good Morning, Andy! When are you going to make a roses and bacon fragrance? ; )

  17. Hi Andy, your perfumes are so special and different from the others because of the intense vitality and joie de vivre they are able to give us. Thank you for them!

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the draw. I love cologne and this sounds delicious from the description.

  19. Would love to be entered as well for a chance to experience this cologne that sounds mouth-watering!

  20. Dear Swiss Elves,

    I really need a bottle of this Cologne so please heeeeelp!

  21. Since I cannot buy it, I am determined to win it. Please enter my name in the draw. Thank you.

  22. andy is so clever plaes enter me into the draw someone will be very lucky xx

  23. Now, that’s an offer I can’t refuse! Please enter me in the draw. Many thanks!

  24. Please enter me in the draw. This sounds lovely! But then I’ve never met a Tauer I didn’t like. :-)

  25. Hi, March. Please enter me! Today’s my 32nd wedding anniversary, so I deserve to win…;)

  26. Thanks to Andy for the fun Advent calendar. Thanks to the Posse for hosting it today.

  27. Would love to be entered in the drawing! Thanks for hosting this fantastic draw!

  28. I think that Andy IS a Swiss elf !!! He is so generous that maybe he really is Santa Claus….Thanks for hosting today’s draw and good luck to everybody…but especially me!!

  29. Please enter me in the drawing. I would love to try. Andy is so generous and amazing!!

  30. I can almost smell it from that description, please count me in – thank you!

  31. This sounds soooooo good. I hope the elves send something my way. Happy holidays!

  32. hi, I’d love to be included in the draw! cologne with incense…. good lord!

  33. I love incense! I love Eau de Cologne too, so the combination sounds wonderful. Please enter me in the drawing.

  34. Andy, Incense Man who cannot hide – love it. Thank you for entering me and thanks to Andy for his incredible generosity!

  35. Hello,

    Good morning. It’s snowing here-big, fat, fluffy flakes (love the alliteration!). Please enter me in the draw. Thank you!

  36. hello! thank you Andy for this opportunity again this year and all other sites who support this~

  37. Add me too please and I’d happy give a chocolate/cheese Swiss elf a home too :)

  38. Please enter me in the drawing! Chocolate cheese elf wouldn’t hurt either ;)

  39. Greetings from Hotlanta Freeze-Out!! Thank you for sponsering the draw, and for a humor-laden look at the mad, mad, world of scent!!

  40. I like Andy’s quote about being the incense man! Thanks to him & the Posse for this drawing. Count me in!

  41. I LOVE an incense dry-down, thanks for giving me one more chance to try to win!

  42. Roses are green
    Pineapples are blue
    I’m tired of shopping
    Here’s a kiss for you!


  43. Okay, I’ll throw my hat in the ring–maybe this is a Tauer I can wear.

  44. Yes!! This cologne does sound amazing – please enter me? If I win I promise to share with my boyfriend!! :D And thanks for hosting today’s Advent Calendar giveaway!

  45. please enter my name for this Maghreb cologne drawing. Thanks!

  46. I never win anything, so the rest of you are completely safe. Please enter me in the draw anyway, just for grins.

  47. I’ll take a chocolate elf and a couple of cheese elves, but not too many holes in the latter, please.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  48. Please enter me! If I won and wore this, my wife would want to discuss Uganda with me all the time!

  49. So much depends on a red wheelbarrow
    glazed with rainwater
    beside the white chickens
    (william carlos williams)

  50. :)my popularity rating would go through the roof… and right now..to be even popular would be good!

  51. OMG!!!!…What a great treat….Please enter me….Lord,I love this man:d

  52. Incense girl here! I’d love to be in the drawing – and I’ll be very nice to the chocolat-and-cheese elves….

  53. What a great prize all the prizes have been great still got my fingers crossed to win.

  54. I’m still in it to win it! Merry Christmas Andy and Posse :)

  55. Please enter me in the draw – the cologne sounds so lovely! Thanks Andy and Posse!

  56. Please enter me in the draw. I love incense. Hooray for
    Andy for all of his generosity.

  57. Hi to Andy, March and everyone there at the Posse. I wasn’t going to enter, but then I thought, what the heck? I promise if I win, I’ll happily share. Thank you all for being so incredibly generous!

  58. Please enter my name in the draw for the Mahgreb Cologne. Thanks to Andy and to you guys for hosting this!

  59. Le Cologne du Maghreb sounds great, please sign me up for the draw! thank you…………..

  60. Please sign me up. I hope everyone are having a lovely pre-holiday.

  61. This one sounds delicious. Would love to be added to the drawing, thanks!


  63. Oh, would I love a bottle! Thanks for doing the giveaway, everybody. And I wouldn’t mind an elf, whether it be cheese or chocolate….

  64. Please include me in the drawing. This sounds like just the scent to brighten up the dreary cold days we’ve been having lately. Happy Holidays to all!

  65. I’d love to try this. This sounds perfect for what is shaping up to be a dreary winter. Many thanks to Andy for his generosity and the Posse for hosting the draw.

  66. Oh joy! I have a foul headcold. I’m even home from work sick. When I read that dear Andy has a new creation, my tired soul leapt with joy.

    Enter me in the drawing. PLEASE!

  67. Ooooooo, I hope I’m not to late to enter!
    I love the sound of this!

  68. Oh, enter my name too please! I don’t always have good luck with cedarwood as a note but love Tauer fragrances so hope this one is just as good as his others!

  69. Please include me in the drawing! If I win, can the perfume be delivered by an elf made out of Gruyere?

  70. Oh what fun! happy Holidays to all, and yes please enter me. Thank you Posee, Andy, et al!

  71. Oh my gosh! This is THE scent for me. all my favourite notes. Hope I win :d

  72. Chocolate, cheese, Cologne du Maghreb…yes, please!
    Thanks for entering me in the draw! Happy holidays to all and many returns on the new year!

  73. Another chance to win the Cologne du Maghreb!

    Please, enter me in the draw. Thank you!


  74. What a wonderful gift this will be for the winner! Thank you for entering me.

  75. Oh pretty please pick me pick me :). I am so grateful for Andy’s generosity and it’s so much fun following the advent calendar.

  76. Well, please enter me in the draw. Germany is covered by snow this evening.

  77. Well howdy doo! Sure are a LOT of comments up in here already! No further reasons necessary to love Andy, but he gets extra hugs for doing these sweet, sweet giveaways!

  78. Please enter my name into the prize draw. I would love the sweet smell of success, brilliantly summed up by Le Cologne De Maghreb!

  79. Those Swiss elves sound delicious. And so does the scent. :) Please enter me in the draw.

  80. A wonderful gift and just in time…. may be the only gift I receive this year!

  81. Oh my goodness, I could hardly believe my eyes as I saw this Perfume Posse posting. Please enter me and I thank you.

  82. It’s cold, icy and dreary here in Vermont. Just the idea of smelling woods and resin and warmth heats my blood and spirits a few degrees. Please enter me. I will keep my chilly fingers crossed.

  83. Thanks Perfume Posse, and thanks Andy for this great giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  84. The snow outside my be delightful, but i would rather be at home wearing This glorious scent, let me win, let me win, let me win ……..

  85. Let me join the throngs of hopeful perfumistas… Somebody has to get lucky!

  86. My wife loves Andy and I think she would enjoy this cologne please enter me in the draw

  87. I have not been on a winning streak lately (my luck has gone flat, perhaps) but please enter me anyway. :)

  88. Andy is so generous! I love that he wants to give back to his admirers.

  89. he’s an incense guy, i’m an incense gal, this sounds like a perfect match!
    please count me in to win, and thanks to all the guest hosts and especially to the generous and gracious Mr. Tauer!

  90. Ultra late to the post, but here’s wishing! Thanks, Mr. Tauer for your generosity in this prize, and thanks to the Posse for hosting. Be well.

  91. Holiday cards finally (almost) done! Please enter me in the draw. Sleep now

  92. What a treat this would be, a calm within the holiday storm. Thanks and happy holidays.

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