Portia’s Christmas GIFT CERTIFICATE Shopping Guide

Hey to the POSSE!!

Portia from AustralianPerfumeJunkies back again with something that I hold near and dear to mt heart; GIFT CERTIFICATES.

Unfortunately I have been stricken with a minor cold and major sinus as the seasons are chopping and changing here in Sydney on a daily basis. This morning was arctic and the afternoon is tropical. CER AY ZEE weather. It has left me with absolutely no sense of smell or taste. It is freaky when you go to sip a coffee and it might as well  be warm water, pumpkin soup has the WEIRDEST texture without flavour. The hairs on the back of my neck just lifted in memory of lasts nights dinner.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are a funny one, many people think that they show a lack of care or thought but I strongly disagree. One of my all time favourite things to do is troll the net for fragrances, be it samples, decants, vintage or current full bottles. I don’t care. it’s the search that thrills me as much as the possession and wearing. So when thinking of a present for me life is simple, a GIFT CERTIFICATE!! Not only will I relish the search but I’ll get something I want. Bliss.

AftelierPerfumes from $20
FirstInFragrance offers Vouchers but I couldn’t find them
FragranceNet from $20
FragranceX from $5 – $500
LuckyScent from $50
MyPerfumeSamples from $15
PoshPeasant from $25
SurrenderToChance from $1 – $100
If you know of anywhere else that has a GIFT CERTIFICATE could you leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

Wishing you all the good stuff that you wish for yourselves.
Hopefully with a working sniffer next week,
Portia xx

Below is something I am DESPERATE to try with a video camera

Ellen Covey December 13, 2012

Poor Portia, sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather. That pumpkin soup sounds horrifying. Just for the record, Olympic Orchids offers gift certificates, and you can actually buy something with a $25 certificate. No one has bought one, so maybe they're not showing up on my website? Will have to check.

Sandstorm936 December 13, 2012

I love gift cards to no end. Unfortunately, no one in my family believes in getting me gift certificates for perfume. I did somewhat find a way around this. You can (in the US) an Amouage perfume through Amazon. So, since I have a huge craving for Amouage Gold or Lyric, I've asked for Amazon gift cards. It sucks having a cold a not being able to smell, doesn't it? A couple weeks ago, I had a cold that turned into sinusitis and it sucked because I couldn't smell or tasted a darn thing. Eldarwen22

Mals86 December 13, 2012

I like gift certificates, but I like them best when a) they're from places I already shop (my MIL gives me vouchers for my hairdresser and the local grocery store, for example) and b) they're in a denomination such that the GC will cover at least half the cost of something I'd like to have. I mean, I once had an Aedes GC for $25, which did me Absolutely No Good Whatsoever.

tammy December 13, 2012

I love love love getting gift certificates, without a doubt, but it does seem as if Christmas has been reduced to swapping gift cards and that makes me sad. I'm not even sure why it makes me sad, because as I said, I love getting them, but it kind of reminds me of how any kind of gathering any more is comprised of people either blatantly ignoring everyone while texting, or compulsively glancing at their phones so much you wish they'd just go ahead and do what they'd obviously rather be doing. My compromise is the wishlist/registry. At least there is an element of surprise and I get to open real presents!

Musette December 13, 2012

Sweetie! That so sucks, your being sick! I agree with you on gift certificates. El O is freakin' TERRIFIED of buying me anything a) not on my Amazon wish list or b) not a Gift Certificate. He gave me a gift cert from MiN New York for my birthday and I was the happiest clam at high tide you ever did see! Can you imagine him trying to figure out what to get me from MiN? From Surrender to Chance? He would rather eat an entire BUCKET of bugs!!! Fwiw, I bought a jar of Jubilation 25 body cream and a bottle of Epic shower gel. Did I say Happy as a Clam? How 'bout ecstatic! (and he's ecstatic, too, when he gets Lowes/Home Despot gift cards. Beats the look on his face when I give him a sweater! LOL!)

Ann December 13, 2012

Oh, poor baby! Hope you feel better soon. Those change of seasons can be brutal, can't they? I agree with you 100 percent about gift certificates -- I love them! They do get a bad rap as indicating lack of thought, but when you're dealing with someone who has very specific tastes (such as we perfumistas), then it's really the best thing. Better than buying us some stuff we don't like, won't wear, and will probably end up giving away. Hang in there!