fleurdelys January 9, 2013

2012 was The Year I Learned to Love Chanel. I guess these things take time, and we finally understand something when we are ready. The acquisition of some vintage No. 5 parfum turned the tide for me, and since then I've acquired MORE vintage No. 5 parfum as well as some vintage cologne. I am also the proud owner of some modern No. 22 EDT, and Cristalle EDP. Coco may be in my future!

Dionne December 31, 2012

I am a Chanel fangirl, although my love is for the Les Exclusifs line. I have decants of 28 La Pausa, Bel Respiro, 31 Rue Cambon and Coromandel, and it's been a race to see which one would get drained first. Coromandel was first, so that was my Christmas present from The Engineer, but it won't take much longer for my 15ml 28 La Pausa to be completely gone and muscle everyone else aside for "Next Full Bottle to Buy." I need to revisit Coco, as I tried it when first tumbling down the rabbit hole but it gave me a headache at the time. Now I want to smell it again with my new-and-improved shnoz.

nozknoz December 29, 2012

Portia, great post as usual. Aside from No. 5, I wasn't initially drawn to Chanel but 28 La Pausa and vintage No. 19 are pulling me in. With another round of IFRA madness on the horizon, I'm contemplating one or two more before it is too late.

ElizabethC December 27, 2012

Chanel was my Christmas treat for a couple of years (Coromandel, No. 22, Boise des Iles, Chanel No. 5 Parfum). Also have the charming sample bottles of Eau de Cologne, Bel Respiro and Gardenia. Definitely the core of my perfume collection. I am not a patchouli fan in general but Coromandel is just stunning and is the absolutely perfect winter scent. I love Turins description of it as powdered white chocolate! Speaking of chocolate, tonight I am going out with family for a french dinner and plan to have a class of hot coco with green chartreuse liquor for desert - someday I will find a perfume that smells like that!

Lily December 27, 2012

I still can't or won't do Chanel, altho No.19 comes close. Will have to make a point of trying the Chanel Exclusifs as a New Year's Res. Guerlain was my dominant house for 2012 - too many new releases for a completist to even sample I'm afraid, but I tried oh how I tried. Puredistance Opardu was also a highlight, altho it wore a little 'soapy' on my second try. But such a nice pure floral. 2013 will likely be spent atoning for over-purchases ('backing up back-ups') and spending time with the FBs I already own. Happy New Year!

Lily December 27, 2012

(That was supposed to be a reply. Stupid firefox.)

Lily December 27, 2012

I can't picture you in Jo Malone, Portia.

Poodle December 27, 2012

I like Chanel but haven't tried enough to call it love. I have some No.5 and Coco and No.22 is one I used to wear back when it was easier to get. I don't think I've fallen hard for any particular house yet. I have my favorites from each but I did start sampling Sonoma Scent Studios fragrances this past year and I could become an SSS junkie quite easily.

tammy December 27, 2012

I love 19 and really really really like Coco, bu otherwise Chanel leaves me rather cold. Most of their fragrances strike me as rather light and airy and lacking in richness. I think starting my perfume journey with Joy at the tender age of three marked me for Heavy Hitters. ( I moved on to Opium at 15, what can I say? ) Caron remains my house, forever and enduring, but 2012 found me discovering Amouage and By Kilian. Jub25 immediately made my Top 5 and Back to Black has made my December unbelievably warm and swoony.

Ann December 27, 2012

Howdy, Portia! Great post and WOW -- what great finds you've got there! I'm not a No. 5 fan (although the Eau Premiere and I do get along OK), but I can appreciate it for the classic that it is. And I do love, love, love the original Coco, so your parfum score is beyond wonderful.

Musette December 27, 2012

That SNL spoof had me spitting my coffee ("is it just me, or do I look super-homeless?"). Chanel isn't my 'House', though I love No5 and Cuir de Russie in parfum. I think I am probably always gonna be a Guerlie Girl, as far as mainstream Houses go. Amouage ruled my world overall in 2012. Between the newfound lust for the old attars (Asrar! rawwwwwr!) and the sheer delight in the beauty of Interlude Woman (and my surprised delight in Beloved as my Ladylike scent)........and let's not forget my stunned surprise at Lyric, which I'd dismissed..until I fell in love with the body cream........oh, lawks! xoxoxoA

rosarita December 27, 2012

Hi, Portia! Chanel is my favorite perfume house, we go back a long way. You had a great year of fabulous finds! I'm with you on Coco Noir; judged as a Coco flanker it's disappointing, but on it's own I could wear it as an everyday kind of scent. I confess to liking it more every time I smell it and oh, that bottle is so gorgeous.

Sherri Miller December 27, 2012

Really enjoyed this, Portia! I think everyone's mom had one of those black-and-gold bottles of Chanel; must be a rule! Very fond memories of Chanel No. 5. Have you tried the vintage eau de cologne? It has an underlying sexy the modern versions do not. I had more of a Guerlain year, what with that desert trio. I thought they were the best perfumes Guerlain has released for a long while, though Lys Soleia (sp?) was also pretty great! I also had a very "oud-y" year, I suppose, having fallen in love with Amouage Beloved, Oud Ispahan and Xerjoff Mamluk. All told, the best year ever for new releases, imho! I hope 2013 brings you every good thing! Happy New Year everyone!!

eldarwen22 December 27, 2012

This year has been my Chanel year as well. Starting in May, it was trying to get my hands on a back up bottle of no. 19 in EDP form. It was when it was in stock, I didn't have any fun money left and when I had fun money, it was out of stock. Eventually, I managed to to get a bottle after I spent money on the parfum form. The possibility of no. 5 being reformulated beyond recognition of discontinued had me in a panic. I ended up buy 2 huge back up bottles.

Perfume Shrine December 27, 2012

Great stories Portia and thanks for sharing your discoveries! Happy holidays to the Posse team! Frankly I wouldn't think that most people would be "scared" of reformulating (hey, what's that again?) Chanel No.5 enough to go flood the counters; that's us... :-) Plus the misinformation circulating makes anything a bet. So you and most of the readers I suppose do the wise thing: stock up on favorites just in case.

hajusuuri December 27, 2012

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013 to you, Portia and the Posse Crew. I have been a perfume-hohoho all year and have not stayed with one brand; however, from a collection standpoint, Hermes is tops, followed by Chanel, then Jo Malone.

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