This Snow has me all Growly (Patty)

I’d like to talk about perfume today, but I can’t. I’m way too distracted with yet another winter storm overnight, snow-packed roads tomorrow, sub-zero temperatures.

Yes, it’s not even Valentine’s Day, but I”m over winter completely.  Tomorrow will hit 6, with 8 inches of snow.  Now, I know that may not sound like much, but for Colorado it’s annoying. We usually get almost no snow from December to the first of March, have 50s and 60s, lots of sunshine, and all that pesky snow stays in the moutains while we run around coatless here in Denver.  Then in March and often April, it dumps 2-3 feet on us, we all cozy in for 2-3 days until nature’s snowblower, our sun that is with us like 300 plus days of the year, melts it off, and we start enjoying the hyacinth show and budding of trees.

This year we are getting real winter, and it super-sucks.  The lack of sun is making me so grumpy.

This whine is completely not warranted, but I wanted to make it anyway, just to give all of you the opportunity to get off your chests in comments how awful your winter has been, which I think almost all of you have had far, far worse.   How many days since you’ve seen the sun or the street?  Did you ever think you’d get tired of snow days? I have like five pair of black boots, and I”m sick of wearing all of them, and I never thought I’d say that. Usually by now I’ve been wearing my Chacos for a week during a nice warm spell of 2-3 weeks.

And also I wanted to pose a question just as advice on how to do something.

Xerjoff has been super-nice and sent us a big old kit of shooting stars scents and samples of rosewood and irisss and Elle and some others, and I need to figure out how to do the giveaway on them.  The big kit is really cute all together. I haven’t opened it, it’s still sealed, but it looks neat.  Now, that’s a really big prize to give to ONE person when I could break up all the generous sized samples (I think 5 ml or so?) inside and give one away to each person, but sometimes it’s really cool for one person to win a really cool big prize.  What do we think? I have more samples to give away besides that that are carded.  One to a person, do some in a set?  Do two rounds, and first round gets to pick their sample, then I draw for the rest?  So many possibilities, and I want to thank Xerjoff for generously providing these so a few of our commenters can get them for free!!

The four winners of the three-sample set of Cartiers are:  Valentine, Occhineri, Kim and Geordan 1244.  Just click on the Contact us over on the left, send me your address with a note reminding me what you won, and I’ll get them sent out to you.

  • ferrycommuter says:

    Is it too late to comment? :( We love the snow out in the Pacific Northwest, as long as it doesn’t melt too quickly and flood the valleys. I think the Xerjoff bottles are beautiful, and wonder if the contents match. :)

  • AnnieA says:

    For some reason this is reminding me of Crhistmas — my sister and I would always get the same present, but in, say, different colours. We would then trade if one wanted the blue, or whatever.

    We’re having a not-winter, which is usually rain rain rain. Instead, it’s sunny and just above freezing. A nice change.

  • Irina says:

    I’d say more happy people, the merrier
    I hate winter too but my winters ( 15C and rain) are nowhere near what most of you had to endure this year
    you have my simpaty ( I’m shiverring at only the thought of cold, blizzards and ice)

  • mariekel says:

    One big prize gets my vote.


    I wore Virgilio for two days in a row last week to try to convince my cold-addled brain that Spring was coming…

  • Claudia says:

    Can’t complain much about the weather in the DC area this year. Last year at this time we were living in the cold dark, powerless for 3 days, with only the fireplace and candles and one battery-run radio for amusement. It was HORRIBLE. Screw the good old days. Anyway, it’s been cold and a little icy, but not too bad at all. I love the change of seasons because I get bored easily, and to me, summer lasts way too long most years. And in a couple of years, god willing, we will be nicely retired in Colorado!

    I vote for one big give-away. Can I have it?

    • mariekel says:

      Not too bad???

      Argh. True, last year’s snowfest was epic and we have had nothing like that ridiculous amount of snow (yet…) Butt this year has just been yucky: damp and windy. Maybe I just loathe winter too much to ever not hate its presence.

      At least the dog is a reliable heat source should the power go out..(she is snuggled up right next to me).

  • I hear you about the weather!

    I’m living in two states right now and traveling back and forth weekly. My body can’t seem to adjust to the more Northern state, so I spend the entire time wrapped in blankets and standing by the space heater. It’s driving me mad!

    And what’s really funny is that I keep craving the sunny/summery frags when I’m in the northern state, and I keep wearing the comfy frags when I’m in the south. My nose has the seasons backwards!

  • sara says:

    however you divvy it is fine by me! I’d love to enter the drawing. I could use a boost!

  • Marsi says:

    One big prize — and please enter me in the draw.

    I’m in Denver, too, and just had sinus surgery two weeks ago. Breathing outdoors is like inhaling fiberglass.

  • Winifreida says:

    I say keep it as a set and send it to me, ME, MEEE!!
    Yair, the weather, well Downunder has had a veritable smorgasbord of high-impact verging on tragic summer events as the Aussie above said…
    And my area is starting to get worryingly dry…the pro-climate change scientists predict (i), that extreme weather will become the norm, and (ii), the parts between Sydney and Brisbane will get drier (that’s where about 80% of Australia lives…)
    Being a weather junkie (I spend a lot of time on world weather bureaus as well as perfume sites!) its kind of interesting…
    Are they blaming climate change for all the snow??? I know last year they were saying that ice on the Thames etc was just going back to a century or so ago.

  • Dionne says:

    I vote for one big ol’ prize – really, REALLY make someone’s day.

    As far as complaining about winter, actually, I don’t have that much to complain about. (Really, I do mean that!) And that’s not because I live in Florida, either. It’s just that winter here hasn’t been much worse than is typical. Bit more snow than average, but that’s about it.

    However, I do offer sympathies to everyone who has bleary, grey skies. When I lived further north, winter was six months of cloud cover, and it was hard. Moving to Calgary was one of the best things I ever did, because of the wondrous blue skies and sunshine we have most of the winter (the downside is it’s extraordinarily dry here, so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize).

    For me, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, as long as the sky is blue and the sun is sparkling on the snow, I’m great.

  • odonata9 says:

    No comment from me on the winter weather, since I am in sunny San Diego (although it did get cold enough for us to turn our heat on this year!).

    I think keep the kit together and then do another giveaway or 2 for the carded samples, depending on how many are there. Would love to try these but almost don’t want to since they are so $$$$!

  • Meg says:

    I live in the interior of BC, where winter can get vicious. Yet, oddly, this year has been relatively tame (perhaps we’ve traded weather systems??). What has been unbearable, however, is the nonstop brigade of illness my roommates and I have had. I can’t even turn to my scents for comfort-can’t smell them-making it all the more awful. If I am going to be dying from some awful bug, I at least want to die smelling good (to others and myself). DAMN YOU WINTER, DAMN YOU!

    If the big prize giveaway is selected, I second the comment above that the winner should be encouraged to review them (love reviews!).

  • Melissa says:

    I lived in Michigan for a couple of years growing up, so being in the DC area isn’t too bad, except for the crappy freezing rain and sleet. Of course the evening when everything (freezing rain, sleet, thundersnow) hit right at rush hour when the federal gov’t decided to dismiss all of its employees at the EXACT same time was quite the adventure. (10 hour commutes anyone?) Spent the night at work rather than braving that one.

    As for the prize? I’m fine with whatever is decided. How’s that for non-committal? Okay, okay, one big prize. I’ll go with the majority.

  • fleurdelys says:

    I live in the NY Metro area, and I’m starting to feel like Kenny in “South Park”, bundled up to my eyeballs and trudging through the endless landscape of snow. But February’s almost half over! It has to get better, right? RIGHT?

    My vote is to break up the Xerjoff bounty and spread the wealth.

  • jen says:

    I’m one of those libural socialists, so I say spread the love and make lots of peoples’ day! I’m wearing sand and sable for some reason cause its sunny here.

  • Pattie says:

    Patty, your whining is entirely justified! I can’t take it one more minute. If its not snowing, its 15 below zero. And today we get an excellent mash up of snow and bitter cold! Seriously, the problem is the lack of sun. Yesterday morning (before the latest mess) was the first time I’ve needed sunglasses in weeks and weeks – when does that happen in denver? Anyway, I’ll stop whining too. I say give someone 1 big ol’ prize and make their day. Its been a hard winter in a lot of places. But no one from Wisconsin can win cause they got their prize on sunday.

  • LindaB says:

    I CAN’T STAND this winter. Seriously, I am so done. New Jersey has been snow-covered since the day after Christmas. I just checked and nothing in the forecast for the next 10 days, whew! V-Day looks to be almost 50 – we’ll all be in shorts and flip flops since that will feel like summer compared to what we’ve had. lol

    My vote is for one big prize (how exciting for the winner!) and then do the carded samples one each per winner.

  • Mals86 says:

    The CEO just got back late Saturday night from a five-day conference (National Cattlemen’s) in Denver, and what he said about the weather was this: “Freakin’ MISerable.” I sympathize.

    Last winter was about the most dreadful I remember, mostly because my kids were out of school enough to start glaring and hissing. It was awful. And our heat pump could not cope with the below-zero temps, so the electric bills were awful as well.

    This winter hasn’t been nearly as bad for us – we’ve had snow, we’ve had cold, we’ve had ice, but not on the level that others have had. Seems like I can deal better with dramatic bad weather, on an emotional basis, than with *dreary* weather…

    Wish I could send you winter-sufferers a bit of the sunshine we’ve got today.

    • mals86 says:

      I notice that I said nothing about the Xerjoff samples… that’s because I don’t want in on the draw (I need another lemming? NO. NONNONO.) Ergo, it matters not to me.

  • Gretchen says:

    Seems all the cold-weather types are rooting for one big prize. This Californian votes for prizes all around. Think of that Xerjoff kit as a big pinata. . .

    • maidenbliss says:

      A pinata! Great visual. I had an instant vision of a giant bottle shaped pinata
      filled with samples and people like us scrambling around on the floor after
      we chose someone to smack it with all their might.

  • Tiara says:

    I like Rappleyea’s idea of a Valentine’s Day giveaway and one big prize.

    Won’t say a word about the weather in Florida….

  • helenviolette says:

    One BIG Prize sounds divine….:d I live in San Antonio and I am ready for spring- our city shut down for a dusting (few ml) of snow on Friday which made for a nice three day weekend. But the pestilence is what I will complain about- everyone in my house has taken turns being unwell since 1/1/11- and it is TIME to be well:-w

  • Teri says:

    Meeeee, toooooo. The only consolation to this awful weather is that I’ve gotten to work from home more than usual. If there is any better work environment than my little home office with my setter pup, Rockne, curled up on my bunny-slipper-clad feet and a hot mug of cocoa, nobody dropping into my office and interrupting me, no phone calls that aren’t important, and no I-25, it could only be me on a beach with a laptop and an umbrella drink.

    I agree with those who are voting for one big enormous prize. It’s great to share the wealth, as you ladies so generously do, but it’s also great to have a big windfall once in a blue, wintery, moon.

  • Alice C says:

    I think Rappleyea is right! What a great Valentine’s Day prize the whole thing would be! @Maggiecat: We get it right after you do here in South Arkansas. I’m not looking forward to it either. :-(

  • KathyT says:

    My vote is for one big prize.

    It hasn’t been too bad here in Charlotte, and we almost got to have a white Christmas which is unheard of here. The snow didn’t make it until the 26th though. I’ve lived in the South my entire life, so I still get a bit excited to see snow, It usually turns into ice here though. Today is sunny and in the 40s – not too bad.

  • Rappleyea says:

    Certainly not as bad here in central Ky. as in say, Boston or Chicago, but we’re about double our annual snow fall average. We got rain yesterday followed by snow as the temps plummeted, so now it’s all ice. What is this “sun” of which you speak???

    The best and only good part of winter for me is that I’m a huge college basketball fan, but my Wildcats are losing so it’s a terrible winter all the way around!

    On the samples, I agree with one big prize. It would make a great Valentine’s Day give away. Thanks to Xerjoff and the Posse!

  • Isa says:

    I’m looking forward to spring and warm weather too. Fortunately, this week is being quite sunny here in Spain.

    I would prefer a shared prize, giving away the samples to different people, but one big prize would be great too :)

  • maidenbliss says:

    Just last night I said to myself I wish PP would do a post on how we’re surviving this long cold icy winter. I know how you feel, Patty-it has been a helluva long winter.
    I grew up in MN and have always been able to deal with cabin fever and the arctic blast of long winter days. Living in the city, it was a communal effort to tunnel neighbors out, hanging around with shovels in our hands, commiserating. Ice skating, sledding, loved it all.
    The last 2 years in the NE I’ve been snowbound for weeks, 12 inches of ice on roof. Ventured out about 3-4 times in January. Spent Sunday morning online looking at real estate. As. In. Moving. This is not typical weather for these parts, and according to the scientific community it’s not going to be changing anytime soon. Is this true?
    One big giveaway-some lucky soul will get to unwrap the box and enjoy every bit of it. Musette is right–people always pass stuff forward.

  • maggiecat says:

    Can’t say I want a North Texas summer at this point (many days over 100, dry, HOT) but I AM getting a bit weary of “winter storm warnings”, freezing rain, sleet, snow, and yes, even “snow days.” What Payy now has is heading our way and We Do Not Appreciate It. And I’m no real help on the giveaway either except to say that sometimes it’s nice to be able to compare and contrast scents in a set, as opposed to individual samples. Now back to trying to do three days worth of work in one before we get socked in again. Sigh.

  • Geordan1244 says:

    I, too, like the idea of one big prize. It’s almost like someone wins the lottery (or, our version of the lottery :d).

    I grew up in WI, but have lived in the DC area for 20 years. I must say that every winter, I decide that I’m moving somewhere where I’m able to wear flip-flops year-round. Though this year is not nearly as hard-hit as last year, I think I’ve finally hit my limit.

    This is a very giving/sharing community, which is one thing that I adore about it.

  • Musette says:

    Well, I love the idea of One Big Prize. So luxe! Most people pass the love forward anyway!!

    I am starting to investigate my Next Move. I am of the same mind as Karin – only in the reverse. The past few winters have been somewhat bearable – or else I was just so miserable with Other Things that I didn’t really notice :-? but as I get ever-older I wonder why on earth I would continue to live in a place I hate so blasted much????

    We have been blessed with sun, both yesterday and this morning. Of course, it’s -4F. But it’s a SUNNY -4F. Small mercies.

    xoxoox >-)

    • karin says:

      Oooh! So many fun places to live. Life is short. Move to Italy!? I wouldn’t mind Hawaii. California is great, too, though I don’t feel the need to return…though I wouldn’t mind retiring in Carmel (after I make my millions, of course). :-)

  • pam says:

    Patty, I think the One Big Prize sounds like a good idea.
    As to Winter, I’ve had enough, too. Here in Alabama, there have been years when, in April, I say “Did we have a winter this year?” Just a few cold days and no snow or ice. This year, it has been very cold and cloudy forever! And several mini-ice events. And snow flurries. Tired of this.

  • March says:

    Lol – maybe I’ll post on this tomorrow, the Cheese and I have *literally* just had our 27th argument about how our very long driveway got shoveled, and how much is “enough.”

    • Musette says:

      My favorite is our ongoing fight about ‘how’ to clear the driveway. I favor the Vulcan approach and he’s just sort of wildcatty about it. Bad mix, especially as he is wielding a blower on a GRAVEL driveway. Now I just go inside until he’s done throwing stones around.

      xo >-)

      • Tara says:

        I WISH I had a snowblower!!! But the flying gravel must be dangerous..;) :d

        • Musette says:

          It’s one of those things that can break a marriage, doll! Imagine – you are out there actually HELPING – and all you ask is that the two of you work in tandem (i.e. don’t fling 3″ of snow onto the area I just shoveled – that’s why the directional thingy is there)….and then…

          …BAMBAMBAMMMM!!! your backside gets pelted with gravel going about 50mph! Luckily you are in enough clothing to withstand a Tyrannosaurus bite but still….:-w

          we got it sorted out in record time but it was a bit ugly there for a couple minutes!

          xo >-)

          • Mals86 says:

            Oh. My.

            Our paved “driveway” is about 25′ long, but from there it’s half a mile to the paved road, so there’s very little point in shoveling anything but the front walk. And we have children, so that becomes their job. :)

            I just have to send them outside one at a time to shovel, or there are… violent differences of opinion.

  • Ann says:

    Patty, I feel your pain. Although our winter has not been anywhere near as bad as many others, I still wish it were over. Now.
    I hope you and your boots get a rest (and some warm sunshine) very soon.
    As for the giveaway, I’m of two minds: one big prize would be fab for some lucky winner, but on the other hand, it’d be nice to share the love as there’s so much winter misery out there and Xerjoff is a bit on the pricey side, even for samples. But whatever you do, it’s cool, and thanks to you and Xerjoff for being so generous.

  • Olfacta says:

    We had one snow day last year with no ice. It was perfect. Anybody who keeps up with the weather knows what we got this year. 4 or 5 inches of skating-rink ice can really shut Atlanta down, as it’s not common enough to warrant the city’s buying/maintaining heavy snow/ice equipment. The first couple of days were fun. Then, boring and a little scary. But now my crocus bulbs and species tulips are beginning to come up, we’ve had a couple of days in the 50’s and 60’s and so I know things are going to be ok.

    Give the box to one person who can choose to share if they want to, imho.

  • karin says:

    I lived in the SF Bay area for 19 years (after college) – the weather is rarely anything to complain about. I decided to move to the Northeast in 2004. Before I moved, I made the decision that I would embrace the weather rather than complain about it. Why? Because I was choosing to move there. Heck, if I didn’t like the weather, I could live somewhere else. When I moved here, I was surprised how much everyone complained! Too hot, too cold, ugh rain, ugh snow. I mean, unless you live in San Diego, the weather is going to be changeable, right? Why be miserable 70% of the time? I don’t know if it was my initial attitude or what, but I’ve really grown to love the seasons and the changing weather. Yes, we’ve had TONS of snow this winter. But it’s really beautiful! OK, OK, you can all shoot me now. Ha ha. I am dreaming of the Caribbean, though…but then I’m always dreaming of the Caribbean. :-)

    I grew up in Colorado. I miss it sometimes. Those Rockies. Wow.

    As to the giveaway – I like your idea of keeping the larger gift intact and giving to one person, and also giving away the other smaller samples you have. Not sure how to go about choosing “winners”. A straight draw seems easiest – not a lot of work. But a contest could be fun, too.

    • Tara says:

      I’m with you Karin. I love the change of seasons and have had a nice winter so far (despite all the snow)…the only thing I really can’t deal with is ice and ice storms…other than that why complain? It is what it is…

  • bookhouseshell says:

    It’s been completely awful here in Minnesota, too. We’ve had such huge banks of crusty snow everywhere for so long, it’s like living on some sci-fi frozen planet. Winter is always a challenge here, but this year it is ridiculous. Plus, my “normal” size 8 feet are keeping me from getting that pair of black Sorel Joan of Arctic boots that would make it all better. But I can’t whine too much, I’m off this morning to the Yucatan peninsula for 10 days of sun and fun. I’ll have to leave most of my precious scents at home, but I do have a little bag with about 30 different sample spray vials. Hopefully, that should do me.

    How about one big prize, but with a tiny catch. The winner should be willing to do a mini review on their treasures here, so we can all savor the joy vicariously.

  • rosarita says:

    I live close to Lake Michigan and the local weather guy calls our winter sky *permacloud* which is an apt description. I grew up here so the grayness is familiar but even I get stabby after a couple of weeks. I love the snow but my husband can’t shovel due to a back injury, my elderly parents need lots of snow help and our antique snowblower finally bit it last month, so I’m tired of dealing with the relentless quality of the snow & cold this year. I think I’ve found a neighborhood kid to hire for snow removal, which is great bcs we have another couple of inches coming today.
    I vote for one big prize, also. Thanks for listening and providing a winter complaint forum today! :)

  • DJ says:

    oh, and about winter…I am over it not being sunny and the wind being icy, the almost constant rain which means my pup and I cannot frolic outdoors (he is a whippet and hates the wind and cold more than I do).

    bah. grrrr.

  • DJ says:

    one big one, how glam.

    then, if the person isn’t as fond of a few, they can offer the lesser loved items in swapmania or through another draw? (compromise…)

  • Fiordiligi says:

    Patty, as you know, we British love nothing more than talking and complaining about the weather, but we never have ANYTHING even remotely approaching what you North Americans experience! You (and your boots) have my sympathy.

    Re the Xerjoff: I think one big gift would be fabulous (and extremely generous).

  • Kim says:

    Well, I am one of those crazies who actually likes winter weather (ducks), especially after living in a warm climate for a few years during which I literally longed for snow and the smell of the cool, crisp air of winter.
    Hmmm… better sign off now before no one will talk to me anymore…. :d

    Oh, and I vote for split it up and spread around the generosity

    • tammy says:

      I love winter, too! It’s one of the (many)things I hate about living in LA. I miss the cold weather and serenity of winter…..

  • mary says:

    One. Big. Prize. I also can’t complain about winter. It is almost feeling tropical here in Oakland. Sea breezes. Plum blossoms scenting the night air. Had to water for the first time since October– that ain’t right. I shouldn’t have to water til April. Hang in there!

  • moochebo says:

    I say break it up and share the love.
    It’s summer here – (Aus), but it has been a pretty crazy one in terms of the weather. It hasn’t been super hot in Melb, but there have been fires, floods and that crazy cyclone Yasi – it caused an unbelievable amount of rain and more floods this week. Anyway, I have ordered a 30ml bottle of Trefle Pur from Luckyscent, so I’m really looking forward to that arriving on my doorstep :)

  • Daniela says:

    Oh gosh, Patty… all I can say is: Tell me about it! Here in southeastern Canada, we’ve had so much snow that I walk down the street and look at it in disgust. Like, enough already! And the lack of sun is seriously getting to me. I’m thinking of getting one of those blue light emitting things. Every time we get a bit of sunshine, I run out, roll up my jacket sleeves, and try to catch some rays. I want summmmmmmmmerrrrrr :((

    • pyramus says:

      Whereabouts in Canada? I’m in Moncton, NB, and the snow JUST WILL NOT STOP. Some of the roadside snowbanks are well in excess of six feet, and it’s snowing right now, with more due over the next few days. Enough!

      As for the Xerjoffs, I say split it up, let as many people as possible have a little taste. The idea of winning a huge extravagant boxful is enormously appealing, but which will give more pleasure? I think a dozen or whatever little hits of joy will outweigh one massive one.

  • Ruanne says:

    I’m inclined to say go with one big prize. I bet it will be won by somebody who is having a particularly horrible winter, and who really needs an awesome treat.

  • taffynfontana says:

    I vote for two rounds

  • dianawr says:

    I’m also for one big prize.

    Here in Portland, OR the weather has been super mild. My family in Houston got snow this year and we haven’t had any. I’d take some off your hands in a heartbeat, Patty!

  • nozknoz says:

    Hang in there, Patty – I know it’s a tough slog, but we’ll all be whining about the heat and humidity before you know it (except for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, of course).

    I’d say keep the Xerjoff samples together as one big prize. Xerjoff is all about luxury. Also, the purpose of a set like this is to get to explore the full range. In addition, it doesn’t seem right for one person to get Irisss and another to get one of the ones you never hear about because it isn’t that interesting.

    Also adding thanks to Xerjoff!

  • tammy says:

    I say one big prize. Given the generosity of this lovely perfume community, I suspect many of the samps will find their way around anyway.

    And thank you to you and Xerjoff!