leathermountain August 2, 2013

I just discovered Rouge at the Bloomingdale's Hermes counter about a week ago. I was so focused on Ellena, I guess, that I'd never noticed that red one that looks kind of like Hiris. I couldn't try it on then, unfortunately, but on the blotter it was so delightful. Funny thing is, first thing out of my mouth was, "oh, it's a rose." Go figure. Maybe my subconscious PI was influenced by that red bottle. I'll be visiting Bloomie's again, unscented, very soon!

Ann August 2, 2013

Dear Portia, this is a wonderful scent! I remember having a bit way back when and loving it, especially in the fall and winter. Now I must revisit it ASAP. And that bottle IS gorgeous, isn't it?

Musette August 1, 2013

oh, and the longer 'lozenge' Bombay, not the bigger, deeper one. In case you were wondering ;-) xo

rosarita August 1, 2013

I smelled Rouge very early on in this stage of perfume obsession; we're talking years ago, and I remember liking it but not much else....definitely time to revisit. There are so many things to smell, and most of the time the ones I love most are the ones that have been around for a while. Hermes is just the last word in elegance, isn't it? I have scarf lust, for sure.

Musette August 1, 2013

this is Hermes Week! I'm ogling a Bombay (which I've been ogling for 3 years running! LOL!), Erin turned me on to the Glory What Is vintage Bel Ami....and now you are making me want to smell this Rouge! The top notes are right up my alley and I'm interested to see how they play with the rest of them, down the line. xoxoA

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