Monday musings: Chanel for three, please

Chanel eau de cologneOnce in a while, it’s interesting to play those “what if?” games. For today: As in, what if a perfumed fairy godmother showed up on your doorstep and offered to give you three bottles of scent. The only catch? All three have to be from the same house and the scents have to be in current production.

So today let’s play with Chanel, in honor of their recent release of three new extraits for 1932, Jersey and Beige, all of which BTW, I can’t wait to try.

Right off the bat, I know I’ll have to have Coromandel. My fall and winter months just wouldn’t be the same without its deep, rich sophisticated goodness and patchouli charms. Each time I wear it, I always feel a little mysterious and beautiful. And de rigueur for summer would have to be Chanel’s amazing Eau de Cologne, which IMHO, is the best cologne out there. As colognes go, it lasts fairly well, I think. And happily re-spritzing it is one of the joys of warm weather.

But for No. 3, oh dear. I’m torn in several different directions. Love Cristalle (old and new) but the Cologne does kind of cover a bright, warm weather scent for me. I really enjoy Coco, although Coromandel does take care of the sultry, spicy vibe. Also Nos. 19, 22 and 1932. And are they still making Bois des Iles extrait? If so, that’s going to be a big contender as well. Decisions, decisions.

So, as I try to round out my perfume wardrobe trio, guess I’ll go with No. 22, as it helps bridge the territory between my other picks. I see the bottles I didn’t choose giving me dirty looks, but the fairy godmother says, a limit of three, please. 🙂

What about you –- what would be your three-fer gift from Chanel?

Elia March 18, 2014

Not the biggest Chanel fan myself, and I've not tried any of the extraits so I can't fairly consider them, although asking for 3 extraits and keeping them to trade or sell if not liked sounds strategic ;), however on taste I'd take: Cuir de Russie Egoiste and No.18 And if the perfume fairy was not restricted to Chanel, I'd def be getting a bag of Roja Dove goodies!!

thinkingmagpie March 18, 2014

I envy you!!! It's on my wish-to-try-list but even a tiny amount of sample is so darn pricey...

Undina March 18, 2014

If I had to choose just three Chanels to be in my collection, those would be No.19 EdT, Bois des Isles (extrait) and Cuir de Russie (extrait) but since I have No 19 in mycollection already, I'd say that the third one would be Beige extrait.

Pearl Obrien March 18, 2014

I would like coromandel Bois de isles Number18

Suzy Q March 18, 2014

Oh dear, Chanel is my favorite house, too. There are a few of Les Exclusifs I haven't tried yet. But if I had to decide right this minute: No 5 parfum Bois des Isles edt Bois des Isles parfum I already own Coromandel, Cristalle edp and a big honkin' bottle of Eau Premiere which is one of my very favorite perfumes, period.

Laurels March 18, 2014

Of the relatively few Chanels I've tried, my favorites were: Coco, Coromandel, and...Chance Eau Tendre.

kizzers March 17, 2014

Only 3? Can I choose twice? ;) Choice 1 - 28 La Pausa (own), Coromandel (want/need), No22 Extrait (own) Choice 2 - Cristalle Eau Verte (own), Sycomore (want/need), Chance Extrait (own) Choice 3 - Coco (own), Coco Noir (own), Bois des iles (want/need) Oops I chose 3 times, sorry!

Katherine March 17, 2014

For myself, Beige, Chanel no 5 and 1932 in extrait forms. Chanel was my first love. Everyone in my family wears some form of Chanel, so I really love them all.

Gwenyth March 17, 2014

Yes! I am a Chanel girl from waaaaay back. My mother's much-cherished bottles of Chanel perfume were the little beauties who started me on the path to becoming a Perfumista. I love ALL the Chanels. I can happily wear ALL the Chanels, but my favorites are: Coromandel Coco Noir Allure Sensuelle

lucasai March 17, 2014

I would chose 31 Rue Cambon, Jersey and 28 La Pausa

bevfred March 17, 2014

Hi Ann I could go well beyond three. My choices are: Cuir de Russie extrait, Sycomore and #19. Then there's Coco Noir, Eau Premiere and on and on! Cheers!

Suzanne March 17, 2014

Hi Ann! What a great, though difficult, question. Chanel is one of my favorite houses, but since I own Chanel No. 22, Coromandel, and vintage No. 5 extrait, I'll pick my next top three for my imaginary gifts: Bel Respiro (in the big bottle, since that once is soft and fleeting, though so darn beautiful); 31 Rue Cambon, and Chanel Coco.

Dina C. March 17, 2014

Ann, Chanel is my favorite house, so this is actually hard for me because there are so many things I'd like to choose. I have used up my decant of 31 Rue Cambon, so that would definitely be on the list. Also, I have really enjoyed my 2 samples of 1932, so I think I'd get a bottle of that. I've always wanted to try the extrait versions of Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie (I have the edts of both). So those two would have to fight it out for the third spot, I think. But, then again, I've used up my mini bottle of Eau Premiere, and we all know how easy and wearable that one is, too! See my dilemma?!? :-D

Tiara March 17, 2014

This was hard since Chanel is not my favorite house. Something about many of them just don't sit well so I'd have to go with No.5 Eau Premiere, Coco Mademoiselle, and Beige.

Sherri March 17, 2014

This is a no brainer for me. If it could be any house: Roja Dove (I am currently trying to figure out how to budget to get these; have to win the lottery, I think :-) ): 1. Diaghelev; 2. Fetish; 3. Bergamot (amazing simple perfection). Now if they had to be Chanels, and not vintage, I'd go with: 1. 1932, 2. 31 Rue Cambon, and 3. No. 18

mals86 March 17, 2014

Perfume Fairy's dropping off three bottles for me?? OOOH. Okay, well, since I've already got No. 19 (which would be my top pick) in vintage EdT and current EdP, as well as some wonderful vintage No. 5 parfum... 1932 extrait (haven't smelled yet, but I loved the short-lived EdT) 31 Rue Cambon No.5 Eau Premiere (my decant is almost gone!) Or, I could be unselfish and ask for Egoiste to give to my older son, or Coco Mademoiselle for my sister.

Lynley March 17, 2014

Only 3? :-( hmm. BdI in extrait, 31RC, and no 3 is hard. I love Cuir de Russie but some leather perfumes make me wheeze, and unfortunately this is one of them. So it's either that anyway (in extrait of course)- because it's FREE, so maybe Coromandel. Extraits aren't available here (only the 200ml at $350 a pop- so I doubt I'd be able to afford one anyway!) but I do wish 31rc was available in extrait...

Martha March 17, 2014

Well, I'm not completely familiar with Chanel, but I would choose: 1. Coromandel 2. Sycomore 3. No. 19 (which I've never smelled, but I think it's a green floral. Or, at least it's green. Correct me if I'm wrong.) Looking at the choices of the other participants, I realize that I need more education about this house. I don't know why I've never delved into the offerings from Chanel.

Ann March 17, 2014

Now before anyone gets aggravated with me ;) in the spirit of fun,these are NOT the only Chanels you can have. Just the ones you'd request as gifts from the perfume fairy godmother. My choices didn't exactly reflect that, so I'll change out the more readily available No. 22 for some Bois des Iles extract, please.

zazie March 17, 2014

Chanel only? :( I already own the two I want, but can find a place for the third: (1. bois des iles - any conc) (2. Chnale n°5 - extrait only) 3. n° 19 (edt) May I ben the rules? I have A FEW big lemmings from Guerlain: 1. Songe d’un Bois d’Été 2. Sous le vent 3. Chant d'aromes 4. Samsara 5. Liu 6. AA herba fresca 7. Jardins de bagatelle 8. Cuir beluga Yes, many, many of my perfumes come from guerlain (Mitsy, Shalimar, VDN, Chamade. Lys soleya, l'HB, Attrape Coeur, l'eau imperiale), and I am still not done with it!

Tena March 17, 2014

Only 3 - blasphemy!! Well, if you insist: 1 Cuir de Ruisse Extrait - simply perfect 2 No 5 EDT - my first perfume and wears better on me than the extrait 3 Coromandel -spicy, wintry perfection, and living in Canada, a cold weather Chanel is essential.

poodle March 17, 2014

No.22, Cristalle, and Coco.

Jennifer Counts March 17, 2014

Oooh this is tough. There are many Chanels I haven't properly tried so it's hard to make an informed decision.. so I'll make a (mostly) uninformed one instead! Wheeee! 1. No.19 (of what I have tried, it's my favorite) 2. Bois des Isles 3. Cuir de Russie

thinkingmagpie March 17, 2014

Only three? :D My choice would be; 1. Bois des Iles 2. Cuir de Russie 3. N°22 But then, what would I do with Allure Sensuelle and Coco Noir...

Cecilia March 17, 2014

Since my favorite fragrance is Cristalle EDP, that would be the first bottle. ( I am wearing that scent right now). :) The next two would be Allure Sensuelle and Coco Mademoiselle, respectively.

Kim B March 17, 2014

Yes, Bois des Iles extrait is still available on both the Canadian and American websites. My 3 Chanels would be No 5 extrait, Cuir de Russie extrait, and 31 Rue Cambon. But I would be crying as I held them, tears of sadness over leaving behind No9, No 22, Bois des Iles, all in extrait, and 28 La Pausa. Yes, I am a major Chanel parfum fan girl!!

Portia March 17, 2014

Hey Ann, Excellent. 3 bottles from CHANEL? 1. Bois des Iles Extrait 2. Cuir de Russie Extrait 3. Coco Noir (I wouldn't buy it but I do secretly like it and it's FREE right) MMM, now you have me wondering id I should be my own perfume fairy godmother Portia xx

Sarah K March 17, 2014

Bois des Iles extrait (it is still in production!), No 5 EDT and the Eau de Cologne for me. But this is not an easy game - I want my No 19 and No 22 too. And Coco!

Jan Last March 17, 2014

Ineke, Evening Edged in Gold, Field Notes from Paris and After My Own Heart. Or...I could go on all night

einsof March 17, 2014

oh... this is hard because i don't really know Chanel that well... but i would like to try this Cuir de Russie, i didn't even know they made a cologne, so that's in... and while Chanel Bleu smells deceptively like Cool Water to me (and i have very specific scent memories associated with that)-- my third would be Antaeus as i seem to remember someone saying it was a must try.

Rina March 17, 2014

Tom Ford: Jasmine Rouge, Sahara Noir and Shanghai Lilly....Killian: Love and Tears, Straight to Heaven and Incense Oud or Good Girl Gone Bad, Water Calligraphy and Amber Oud.

eldarwen22 March 17, 2014

Thus far, I really have all the Chanels that I want right now but my 3 favs are Cuir de Russie (have both extract and EDT version), No. 19 (EDP form) and no. 22. When dealing with Chanel, I must have those three. But my wish would be to have Diorling, Diorissimo, and Miss Dior. Let's just say that was though because I want Jicky, Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue in extract form too. It's just so difficult trying to pick out one.