The Nutcracker Reimagined and Set to Perfumet – Plus Tauer Advent Drawing

Tauer Une Rose de Kandahar and Advent Drawing


Andy Tauer has the best Holiday Tradition, the Advent Calendar Drawing. Each day of Advent, a different blog hosts the drawing. All you need to do is, of course, follow each blog hosting the drawing, enter on each one and cross your fingers.  We are hosting the drawing today. To be entered, just make a comment to this post. We will announce the winner next Tuesday.  The winner will be able to pick their prize from the Tauer Explorer Set, three 15 mls of Tauer fragrances.  What a great prize!


As a special treat today, to get us all into the scented holiday spirit, Lauryn Beer has written this great guest post —


The violins are creaking scratchily, the woodwinds trill their scales. Gaslights in the mezzanine dim, soft crackles of silk… the squeak of wooden chairs being settled in the Grand Tier… delicate wafts of rice powdery Villoresi  Teint de Neige from the ladies, a redolence of Havana cigars and brandy from their men… or it Tabac Blond?  A  camphorous whiff of brilliantine in the gallery. A velvety aura of dust settles in the air as the heavy red curtains are suddenly pulled back, and the maestro lifts his baton. Quick silence, like an intake of breath. The heat of a thousand bodies and ten thousand candles fills the auditorium as the footlights glow. Suddenly, children skitter laughing across the stage, a huge Christmas tree roundly at its center.  Woodwinds whirl as the orchestra plunges into symphonic life.

It is 1892 in St. Petersburg at the Mariisnky Theatre, and the first performance of the Nutcracker has just begun.

Act I. Dreamy Clara, her small feet barely filling her white toe shoes, glides into view, a faint scent of  pear juice and muguet, of DSH D’Anjou clinging to her party dress. The crystal sconces blaze, and across the polished wood floor the grown-ups quadrille. Children prance about the tree as Tauer L’eau d’Epices imbues the drawing room with the aromas of spiced punch, apples and candied fruits. The clock strikes nine, as the doors open wide to an odd bent figure, top-hatted, birch-caned: Count Drosselmayer, Clara’s godfather, enters, Cartier Treizieme Heure trailing smoke and strangeness from his woolen cape. He pulls from his shadowy cloak a bag of toys, giving one to each child. To Clara, he proffers a nutcracker, gleaming and upright, as if having just bowed to her. As Clara waltzes laughingly with her new toy, naughty Fritz knocks the nutcracker to the floor, where it shatters. Clara is in tears, but Drosselmayer waves his knotty hand over the shards of wood and it is mended.

Now, the candles are glowing stubs, the music is slowing. It is late, the party falters, and Clara, with a backward glance at her beloved nutcracker, drifts off to bed as snow begins to fall softly outside around the departing guests.  A cottony blanket of angelica and hawthorn, Malle L’Eau en Hiver, swaddles the night.

Act II. Clara cannot sleep and returns as to the drawing room. A scuffling sound is heard and the strings in the pit pluck warningly.  As the great grandfather clock strikes midnight, the eerie smell of Etro Messe de Minuit seeps through the floorboards, with its hints of crypts and dust and church bells.  Then, a terrible rodent wearing a crown on each of its five heads suddenly appears: the Rat King! Clara cowers behind a chair as the Nutcracker and his army of tin soldiers spring to life and rats pour into the room. Bravely, the Nutcracker duels the Rat King.  But he is flagging. When all seems lost, Clara gathers her courage and flings her shoe with all her might at the Rat King, and he falls, dead. She turns to see her Nutcracker transformed into the handsomest of princes. As she takes his hand, she catches a sensual waft of balsam and Russian leather, of Arquiste Alexandr on his arm.

Act III.  The Prince leads Clara to a moonlit wood. Pines rustle. The frozen glamour of Le Labo Aldehyde 44 infuses the night air with musk and glittering aldehydes. Gentle snowflakes whirl and fly, inviting Clara to watch as they dance for her across a frosted pond. When the ballet ends, Clara is led by her prince to a waiting boat with gossamer sails scented with hyacinthine Patou Vacances. They travel to the Land of Sweets as a languid harp eases them on their way.

Act IV. Clara and her champion alight before the palace of the Sugar Plum fairy. The air is thick with the roasted sugar of Huitieme Art Sucre D’Ebene. The silvery Sugar Plum fairy glissades on to the stage to the bars of the celesta. Around her hair swirls a rich purple fragrance–Guerlain Parure parfum–as she pirouettes and arabesques.  Her dance over, she waves her wand and denizens of her kingdom arrive to dance. First, to the brisk click of castanets, a blast of heat from Parfumerie General Coze brings the Spanish chocolates, darkly exotic with cocoa, patchouli and spiced with chilis. Then, as horns bleat mutedly and cymbals ting, the Arabian coffees , vaporourous with Ayala Morial Finjan, undulate, their honeyed perfume sensual with cardamom and tolu. Next come the Chinese teas, scented delicately with gunpowdery -apricot Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan, spinning to the chirrup of flutes. Russian candy canes leap exuberantly onto the stage, a blast of cedar and coriander as TDC de Bachmakov swirls wildly through the air. Then, a tang of rhubarb!  Mother Gigogue, scattering children from under her enormous skirts, reels to a polka, as her offspring spray each other laughingly with CDG Play Red.

As they scuttle off, slowly all the blossoms of the forest assemble to perform a waltz, weaving and dipping in the breeze while French horns hum serenely, and the dense bouquet of vintage Patou 1000 parfum  makes the fireflies drunk with scent. The Sugar Plum fairy and the Prince dance a final bourree. Clara joins them, and, as the dance ebbs, she is crowned Princess of the Land of Sweets , her royal mantle bearing the diamante florals of Dior Diorrissimo.

Act V.  One by one, the flowers and candies drift away…the strings strum quietly. Clara is asleep by the Christmas tree in the drawing room, a tipped over bottle of CB I Hate Perfumes In the Library, with its vanillic smell of old paper, nearby. She opens her eyes drowsily and looks about. The fire in the stone grate is embers now, and the nutcracker is… just a nutcracker.  She clutches her wooden paramour with a smile a little sad. She trails off to bed to continue dreaming.

 An echo of Diorrissimo hangs in the air.


  1. The Tauer Advent Calender is so amazing. Thanks for giving us another opportunity to win. Merry Christmas to everyone at the Posse!

  2. Thanks for the draw! Inspired by this post, I think I shall put on some Diorissimo tonight.

  3. What a great draw and a wonderful, evocative post! Thanks for sharing! Of course, DNEM.

    • Thank you so much, Les. I always think of Aldehyde 44 in connection with cold and refracted light, so it seemed to fit here. Gratifying to know you think (sniff?) the same way!

  4. Fabulous post! I can’t believe I never thought about the Nutcracker in terms of perfumes but it totally works! Great post. AndWhat a great chance to experience Tauer perfumes. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Holidays to one and all. And may the joy of the season smile upon you & your families.

    • That is so sweet of you, Lej. the Nutcracker is always in my head when Christams rolls around and the idea of the perfume clicked when I received some DSH samples and thought her D’Anjou would be perfect for Clara!

  5. I was in the Nutcracker several years as a child, and even though I’m nauseatingly familiar with all the songs, even now, I have such a soft spot for the tale. Putting it to perfume is such a marvelous idea! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

    • Amy, the Nutcracker ballet is such an indelible childhood memory. I worshipped the NYC Ballet production. I still have a lot of love for the world’s sexiest Nutcracker Prince, Edward Villela!

  6. What a fragrant experience! Thank you Lauryn, there is so much heart placed into this post. Now I have even more samples that I’ll have to get based on these descriptions. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Anna! I grew up watching the New York City Ballet’s version on TV every year, and it was my favourite Christmas special ever. I knew every scene and bit of choreography by heart (even if I couldn’t do it myself!). I cried when CBS stopped airing it. It took me years to track down a copy, which I will finally be watching next week!

  7. Wow,thank you Lauryn,that was lovely. And thanks, Posse,for hosting the Advent calendar, I look forward to it every year.

  8. That was great! Now I am going to be perfuming every story I encounter. Just about to read Hogfather again (my favorite Xmas story- don’t judge) so should come up with some really odd ones.

  9. Thanks for the draw and to Andy for keeping the tradition of his Advent calendar.
    Good luck to everyone and nice holidays!

  10. This is my first year getting to participate in the Tauer advent calendar and it has been a wonderful experience. Most of the blogs are ones I follow already but there have been a few new things I’ve discovered. Thank you for hosting the draw & the lovely verse.

  11. Glorious! Every year during the Holidays, my family would go to see the local ballet company’s production of The Nutcracker Suite, and I still thrill to the music every season when I play it while wrapping gifts for family and friends. The integration of such iconic fragrances into the storyline is so fitting and thoroughly enjoyable 🙂

  12. I so appreciate Andy Tauer’s generosity throughout the year and during the holidays. The advent calendar is such a fun tradition. I can’t wait to try the new Rose de Kandahar. Thank you!

  13. I’ve been following the advent calendar, but today I just came upon this one by chance! So fun, like a big ole’ internet treasure hunt! Thanks for the chance.

  14. I just had to say how much I enjoyed reading this. What an imaginative, rich and colourful piece. It has made me feel very Christmassy!

  15. Thank you for the delightful story! And, once again, thank you for the lovely draw!

  16. Lauryn that was simply magical! I loved reading the perfumista version of The Nutcracker – thank you for sharing that with us! I would love to be entered into the Advent drawing. Andy impresses over and over again with how much of generous and kind man he is. Merry Christmas to you, Posse! 🙂

  17. This was a wonderful read, Lauryn. Kisses to Andy and Perfume Posse for having this draw!

  18. What a lovely post, thanks for tha draw and Merry Christmas to all!

  19. I love that you’ve woven scent into the story. Such a great idea. While i was reading it I had this vision of a swathe of internet perfumistas nodding and understanding the added scent dimension.

  20. WONDERFUL!!! Except I couldn’t help thinking at the end — not Diorissimo but (VINTAGE) (equally) L’Heure Bleue for that wonderful blend of innocence and pastry!!

  21. I hope I win today since it’s my birthday. I’m so excited!

  22. If the extent to me that I choose a teacher me teach me the perfume industry, I I would choose Mr. Andy, I know that he would not accept that 🙂

  23. I love the Tauer Advent calendar………….have been “opening it’s doors” for the past 4 years…………but no luck so far…………..maybe today will be my lucky day?
    cheers Andy

  24. Lovely story! Thank you to Andy, and to the Posse for enabling us in our addictions all year round 🙂

  25. Thanks for the draw. I’ll stick to sniffing perfume, over weeks or month, and then deciding where it stands. Naff descriptions wallowing in fanciful dream landscapes is unhelpful and unrealistic/ trying to marry some art form or another to the raw unadulterated olfactive experience. Would you decide the worth of let’s say a oil painting based on its smell or based on how it sounds when touched? So why mess with the senses when it’s perfumery, artisanal or not. In this field the smell is in charge, not some awfully contrived and wholly variable memories based on inaccurate and unnecessary stories and embellished descriptions. Trust your own nose, it is usually the only sense that truly matters.

    • Sorry you didn’t like my piece. This site is not strictly about sampling perfume, though, as many other posts demonstrate.

  26. Great story. I watched my daughter in the Dance of the Snowflakes last Sunday, so The Nutcracker has a special place in my heart. Fingers crossed in the draw!

  27. the third consecutive year I’m posting daily for the advent calendar- never had the chance to win- and I’m lemming the mandarine soaps

  28. The Nutcracker always was such a great Christmas tradition at our house. Thanks for the draw!

  29. The Scented Nutcracker was very entertaining. Happy Holidays, everyone, and good luck!

  30. Merry Perfumed Christmas!! 2014 signed by Tauer’s perfumes? I wanna do that! Crossing fingers and thank you for the draw!

  31. What a lovely story! Nutcracker is one of my favorite ballet and book – thanks for the draw!

  32. Great story – and of course thanks a lot to Mr. Tauer for the draw! I’d love to win!

  33. This is a great post! More! More! Hoffmann’s Erzählungen? Mozart’s Zauberflöte? Wagner’s Siegfried? Thank you for the draw!

  34. The Nutcracker is my favourite winter story, love it since my childhood! Thank you for the draw- it’s time for the miracles to happen!

  35. What a great post! I would love to go and see the Nutcracker and have it scented too. Thanks for a great story and thanks to Andy and the Posse for the draw.

  36. What a beautiful picture you paint. Imagine going to that performance, and the air is actually filled with the relevant scent to illustrate each scene. Terpsicharoma…

    • Yeah, I always thought, even as a kid, that it was strange a 5-headed rat could be killed by a single ballet slipper. Althought I should have written that Clara’s shoe was dipped in White Diamonds — maybe that would have explained it!

  37. What a gorgeous description of a scented night at the ballet. I wonder what scent Tchaikovsky would wear…Faberge perhaps?

  38. How lovely, fragrant Nutcracker. I can almost smell all these scents in harmony with Tchaikovsky’s music. Thanks for the draw!

  39. I’m so glad I’m familiar with a lot of those scents so I could imagine it as I read- as always now there are more I’d like to be familiar with 🙂
    Thanks for hosting the draw Posse

  40. Thank You For The Opportunity To Win 🙂
    I Wish You All A Merr Christmas And Happy New Year!

  41. A few years ago I went to see The Nutcracker for the first time – and by a Russian ballet company. There was something so ethereal and evocative about it – the music so otherworldly…that by the Dance of the Snowflakes (the best part!) I fell asleep:( It felt like the music was drawing me further and further away and it had been getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open – and i was struggling so hard to do it, because the dancing and the set were so magical!

    I woke up for the next act – had coffee at interval and shook off the sleepiness, but was so sad to have missed part. This piece with the olfactory dimension, so precisely nuanced is just as gorgeous, and I’m going to save it so I can re-read whenever I smell one of the perfumes mentioned, since there are a few I do not yet know – though of course I feel already like I can exactly imagine them. Happy holidays to you too!

  42. Lauryn, That was an amazing post. I could see the scenes, hear the music and smell the scents simultaneously…a real synesthesia experience. 🙂 Thanks!

  43. Last year, my employer took me and a bunch of ladies to the Boston Ballet’s new production of The Nutcracker. It was lovely! And, we took a luxury coach bus that was hired for the occasion. After we had champagne and nibbles, of course. Best wishes to all for a fine holiday.

  44. Love this take on the Nutcracker story. Thanks so much for that and for hosting the draw!

  45. right now there’s an air of Tam Dao hanging in the air in my living room.

  46. Love the post, The Nutcracker is a holiday favorite! Thanks so much for the drawing!

  47. Oh what fun it is to read a scent narrative! Thanks for the journey, and the contest!

  48. A dream of mine is to sniff Guerlain’s Parure parfum — how perfect to include it in your scented Nutcracker Reimagination, Lauryn! Thanks as always to Andy and the Posse for the draw.

  49. Lovely post…inspiring me to wear some of these. Thanks Andy for the draw!

  50. Very pretty post and such a generous giveaway. Please enter me. Thank you.

  51. Happy Holidays! Thanks to PP and Tauer Perfumes for the lovely draw. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a win 🙂

  52. Wonderful post! I have only seen the Nutcracker performed live once when my daughter’s best friend danced in it two years ago. It was with a professional ballet company and was a great start to the holiday season.Thanks to the Posse for hosting the draw.

  53. Thanks for the draw, and for inspiring me to go home and put on some Caron Nuit de Noel. Happy holidays!

  54. Big ups to Andy and Perfume Posse for sharing the love. Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Great ballet, great music. Such a great Christmas tradition.

  56. I’m excited just to have run across this site. Have been exploring all the different articles this morning. Just added to my fav list. Cool story. Will have to share with Mom. Have a super holiday. Hard to believe it is almost here.

  57. Thank you for the marvellous scentual libretto! I needed something inspiring like this on a day like today!
    And thank you for the opportunity to check into Andy’s Advent Calendar at your site! It’s as big as life, isn’t it?

  58. I have seen the Nutcracker many times and it is a thrill every time. Many thanks for a great post and giveaway.

  59. Thanks for hosting this giveaway — I’ve read so many great things about Tauer perfumes, and have not yet had a chance to try them. Fingers are crossed!

  60. What a wonderful interpretation of Nutcracker! By the way, the last (and the only) time I saw it, it was in Saint-Petersburg.

    Thanks again to Andy for the chance of winning his beautiful perfumes 🙂

  61. I enjoyed reading this post, I’ve been going to see The Nutcracker since I was little, but they ‘reimagined’ it just last year and now it’s just not the same. I’m deciding not to go anymore so that I can keep the version I saw as a child in memory as long as possible. Thanks for the draw!

  62. Thanks for the giveaway! I enjoyed the Nutcracker, and I love many of Andy Tauer’s perfumes.

  63. I love the Nutcracker ballet. Perfect perfume pairing with the scenes. Very befitting. Thanks so much.

  64. Great writing – only us perfumistas will get it, but that is OK!! LOL!! 🙂

  65. What a great draw – I would love to try some of his perfumes, the roses sound especially good.

  66. The Nutcracker is the most popular New Year`s ballet in Russia. It`s a problem to buy tickets on the end of December for this ballet both in Mariinsky Theatre and the Bolshoi Theatre.

  67. I liked that perfumed narrative–would like to smell each of them.

    Thank you to everyone at the Posse, including guest contributors, for the past year’s blog!
    Thank you for hosting the Tauer advent giveaway!
    And thank you Andy for continuing your lovely holiday tradition!
    Happy Holidays all.

  68. Absolutely perfect! You’ve created a masterpiece here. What a delight you have shared with us all. Pure magic. Thanks so much, and happy holidays to all.

  69. That is such fun to use the perfumes in the story like that, I could also imagine Ambre Russe by Parfum D’Empire being one of the scents…

  70. Thank you, Patty, for giving us the chance to participate in this draw! As for the article above, it’s realy nice… and Tauer’s Noontide Petals goes wonderfuly well with it 🙂

  71. Lovely concept… remembering how one of my sons would sit on the floor in front of the stereo for hours, listening to the Nutcracker over and over. How he loved it!

  72. Wow! Thanks, Lauryn, for writing such a wonderful post and thanks to Andy for being such a generous perfumer.

    • I have to disable spell check. It causes more problems than it solves. TAUER perfumes are so special!

  73. I concur with everyone else….your fragrant partake on the Nutcracker is lovely indeed (and cause for inspiration on upcoming sample orders…LOL). Many many thanks!!

  74. What a great post! I’m going to have to find some Guerlain Parure to sniff! We will go to the Nutcracker after Christmas. My son is working on a rig offshore and doesn’t come home until late Christmas day, so we can’t do it pre-Christmas per normal. It is one of our favorite traditions.

  75. I wish there were sample cards to sniff for each of these scents while reading through the post! This is such a beautiful sensory take on the beloved Christmas ballet. Thanks for the great imagery 🙂

  76. I’m crossing my fingers for that explorer set! Love the Nutcracker piece. TFS

  77. Thanks for the draw! I’ve been reading for quite some time now but have never posted.

  78. What a wonderful story! There’s an old Soviet-era animated cartoon based on the story of Nutcracker, I loved it as a kid. Great stuff to watch on holidays.

  79. Thank you for this nice post! The Advent calendar this is time when Andy turns into Santa Claus! and i love this time)

  80. Thank you for hosting Andy’s drawing today. Loved the perfumed Nutcracker story!

  81. Thanks again Andy for another great Advent 2013 draw and thanks to PerfumePosse for today’s event !

    What a fun and creative story ! I can imagine each frag ! Thanks forgiving me a smile today 🙂

    Happy Holidays everyone !!

  82. Fabulous post and amazing draw. Thanks for the story to start the day!

  83. thanks for the opportunity for a great prize! I cross my fingers every time each day, and log into my computer hoping against hope that I will be the lucky winner!

  84. It’s the season! Loving all the giveaways this year! Happy holidays!

  85. Thanks for hosting the Advent Calendar, and thanks as always to Andy for such a wonderful tradition! Happy Holidays!

  86. I have Diorissimo but Roudnitska was a big fan of Coty’s Muguet…how do the two compare?

  87. Many thanks for the generosity of such a lovely post, and the generosity that is Andy Tauer.
    Happy holidays!

  88. Fab imaginative post – weaving scents into stories. I love the idea of Cartier Treizieme Heure & I’d add Chene for the wood. Bliss!

  89. I’ve tried many times to enjoy The Nutcracker, but it’s just not my thing. Perhaps this scented version could hold my interest.
    Thanks for hosting the draw!

  90. what a great idea incorporating perfume into theater. i almost wonder why they dont do that at shows. maybe have people wearing scents walk down the isles, so people can get a wiff, but then the fragrance doesnt linger too long. like right before the opening act a few people would walk around and then in between scenes another set of people wearing a different fragrance would walk around. it would be a great show indeed! sight, smell, and auditory. i would probably limit it to maybe 3 fragrances, as you would not want to make it too complicated, but it would definitely be interesting!!

    • O.cirque du soleil at the bellagio in Vegas had some ethereal scent diffused at the start and during performance. What an EXPERIENCE! I can’t say more because what happens in Vegas,…

    • I love the idea also. there is a place that does something in this vein in London: Denis Severs House. Severs was an American who bought and restored an 18th century house in London’s East End to its original form. It is completely unmodernized and you can take candlelit tours where the smells of the house in its day are also recreated. If you are ever in London, must go — it is magical!

  91. Tchaikovsky was actually the first composer to write for the celeste.

  92. LOVE this idea for a post!!! I really really enjoyed reading it, it should be a holiday tradition. 🙂

    Thanks for the draw!

  93. Thank you for these draws! A merry Christmas to you and I adore the smellavision you have created.

  94. In chgo I occasionally attend the Jeoffrey ballet nutcracker. So this year you just saved me the price of admission. The Arabian coffee dance us so hypnotic and sensual. I gotta add Ayala Morial Finjan to my wish list!

  95. Ah! Nutcracker is my favourite for Christmas. A smelly story is a great game for perfume-addicts to play.

  96. One day I’d want to find out that I’ve ‘poshened up’ and have patience to listen to classical music, opera, ballet, etc. So far, my life is too erratic and worn out.

  97. What a wonderful holiday post! It makes me want to “perfume” other stories! Thanks you the Posse and Andy Tauer for the draw!

  98. What a wonderful post! But I’m surprised no Diaghilev (created by Roja Dove to honor the Ballet Russe’s Serge Diaghilev). I love ballet and was lucky enough to see the Paris Opera Ballet with the great Nureyev.

    Thank – you for hosting, and a huge thank you to Andy for his yearly generosity!

  99. Perfect timing. The Russian Ballet performs the Nutcracker here tomorrow

  100. What a lovely entry and blog – very interesting. Like everybody else, thank you for the draw and all the lovely blog.

  101. That was wonderful! I love The Nutcracker, and the scent pairings were inspired. Messe de Minuit was especially perfect. And thanks to Andy for his giveaway!

  102. Well I finally went to the local 7-11 and bought a lottery ticket this week and they must have sold me the wrong one. Rats! Don’t you hate it when that happens. Well, maybe I’ll have better luck here. 🙂 Thanks for the drawing.

  103. I love the nutcracker, but the suspense of taking part here every day is even more fun.

  104. A scented fantasy holiday dream, love it! I didn’t win the lottery either, but I would love to win this drawing and drown my sorrows in the scent of Tauer…

  105. Andy must ve the most generous outta all !
    Merry Christmas posse 🙂

  106. A lovely scented imagining of a classic! I’m enjoying Theorema today, as I always associate it with the smells of the holiday season. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful draw!

  107. Hmmm, love the Nutcracker and realy like to be in the draw for the Tauer-Universe!

  108. That was wonderful! The Advent Calendar is an incredibly generous holiday tradition. Thanks for the draw.

  109. This year my interest in perfume was taken to a whole new level. I discovered niche perfumes. I was totally blown away on smelling LADM the first time. This was the perfume I’d been looking for. Or so I thought then I tried noontide petals. I was again amazed. Trouble is this happens every time I try a new Tauer. I think I have a problem!

  110. I just loved this Nutcracker piece, I would never have thought about this story in terms of perfume. Thanks for the draw!

  111. Merry Christmas! Would be an even merrier Christmas to win such a fabulous prize!

  112. Andy’s advent calendar – what a great tradition!
    The Nutcracker (Orasar) is X-mas must.

  113. Now *that* is a performance I would love to smell!! Thank you for writing this evocative post!

  114. Happy Holidays and i hope i am not too late to participate. I really want to try Phi Rose.

  115. What a delightful scented journey. Warmest of wishes and the most inspiring dreams of the season to everyone.

  116. Wonderful post!! Great perfumes, graceful pirouettes, heavenly music… Are you perchance the Sugar Plum Fairy? 🙂
    Thanks for the draw!

  117. I haven’t seen The Nutcracker since I was a kid but this brought it all back. Thank you

  118. What a fun post! Would love to read the scented version of A Christmas Carol next. Such fun possibilities with the ghosts! And of course thanks to Andy!

  119. I always burn frankincense, orange, and cinnamon essential oil at Xmas and everyone always comments ‘your house smells like Xmas!’ Everyone loves it!

  120. My version of the Nutcracker is by Spike Jones, but your is very nice too! And thanks to the Posse for hosting Santa Andy.

  121. I love this scented retelling of the story, what a great idea! Please enter me and thanks so much for the prize draw!

  122. Thank you Lauryn for this lovely fragrant version of the Nutcracker.
    Makes me wonder why smell is never used in theatre productions, would be wonderful.

  123. Thanks for that lovely story! Another great day in the advent calendar.

  124. What a fun Nutcracker story– I’ve never smelled Messe de Minuit, but I rather imagine the Rat King would smell like a celebuscent! Happy Holidays to all and thank you, Andy!

  125. Another chance for another great prize! Thanks to Andy for his annual fun holiday event.

  126. Thanks for the opportunity to win, Andy and Perfume Posse! Fragrance fan fiction – love it!

  127. I’ve tried a few times CB’s In the library and it doesn’t smell like it’s suposed to smell in me…I really wanted that “old books” scent!
    Oh my beloved Carillon pour un Ange…15ml of this heavenly lily of the valley, what a great draw!

  128. What a fabulous range of perfumes in Lauryn’s story! Thanks to the Perfume Posse gang for hosting this draw and to Andy for his generosity.

  129. Eagerly looking forward to the Gardenia scent in the works from Andy! Hopefully it’s unisex, although if not, i wear women’s quite well. 🙂

  130. Oh now I’m jonesing for almost every one of the perfumes you mentioned. The nutcracker suite is one of my fave ballets and definitely my fave seasonal music!

  131. vanillic smell of old paper…ah i love that! love the second hand old books with the smell! thank you for tha chance, and thanks andy !

  132. What a festive post! And thanks for the giveaway. I would love to be entered.

  133. What a beautiful rendition of The Nutcracker! I smelled it all! Merry Christmas all! I’ll be honest…I hope I win!,,,

  134. What a great writer you are Lauryn… this new version of Nutcracker was a pleasure. Happy Holidays.

  135. A dear friend of mine was a principal dancer years ago with the NYC ballet. George Balanchine selected her to dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy one Holiday season. In addition to being a great dancer, she is also a fragrance lover. And she told me it is true that “Mr. Balanchine” did choose signature fragrances for his star performers.

  136. What a lovely imagining of The Nutcracker! And a draw in time for Christmas – truly magical. Thank you for these gifts of beauty.

  137. Recently discovered Tauer perfumes, they are scents of paradise!

  138. What perfect fragrance choices for a perfect Christmas story. I hope that Lauryn will be back with some more.

  139. Exquisite. Act II, particularly, I could see the smoke rising off of the stage, hear the dramatic music. Thank you.

  140. Oh, Perfume Posse peeps, I am overwhelmed by all the kind comments on the post! Thank you so much — I am really touched. I hope you all have a wonderful, fragrant holiday. Guerlain spritz us, every one!

  141. The Nutcracker, my favorite Christmas tradition, now scented forever in my mind. Thank you!

  142. Andy tauter fragrances are true artist’s vocabulary. Thanks for the draw.

  143. I keep trying for some of that beautiful stuff. Thanks for the fun and the generosity!

  144. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I’ve been aching to try Tauer fragrances for so long now but have never gotten the chance! Also, thank you Lauren for this wonderful little write-up on the Nutcracker. It has always been a dream of mine to attend a performance at the Mariinsky Theatre someday…:::sigh:::

  145. i continue to e mesmerized by the delightful conversation on perfume scents. The piece on the Nutcracker has me looking for the little book i used to read my now grown daughters. Thank you for the drawing.

  146. This is the best draw ever. I so hope to try some of his newer scents, especially une rose de Kandehar. Merry Cristmas to all you fellow perfume lovers.

  147. Thank you for the opportunity to read the great posts and enter the wonderful draw.

  148. I wore Le Maroc pour elle to work last week and keep picking up hints of it from the sleeves of my uniform jacket…always a pleasant surprise.

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