Hermès: Rouge Hermès 2000

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Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies with an admission: Hermès is one of my favourite brands, of all the designer fragrances I think they have created their own niche with Jean Claude Ellena at the helm. Their bottles are so gorgeous to hold and so super shiny and slippery that they don’t even feel like glass anymore. Whenever I spritz a Hermès perfume it feels extremely luxe. You get to do it quite regularly too because many of the frags don’t last more than a couple of hours, which is great for perfumistas who like to change their scent with their mood but I imagine quite annoying if you want to smell beautiful all evening and sexy late at night with a partner and not have to lug around your perfume bottle. Today I am going to take you pre JCE at Hermès. Back to 1984 and Akiko Kamei created Parfum d’Hermes, since then it was reinterpreted in 2000 and retitled Rouge Hermès (you can still buy PdH but I think Rouge Hermès more current).

Hermès: Rouge Hermès 2000

Hermes Rouge FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Iris, rose, ylang ylang
Heart: Sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, amber
Base: Myrtle, spices

Until today I’d not looked at the notes for Rouge Hermès and they come as a bit of a surprise. I did know that I was wearing an Hermès oriental so I was expecting sandalwood, vanilla and amber but not through the heart, the powdery iris is gorgeous but I also was expecting some heliotrope, aldehydes and jasmine, then the myrtle in the base makes sense but I would NEVER in a million years have picked it out. It’s funny reading notes lists of a fragrance you’ve worn on and off for a few weeks, though I prefer not to parse all my true loves because it dispels some of the magic, your/my brain is doing the detective work subconsciously. I was unprepared to read rose and myrtle, that’s kind of fun.

How does Rouge Hermès make me feel? Rich, elegant and lavish. The first wet whiff is both sharp and butter smooth, and as that rush burns down the ylang and rose (now that I realise it’s rose) pair beautifully and there is a fruity hint too but I can’t name it. Sweet and spicy rose with vegetative, luscious ylang and powdery soft earthy iris are all so beautifully matched and blended in Rouge Hermès that, when you are not reviewing, create a cloud, a waft and a train of glamour.

Rouge Hermes Parfums Label FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Rouge Hermès is very modern with its sheer lightness but is fragrantly old fashioned too, a crossover perfume that is intricate enough for the most discerning perfumista yet light and floaty enough not to skunk younger or less jaded wearers of perfume. On a man it is intriguing, the masculine traits of wood, spice and green come to the fore and the floral powdery-ness becomes almost barbershop. Well into my first hour of wear we are still getting mainly the top notes with only a underpinning of the woodsy notes and vanilla has not even raised its head which is most unusual on my sweet skewing skin. Maybe it’s the myrtle that keeps Rouge Hermès green and fresh and lively. There’s no bakery or cakery, this is a pure modern green fl-Oriental that wraps me up like an Hermès cashmere rug, in my Rouge Hermès dream I am a billionairess with magic in my fingers and the world in the palm of my hands.

I get 4-6 hours of fully fragrant life before Rouge Hermès becomes a still slightly green and woody wash. What I love about Rouge Hermès is its absolute wearability in most situations, sillage is only very noticeable in the first hour but though it stays close after that I can still smell wafts intermittently throughout the day and those that hug you will be pleasantly surprised, and probably snuggle in.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

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I bought my bottle of Rouge Hermès at the Sydney Hermès store from my favourite SA there Jean.
Surrender To Chance starts at $3/ml

If you thought this was fun and interesting then pop on over to Australian Perfume Junkies, we love visitors.

It’s not too often that something as lovely as the below mini movie is produced in the name of advertising. Hermès seems to stand apart with beautiful and innovative work. Here, with The Sound Of Hermès Silver,  we are taken into a dream vision and the music is wonderful.
I hope you enjoy The Sound Of Hermès Silver
Portia xx

Top Hermès Box Photo Stolen Maegan Tintari Flickr


  1. this is Hermes Week! I’m ogling a Bombay (which I’ve been ogling for 3 years running! LOL!), Erin turned me on to the Glory What Is vintage Bel Ami….and now you are making me want to smell this Rouge! The top notes are right up my alley and I’m interested to see how they play with the rest of them, down the line. xoxoA

    • Well there is such excitement for the new things about to come out at Hermes Musette, two new Hermessence and a sneaky new Jardin very soon. How can we not be aquiver.
      Rouge is/was a good buy for me, works a treat as a sexy/pretty/elegant work scent and people notice it with admiration. A whole load of wins above and beyond my simple love for it. And did I mention the bottle? Oh My Lord, so lovely.
      You really want a Bombay? It will happen. Colour?
      Portia x

      • I am such a psycho – I have lusted for it in bougainvillea for simply EVAH! But who doesn’t need a hot pink purse?! xoxoxoA

        • Hilarious Musette,
          I have only 2 purses. Both black, shoulder strap clutch style, cocktail/evening, and hand me downs from my Mum. That’s it.
          Portia xx

        • Ooh, ooh — just googled that bag and it is divine! But I want mine in that goldish-brown/cognac hue, tee-hee. But who am I kidding? I am a Chanel girl through and through, and can’t afford one of those anymore, so how on earth would I float a Hermes?!!! Nope, my designer bag days they are over, but that’s OK …

  2. I smelled Rouge very early on in this stage of perfume obsession; we’re talking years ago, and I remember liking it but not much else….definitely time to revisit. There are so many things to smell, and most of the time the ones I love most are the ones that have been around for a while. Hermes is just the last word in elegance, isn’t it? I have scarf lust, for sure.

    • Hey, doll! You know, I have never lusted for their scarves, isn’t that strange (considering I have an extensive scarf collection)? But I do have massive lust for several of their lesser-known handbag styles (the shoulder Kelly and the leaner Bombay) – but I suspect that is largely because I love that structured shape and, say whatever one will about Hermes, the quality of their leatherwork is exceptional!


    • Hey Rosarita,
      Jin and I bought some vintage Hermes scarves at the auctions in Paris while we were there. I have kept a silk one and my fave SA at Sydney Hermes confirmed its reality. I wear it quite a bit. Khaki, browns and golds, very retro but curiously now. (We saved more than our airfares by buying them at auction)
      Rouge is a bit like it: retro and now. The more I wear it the more enamoured I become.
      Portia xx

      • You are wearing me DOWN, Portia! and making me want to try this more and more! Train Trip!


      • Your scarf sounds gorgeous, Portia! And Ms A, I googled the Bombay and it’s just beautiful…as you know…what color will you get? (see the positive tense, there 😉

        • Oh, those scarves! I had several but after looong unemployment, was forced had to sell them — just have one now but it’s a doozy — the famous perfume bottle one! I’ve thought about having it framed but …

  3. oh, and the longer ‘lozenge’ Bombay, not the bigger, deeper one. In case you were wondering 😉

  4. Dear Portia, this is a wonderful scent! I remember having a bit way back when and loving it, especially in the fall and winter. Now I must revisit it ASAP. And that bottle IS gorgeous, isn’t it?

    • The bottle is a total winner, it’s spent so much time in my hands since I bought it. Spritzing and caressing. The colour is so rich.
      Portia xx

  5. I just discovered Rouge at the Bloomingdale’s Hermes counter about a week ago. I was so focused on Ellena, I guess, that I’d never noticed that red one that looks kind of like Hiris. I couldn’t try it on then, unfortunately, but on the blotter it was so delightful. Funny thing is, first thing out of my mouth was, “oh, it’s a rose.” Go figure. Maybe my subconscious PI was influenced by that red bottle. I’ll be visiting Bloomie’s again, unscented, very soon!

    • You know what? I think this fragrance is a morpher, sometimes it wears completely different to others. One day I’ll get iris, another lily, then another day I’ll be feel like a spicy rose. It always seems to fit my mood and my whereabouts. I am so glad I got a bottle LeatrherMountain.
      Portia x

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