Valentine’s Day at ScentBar

IMG_2114This past Saturday ScentBar had an event to celebrate the upcoming, mostly dreaded V-day. I don’t know about you, but it’s not my favorite holiday. I think it’s set up to milk as much money out of a couple as possible and can’t possibly live up to expectations. (I know you’re thinking “how does he stay single?”)

It was fun- Kir Royales and some nibbles and a game- put on something and ask 5 strangers to sniff and comment then turn in the comment card for a little scented gift. A cute way to get people to meet and break the ice. While I didn’t meet Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right-then) I did meet fun people, and came away for a re-appreciation of Lutens Borneo 1834, which is what I spritzed on my wrist. It’s smokey, bitter cocao and patchouli goodness was perfect for the chilly evening. Plus I got told by a professional esthetician told me I had great skin, which made my month.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? What did you wear? Let us know in the comments!

Image: my iPhone

  • Kelsey A says:

    That’s me in the red plaid shirt! I’m bummed we didn’t talk! I ended up wearing Guerlain Attrape-Couer on the actual day. I only use my tiny sample on special occasions!

    • Tom says:

      Well, we’ll just have to rectify that next time!

      I love the world of samples, don’t you? I have to go through at least four samples of something before I allow myself to buy.

  • ojaddicte says:

    Tom, your evening was enviable! I wish my skin were nice enough to be complimented by a professional esthetician!

    I’m in the same camp regarding Valentine’s Day. Fortunately DH despises Valentines Day as much as I do. DH and me had two parent -teacher interviews to attend: one downtown for our son, and the second in the west end for our daughter. We spent most of the evening driving around the city with the kids. The rugrats were treated to McDonald’s for supper. Once they went to bed, DH and I opened some bubbly and cooked a steak meal accompanied by a delicious bottle of red. I wore Balenciaga Paris. I did get a gorgeous leather duffle that I was going to buy, so I was saved the trip!

    • Tom says:

      That reads like perfection to me. I adore a partner who gives you exactly what you want. That, and you gave the kids exactly what they want. A win-win.

  • elvie says:

    Your V-day night sounds better than any options I could ever come up with (me too, envy you to death for where you live). Lounging at a wonderful fragrant place with fragrant strangers must have been fun! I hate V-day for the very same facts You have mentioned, and do not celebrate it myself (hubby hates it as well thank God. The only possible positive thing I can mention is that you may get more perfume if you”re lucky enough :D. ) I have been stopped on the street by agents all day (an the day before) offering VD cards, dinners, teahouse invitations for the big day, 50 per cent off and such, and I was like… How did all of that roll into CEE so fast? We did not even have a VD until about a few years ago, and now it’s everywhere I look :P. Sad…
    I found a few candies on my desk from my boss and colleagues though. Compulsory but tasty:).
    So:), haha… I cooked dinner for my kiddies as every night, tucked them into bed and waited for hubby to come home. I wore Cinnabar just for the thrill of it:).

  • AnnieA says:

    I brought pink&red jellybeans into work. I too hate the Compulsory Romantic Purchases, in short the hijacking of the day…

  • maggiecat says:

    I’m with you Tom – I don’t care for Valentine’s Day much. I asked my husband NOT to get me flowers (I love flowers, but not compulsory ones, as he’s very good at coming up with them spontaneously anyway), requested that he go play his usual game of Thursday golf, and that we make dinner together at home. He grilled steak, I sauteed mushrooms and vegetables. It was perfect! (I wore a combination of scent I created at a store called Bath Junkie (musk, sandalwood, and frankinscense and myrrh) and Tocca’s Colette. The combo was warm and lovely and perfect for a cool North Texas day.)

  • Musette says:

    Tom, I think your night sounds grand! I was in ‘town’ (Peoria) yesterday and stopped in at Kroger to pick up groceries…..OMG! The entire entry was chockablock with pre-made bouquets, most of them already looking saaaaaaaad. And all those poor men, with their pinched, desperate looks, as they grabbed roses…or those blue orchids…and a card…and (one guy) a handful of Lindt candy (he looked beseechingly at me – I gave him that ‘I dunno’ look…I thought he was going to bust into tears, poor thing. El O got off easy – I got a bag of Hershey’s Kisses, which is persackly what I asked for. He got a nice breakfast and was thrilled.

    I wore the full compliment of Amouage Lyric (bath/body/edp), then later tested out the new Ramon Monegal for N-M.


    • Tom says:

      I haven’t been partnered for, well forever. But I always made a pact with whoever I was with that on Valentine’s day we would just have a nice glass of champagne and make a nice dinner together. None of this nonsense about spending huge amounts of cash on some evening out.

      Dear straight men: supermarket flowers will never save your butt. You are in a supermarket. Come home with dinner and a nice bottle of wine.

  • Ann says:

    Howdy, Tom! Glad to hear you’re feeling better and out and about. Lucky you, to be able to visit ScentBar on a regular basis. For Valentine’s Day, I was testing out the new Marni: pretty nice for a mainstream-ish scent (it’s at Saks), but think I can just make do with a couple of samples.

  • jilliecat says:

    Kir Royale ….. yum, a lovely drink for special occasions! There was a hint of spring in the air yesterday, and I suddenly had to wear Calyx – yes, I know so many hate it, but I liked its fruitiness in the sunshine and it was great to be able to smell things again after the dreaded cold bug. And in the evening I wore Eternity because that’s my husband’s favourite perfume and the one he most associates with me for some reason. Another one that gets the hate, but I still love it. although not in its current, dreadful form. How absolutely brilliant to be told you’ve got great skin. I think you should share your beauty tips, Tom.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Jillie! Just wanted to let you know that I, too, love Calyx! And I think Eternity is nice, but haven’t smelled it in so long that I need to re-try. Glad you got a little taste of spring.

    • Musette says:

      I love Calyx. Love Eternity, too! I get more compliments with Calyx than any other fragrance. I think both are comfortable, easy to understand scents and ‘fresh’ in that Good way, not ‘laundry fresh’.

    • Tom says:

      I love Calyx. It was the signature scent of one of my BFF’s in the 80’s, but it wasn’t really an 80’s scent. You know, in that HUGE, have to leave the elevator 20 floors early sort of way.