5 Easy Things That Help Me Feel FAB-U-LOUS!!

Heya Perfume Posse! Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies dropping by with 5 easy things to do that can change your life from DRAB to FAB!! I think I know what you’re thinking, “Not another rubbish list of crap 5 easy things!” Well, in my past life wasn’t always so rosy, there have been a load of ups but many were followed by very dark valleys. Sometimes it only takes one positive thought or action to change the course of your day from black to rainbow. Here are 5 easy things, and though they take some thought or organising they are easy, just 5 easy things that have helped me through black days and I’ve kept them even though I am now living rainbow days.


5 Easy Things That Help Me Feel FAB-U-LOUS!!


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1) Set the Alarm 20 Minutes EARLY

It feels counter intuitive at first, especially if you are a night owl like me, to set the alarm 20 minutes earlier than you need to be out of bed but it works a treat. Why? Well I also set it to go off again 10 minutes early and on time. The first alarm wakes me up with a jolt from wherever I am in dreamland and scares the living shit out of me with its air raid siren buzzes but I am awake. I then have 10 dreamy half asleep/half awake minutes to just lay there and think no thoughts at all except to either grab Jin’s pillow and cuddle it or lie flat on my back and float. The second alarm is much calmer and a bit pretty even, bells chiming and softly increasing. Once #2 is turned off I then have 10 luxurious minutes to think about my day ahead, organise my thoughts and ready myself for alarm #3 which is a real get out of bed you lazy bastard buzzer. I think the 20 minutes spent on this gives me more rest than the whole night of sleep before it and I can go into my day feeling ready.

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2) Say Thank You

Another thing that feels like “super weirdo” when you first start doing it but it does help to remind me how lucky I am. Every time anything even slightly good happens I say in my head THANK YOU. Sunny day? Thank You. Find a car park? Thank You. Coffee is hot and yummy? Thank You. Spell Check catches your mistakes? Thank You. Parcel arrives in the post? Thank You. Stranger smiles at you in the street? Thank You. Pretty soon you will be saying Thank You a lot and realise how lucky you are just to be given today, every day.

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3) Pay Off Some Extra Credit Card

We all spend too much, let’s face it. Sometimes I fill my cart at the online fragrance store with a few things I really want to own. Wish List Stuff. Then I delete everything I can’t currently afford. Some days that is nearly everything, some days there’s a hefty three figure number there. Then, instead of spending I take that money and use it to pay off some of my Credit Card. I will not run out of perfume anytime soon and the feeling at having that EXTRA payment done is WONDERFUL. It can get my balance to zero in no time if I put my mind to it.

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4) Have A Bath

I know that loads of you don’t have a bathtub so a foot-soak will have to do for you. Every day I have a bath, I love that it takes 5 minutes to fill and the oil (currently using a vintage 500ml Penhaligon’s Bath Oil, Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil and various Essential Oils) or salts (Radox Bath Salts, Pure & Basic:Passionate Pear or plain rock salt) that I put in scent half the house every day. Already, before I even get in I feel lavish. While in the bath I completely submerge with rises from the depths to breathe while it’s still super hot, I clean myself then play Words With Friends till finished all games. A >1 minute sluice in a cool shower and out. I feel like a complete beauty queen after it every day, gorgeous and spoiled.

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5) Never Save Anything For Best

Do you continue to use the old chipped every day set of crockery? Have some beautiful unused towels in the cupboard? Leave your vintage parfums for occasions? STOP! Every day that you are alive is one you should celebrate by using the best you have. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to walk the dog in your vintage Balenciaga couture gown, but nothing should stop you from enjoying your vintage Quadrille as often as possible. Eat off the good china instead, put the best sheets on your bed, use those lavish thick bath sheets and be glad and grateful that you can and have. You are the best you’ve got, give yourself the gift of the best you have. So you may one day have no vintage Quadrille left, so what! The memories of shopping, loving, dining, cleaning or whatever you have done in it will last you a lifetime and the simple, self indulgent fun of wearing such outrageously lavish perfume is happiness itself.

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and thanks for sticking around. Yes, none of these are particularly new thoughts or profound but they are 5 easy things that I have found effective. They up my happiness and delete some of my darknesses. What fragrance did I wear while creating this fun, light hearted, mini list of 5 easy things that help my Fab-O-Meter rise to the top? The lovely soft remnants of Sushi Imperial by Bois 1920 and Dew Musk by Montale, together they smell like Amouage Ubar, not exactly but there are definite references throughout and that has had me smiling all day.

If you though this was cool and want some more perfume fun why not trot over to Australian Perfume Junkies and see what we have going on. We’d love to see you over there too.

What do you waft when you want to feel particularly lavish?
Portia xx


Njlinda September 12, 2013

Portia, I can't thank you enough for the list. I was just diagnosed with cancer, and the list was here just when I need it. There is something about perfume people. Things pop up just when you need them. A few months ago Musette wrote about "inner strength" from aromatherapy associates, which the owner formulated to help her through cancer treatments. . I bought it even before I even knew I had cancer because of what Musette said about its calming effect. Thanks so much.

thesmellyvagabond September 12, 2013

Love the advice! :) Especially the one about setting the alarm 20 minutes earlier, I've got to try that out.

Tara September 9, 2013

One of my greatest pleasures is to no longer use an alarm clock... I get up when I wake up naturally. It is such a luxury and I feel grateful for it every day (I don't have to leave for work until 10am). I do the Thank You thing too - today was an especially wonderful day and as I sat watching the sunset, my heart said thank you. You are the best, Portia!

Becky September 8, 2013

Love the list! Has to be bath for me, Nothing better than a soak in the tub with some radox after a long day! Thanks for sharing :-) xx

Beth September 8, 2013

I always enjoy your posts Portia! This one is so absolutely dead on true. It took me a very long time to know these things. I always wear my favorite scents whenever I want. Even if I'm just washing the floor or scrubbing the toilet!! I wear perfume for me. I do the exact same thing with the alarm in the morning :) It is just so heavenly. Thanks for another great post! xo

FeralJasmine September 7, 2013

Okay, decided to reveal that I have a lovely cream silk chiffon top and long floaty-flowing skirt with a little discreet pearl beading. Every now and then I put it on for a special evening at home, put on some gardenia perfume, and feel like the Fairy Queen. I would never dream if wearing it in public, no matter how formal the occasion. It is a private pleasure for the two of us, and can boost my morale for days afterwards.

Mary K September 6, 2013

Good advice for everyone! (I will have to work on #1 a little bit, as I am not an early morning type, but I can see the good that comes with it!)

Queen Cupcake September 6, 2013

Love your list! I would add: share. It is a bit like saying (or thinking Thank You), and it can mean sharing tangible things or it can mean sharing ideas, experiences, passions. Your #5 is so important, and you can share those things too. Some years ago, I had a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving, to which one of my close friends brought along a lady none of us knew well. She was mortified when she spilled gravy on the fancy lace tablecloth I had laid out. I immediately told her that it just did not matter; I would much rather use something nice than to stow it away perpetually out of fear it might get a stain or two. She seemed reassured when I said that life is too short not to use nice things.

fleurdelys September 6, 2013

These are great, especially #2 and #5. I think I need you to send me positive and uplifting messages every day. Oh wait, you already do that with your blog! ;-)

Michelle September 6, 2013

Lovely post! Thank you!

Dina C. September 6, 2013

Dear Portia, One of your best posts ever! Love the suggestions. My addition would be: enjoy music to lift your spirits. Don't let the voice inside yourself say that the music you like isn't cool enough. I have wide ranging, eclectic taste. Sometimes I'm listening to classical, sometimes it's 80s New Wave. Just listen and sing along if you want. :-)

umer September 6, 2013

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annemariec September 6, 2013

I've done that alarm clock thing for years and it really does work. I just can't imagine getting out of bed at first buzz. Ack. And if I can I pay my bills as soon as they arrive. That's a great feeling; some people swear by it as a means of managing your finances but it's not always possible. But I do save some perfumes for best - VC&A's First, 31 Rue Cambon, and Parfum de Nicolai's Maharanih. No, I don't wear them often (occasionally a dab of First in the evening if I'm by myself). But they do feel wonderfully special when I do wear them and I have great memories associated with each. And it's not like I lack for other magnificent perfumes. If any of those three were to be d/c, now that would be a true dilemma!

Sally McSweeney September 6, 2013

Thank you for this inspiring list, Portia. No. 5 really resonated with me as I have just finished unpacking a dinner service that arrived from the Uk today - it belonged to my mum and was a wedding present for my parents70 years ago. It was hardly ever used, being "her best" but I do remember it making an appearance for Christmas and Easter dinners and various special family occasions. I had already earmarked a place in my dining room cupboard for it, planning to follow in my mum's footsteps,and marking it down for its premiere appearance here this Christmas. Until I read your post. I am going to use it - for pancakes, for fish n chip suppers, for roast Sunday lunch. I'm glad that mum kept it in such good shape because I get to enjoy it now and each time I do, I'll remember number 2 on your list - to say thank you.

Kandice September 6, 2013

What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing, Portia! These must really work as you always seem so upbeat!

Maya September 6, 2013

What a great list! I am a night owl too and I do the alarm clock thing PLUS I have it set 10 minutes fast. I know too many people who never or rarely use their best things. One woman I know had an full bottle of Opium that had become vintage while she was "saving" it. She had a get-together that included some people that she didn't know well and it was stolen. She still saves her best things for a day that will never come.

Martha September 5, 2013

Dear Portia - That is an excellent list. I particularly like the advice about THANK YOU. So much better than bitching-and-moaning all day.

Jan Last September 5, 2013

Great post Portia, thanks. In regards to using your best, not saving it, I completely agree. I have been setting the table with Sasaki crystal and different sets of "good" china and linen for years, and letting the grandkids learn (yes, there has been breakage) to enjoy these things. Of course, I've created a monster or two, the 8 year old can spot a designer dress in a heartbeat, and has announced her crystal will probably be Val St Lambert, lol.

Lavanya September 5, 2013

Loved the post Portia! Just reading it made me feel happier..:) Today I am wafting Amouage Lyric (even though it is not really 'Lyric' weather, but who cares..:))

minette September 5, 2013

the best thing i have read in a long time! cheers to you for sharing your list. i totally agree with your alarm clock theory - it works for me, too! and thanks for the other reminders. cheers, minette

Gwenyth September 5, 2013

Thanks, Portia, for sharing your thoughts and practical ideas. Each of these ideas is a positive and a good thing. I know Martha Stewart seemed to coin the phrase "It's a Good Thing"...but it is SO fitting for so many situations. It is good to know when you have a Good Thing! I don't think there is enough Gratitude in the world. No matter how dark life is, there is always something Good in there if we look for it. You are a wise, funny, dear soul and I appreciate you. <3

Janice September 5, 2013

I love this list. I actually do the early alarm thing—it drives my husband crazy sometimes—and I’m getting much better at #5… especially with perfume.

Mary P. September 5, 2013

Such a wonderful list Portia, thank you for sharing. Never save anything for best is one that really hits me today, yes!! I have loads of antique pottery and furniture and I use it all, all the time. I was a little in quandry after I bought an unopened vintage bottle of L'Heure Bleu - should I open it or not? After staring at it for hours I decided that the art of perfume was in the wearing of it, not looking at it in it's pristine bottle, so I cut that cord off and opened it up and am really enjoying the opportunity to wear something very special and something that was made to be a fleeting, exquisite experience. Thank you so much - I love your posts!

LaurenW September 5, 2013

Oh, Portia, thanks for the lovely advice today (except for the alarm clock part). I like to jump out of bed to turn it off and then I know I'm up. And thanks for the pic of the beautiful credit card dress. I want that. :)

rosarita September 5, 2013

Portia, I love this post and your wonderful, practical, fabulous attitude. Number five is my favorite. I've been housebound off & on for a while now but I always wear my jewelry, whatever I feel like, even if I'm wearing it with yoga pants (that have never been to yoga). We're talking piles of vintage and otherwise funky jewelry, it's my trademark. I'm actively looking for a caftan on the cheap, so that when I feel like swanning around the house wafting clouds of Shalimar and strings of beads, I have the right outfit for it. That kind of stuff at least helps to decorate those dark valleys.

eldarwen22 September 5, 2013

When I am feeling blue, I'll blow dry my hair and use a round brush to style my hair and put on a little make up. I'm not one who wears make up or styles my hair on a regular basis but that helps. Or I will donate a little bit to the Wounded Warriors.

Jackie b September 5, 2013

Thank you for the uplifting thoughts... love that your list includes great things that don't cost money! But, I can embrace credit card thingy only sometimes! I would like to have a huge selection of lavish bath oils, gels and salts, with double benefit of hot water and beautiful scents. Am also indulging in some delicious L'Erbolario body products I found recently in Italy.

Kitty September 5, 2013

Thank you for the wonderful list. I have been trying to shake a chest infection and my mood has been crabbier than usual. I think that I will follow your 5 steps and relax and get healthy.

Ann September 5, 2013

Portia, this is a wonderful list -- thank you!! I always try to have an attitude of gratitude, daily thanking God for the many blessings He has given me. I really need to work on No. 5 -- too often I've been "hoarding" or "saving" XYZ product for some special occasion that never seems to come, so I'm trying to be better about that and treat myself every day. Thanks again!

FeralJasmine September 5, 2013

We all know those deep dark valleys, Portia, and you are wise about how cultivating the habit of gratitude can help us not fall into a narrow negative preoccupation. When I'm feeling blue, I like to imagine buying some perfume on my wish list, then send that money to my favorite animal-related charity and spray myself with some Tawaf, which I already have. Of course, some day soon I'm going to need a new vial of Tawaf, but I can deal with that when I come to it. I always find jasmine uplifting, especially the pure and true jasmine in Tawaf. It doesn't last all that long either, so I have to stay in the moment to appreciate it.

Musette September 5, 2013

btw - Guess who's going to wear a gorgeous sari coat today? To FARM KING! http://www.farmking.com/ Like I said "Feck it!". Life is uncertain. go on with your Fab self! Sweetie! xoxoxoA

Musette September 5, 2013

This is a phenomenal list, babydoll, full of wisdom born of experience. And practical, too. Except: honeypie, I used to walk my dogs/ go to work (I managed a Creative Editorial House, so I could pull this off), go to the shops, etc, in the most phenomenal! couture gowns - for realz! And guess what!!!? I looked AMAZING! Getting back to it, too - even in Cowland. Feck it! xoxoxoA