Magique by Mojo

bottle_box_grandeOne of the things that happens if you’ve been blogging for a while is that sometimes out of the blue you’ll be asked to sample a new scent, usually from a small atelier. Whomever I’m writing for I tell them the same thing: if I write about it I’m going to be honest. LMVH isn’t going to go bankrupt if I skewer the latest Khloroxee Karbunkian or Sarah Britnee Carrey. But Bashing a small perfumer even if you hate their product is like saying their baby is ugly- it reflects more on the author than on the product. So if I really hate a small suppliers wares I just won’t write about it.

So I am happy when something like Magique shows up.  It was commissioned by brothers John and Doug Kennedy who run the Louisiana-based design firm Mojo, which specializes in clothing and accessories. From their website: “’We grew up on the bayou,’ says John Kennedy. ‘My mother loved growing roses. Everywhere you go, you can smell night-blooming jasmine and sweet olive. Your senses are heightened by the lush, sensual, and almost tropical smells that surround you here in Louisiana, and we wanted to incorporate that into Mojo Magique.’”

The scent is very simple, starting with pulpy, pithy citrus with a middle of a figgy muguet and jasmine and finally a warm and very light patchouli, cedar and sandalwood. It lays very close to the skin and has a sort of classic French feeling to it- as a matter fo fact if someone had me test it blind and tell me it was a men’s Dior scent from the 60’s I’d totally buy it. Like a men’s Dior scent of the 60’s it would totally work for the ladies as well. It’s been warm here in LA and I’ve really been enjoying my sample of this; I can imagine if I lived on the bayou I would want a plant misting system filled with this in my bathroom to douse myself in it.

Available at, $100 for 100ML. My sample was sent from the house.

  • YUMMMY! Reads so good.
    Portia xx

  • tammy says:

    Loving the idea of something that smells simple and classic. Hope to be able to sniff this sometime soon!

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Tom! Mmmm … citrus, muguet and jasmine — this sounds right up my alley. And I like the packaging, too. Must try ASAP! Thanks!