DIOR Gardens: Madagascar: Mini Movie

Hi there Posse, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and I am far away from my office in Europe. I think this week we are in Paris. there will be some wonderful meetings there with such fragrant luminaries as Neela Vermeire, Denyse Beaulieu and at the Osmotheque we are going to do a private class. So exciting!! As I am on holiday I thought the perfect thing to show you might be the DIOR Gardens in Madagascar where they are giving women work harvesting a fruit that grows only on the island and in this area, a fruit pollinated by a specially evolved hummingbird.

Do please enjoy,
Portia xx

DIOR Gardens: Madagascar

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Musette February 7, 2014

You know I think you're stark, raving mad, don't you? It's COLD where you are! But it is HOT where you were (WICKED HOT) so maybe you're onto something.........maybe. :-D Hope you are having a fabulous time, darling!!! xoxoxoA

tammy February 7, 2014

What Gwyneth said! Cannot wait to hear all about it. So glad that you're safe and well and having a lovely time!

Gwenyth February 6, 2014

Hi Portia! I hope your European Vacation is wonderful! I envy you the trip and all the amazing places you will visit. Perhaps you could write more lovely posts so I can live vicariously. Enjoy!

eldarwen22 February 6, 2014

I'm so envious that you are in Paris and get to do that! One day, I'll get there.

Ann February 6, 2014

Howdy, Portia! Thanks for this great way to start off a very chilly Thursday. Hope you are having a ball in Paris! P.S. See if you can find out when Neela's extraits will become available (dying to try some Mohur) -- thanks!