Random Wednesday

by March

Greetings, everyone — through the magical powers o’ the internets I am posting today, even though I am not … here.   However I’ll be along this afternoon to read your comments.  So you can either just say random things to me in comments, or you can answer the question I read elsewhere once and thought it was fun — get out your purse, satchel, man-bag, backpack, whatevs, and:

1) tell me what perfumes, if any, are in there?  (bottles or samples)

2) name one or two other items of interest that are typically found in your (purse, backpack, etc.)

Here’s mine:

1) sample vials of Maison Martin Margiela, Prada Infusion d’Iris, Tauer Desert Marocain, Chanel Beige

2) a clean cotton vintage-floral handkerchief (thanks, Anita!) and a tube of Lipstick Queen Medieval, a translucent cherry-red which I use like the World’s Greatest Chap-Stick.

See you this afternoon!

image: no reason, it just makes me laugh, I used it for my Death by Cherry post.

  • Teri says:

    Two fill-it-yourself atomizers with Bulgari Au The Vert and vintage EL Aliage.

    Tiny jar Vaseline because this is Colorado and all my body parts dry out and Vaseline can be put absolutely anywhere in a pinch.

    Pressed powder compact of indeterminate brand (kept for the mirror)

    L’Oreal lipstick in Romantic Rose

    Purse-sized expandable file bulging with receipts from personal and business credit cards and receipts for my monthly expense report

    Leather business card wallet

    Cell phone, checkbook wallet, various meds, breath mints, Cross pen and pencil set I’ve had since I graduated college, and wet naps

    Assorted flotsam and various jetsam

  • Kate says:

    decant of Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus. I love it in hot weather. I don’t carry a lot of fragrance on me in the heat.

    silver polishing cloth to spruce up earrings or a ring when I’m stuck in traffic.

    work ID badge with scary pic (I thought I was smiling!) and nice new job title.

  • Nancy G says:

    No samples
    1 blotter from Nordstrom w/ Armani Prive Vetiver de Bsbylon
    1 Dior blotter from Saks w/ Diorella
    iPhone (well, not this second)
    Charger, Altoids, monthly train ticket, orange Lamy Safari fountain pen, thumb drives, work ID, Premensil tablets, Burt’s Bee’s lip balm, bandaids, business cards – mine and many others,

  • mary says:

    Fun question! I carry a couple bags these days. Right now, one is a nifty little nylon baggalini which contains the essential items plus a vintage silk hanky(so funny) and a Chanel rouge coco shine lipgloss in Bel Ami. My other bag is a handmade bag, newly sewn from 70’s vintage fabric with a fun cheetah/mod flowers print. This one is stuffed with reading and writing materials. Reading The Secret of Chanel No.5;0) but no perfume is in the bag. However, I have a whole buncho samples in my desk, too many to list. But the empties are Lonestar Memories, Lddm,and Chanel Sycomore. Oh, and I finally found a scent strip I promised Musette, which was missing for thee last few weeks.

    • Musette says:

      did you find it in the bottom of your handbag? :d

      xo >-)

      • helenviolette says:

        Fun to read what my perfume friends are schleppin around. I have:

        1. Decants/ samples of: Un Lys, A La Nuit, Cuir beluga, Iris Ganache, Prima Ballerina

        2. Hand tooled leather checkbook/wallet my grandmother (now 83) made for me about a decade ago- some of the lacing is worn away but I hope I can get another 20 years out of it!

        3. Assorted lipsticks include: Chanel Coco Shine Boy (current fave), Laura Mercier Scarlet Passion Lip Velvet and LQ Saint Nude.

      • mary says:

        It was in the trunk of the car under the boy child’s baseball stuff :)>-

  • Winifrieda says:

    Well if you define ‘car’ as handbag…a decant of vintage Jicky which I grabbed from the mailbox on the way to the weaner sales a few weeks ago and which turned out to be Exactly Right to compliment the animal *vibe*! It made me think of what the daily lives of people smelled like back when Jicky was created! All those horses….
    Instead of a handbag nowadays I have a jumbo wallet; there’s a Revlon gloss stuffed into one of the pockets along with the usual dockets, cards, bank books etc.
    Yay those cherries!

    • nozknoz says:

      Such an interesting observation about Jicky and the horses – I often wonder how classics like Narcisse Noir, Shalimar, etc. must have smelled to people in their original contexts!

      • hongkongmom says:

        funny u wonder that! I was wearing vintage shalimar yesterday and a friend asked me if I were wearing something aromatherapic(i think thats a word) Then she said like lavender or something

  • rednails says:

    Oh, in my backpack I have 3 bags filled with makeup, most of it from the dollar store, a magazine, and a bottle opener that says “New York” on it, because it is New York that drives me to drink.

  • rosarita says:

    I carry random samples in a tiny mesh big that fits in my makeup bag. I just checked, and they are Pd’E Wazamba, Chanel Allure, Un Zest de Rose, Infusion d’Iris and Montale Black Aoud. My makeup bag is mainly for lipstick; I have 8 in there right now, and they get rotated in & out depending on my circumstances, wardrobe & mood. And I always must have a tube of Cover Girl Wetslicks Wineshine lipgloss. Six of the women I work with wear it now – we all are of different ages and coloring and it works on all of us.

    • Joanna says:

      Just wondering what you think of that Montale Black Aoud? I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my wishlist at TPC.

      • rosarita says:

        I love it: it’s got lots of dark rose and the aoud is more of a backdrop than a frontrunner, meaning it doesn’t have a heavy medicinal note like some in your face aouds do. But it’s a dabber for me. A sample lasts for ages, it has great sillage and stays forever on skin. A full bottle would last me for eternity, and I would probably smother if I was spritzing & not dabbing. Hope this helps a little!

  • rednails says:

    plastic forks & spoons, Lipton tea bags & sugar, a Clarins lipstick of indeterminate color, wallet with hair-dye coupons and old receipts, and, in a little black change purse, samples of Angel Rose, Girard Bouquet d’Orient, Bodicea Explorer and Guerlain A-A Foliflora

  • Julie says:

    A sample of Tocca Bianca that I picked up at Sephora yesterday and haven’t brought in the house yet. Solids of Yves Rocher Vanilla, Pacifica Brazilian Mango Grapefruit & Tibetan Mountain Temple

    Not as much as I usually have – I managed to lose my make-up bag this weekend :( I even bought a ridiculously gaudy silver glittery one so I’d be able to find it in my purse, but still it has gone missing. About to go to Target now to get a new one and restock it. Other than that, wallet, keys, phone, gum (always must have gum – Orbitz spearmint), and one of those reusable bags in a pouch.

    • Julie says:

      And also a ton of random bits of papers – notes, receipts and lists, lip balm (nothing fancy – all you ladies are making me think I need some Lipstick Queen though!) and sunglasses.

  • Occhineri says:

    I never, ever carry perfume in my purse because I work at home & always have access to the full arsenal. The only things I ever have in my purse are my wallet, keys, iPhone & my daughter’s various hair accessories. On the rare nights I go out, I’ll throw in a lipstick or lipgloss, usually from NARS, which is my very favorite brand for such things.

  • Claudia says:

    No perfume and no lipstick, but:
    1)$200 in mad money (Truly mad – I forgot it was in there)
    2)Immodium tabs AND Gas-X tabs (don’t ask…..)
    3)4 L’Oreal hair color coupons
    I never realized what boring purse I have before.

  • Rappleyea says:

    Funny you should ask about perfume in purse as normally I don’t carry it, but today I have two sample vials of new scents that I’m testing for Laurie of SSS. Both beautiful btw! ;-)

    Barely of interest, but the most interesting things I can list are: a piece of adventurine, and a tiny Circa notebook for random notes, ideas and/or phone numbers. These come from Levenger and what I love about them is that if I get an idea for something I’m writing, I can write it down, take it out and attach it to my main notebook when I get home.

    On the subject of lip glosses – Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers one in Raisin and one in Fig.

    I wish I had a winning lottery ticket in there…

  • Dante's Bra says:

    Amidst the crumbs and cat hair:

    -Rice powder paper blotters
    -Hospital ID badge with various cheat sheets: peds vital signs, ACLS algorithms, blah blah
    -Moleskine calendar
    -Lipstick Queen 12 Minutes of Fame
    -Medicine Buddha image from a buddhist temple in SF’s Chinatown
    -Vial of Pirouette Perfume Jasmine Musk– local indie perfumer from Seattle, smells deliciously smutty!
    — Vial of Memo Manoa, which is sweeter than I thought it would be, but when I wear it, people say I smell good. A decant of this would be most welcome.
    – An unwrapped piece of gum encasing a greenish penny. Gross.

  • Joanna says:

    Oops, that should have read O Alquimista by Parfums d’Imperfiction not d’Imperfection. My bad.

  • Joanna says:

    A sample vial of O Alquimista by Parfums d’Imperfection – It opens sort of weird but I really like the dry down. My first thought was, “I’d wear this to the farmers market.”

    A sample of Chergui and a small bottle of Majmua attar oil. I like layering the two.

    A letter from my son’s kindergarten teacher letting me know that my son and other boys from that class got in trouble for shooting diced carrots out of drinking straws at each other during lunch. They will be having a special lesson on manners at lunch tomorrow. It makes me laugh, I’m keeping it in my wallet from now on.

    100% Pure lip gloss tin. I give it to my 3 yr old when she’s getting antsy while we’re out and about. I don’t worry about any of the ingredients being harmful and she loves putting on her, “Make up.”

  • Disteza says:

    I don’t have any perfume in my purse, but there are a few interesting things:
    1. Bottle of Excedrin Migraine, for when I am stabby
    2. Antique WW2 Era Sheffield RAF Commando knife, also for when I am stabby
    3. An envelope full of Claude Moore Colonial Farm tobacco notes. Seriously, I am totally rich, as long as you take tobacco notes.
    4. Lavendar scented “workout wipes”. I go through them the way most people go through toilet paper. But hey, my fencing students never complain that I smell. ;)

  • Kirsten says:

    1. A Philosykos solid, travel sizes of Osmanthe Yunnan & Vetiver Tonka, a Womanity sample, small decants of Iris Ukioye, Diorissimo and 66 at the Beach.

    2. Countless scent strips from last sniffing trip, tissues, lippy (Rouge G), phone, purse, pens, gum, painkillers, hayfever tabs, mini hairbrush, umbrella, nailfile.

  • Illdone says:

    Oh dear,

    A decanted spray of Antilope extrait- found 2 large extrait bottles last week (the cutties with the brown bow)

    A black cotton hand-painted fan -if Karl can pull it of so can I! At least I’ve got my age as an excuse and its getting hotter isn’t it?

    Three lipsticks and a lotery ticket

    A small booklet with the collected poems of Herman De Coninck (never mind who that is)

    Make-up and some more make-up?

    Have fun March- not -being here!!

  • dleep says:

    1. No perfume in my handbag
    2. Ginger Altoids, mini LED flashlight, and at this time of the year allergy nasal spray.

  • Marlene says:

    I decant 5-10ml of my perfumes in active rotation into some wonderful and very colorful, distinctive metal sprays (glass vials, everything is discretely labeled). I then can chose several to take with me during the day. Currently Geranium pour Monsieur, En Passant, Phyloskyos, Bois Naufrage, Lea.

    A small Kiehls plastic zip bag with all my contact lens stuff, two Kiehls lipgloss, and my sample size Elizabeth Arden 8-hour creme.

    My Gucci wallet (gift from Mom)

    Small tape measure (remodeling!)

  • FragrantWitch says:

    IPhone which is jammed with pictures of my daughters and really needs syncing, Peppa Pig plasters, Calpol sachets, pens, notepad, Blistex in blue pot, random crumbs ( thanks girls), Clarins Beauty Flash Balm ( so needs to come in a bigger tube), Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss in Peach, Lipstick Queen in Sinner and L’oreal Telescopic mascara and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, and Tigi Bedhead Manipulator. Can you tell I often get myself presentable on the go? Sadly, usually only after the school run! Ah well can’t be doing with the whole competitive mummy thing – would rather have a bit of extra sleep or calmer breakfast with my girls.

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Love this post! I adore these sneak peeks into people’s lives.

    In my handbag,
    1. AromaSanctum Fire of Isis oil (odd hankering for something heavier in spring weather). Hermes Eau de Meveilles mini for emergencies- it went in my bag one day and never came back out as it’s a good go-anywhere scent. Mini of Shalimar.

  • maggiecat says:

    OK, let me check this out. Carrying a smaller purse than usual due to recent carpal tunnel surgery…OK, vial of Jo Malone French Lime Blossom (which I’m wearing today), mini bottle of Chael Eau de Cologne, which I was wearing yesterday, sample fo L’Artisan The pour un ete, and…I think that’s it. Lipstick (Nars and/or Bobbi Brown)and lip gloss (Dior) are staples. Other than that, see Louise’s post above and find help for both of us, ok?

  • mals86 says:

    What’s in my purse?

    Sample vials of MMM Untitled (which I’ve not got up the noive to try yet, the ashtray note somebody mentioned is preventing me), SSS Jour Ensoleille, and Voluspa Mignonette, as well as my trusty decant of No. 5 Eau Premiere.

    A linen hankie trimmed with blue crocheted lace, spritzed with Mariella Burani. Eyeglass repair kit – all three of my kids wear glasses. Ancient cell phone. A program from the middle school band concert last week, and one from the high school band concert Monday night. Milani Sheer Color lipstick in Candy Apple. Revlon Super Lustrous Cream lipstick in Pink Velvet. A business card from Tabitha’s Tasty Treats, because I go to a Bible study with Tabitha and she brings cupcakes (lemon with fresh raspberry icing, anyone?). Receipts from Wal-Mart and Allison’s Greenhouse and the post office. Keys on a carabiner clip.

  • Kym says:

    Blister Block

    I keep it pretty simple since when I’m not working (I freelance), I just carry my wallet. I love purses and own many, so I tend to keep ’em light – gone are the days when my entire life, every receipt, make-up, biz cards, gum wrappers, etc can be found in my purse.

    • Kym says:

      oh, and let me add the single most important thing in my purse:


      • Musette says:

        ho, yus! on the Moleskine! Love those little books. Always have one but rarely use it – just like to have it in there. Weird, huh?

        xo >-)

        • hongkongmom says:

          depends whose reading…i think pretty normal..i kept a filo fax for weeks…

  • Calypso says:

    Samples of DSH Wild Fig and Miller Harris Tangerine Vert (I recently cleaned out some perfume bins and fished out things I’ve meant to try again). It is Houston hot weather now and I was looking for “refreshing” things.
    Eclipse peppermint sugarless gum
    Peppermint candies
    A big faceted moonstone ring, I was wearing it somewhere recently where it seemed a bit too much so I stuck it in my purse, now I’m glad to know where it is!
    My green ink Pilot pen–I grade student papers in green ink not red, as it seems less aggressive!
    My good pen which is hand-made from bird’s-eye maple and bought in an art gallery up in Michigan

    • lapidary says:

      Ha! I do this too! They report that even critical comments seem nicer when they are not in red. My green pilot exploded on the last plane I was on, so I’ve been using purple, which I’ve now lost. Time for an Office Depot run, just in time for finals!

      Speaking of what’s in my bag: Finals. Lots and lots of finals. Rubber knitting needle stoppers, crochet hook, lots of tea bags in case I’m at the inlaws, which is a desert (or dessert?) of sweet fruity caffeine-less teas that are undrinkable to me. A lip balm in caipirinha flavor, which I found inexplicable when it was given to me (why put alcohol-flavored things ON your lips and not IN them?)but is still floating around in case of a chap-stick emergency, Burt’s Bees chapstick which is my A-team lip moisturizer, and, since my last clean-out, only one little lonely sample: Ormonde Jayne Woman.

  • sara says:

    samples/decants in my bag: decants of Chergui and Cuir de Russie, samples/vials of Yosh Phenomenon, L’Heure Bleue, and Vol de Nuit. I don’t own a car so I always carry a big bag–current workhorse is Kate Spade grey Tarrytown tote–contents include kindle, ipod, sunglasses and several DS lipsticks in my attempt to find an inexpensive replacement for my favorite dc’ed lipstick Clinique’s Black Lily.

  • Musette says:

    what defines me in my handbag, as I type this:

    small mead notebook with pockets (I’m old school) it’s my call log/receipt holder/HG – never without it. a couple of NYT crossword puzzles from the tear-off calendar are stuck in there in case I am stuck somewhere. pencil for crosswords/pen for call log

    vintage hankie
    small decant of vintage Mitsouko edp (thanks, Carol!)
    vial of Liz Zorn Harbinger(for review) (thanks, Carol!!)
    Napolean Perdis lipstick (YLLB – Niki thanks, M)
    Nars lipstick (YLLB with a bit more saturation – Morrocco)
    Rimmel lip pencil in Coffee
    phone that I can never find
    something pointy which I can always find
    Ethanol Producer magazine
    couple of Hershey’s Kisses in a ziploc bag
    glasses case

    xo >-)

    • Rappleyea says:

      LOL! I don’t think the House can win the prize, but if it could, you’d get it for the Ethanol Producer magazine. I wish I had the ROTFL guy emoticon.

      • Musette says:

        I will try to give him to you here – but that’s nothing, Rappleyea! One time I had (I kid you not) in my large ivory trapezoid Furla handbag, a full set of license plates! For TWO DAYS!



        and hey, I could’ve had Algae Biomass magazine in the bag but I left it on my desk!

        • Rappleyea says:

          I really, really want to come and visit you! Slap that emoticon on here again!

  • Jen says:

    Let’s see. I’ll play. In my purse

    The red carded Malle samp from the perfume swap, I so don’t remember the name, just the color of the card.

    two nukkies for the toddler (yes two, she’s an addict)
    three pens, only one of which works
    earbuds for my iphone
    prescription sunglasses in a broken case

    and by bag is a custom made plum leather foldover tote. Anniversary gift from the hubs. LOVE. IT.

  • Mrs.Honey says:

    1) Chamade EDP sample from TPC
    Narcisse Noir in a boxed sample vial
    3) Love Chloe sample made for me at Nordstroms.
    4) Tresor and Eau premier spray samples in my make up case

  • Ann says:

    Oooh, March, you are holding my feet to the fire! Guess this is a not-so-subtle hint from the universe that I need to clean out my purse and overstuffed wallet. :)
    I’m currently toting around samples of Mary Greenwell Plum (thanks, M!), Diaghilev (thanks, A and L!)
    and Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela, along with two of my fave Chanel lipsticks and their dry/wet face powder. Also Laura Mercier’s stick lip balm.
    Those Lipstick Queens have always intrigued me; need to look into those. And thanks for reviving the naughty cherries — brought a much-needed smile to my face this morning!

  • nozknoz says:

    Great topic – there’s something so delicious about vicariously snooping in other peoples purses or backpacks! Also, I love seeing that crazy label again – someone had so much fun designing something at once so innocent AND so dirty!

    Sniffies: Jean Patou Vacances mini, Frapin 1697 decant, samples of Via Verra 2008, Brecourt Haram and Brecourt Ambre Noir.

    Other items, I carry a lot less than I used to, but always Injinji bamboo sticky toe socks for Pilates, a tiny Moleskine for notes, and a mini Maglite and extra cash for emergency exits (this being the DC area, one never knows). Also usually a couple of my favorite talismanic silver rings with carnelian or lapis to ward off the evil eye, etc. ;-)

  • Aubrey says:

    1) Samples that I liked from TPC 2 years ago, when I couldn’t bear being apart from them: Kai (nearly empty), UJslN (empty), Matin d’Orage, Jardin de Kerylos. A newly added sample of Jardin sur le Toit, which I love. Normally carry In Love Again too, but don’t have it today.

    Scented Handkerchief, embroidered with an iris by me, clipped into a old fashioned silver cigarette holder. Scented with Kelly Caleche Parfum, which is INCREDIBLE on fabric. One squirt lasts all week.

    2) Moleskin with notes that I use as a wallet. Various lip balms, my favorite being the original Burt Bees and Blistex Lip Medex in the blue pot. Ipod, though I never listen to it at work, I like the idea of being able to if I want to (loaded with podcasts and the new Radiohead).

    3) Now thinking that I should try Lipstick Queen… I’ve been looking for a good, tinted moisturizer. I like plums. Any recs for a shade?

  • pyramus says:

    In my knapsack, aka “The Security Blanket”, right at the moment:

    1) 15-mL sprays of Hermes Vetiver Tonka and Ambre Narguile, a 15-mL mini of Demeter Junior Mint, and a few Serge Lutens spray samples–Chypre Rouge, Santal Blanc, and one that almost all the writing has worn off except I can still make out the letter C, so I guess it’s Clair de Musc.

    2) Wallet, keys, iPod touch, Kindle, tissues, umbrella, notepad and pen, extra pens and pencils, random scraps of paper with things written on them, travelling knitting bag containing a sock in progress. Idle hands are the devil’s playground!

    And FOUR lip balms (three twist-up sticks and a metal tin), because if I am ever more than three feet from lip balm, the Apocalypse will begin.

  • Olfacta says:

    Right now I’m getting used to working “offsite” (as in other than spare bedroom) so my purse, backpack and life are messy. In purse I find a half-ounce of Laura Tonatto, a nice citrus, which was in my gym bag which is still in the trunk of my car, and an old decant of Bal a Versailles for emergencies. Backpack — OMG. Laptop cord, phone charger cord, clipboard with half-written syllabus for a class; empty glasses case (can’t find the glasses). Receipts, coffee filter (why?) box of Soivohle samples. And that’s on a good day.

  • capillary says:

    Hmm. I have a bottle of L’Heure Bleue EDP in my bag at the moment – the lovely gold refillable container that looks like it’s been holepunched – but only because I’m going out this evening from work. Usually I don’t carry perfume or a little decant at most.

    Other objects: a million tubes of French eczema cream. Two Lipstick Queen lipsticks (Saint Nude, Saint Rust). My giant nerdy headphones and an ipod loaded up with the most recent Rachel Maddow Show on podcast. And receipts, receipts everywhere :)

    • capillary says:

      Also clip-on lights for my bicycle! I find them useful when I can’t find my keys, as well. They are much brighter than my phone screen which is what I use otherwise.

    • Aubrey says:

      So the lipstick queens are really good, eh? I’ve been looking for a good tinted balm (I tried the Burt’s Bees but they were garish on me). That’s two comments on those!

      • capillary says:

        I think they are really good! They aren’t greasy or shiny, have beautiful buildable colour, and feel really nice on. They don’t dry out my lips, don’t smell, and they look natural. I’ve stopped wearing other lipsticks almost completely. Give the Saints a try!

        • Dante's Bra says:

          Second the lipstick queen. The colors and coverage are amazing. They have a little sample set with five colors that’s a good way to try ’em out.

  • Melissa says:

    Always a little afraid to look….

    A small bottle of vintage Shalimar pdt. Decants of Hilde Soliano Conafetto (not sure I like it yet), Diaghilev, and a few assorted small samples. Four lipsticks/glosses and my makeup staples for touch-ups. Fragrances and lippies will be replaced this morning for new scents and colors. You inspired me to look and clean things out.

    The scary part for me: Personal smartphone, Blackberry for work, iPod, earbuds, USB thumbdrive. I won’t even begin to start with the chargers, laptop, etc that are in my laptop case/tote for work. I carry an electronics store and I have mini-panic attacks whenever I reach in and can’t immediately locate what I’m searching for. Oh and keys for two offices, multiple cars and home. More panic attacks.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Spray decants of Heure Exquise, Y, and Or des Indes. Vintage floral cotton hankie (always! I collect them and I use them too). Laura Mercier lipstick in Brown Sugar, a “my lips but better” shade. A “wheat” penny dated 1940.

  • Marla says:

    I have a neon-orange sample vial of Alien Sunessence Soleil Saphir (the grapefruit Alien), a solid of Hove’s Rue Royale from New Orleans, yum!, and my rosary from Oberammergau, Germany, where they carve a lot and perform the Passion Play every 10 years.

  • Francesca says:

    half-full 5ml decant of Bois de Violette (in the handbag);

    real book (Bent Road—excellent!); Nook Color (mss I should be reading for work); and a whole bunch of those checks my bank keeps sending me to try to entice me to get further into debt, which I keep meaning to put through the shredder at work. All those things are in my Penguin tote.

  • sybil says:

    1) cute little metal covered atomizer with Chergui
    2) cute little metal covered atomizer with Bvlgari Black
    3) some tinted lip stuff by Neutrogena or other lip coloring currently in favor.
    4) an eyeliner in a dark reddish brown.
    5) Tictacs! Mint only.
    A card from the botanica with the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

    This is the only remotely interesting stuff.

  • Kim says:

    small decant 31 Rue de Cambon Chanel
    small spray No 5 parfum Chanel
    yes, I am a Chanel perfume fan girl – it is always Chanel that I have in my purse :))

    I was dragged kicking and screaming into the land of Apple and iPod but now my purse is never without my 2 new favourite toys:
    Apple Nano – tiny, has a pedometer, holds a ton of music, and a wonderous touch screen.
    Apple iTouch – yes, I am an Apple fan girl! I keep a ton of apps including work stuff, school stuff, news, exercise……
    and a ton of music (different selection than on the nano)
    AND a ton of books now that the Kindle has an app for the iTouch
    The result is I feel totally spoilt and can listen to different music when commuting vs. studying vs. reading
    And I can carry around with me almost all the books I am reading, school or leisure, at a given time. Oh, and the blank screen is a killer flashlight!

    • Julie says:

      I was just looking today about getting an iPod Touch – seems like you recommend it! I am one of the few holdouts with no smartphone as I refuse to pay more every month. but am looking to get a bigger iPod since I just have the 30GB iPod and want to put all my music somewhere, so was thinking of the 64 GB Touch.

      • Kim says:

        Do it!! You’ll wonder why you waited so long :))
        It’s unreal how handy and convenient these devices have become. I can’t decide which I like better – having all my music or all my reading with me. And all in one small device in my purse, leaving room for 2 perfumes. Sigh.

  • waftbycarol says:

    oh , geez , it’s a good thing I cleaned out my bag last week . It’s a metallic straw hobo with not enough pockets so I had to streamline . Usually , in the little Chloe zipper pouch I have my contact lens solution and eye drops . There’s enough room in there for about a dozen 5 ml decants , but as I said I streamlined . So right now there’s Iranzol and Seplasia ,Chant d’Aromes , Seve Exquise and a small splash bottle of DSH Vintage Patchouly parfum .
    Then there’s my coveted mother of pearl purse spray of Diaghilev .
    A package of watermelon sugar free gum ( and wow does it throw monster sillage ! ), a vintage hankie ( also from Anita ! )Nars Petit Monstre lippie , and a Laura Mercier make-up bag stuffed with stuff .
    Among other things , but not much money….

  • Louise says:

    Hope you’re having fun and being bad, wherever you are!

    In my purse…forgotten lipsticks, melted chocolates, sticky stuff I can’t recognize, coins covered by sticky stuff, a utility wallet that leaks said coins, tooth whitening gum. Cell phone I can’t reach in time to answer. Sometimes sticky pens. Slips of paper with numbers I can’t source. Used Metro cards. Old receipts.

    I think I may need a little help…

  • Andrea D. says:

    Hello March,
    five white feathers with different F.Kurkdjian scents, a purple wallet with tassel, a malachite coloured suede make-up bag, and lots of silver coloured bonbon wrappers – courtesy from my sons. Good colour combination, now I come to think of it. No vials though. Strange.

  • jen says:

    Ipod, coupons, Stella roll on perfume

  • Lilybug says:

    1. I almost never keep perfume in my bag but there are sample atomisers of a couple of Acqua di Parma fragrances that I mean to give to a friend, and a mini of Jean Paul Gaultier parfum that I picked up at a thrift store for all of 20 cents. Couldn’t believe my luck with that one. Hasn’t quite made it to the cabinet yet.

    2. A black laser cut leather purse / clutch that my husband bought me for our anniversary in April (the most sophisticated one I have ever owned; it feels like a milestone of Womanhood) and inside that is the picture from a scratchie I was given 8 years ago by my mum. It has a road sign with a duck and her babies which, for some reason, tickled me enough that I’ve carted it around all these years.

  • Undina says:

    1) sample vials of Rose Musc and Wood Violet by Sonoma Scent Studio;

    2) small sewing kit (matchbox size), small flashlight (postage size) and a tiny USB drive (chewing gum pellet size).

  • hongkongmom says:

    Hi March…love the death by cherrys pic!!!!
    Oooops NO perfume in bag
    A small lightweight book of Tehillim(psalms)
    A bunch of glass/crystal pieces I picked up whilst walking the streets of Wanchai looking for ideas for my next mosaic piece
    I did spray vintage Shalimar edt before I left tho!!!!

  • Madea says:

    –A small spray bottle of Florida Water

    –A bookmark with the Death Eaters on it.

    –A prayer card with my Patron Saint on it.