Mysterious Perfumes winner & other housekeeping stuff

Finally all the comments are uploaded to the new commenting system so I can see them and do a long overdue drawing from the Mysterious Perfumes giveaway before Halloween.

Pyewacket is the winner of the Mysterious Perfumes sample set.  Click on the Drop Us a Line up there above, send me your mailing address, remind me what it is you’ve won. I’ll give you a quick confirm when I get your e-mail so you know nothing got caught in the spam filter, and I’ll get you out some samples of these great fragrances!  

Okay, so the new comments thingie?  We had to switch over because the old comments thingie stopped working when I updated the theme.  After three hours of Googling, with no answer showing up except either switch back to the Old Theme or switch to Disqus comments, I went with the Disqus comments.  I’m not sure I entirely love them, but I’m getting used to them and even liking some features.  

Quick tutorial for anyone having problems or not sure how to comment – To get to comments, you need to click on that tiny Comments up at the top of the post (yeah, I know, why this theme gives me a title in a 30-point font and comments in a 8-point font baffles me, but I haven’t found the place to fix it yet), and then you should find a Leave a Message box at the bottom of the post.  I set it so you can either register with Twitter, Facebook or Disqus to comment.  You also need not register at all, you can just be a Guest commenter.  

Guests don’t get entered in giveaways because I’m thinking doing a drawing and trying to say which Guest won, if one does, could be a little more than confusing.  

If you don’t see the Leave a Message box and you are using Internet Explorer, switch to a real browser, which would be pretty much any other browser than IE, like Google Chrome or Firefox or Opera. That should clear things up.  Why, yes! the new theme does look a lot like the old theme, but the structure of it is drag and drop and highly configurable, so it lets me change things a lot easier than the old theme did. Just so you’re not thinking I’m blind when I mention a “new theme” and you’re wondering if I forgot to load one.

  • Just a note to say that the new theme actually looks better on my laptop (IE 8) AND my iphone than the old one. I was seeing some weird dead space at the top previously and had to scroll a lot to see the first post. My company _makes_ me use IE 8 on my laptop. Sadness.But they own it, and I don’t, so there you go. I download Google Chrome when I have to every time I can’t get a web form to work correctly in the older Internet Explorer version (then IT will delete it when they do a repair and spot it. Heh.)

  • just checking this out, catching up….

  • Janice says:

    Just testing to see if I’ve figured this out…

  • Jillie says:

    I’m using Internet Explorer!!!! Will it work??????

  • Undina Ne Skazhu says:

    I’m using IE9 to comment – let’s see if it works…