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Jasmine perfume – skanky, indolic, sensual…



Whoa, whoa, puuuump the brakes, Ethel.  

If you’ve been around perfume and this rather quirky perfume crowd for any length of time, you probably already know about the more, fecal aspects to jasmine, but if your exposure to jasmine perfumes have been those meticulously well-blended florals that hide all the best the jasmine flower has to offer, we’ll need to cover a little bit of chemistry first.


I’ll take Floral Chemistry for $1,000, Alex


I’m kidding!  You guys all know chemistry, along with statistics that don’t have dollar signs, research papers and Excel spreadsheets make me sleepy.  So let’s just link it up to smarter people, and I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version.  Indoles by themselves don’t smell like feces, more like musty decay, but hook it up with some musk and humidity, and inst-o-poop.  The animalic piece of jasmine isn’t from the indoles – it’s from some other chemical they share with horses.

Okay, see, not painful!

Like all my other perfume choices in the single note series, I am not using perfumes that use it in some blend because jasmine is used in about everything, probably more than rose – it’s a basic building block of thousands or perfumes, all of which I’m not going to sniff for this piece.  Now, it may be the prominent note in a floral blend, obviously, since I’m not doing only soliflores, but it has to be prominent – Patou Joy  for example.  Then I’m going to divide them up into groups in some weird way or another, but sorted as well by how indolic they are. If you hate when jasmine is indolic, it’s okay!  There are plenty of beautiful ones to choose from that are pure as the driven snow and almost never hint of being slutty.

As a reference, if you’re not really sure what that indolic thing smells like, try Serge Lutens A La Nuit.  It is perfectly balanced jasmine perfection. It teeters and ricochets and spins in between the walls of deeply indolic and just beautiful jasmine and holds that balance in some freakish tension for like an hour – my favorite part – before it settles down into a complete enchanting and mesmerizing jasmine perfume.  So start there to learn about what jasmine does smell like. BTW, I ran across a study out there that said that Jasmine was a better sedative than Valium – 

“…in a Plexiglas cage whose air contained a high concentration of the fragrance, the mice ceased all activity and sat quietly in the corner.”

Funny, that sounds a little like me.  Or… you know… quite a few of you.  And A La Nuit has it in spades. I can feel it unwinding stress as I lay my nose down into it. It’s also supposed to help you sleep. So grab a hit of jasmine for your bedside table if you have trouble sleeping, and you can stop dealing with that Ambien hangover. So let’s think of the most indolic of our jasmine perfumes as drugs, shall we?  

The first major entry into perfume as drugs is Jean Patou Joy, and I’m talking the vintage pure parfum because I just don’t like to screw around with Joy.  It has the real Grasse jasmine in it, which is pretty heady stuff. It is a blend, but when I smell it, it oozes old world luxury – days when you took an oceanliner to Europe or a proper train across Europe included one of those dark bar cars where you might run across mysterious, dangerous men over a gin and tonic.  It was the scent of luxury and wild possibilities, especially in that drydown.  Back when they made perfumes that smelled like a lady on the surface and a complete slut as you got closer. All that civet in the parfum of Joy is a wonder.  I put it on before bed and woke up in the morning smelling like I’d had a shag or ten.  Hey, it didn’t happen – the shagging, I mean.

 Joy is the Madame of Jasmine Perfumes, she binds all that came after to her – in the dark and under the sheets.  


Mainlining Jasmine Heroin


In the rock-paper-scissors Game of Jasmines of the very indolic variety, there are a few that should knock you to a heavy doped sleep that you may or may not wake up from.  

AbdesSalaam Attar Tawaf – I think I said back in July that this one is feral and growls.  I stand by that. Nothing has changed. The jasmine leaps from the bottle and clamps down on your nose and starts humping it.  Kinda like that French Poodle, Jacques, my Aunt Ruby had.  It’s loamy mushroom on the open, then the sink into lush piles of  jasmine.  

CB I Hate perfume Cradle of Light is hands down one of my favorite jasmines.  Christopher Brosius told us about this when we were there in 2007, I don’t think it was out right then, but he basically started with his Musk and then threw in obscenely expensive jasmine absolutes, some tomato leaves and galbanum to green that dirt up when it first goes on.  CB did some interesting things with this jasmine. It’s every bit as feral and offensive, but the green and earth notes hold it back, so the narcotic quality of it never really shoves you over the edge of “OHDEARGODGETTHISTHINGOFFME” which is what you’d think would happen when you read that list of notes. I’ll pull March’s review of it back in2007 – 

jasmine perfume courtesan caravaggio

Caravaggio – portrait of a courtesan


“The initial two minutes of this fragrance is a wonder – at first dab it smells of almost nothing (huh?) presumably while the oils are warming on my skin; then there is a broken-stem fusillade of galbanum and other shrubbery so intense I was worried I´d met my first CB scrubber where I´d least expected it, along with a damp-earth note that conjures my beloved Black March; the greenness suddenly subsides; there is a brief pause for maximum effect, then comes a storm of white flowers that manages to come right up to my pleasure redline but not stifle me. I do this again and again, and it never fails to enchant me.”


Well, there you go, it sounds like a long, hot slow, um, something or other with no happy ending?  And exactly!  

Nasomatto Nuda opens, and I’m thinking someone did just take a dump on my arm.  This is so slutty, and even with the broad array of skanky jasmine perfumes I have sitting on top of my coffee table and now on my left arm while working on this post, this thing is just flat out killing everything in its path. It is the jasmine version of a Category 5 Jasmine tornado.  While some of the others go much earthier (Tawaf and Cradle of Light), Nuda just floats along on an indolic path.  As much as I get the “idea” of a lusty jasmine, there is something restrained about it after the first 15 minutes.  Like that socialite that is so buttoned up in elegant, almost prim gowns, but runs a fetish call girl business out of her penthouse – you can’t see that in public, except every now and then a glimpse of a malevolently sensual smile when she thinks no one is looking.

Serge Lutens Sarrasins explodes out with a ferocity that makes me gasp, and it never fails to surprise me.  Leather, civet, jasmine, something a little mentholated.  Sarrasins flies its freak flag proudly, with no apology, embracing that common note it has with a horse and keeps nosing into it deeper.  In a good way!  If you’ve ever ridden horses, when you are brushing them down, there is a smell when you put your nose in their neck that I think is amazing, and it’s that note that Sarrasins has, that skin/leather/horsey magic.  

Montale Jasmin Full definitely hits paydirt for a mainlined heroin jasmine, but I don’t find it that skanky, just really narcotic and a lovely rendition of jasmine that feels the closest to what it would be in nature.  No putzing around with a lot of other notes, just the full jasmine Monty.  Easy on the appliation a drop or two of this can scent you, your house, your pets and neighborhood for the better part of a day.

Amouage Tribute – by special request and my unanimous agreeableness because I love it so much (Hey, Musette, and it’s in color just for you!). It’s got some jasmine in it, so exactly, yeah!  Smoky vetiver oud rose infused jasmine.  I really don’t get enough occasion to talk about this one or smell it, so I’m deeply grateful for the nudge. If you haven’t done smoky jasmine, this is the place to start and end.  You may never recover, I warn you.  You will either hate it, leave this blog and never come back, declaring us nuts, or you’ll just give your nose over to this beautiful, beautiful smoky sedative and never find your way back.  


Jasmine all buttoned up and beautiful – Mainstream


 jasmine perfume alienLet’s get out of the way what I just hated the most.  Maybe there’s some plastic cheap horrible jasmine scent out there that I haven’t smelled that would be far worse – but call me a skeptic that it exists.  I smelled Thierry Mugler Alien shortly after it came out, and there is nothing that has happened from that day to this that has changed my mind about how much I hate that nasty thing.  I don’t know what the hell Ropion was thinking, and I’m blaming his partner for whatever happened to it.  Solar jasmine is something that shouldn’t exist, and I’m still trying to recover from smelling it again after I swore never, ever again.  

Ropion No Longer Rulz

Jo Malone, on the other hand, has me somewhat happy with her two mainstream jasmine-centric perfumes –  Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint and Honeysuckle & Jasmine.  While I’m not completely bowled over by either of them, they are both pretty, easy to wear and would suit anyone who really loves jasmine but does not want it creeping out the guy they are setting next to on the transit.  I always think what I just wrote is the Kiss of Death.  It basically means boring, not offensive, smells like jasmine, not memorable.  But, hey, sometimes that’s exactly what you want for some occasions.  You can’t go tooling around the office smelling like you had a quickie in a jasmine bush on your way to work.

Annick Goutal Songes, on the other hand, just blows me away for a mainstream jasmine.  Annick is a little niche, but since she can be found in almost any department store, I’m sending her to mainstream for this. Songes is so gorgeous, it almost makes me cry. Creamy jasmine silhouetted by gardenia, Songes can straddle the gardenia and jasmine category with her lusty thighs, but I tossed her over on the jasmine side because it just seems more prominent.  This is so beautiful, but it’s got some tinges of naughty around the edges, and it is smoldering sensuality. It’s all warmed tropical islands, lazy days filled with sun and sex.  And it probably could go up there in the seriously narcotic jasmines. I don’t know why, don’t ask my reasons, it just didn’t feel right!  But Songes is so narcotic, it is mesmerizing, and this is the EDT I have, I understand the EDP is even more so.  The Goutal I don’t have is Le Jasmin. I’ve never tried any of the Goutal soliflores, not sure why!  It needs to be in this category, I just don’t have anything to say about it (insert all commenters who have smelled it telling me they can’t believe I’ve never smelled this incredible jasmine creation, at which time I collapse in tears because I haven’t and how could I possibly have considered publishing this post – besides a deadline – without having smelled it)

I have to admit, I’m not sure I ever really smelled Estee Lauder Jasmin White Moss until about now. Hey, this stuff happens.  March reviewed it when it came out, so I didn’t really need to.  It’s really lovely, feels old world, and it’s a great mainstream take on jasmine. It isn’t dethroning Songes as my favorite mainstream jasmine, but if Songes is just a little too interesting.

Fresh Pink Jasmine, Donna Karan Essences Jasmine, and Bvlgari Jasmin Noir are all varying degrees of okay jasmine mainstream fragrances, depending on your personal tastes. I throw them out here as options that I don’t really detest too much or if I do, I can see how they could be loved.  They just aren’t really doing it for me.  YMMV, to each his own, insert another 30 perfume platitudes that basically say don’t hate me if one of these are something you adore. I’m a cretin, what can I say?


Jasmine Flying Beautiful, Free and Mostly Virginal – Niche 

By Kilian Love and Tears – crowned the winner unanimously by everyone present as the most beautiful jasmine perfume that skates completely over the cesspool of indoles after dipping it’s beautiful and pampered toe in the indolic waters right at the open.   Listen, this thing is so beautiful, and I don’t have a full bottle, and I can’t think of one reason why I don’t, except I keep living off of samples. Calice Becker uses her radiating accord signature to diffuse what could be either too heavy or too saccharine and morphs it into its title – love and tears.  It is the love that makes your heart burst, it is the tears that will last a lifetime, but won’t take back one second of the love.  

It is the broken that reflects light.  Akhilandeshvari, Hindu goddess, Never Not Broken, I’m sure I’ve talked about her before.  Because she is fractured in a million places, healing, only to break again, she reflects light like a diamond.  Calice Becker does that kind of reflected brilliance in her perfumes. They break your heart just enough to let in more light and joy.  

I’m squeezing Ormonde Jayne Frangipani in here because it is so pretty. It is a white floral blend, and it may violate one of my rules of being jasmine dominant, but it followed me home, and I’m keeping it!

The missing perfume I am all weepy about is The Different Company Jasmin de Nuit. I would have sworn I had a teeny little bottle of it around, but it is nowhere, so I’m going completely on memory. Spices and jasmine, a completely different take by Celine Ellena.  Not my favorite jasmine in the world, but its uniqueness and sheer pretty earns my love.

Le Labo Jasmin 17 gets a spot in this virginal jasmine niche area because it is just so damn pretty!  Roucel did it.


Yeah, pretty perfumes!!  Roucel Ruulz ALL! 

Etat Libre d’Orange Jasmin et Cigarette is one I go back and forth on.  I sorta love it because it’s so weird, but it’s just not something I ever wear.  But it gets aces for being a little bit of a freak.
I really wanted to like Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge, and I was over the moon in love with it on the open, all big jasmine and those cute little spices came peeping out, and in retrospect, I just wanted it to end there.  Like a love affair that’s gone on just a little too long, I grew weary of it trying too hard, ignored it, and then it just become boring by its repeatedly asking me why I didn’t love it anymore.  

And those are my picks for mostly the best with a worst or two thrown in. There are a lot of jasmine dominant perfumes I did not try because I don’t have them.  And I”m pretty sure y’all will point the ones I know I didn’t try out and the ones I’ve never heard of, so let me have it!

Surveyed some of the Posse, and here’s what they said –

Tom – It hasn’t been done yet. I’d love a jasmine that’s like the one that perfumes the nights here in Los Angeles, especially in the hills. Something that has the chill of evening the air off the ocean forcing the almost electric Santa Anas into retreat. With a soupçon of sage and a bare touch of dried pine as a nod to Coldwater Cañon. Add some leather and some of the oil that Andy Tauer came up with in “Hyacinth and a Mechanic” (ED – OMG, you know, I ran across this in a drawer looking for TDC Jasmine and screamed because I didn’t think I had any left!) and it could be a cruise up the canyon in a vintage Jag with the roof off. The life I’d like to lead. And musk. It’s a desert. We sweat. Heck, Beverly Hills will be 100 years old in 2014. Somebody do this, please?

Portia – Everything I thought was jasmine is some other white flower except Guerlain’s Lys Soleia. My current go to frag and it is AH MAY ZING!!! (ED. – Portia, are you sure about this being jasmine?  I think it may wind up in that pile of perfumes that are some other white flower   :Happy-Grin: )

Anita – That’s (Jasmine) another weird one for me.  Like gardenia, I want to love it but…well, I love a good jasmine essential oil (usually distilled into a carrier oil, as the stuff costs a bomb ) – anyhoo I take a bit whallop of Cetaphil cream and drop 6-10 drops of jasmine EO into the whallop.  A perfect veil of apres-bain jasmine!  And Floris does a beautiful jasmine.  In fact, the perfume is sitting on my table right now.  Carnal Flower has a touch of jasmine but unless all conditions are perfect, the tuberose holds it hostage, in the corner, at knifepoint.  Like Ann, I am in love with Alien, which I find  hysterical as I hate Angel like a mongoose hates a snake. PLEASE put Tribute therein.  PLEASE?  It’s the smokiest jasmine on the planet.  Such a perfect pairing, as if an old, woody jasmine bush was in its last, fullest flower  – and the flowers were drying (and even more potent)…when the ta’if rose bush underneath caught on fire!

Ann – I don’t have a lot of jasmine fragrances but ones I do like are –  By Kilian Love and Tears, Serge Luten Sarrasins (love that initial blast!), Dior New Look (not exactly the starring player in this one but I get a nice hint of it in there).  And applied lightly, Alien is an other-worldly hit of jasmine — when you’re in the mood for it, there’s nothing better. For days when you’d like to wear it, but at a lower volume, the body cream is quite nice.

Arielle – I HATE jasmine perfumes. I feel like a jasmine flower is taking an ice pick to my brain just THINKING about it. Can I list my LEAST favorite jasmine fragrances, or is that a bit too negative? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. My least favorite jasmine fumes are Gorilla Perfumes Lust, Thierry Mugler Alien, Chanel Gardenia, and Guerlain Samsara. 



(Disclosure – some of the perfumes for the samples are from my personal collection and some are donated by Surrender to Chance both for me to sample and as the prize)


Fernando October 1, 2012

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I sometimes hate internet. i got carried away and wrote a huge paragraph on how as a child I discovered scatole, the other major stinker component of jasmine (yes, the fecal one), how no one believed me and then years later proved them wrong with the power of wikipedia! I pressed "submit" and the connection was lost and so was my comment. Lost for ever and no one will ever know what a child genius I was so I will post this video instead hoping that you will still enter my in the draw. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsw55kh2Ct8

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Lynn Welch September 28, 2012

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I have yet to come to terms with jasmine! Most of the times, I will try a jasmine fragrance and find myself turning over my shoulder during the day to see who's standing behind me with such a disturbing smell. Then I realize that this particular, peculiar smell is emanating from me, and, well... Occasionally though, I find myself feeling all seductive and evening-lace-slip-welcoming home my husband in a jasmine scent. I have never experienced a fragrance note playing such tricks with my nose. Although I more times than not are disturbed by jasmine, I keep returning to it, hoping for more. My quest will not end yet, I am sure!

Lauren S September 27, 2012

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sherobin September 27, 2012

The most beautiful jasmine I've ever smelled was Tigerflag's Motia Attar, now long gone. A good substitute, and a stand-by for me is Ava Luxe Pikaki. I also love the Guerlain AA Flora Nerolia, which is more about jasmine than Neroli, and Le Labo Jasmin 17. They are almost the same animal, but the former is the grown-up version. I wear the latter more often. The new Dior Grand Bal was gorgeous and refined - someday I'd like a bottle. But my first jasmine love was Shiseido Zen black. Some may question this being put in the jasmine category, but to me it has always smelled predominately of the finest jasmine tea, made into a rose-tinged chypre. Thanks for the draw!

Brooke September 27, 2012

What a fantastic draw. This was the first year I explored jasmine fragrances. I have to admit that I wear EldO's Jasmin et Cigarette more frequently thank most due to it's quirkiness and longevity. The odd thing is that skin is normally like glue but most jasmine frags disappear rather quickly - Jo M Jasmine & Mint, Ineke's Poets's Jasmine, l'Artisan The pour Un Ete are all lovely but fleeting. Now a couple of the heavy hitters like SL A la Nuit and Montal Full Jasmin have me running for the hills - too heady for me.

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A bit late to the jasmine party, but I do love me some skanky flowers...especially, as Flora mentioned, Le Galion Jasmine in parfum. My absolute favourite indolic jasmine. I also love Coty's Jasmin de Corse, which is quite similar, but perhaps a bit smokier, with a slight petrol note. Gorgeous. And Guerlain's Jasmin is also a lovely little stinker. all sadly discontinued, alas...on the current front, I actually quite like one of the Aura Cacia blends a swapper sent me a bottle of a while back. I don't know the name of it, but it is a surprisingly ripe, full-bodied little number.

Jeff B September 26, 2012

Jasmine has become a recent obsession of mine, and I must admit I love Alien.

Katherine September 26, 2012

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Like Dina C., my only reference to jasmine is jasmine tea - which I adore. I would love to be able to sniff all of these and find something compatible with my skin (most florals - especially iris - are scrubbers for me).

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Thus far I've smelled, uh, two jasmines, and obviously my poor ol' nose is unedumacated, because I thought Jennifer Aniston and Alien were both lovely. Come rescue me from my plebeian sniffer! Jasmine is actually slated to be explored next summer (yup, I plan that far in advance), so this list is going to be saved and referred to when it's time to immerse myself in the indolic end of the perfume pool. Keep doing the series, I love it!

Kandice September 26, 2012

I love true jasmine essential oils but haven't had a chance to try many perfumes yet with this as the primary note. Would love to be entered in the draw! Thanks for the giveaway!

DrLemur September 26, 2012

This reminds me that I really need to figure out what that nice shrub in my yard is. Some people tell me gardenia, others jasmine. Me, I just think it smells lovely.

Janice September 26, 2012

I am really enjoying this series of posts. Favorite jasmine would have to be Joy, but again there are so many here I haven't tried yet.

Jayme September 26, 2012

I want to sample Joy! Please enter me in the drawing....

monkeytoe September 26, 2012

I love jasmine on the stem and in the juice. You didn't mention a couple of my faves. Hanging with the bad set behind the gym are Norma Kamali's, L’Orientaliste's, and Bruno Acampora's while the sweeter, freshly showered set, Guerlain AA Jasminora and PG Ilang Ivohibe, study in the carrels in the library. Thank you for the drawing!

Mrs.Honey September 26, 2012

I love Joy, but it is not any more a jasmine than is Chanel No.5 Joy is the ultimate floral, with plenty of civet. I go back and forth on Alien. I know that there are other perfumes with jasmine that I like, but can't think of them right now.

Joe September 25, 2012

Ooooh. Jasmine. A few standouts definitely include Joy, Sarrasins, and that EL Jasmine White Moss. But also, a major favorite is PG Drama Nuui -- reminds me exactly of a type of climbing jasmine ('polyanthum') that grows in my Calif neighborhood and blooms huge billowing clouds of blossoms in early spring. Love your sample giveaways lately, you generous lady. Thanks for the opportunity!

Ramona September 25, 2012

Whoa! Who doesnt like a little bit o skank? Please enter me in the draw and Thank You- quite a few listed I have yet to try, but I am working on it, oh so slowly =)

Lorinda September 25, 2012

I really like Jasmine, but mostly I do the EO and absolute. For some reason I don't trust jasmine perfumes, I have none but vintage Joy (which I LOVE). I have a sample of Alien I will try in the next few days, and Songes has been on my list for so long I forgot why! I think I will put the CB I hate perfumes one on my list for trying next. Thanks for the great series! I know you did Gardenia, but what about Tuberose? The late summer weather is making me crave it. :--)

Janet in California September 25, 2012

Love/ hate jasmine. But when I love it---heaven! Great series!

Elisa September 25, 2012

When I first started getting into perfume I bought a bottle of vintage Eau de Joy and thought it was SO unbelievably skanky! All I smelled was jasmine, jasmine, jasmine FUNK. now I smell all the beautiful rose too and jasmine doesn't just smell like monkey sex to me. I hate the original Alien too (grape soda!) but some of the flankers are great -- I recently bought a bottle of the Ambre d'Or version. I also like a good oily metallic jasmine as in Songes or Lust sometimes too, especially in summer.

Lynda September 25, 2012

Thank you for hosting this! I'd love to add to my sample collection with some jasmine!

smy September 25, 2012

Omg, I love jasmine! But I haven't tried many of these and they sound amazing! Please enter me in the draw!

Liane September 25, 2012

Great jasmine round up! I have a love/hate thing with it, and now I better understand why. Please enter me in the drawing!

Thalia September 25, 2012

Oh, please do enter me! This sounds fabulous. One I didn't see mentioned that I like is Bulgari Black -- such weird rubber/leather/vanilla jasmine, I really enjoy it.

kizzers September 25, 2012

I'm loving these guides! Jasmine's are a huge favourite of mine, and Songes was my first hunt-down-at-all-costs-must-have-it-now bottle as a budding perfumista. My garden is full of jasmines too - poopy ones and clean ones!

Jaclyn Schoknecht September 25, 2012

I second Tom's comment! I'd be the first (well second) one in line to buy that fragrance. I lived in LA for 10 years and one of the things I miss the most is the smell of night blooming jasmine. Swoon!

Simone September 25, 2012

Oh, thanks for this guide, I need it! I am relatively new to perfumes, especially to the appeal of the florals. For the time being, my favorite jasmine would be love and tears, but I haven't tried many. I liked it because it felt so elegant!

Nina Z September 25, 2012

I'm loving this whole series! Wonderful job. One of my favorite jasmines is Atelier Cacao. After the chocolate and orange part fades, it is a beautiful natural jasmine! And that's good news indeed about jasmine for better sleep. I've been trying other notes (vanilla, orange blossom, etc.), but now I'm definitely going to try jasmine.

Jeanine September 25, 2012

Serge Lutens wins again! Can't get enough of Sarrasins.

Alityke September 25, 2012

Wow! How many of those do I own and love? Obv no need to enter me in the draw. Didn't realise I was such a jasmine slut. My fave A La Nuit, my least loved Alien, yet she still gets an occasional outing

Jeanine September 25, 2012

Hahahaha! I want a fragrance that humps my nose! That is quite the visual! But I love the SL Sarrasins. Stunning.

rosiegreen September 25, 2012

Love jasmine. Please enter me in the draw. P.S. I like the crazy fonts.

maggiecat September 25, 2012

Love jasmine! LOVE! Except when I don't (i.e. when it's thrown in with my nemesis, tuberose). Badgley Mischka's Fleurs de Nuit is nice; Jo Malone's Honeysuckle and Jasmine is a favorite (a great "office" jasmine, as is Jennifer Anniston's Debut). I like the La Labo as well. The Bulgari Jasmin Noir series is a favorite - I prefer the L'Essence version - and Narciso Rodriguez Musc for her Intense is a lovely jasmine and musk. However, nothing compares to the real thing - I used to grow jasmine when I lived in Florida and so very much miss the scent of the flower blooming in real life. Dallas is a wonderful city, but way too short on jasmine if you ask me. :-)

FragrantWitch September 25, 2012

I am chiming in with the Alien lovers and seconding the Angel loathing. Like Mals, I do much better with the tropical sambac jasmine than the grandiflorum. Love Songes in small doses and EL Jasmine White Moss. I also like the cheap and cheerful Body Shop Neroli Jasmine- who'd a thunk? Ive only recently gotten into jasmines but I received a small sample of A la Nuit in a swap and feeling brave gave myself a healthy spray. And nearly suffocated myself. Would it wash off? Hell no. It even survived a swim in chlorinated water. II salute those who can wear it. Me, I triple bagged it and have it to my sister-in-law.

ROSANNE MORRIS September 25, 2012

Love SL A La Nuit!!! I have to agree with Tom Ford's Jasmin Rouge but I layer it with Santal Blush and it smells heavenly! LUST is another fave!

Laura September 25, 2012

I'm a newbie to this website. love this post. wondering what a poopy perfume would smell like...

LindaB September 25, 2012

HUGE jasmine fan - faves are Mugler Alien (don't hate me and I'm with Anita in that I despise Angel but adore Alien, whoddathunk?) and AG Songes. Songes is probably even in my top 5 ANY perfumes of all time. It's just beyond words... Please enter me in the draw...there are so many you listed that I haven't had the opportunity to try and now I'm desperate to smell ALL of them! :-0

Claudia September 25, 2012

Love Songes and A la Nuit. Thanks for the drawing!

Tama September 25, 2012

Wow, you were quite thorough. One of my faves is Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Jasmin. Just the perfect balance of indoles and the horse thing. Would be too poopy for some, I think, but I love it. I also love the Montale and Jo Malone mint. Except for Alien, I pretty much just like jasmine (to be fair one of the Sunessence Aliens smelled exactly like Organza, which I wear very well).

Mals86 September 25, 2012

What a lovely giveaway... but please DO NOT enter me. :) I haz Jasmine Difficulties. That is, I tend to like it when combined with other white florals (Songes is lovely, and Carnal Flower is the most gorgeous thing on the planet) but not as the focal note. And tropical jasmine (sambac) is more comfortable for me than what I think of as classic French jasmine (grandiflorum) - the sambac is far less weird/poopy/skanky, more creamy-floral. I don't hate Alien, for one thing, and that one is definitely the tropical stuff. I keep trying jasmines of differing types, trying to push my boundaries a little bit, but where I Absolutely Adore Tuberose, love ylang, love muguet, love gardenia... jasmine as the major focus is still really tough for me. I swear, A La Nuit tried to freakin' KILL ME. She had a shiv. Sometime this summer I went somewhere in the evening and left the windows down on the van. Was passing our dairy farm neighbor when I suddenly thought to myself, "Wow, is that jasmine I smell? Or is it a perfume I'm testing?" Nope. Neighbor had spread manure on his wheatfield earlier in the day. I have long referred to Joy as Ho Panties because it is so so skanky on me (and I don't think it's the civet, as I usually do okay with that stuff). Smelling Sarrasins was like having my nose shoved into the wet spot on the bed (holy cow, did I just write that? guess so). Jasmines I do somewhat like are of the greenish variety, with lots of accent on the fresh-floral stuff and very little dirt: MH Jasmin Vert (jasmine plus galbanum and narcissus), or Septimanie Pavilion des Fleurs. And even then I can't wear them for long because they're all JASMINE JASMINE JASMINE at eighty decibels.

Claudia September 25, 2012

Currently reading: September Vogue Fonts: Thumbs up! I love them; keep it up! Thanks for the draw! :-)

Samantha L. September 25, 2012

I love jasmine..it's one of my favorite notes. I'd love to smell Sarrasins again, I can't find my very tiny sample!

Jen September 25, 2012

Great round up! I go through jasmine-hate/jasmine-love phases. It's never in between. There are quite a few here I would love to try, though. Thanks for the draw.

Farouche September 25, 2012

Great series! Please enter me in the draw. I haven't found my dream jasmine yet, but am enjoying the quest.

tammy September 25, 2012

Joy is my favorote, bar none. I love Jasmin et Cigarrette, though. Sarrasins was my biggest perfume disappointment to date. I just get very bright jasmine, which I don't care for....no ink, no skank. I likes my jasmine dirrrrty! Thanks for a chance to win!

Lily September 25, 2012

THANK YOU SO MUCH, not just for the draw, but for pointing out that indoles don't smell like poop. They smell like mothballs. A La Nuit smells clean on me, but too much like Naphthalene if I overdo. Fave jasmine, maybe Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge except that it doesn't last long enough. Plenty on your list I haven't tried. And like Anita, I hate Lush Lust. Not b/c it has jasmine, a note I love, but because it has too many skatoles and smells like rot and (literally) a dirty mouth. I must be hypersensitive to the gross aspects of the naturals in it b/c lots of people love it. Finally a question, is the current Amouage Tribute seriously different that the prior batch? I had heard bad things about the one that's being currently sold, but I thought I would ask someone whose opinion I respect :D

brenda sierra September 25, 2012

love jasmine,please add me to drawing !

Teri September 25, 2012

Yoo hoo to the perfumers who read these blogs (and I know some do), another rousing thumbs up for Tom's recommendation above. My single favorite natural floral scent is night blooming jasmine. I dream about it in the winter, I revel in it in the summer. I can remember as a very young child sniffing Joy for the first time and thinking that is what angels must smell like. It is lovely, classy, timeless and incredibly special. As always when I'm late to the party, y'all have mentioned most of the jasmines I like. But I have to add L'Artisan's La Chasse Aux Papillons. It isn't one I wear a lot, but I keep a small decant around to take a 'hit' on occasionally because it's just so darn cheerful and always makes me happy.

pam September 25, 2012

OK, I admit that I have not explored the jasmines. I guess Joy edt doesn't count. Will be on the lookout for some of the wonders mentioned.

Barbara Dodge September 25, 2012

I love Jasmine. When I was in college I spent a week's pay for a 1/4 oz. bottle of Chanel's Gardenia and always thought of it as "Chanel Jasmine" - little did I know! I must have had a good nose. (The next month I spent a week's salary on a 1/4 oz. bottle of Chanel's Cuir de Russie - my mother said it smelled like the inside of a Rolls Royce).

jirish September 25, 2012

I really have to try Tribute because smoky jasmine sounds fabulous to me. I actually get some smoky jasmine from Lonestar Memories, though I may be the only one who does so. Something about my skin brings out the jasmine in that.

Maureen September 25, 2012

I'm not sure if I like jasmine. If it's in Chanel #5, I like that. Someone (SIL) had given me BBW Jasmin Vanilla body lotion and mist about 3 years ago. I keep trying it once in awhile just to see if I still don't like it, buy, nope , I don't like that. I like vanilla, so either I don't like jasmin, or it's just that one I don't like. I should just give it away. I would love to win these to see if I really do or don't like jasmin. ( I did have a friend who used to wear JOY, and I remember I did like that on her.) Thanks for the draw and the interesting articles.

Holly F. September 25, 2012

Jasmin de Nuit is my favorite jasmine. So spicy, so sultry... this is definitely full-bottle-worthy! I also love Jasmin et Cigarette as it is truly one of a kind. Thanks for the good read, and the draw!

Em September 25, 2012

I'm hoping to sniff Nuda again before it goes utterly off the market -- I fleetingly whiffed it a year ago while looking for fall scents, and thus didn't think about it enough.

Joaquim September 25, 2012

Jasmin...Bruno Acampora's Jasmin is simply amazing, and I love SL Sarrasins (as always with Mr. Lutens). Thank you for all this amazing draws!

Apryle September 25, 2012

I'm remembering GAP Mandarin Jasmine - that simply can't be the gold standard..can it? I may be cranky though- as I didn't stop for Chai this morning. (intimidated by the drive thru) Thank you for this drawing. Be Well

Helena September 25, 2012

A La Nuit is sooo beautiful. And.. I layered it with Bandit - in out subtropical summer - and this mixture was a bomb! (gorgeous bomb) - recommended ;-) I tried Tawaf and liked it very much, I'd wished it was stronger and more long-lasting though (it lasted on me only for an hour or something).. Thank you very much for this draw, I'd certainly like to try more jasmines.

Elaine September 25, 2012

I've avoided jasmines so far, largely because they're associated in my mind with a funeral. Loved Songes before that funeral though, and I do think it's time for me to explore this flower again, on its own merits. Enter me in the draw please!

kathleen September 25, 2012

I have some Joy parfum from the late 70s or early 80s. It has teeth now, lol. I love all things jasmine, but then I am a white florals girl. Nobody has mentioned Guerlain Les Secrets de Sophie. Which is quite a lovely jasmine

farawayspices September 25, 2012

jasmine is such a polarizing note, but I do believe that for many jasmine haters, in the right blend, it can be an acquired taste. For some people, I think there may be an "old woman" association, since it was used more generously in vintage perfumes. I do love jasmine! (btw, I loved the part about your Aunt Ruby's dog, Jacques...too funny!)

Portia Turbo-Gear September 25, 2012

HA HA HA HA!!! I'm an ASS HOLE! You are correct, Lys Soleia is not Jasmine. HA HA HA!! Sorry Girl. Then I vote for Beyond Paradise Blue. Portia xxx

Barbara September 25, 2012

The only jasmine I've tried is Bulgari Jasmin Noir, which bored me. Didn't even know Jennifer Aniston's fragrance had jasmine in it. Didn't like that one either! If I won I could try some REAL jasmine fragrances, since I haven't explored this note at all.

rosarita September 25, 2012

I want someone to create Tom's jasmine perfume, that sounds fabulous! I have been on a half hearted quest for a jasmine to love for some time now. Arpege is my favorite blend of rose/jasmine. Thanks for the draw and for this series of posts, Patti, they are informative and fun to read.

Asali September 25, 2012

I love these soli- flore posts Patty, keep 'em coming :D Wearing Promesse a l'aube today which I find to be a beautiful subdued jasmin- love it!

Joanne September 25, 2012

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore jasmine--thank you! (Although I was somewhat taken aback at the "poopy" reference--I had no idea that it came across like that to some people or sometimes. Yikes!)

bookhouseshell September 25, 2012

dang, I really need to do some single note explorations. I must love Jasmine, it is in just about every vintage frag that I love, but I've never really sought it out & tested it.

DinaC September 25, 2012

I love drinking jasmine green tea, so that's my reference jasmine. I like A La Nuit by SL, but sometimes it's a bit too strong and demanding for me. I find the Jennifer Aniston scent a soft, clean jasmine that's easy to wear. I need to test some more of these. Thanks for entering me in the drawing. I'm really enjoying this series of blog posts that you're doing, Patty.

Sherri September 25, 2012

Jasmine 101....I love it, Patty!! With all the thousands of jasmine perfumes out there, Songes is still my favorite. I have the Goutal Jasmin soliflore too. Don't worry; you're not missing anything there. It's a simple jasmine with an odd note which I think is supposed to be ginger...I'm not fond of it but can't bear separating it from all its little pastel-bowed Goutal soliflore sisters. Anyway, no contest to the beautiful Songes!

Poodle September 25, 2012

I love jasmine and wish I lived somewhere where it would grow happily outside. In perfumes I love it as well. I know Alien is supposed to be jasmine but I have to say it doesn't smell like true jasmine to me. That being said, I like it. I also like Jasmin Noir as well. I haven't smelled many of the niche jasmines yet. It's a note I love but haven't really explored. Thanks for the draw.

Irina September 25, 2012

I'm a little afraid of jasmine, appreciated but was not able to wear "sarrasins"- do not know many other mentioned would love to win this draw and start to get really aquinted with jasm'

Zazie September 25, 2012

In my book: best Jasmine soliflore: Rodin. followed by A la nuit. Best jasmine symphony: Joy and n.5 parfum. Bets tropical Jasmine: Montale intense tiaré and Songes. To Ari: you have a jasmine favorite: it's kai!!! :p

killerrabbit September 25, 2012

Well I must comment and enter because in my increasing large perfume wardrobe I don't have a SINGLE one of the perfumes mentioned. How is this possible? I almost named my daughter Jasmine as I like the smell of the flower so much and it grows profusely just around her birthday. I have been busily smelling perfumes around Gardenia (also a favourite) but have neglected my favourite flower. Thank you for your excellent expose into the best Jasmine perfumes, I will now know where to start.

Ninara Poll September 25, 2012

Jasmine, when it is a dominant note, loathes me with the passion and heat and strength of ten thousand fiery suns. Needless to say, I'm a bit leery of it. Then again, it may just be that I haven't had any experiences with a *good* jasmine (BBW Night Blooming Jasmine scarred my nose for life and instantly induce a migraine whenever I sniff it... ); even the night-flowering jasmine in my parents' yard smells of clorox and fomalin-treated flesh to me. Can we all not tell that I desperately need to try some good jasmine to see if jasmine truly does hate me? ;) Thank you so much for hosting this draw, and for making a non-Facebook means of entry possible! NP

OhLily September 25, 2012

Thanks for another lovely give-away, Patty! I really do like Goutal's Le Jasmine an awful lot, and jasmine essential oil with jojoba and sweet almond oils is dreamy at night after a shower or bath. Talk about sweet dreams!

Tatiana September 25, 2012

I love the photo of the bride with jasmine in her hair, so lovely. The only two jasmines I've tried on skin are Mugler Alien and Bulgari Jasmine Noir. I guess I need to go sniff some more.

Lauren B. September 25, 2012

Great post. I still need to try Sarassins (and I'm sure I'd enjoy that horse smell.) I know you didn't list perfumes that have a blend of lots of other flowers, but my nose really picks out the jasmine in Creed's White Flowers (at least that's what I'm telling myself) :)

Caela September 25, 2012

This requires breaking my lurking streak to enter- I love the smell of jasmine. I've been dithering over getting a bottle of A La Nuit, but wanting to try some of the other options first, although I am a Lutens junkie. (Like Eldarwen22, I don't find A La Nuit indolic- it rather just sings out like a high note- but then I'm a newbie at perfume who grew up surrounded by relatives bathed in Arabian attars, so there's a significant chance I just haven't managed to identify indoles properly because I'm inured to their dirtiness.)

LCT September 25, 2012

I didn't even realize I loved jasmine until I tried A La Nuit and couldn't pry my nose off my wrist. This is the exact article I was looking for when I immediately went online, nose pressed to wrist, to find out more. Now it exists! Thank you for the draw.

TaffyJ September 25, 2012

Oh yeah, I love me a jazz man. Oh..wait...yes, I love jasmine too! I have a decant of AbdesSalaam Attar Tawaf, acquired after reading Patty's review, and whoa, that is one sexy scent. Love this essay!

Flora September 25, 2012

Oh yes please, I would love to win these, thank you! I adore jasmine, and of course I love Joy. My favorite jasmine fragrance other than Joy that I actually have is vintage Le Galion Jasmin, from 1937, the same year Sortilege and Snob were launched. Composed by the master perfumer Paul Vacher, It is most certainly a "properly indolic" jasmine! A La Nuit is on my "someday" list - I love it, but I can't exactly wear such a brilliantly radiant perfume to the office! A small decant would probably last me several years. On the other end of the spectrum, L'Artisan's lovely La Haie Fleurie is very much in the Love and Tears mode, tender and wistful and not in the least naughty.

mary September 25, 2012

Nice take on jasmines, Patty. I am enjoying Keiko Mecheiri Jasmine--no indoles, just light and pretty. It helps you sleep, eh? I'm on that! And yes, please enter me for he collection!

Lala September 25, 2012

Yay!! I'm not the only one that loathes the wretched Alien. Call me ignorant, but I think of Songes first as a ylang ylang perfume, not a jasmine bomb. However you classify it, Songes is lovely. Love and Tears is also a favorite. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

breathesgelatin September 25, 2012

I love Lush Lust. LOVE. I'm always surprised to see Love & Tears referenced as a great perfume. I think it is one of the most overrated yawn-fests ever. I really don't see the appeal whatsoever.

Laura Conrad September 25, 2012

I'm with Tom about the perfume in the night. I don't know as many perfumes as you guys do, but I haven't smelled one like that. But I'd like to try the good jasmines.

Senka September 25, 2012

No, thank you!

Marie September 25, 2012

Jasmine is probably my favorite single note, and Songes is my favorite jasmine, but lordy, it's slutty on me - can only wear it if I'm not leaving the house, or if I want my DH to pay attention!!!

pyramus September 25, 2012

I am not really a jasmine person but I like Serge Lutens A La Nuit (of course), ELdO Jasmin et Cigarette, and Lust by Gorilla Perfumes: I never wear them but they're interesting.

hd September 25, 2012

I love the idea of jasmine perfumes as ambien substitutes! Though, when I tried alien parfum les cuir this past weekend, I had to scrub it off within 15 minutes...There's nothing sleepy about that gal! But maybe it was the leather? I do love OJ's frangipani with a passion..

Eldarwen 22 September 25, 2012

When people say that SL's A La Nuit has loads of indoles and it's very barn yard, I don't get it. I can't smell anything indolic with A La Nuit but I get the indoles, jasmine and leather in Sarrasins. I love jasmine in perfume when it is well done but if it's not well done it stinks badly.

Charise September 25, 2012

I have always wanted to learn more about jasmine fragrances! Don't know much about indoles, but I love the smell of jasmine blossoms. Count me in on the drawing. :)

cheesegan September 25, 2012

The only perfume mentioned that I'm familiar with is Joy. I'd love to try the others, please enter me in the draw. Thanks.