Yellow Bags and a Song of Spring Perfume on my Lips

I’m stuck on this yellow bag obsession, and I blame you guys. Well, that and a perfume review.  So I can find the right color, but the price isn’t in any purse budget I have this century!  then I find the right bag, but the yellow isn’t quite right, it’s muddy.  I really *need* this bag for some reason. Maybe because it’s spring?  Here’s an out of the budget option –

yellow dior bag


Isn’t that perfection?  About 2k worth of perfection. Ack!  So then I have the “budget” Tory Burch option –

yellow purse - tory burch


The price tag is more hospitable to my budget, like $395 – still pricey – but I’m not sure I like the size or the grey in it. I do like the color of yellow, but for 395 I have to really, really love it. And…. I don’t.

Now, the Balenciaga Twiggy marigold bag is – well, , look for yourself.

yellow balenciaga bag


It’s not exactly the sunshiny yellow I wanted, but it’s doing it for me.  I had a red Balenciaga bag, the bigger one that I paid a small fortune for. This one isn’t as much of a fortune, but, [email protected]?!?  this requires more saving and justifying to get there.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Spring, I tend to get wacky ideas of what I want must. have (see yellow bags above).  Spring is when I always choose inappropriate boys, stock up on champagne, finish off some of the best of my red wine I was saving for a snowy day that never came over the winter.  Since the day it  Byredo Tulipe released, it has been the scent that for me sums up all of those things. I don’t know why. I’m not going to review it here, I’ve reviewed it before.  It gets okay reviews or just overlooked, but something about that slightly cold’ish freesia smell and something almost like cool plastic just does it for me in the spring.

I think it’s the idea of someone trying to stuff a tulip in the bottle. Some tulips do have a smell, but it’s more of an impression – it’s the green, stem, petals, like flower shop.

But I didn’t want to talk about a particular perfume.  I know you all have one – the perfume that seems to get no love or attention anywhere else, but you have an inexplicable fondness for it that defies logic or sense.  Like inappropriate boys or girls. So what’s yours? Doesn’t have to be a spring scent – oh, yeah, best of spring is coming in the next couple of weeks, yeah! – it can be any perfume or it can be your version of little yellow bag that you can’t seem to live without now.


Julia April 2, 2013

I'm a Rebecca Minkoff fanatic, and besides my post Memorial Day version of the MAB, which is ecru leather with navy patent trim, this spring I'll be sporting a new Mini MAC in the most delicious shade of greyed out pastel jade. It's like pistachio ice cream! I am totally into your yellow bag posts, though. I have a beloved pair of lemon yellow patent flats that I wear with EVERYTHING in the summer. As far as fragrances go, the one I'm waiting for a sunny warm day to douse myself in is Yves Rocher Orange Blossom. It has a little bit of a creamsicle drydown, and the lasting power is crap (so I carry it with me) but it screams beautiful weather to me and reminds me of my two beautiful summers in France. Also, another favorite orange blossom that I use in the spring and summer is this gigantic bottle of splash on cologne that I got in the French grocery store of all places for like 3 euros. The bottle is so big, and it was so cheap, I just throw it all over me and then throw it on my clothes and in my hair. It's the most fabulous stuff!

Amy K March 20, 2013

BPAL has a dauntingly huge fragrance catalog (mostly gourmand mishmash, many with "edgy" Goth names) and then they release an equally daunting number of limited edition fragrances throughout the year. Some popular ones in the permanent line: Dorian, Embalming Fluid, Snake Oil, Whip, Alice, Dana O'Shee, and probably many others I don't know about. Besides Dorian, I'd say my favorite is Whitechapel (white musk, lime, lilac, citron). I would definitely wear a tea, honey and ginger perfume!

Tiara March 19, 2013

When I see the price on the purses, all I can think about is how many bottles of perfume I would rather have instead. I'm with Portia on this one!

FragrantWitch March 19, 2013

Oh yes, handbag porn!! I have been looking at this one, albeit in coral, but the yellow is lovely as well! Now I need a new handbag....

eggomania March 19, 2013

Have you looked at the Longchamp Roseau handbag in the croc style? This season there's a yellow version.

maggiecat March 19, 2013

I went through a yellow bag obsession for two years (now I think I may be developing a fixation on green or blue bags), so I do know what you're talking about. I had to settle for inexpensive options, but I did find some nice ones. Good luck with your search! This spring I've found great delight in Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea and Honeysuckle - it's cheap, it's pretty, it's very spring-y, and I've enjoyed wearing it. Today, in somewhat cooler weather than we've enjoyed lately, I'm wearing a sample of Bottega Venetta's Eau Legere scent and truly loving it as well (but it's not cheap, alas!)

Elena March 19, 2013

I was at Target the other day, and as cheap and plastic as their bags are, they had some really lovely colors that caught my eye, like blues and corals and lovely daffodil yellow. Maybe a super cheap wallet would scratch that itch until you find the "one"? Or maybe the new Butter London nail polish in Jasper, which looks gorgeous but will probably look disgusting on my pale skin.

Dana March 19, 2013

I had to laugh when I read "inappropriate boys"! I'm sure you meant "buys", or did you?! Anyway, I don't have a passion for purses and go more for comfort. I've tried to downscale the size of my purses, too, to minimize neck and shoulder pain. Good luck with your search for the perfect spring purse.

eldarwen22 March 19, 2013

Coach has some cute yellow bags. I went through a little phase where I went a little nuts with purses, especially Coach bags. This was when I had just pretty much started getting decants. One of my spring favorites in Tocca Giulietta. Well, Tocca perfumes are great for summer. No. 22 and Infusion d'Iris are two that I didn't care for at first, I love them now and they cry spring to me.

Beth March 19, 2013

Darn you and your bag pushing ways!! I was perfectly happy with my black bag, and now you have me shopping. Bag Pusher! Yeah, I said it! I'm supposed to be saving money, but it sure would be fun to have something that felt like spring around here.... stupid winter!

kathleen March 19, 2013

Oh, no! I like that Balenciaga! ~shakes fist at evil temptress~

Sherri March 19, 2013

Love those bright yellow bags! I share your handbag dilemma. I've only had one foray into, as N-M puts it, "premiere" designer handbags--a Jimmy Choo Paige several seasons ago--and it did not end well. The bag was on clearance, drastically reduced and I convinced dh (reluctantly) to get it for me. However the leather get scratches so easily, it is just not functional. I looked at some Chanels a few years ago (as a gift, in lieu of jewelry, mind you) but I just couldn't justify it in my mind. I am too rough on my bags, and thought it just invited theft. Also, I typically buy 1-2 good bags per season, but seldom go back to my old bags which then set (and are a pain in the butt to store). I loooovve Tory Burch, but I can see what you're saying about the colors. They're so much more muted than the bright, cheerful marigold. I liked the coral better in this one, actually. Have you looked at Milly, Kate Spade or Marc Jacobs? More love for La Tulipe here. Not a work of art exactly but it is so cheerful...sings from the moment I put it on and goes all day..ten stars in wearability! :-) My unloved favorite is Lady Primrose Tryst (especially the powder) which I've worn underneath all the others and what is left at the end of the day when the others have all faded. Happy Spring!!

me March 19, 2013

If you are really desperate for a yellow bag, Zappos has some nice ones, including several VERY YELLOW ones and a several on clearance.

australianperfumejunkies March 19, 2013

I'm so sorry Patty but I don't get the handbag thing. Portia xx

Martha March 19, 2013

This post reminded me of a trip to Florida when I was in 6th grade. I found a wonderful little yellow, leather purse with a long strap. I begged my mother to buy it for me. I simply loved it and stuffed it full of treasured items like my miniature bottle of Florida Water. Yum. Yellow bags and orange blossoms.

Ann March 19, 2013

Wow! What a fun way to wake up, to cute yellow bags everywhere! Too bad I can't do yellow :( although if the funds were overflowing, I MIGHT be tempted by that baby Chanel you had up a week or two ago. And Patty, I'm so with you on the La Tulipe love -- there's just something so wonderful about it, isn't there? I feel that way about SL's Bas de Soie. Doesn't seem to get many props, but there are days when I absolutely crave it.

Dina C. March 19, 2013

My taste in bags doesn't run to the super pricey, nor to yellow, so I don't have any fun suggestions, but I really like the Coach bag Rina suggested above. For the last few years, Brahmin has been my favorite leather bag company, especially since they are made in the USA. Our weather has been really changeable for the last month. We've gotten some glimpses of spring, but lots of cold, too. I've been wearing YSL Paris Jardins Romantiques and Gucci Envy whenever it feels springy to me.

Merlin March 19, 2013

Recently I bought Gaultier2, which is the only full bottle I have bought this year. It is very sweet. It smells like one of those soft drink grape sodas. I am inexplicably fond of it. (When I smelled Boss Orange I went blech! This smells like Orange Fanta. I washed it off and felt good about my discerning taste.) Now I am infatuated with this most delicious Grape Fanta fragrance...

Lisa D March 19, 2013

Here's a "within the budget" option for a sunny yellow bag - well, if you can spend a couple-three C notes on a purse, that is. If you're considering the Dior bag, I'd say this one is practically free:

ElizabethC March 19, 2013

I've got a bright yellow winter pea coat and have been wanting to get a Cambridge satchel in sapphire. The yellow version of the purse also looks amazing. Love the intense color tones.

rosarita March 19, 2013

As I drag myself around in this weather - lake effect snow? seriously? - I crave anything with color, so I totally get the yellow bag obsession. Mine is cheapo jewelry on ebay; big gaudy necklace, a ring like a bouqet of flowers. Nothing over ten bucks, shipped, but just big and bright and NEW. I paw through my scarf collection looking for something colorful that will keep me warmer than delicate silk but that isn't the heavy wool I've been snuggling into for months, although it's certainly still cold enough. I'm sicker of my sweaters everyday. Haven't had a case of cabin fever like this for years! As to perfume, it's Opus IV all the time; smoky citrus incense that isn't my resin-y winter go to type of thing but I'm just not ready for spring flowers yet, it's too depressing in the cold. Opus IV is perfect.

Spickens March 19, 2013

dadgumit. Now I want this

Amy K March 19, 2013

BPAL doesn't get much love from serious perfumistas, but Dorian is probably my favorite everyday go-to fragrance. The tea, lemon, and vanilla cream notes all blend into something that reminds me of sweet tobacco. It's not complex; it's just a happy scent. I hope you find the perfect yellow bag!

Jill March 19, 2013

Go big or go home! Get that Dior bag, it has a fabulous sillage of fabulousness that nothing else can match!!!!

Rina March 19, 2013

This is a pretty, sunny bag. Relatively affordable for a leather bag: