Memory lane Monday (sort of): Hooray for Calyx (and Clinique)!

calyxApologies here to you for writing about something you all have probably known about for months already. I guess I’ve been in somewhat of a retail vacuum for the past six or seven months, however, because it wasn’t until I was in Macy’s a few weeks ago exchanging some tennis shirts for my son, that I saw the familiar Calyx bottle, albeit stamped with the name Clinique above instead of Prescriptives, sitting proudly atop the spotless white counter, next to the line’s other fragrances.

Old news or not, it’s still pretty wonderful and worth jumping for joy over, in my book, that such a fabulous scent is now easily available for us to enjoy at our local store instead of having to order it online. And it’s still quite reasonably priced. At Macy’s, Nordstrom, and other department stores, it goes for $52 for a 1.7-ounce spray, $65 for 3.4 ounces, and $34 for a 6.76-ounce body lotion. And I’m fairly certain it’s available at the usual retail spots throughout the world.

calyx shower gel No sign of the shower gel that I could see, but perhaps that will come later. I hope so, because I loved that stuff (as I think Musette and several others of you did as well): glossy green gel in a sleek plastic bottle that echoed the original fragrance container, although I think my last round of it was in a white tube with green writing (most likely from a gift set).

Calyx was among my post-college career loves and was long a warm-weather staple. I’ve enjoyed it on and off over the years since it was launched in 1986. In fact, it got me one of the best compliments ever that year:

I was wearing Prescriptives’s Calyx for the first time at work and walked into our small newspaper’s composing / paste-up room. One of the guys there had just put the story type on a page and it was running too long for the space allotted it. So after I had marked where it should be cut, he leaned in to trim it, sniffed once, looked over at me and said, “Wow! You smell absolutely delicious!” I think he liked it so much that he ended up buying some for his girlfriend.

And I’m happy to say it still smells every bit as delicious today and is just smashing in hot weather. So I’m delighted that many more folks now will get to experience the luscious, refreshing (and dare I say “exhilarating”?) hit of fragrance that is Calyx.

Having done right by Calyx, I think Clinique now ought to do the same with its glorious Wrappings — scrap the holiday-only (and limited store) exclusivity and roll it out for year-round availability at all its counters. (Hey — despite its holiday-leaning name, it’s just as good, if not better, in the heat.) If they could do that, I’d definitely be spending lots more time (and money) at their counter and I know some of you might as well. How about it, Clinique?

Are any of you Calyx fans? If not, what scents would you love to see brought back out, or which fragrances do you think might be good candidates to be re-launched?

ameliacjohnson June 19, 2014

Chiming in to support the request to also bring Wrappings on for year-round sale! It has been a favorite of mine for almost 15 years. I have a couple of small bottles from Christmas gift sets squirreled away but am almost afraid to use them because I've not noticed Clinique selling them anymore at the holidays! It's a wonderful winter scent and I find it so comforting.

Musette June 18, 2014

Iirc, Prescriptives was always owned by Clinique (it was their 'upmarket' brand) so this isn't a huge leap - and I'm happy as heck they are keeping it going - I wish they would do so for more of the skincare/makeup line as well. Of all the fragrances I've ever worn - ever (I'm stone-serious) Calyx is the one that garners the most compliments! xoxoxo

malsnano86 June 16, 2014

Lone dissenter here, looks like... I am an avowed floral lover, and I don't mind fruit if it isn't sweet, and I get on well with Sophia Grojsman compositions in general... but Calyx is strikingly garbagey on me. I mean, like "the melon trimmings from three days ago" garbagey. I can't explain it. I am as always glad to hear of a refo that didn't ruin things, and yay for you Calyxians. :)

Jennifer Counts June 16, 2014

I am a fairly recent Calyx convert. On paper, it would seem like it shouldn't be my thing, but I really like it. I have 15ml bottle of the older Prescriptives-branded version that I came across at a Ross store a few months ago. I decided to take a chance on it, and I'm glad I did. It is really nice in warm weather.

Suzanne June 16, 2014

Ann, it's so good to hear that Calyx lives on in a way that is every bit as good as the original. It is such a beautiful mood-lifting perfume, and it always makes me think of you. (And hey, affordable!) Loved hearing of the compliment you got when you first wore it.

masha7 June 16, 2014

Ann, I became a huge Calyx fan during my university days, and the lovely Robin of Now Smell This sent me her bottle during the NST Freebiefest. It's still delicious! It's very rare to go back to a perfume after many years and still want to wear it frequently. Happy me! Thanks for a great review.

Portia June 16, 2014

OOOOOH Ann, I didn't know they'd re-released. I'm going to the mall to spritz. Portia xx

poodle June 16, 2014

I bought a small bottle of Calyx about a year ago and don't think I've used it yet. It just got lost in the shuffle I guess. Maybe I'll dig it out and wear it today. I used to buy Calyx for my SIL for Christmas every year. It was all she wore although honestly I can't say I have ever smelled perfume on her.

annemariec June 16, 2014

Fabulous stories! I love that you did a 180 turn right back into the store. There is something addictive about Calyx. I mean, all perfumes have the power to change your mood but there is something so exhilarating and life affirming about Calyx. I can easily see it working as a wedding perfume. Apparently it is one of Sophia Grojsman's own favorites out of her own work.

jillie June 16, 2014

By the way, the old Calyx had a horrible habit of suddenly turning (overnight it seemed). The newer version, while a bit lighter, seems to have better keeping qualities which can't be bad.

jillie June 16, 2014

Calyx is one of my absolute all time favourites! When it first launched I tested it in the store, walked out and then marched straight back in to buy the biggest bottle they had as I had been smitten by it in the first five minutes. The biggest compliment was when a colleague asked me if I would mind very much if she bought Calyx to wear as her wedding perfume - she didn't want to upset me by stealing my signature scent - how could I say no?

annemariec June 16, 2014

Calyx is a recent love of mine and was indispensable last summer in heat wave conditions. And I took a small decant with me on a work trip to China and it stood up proudly to the heat and humidity of Guangzhou in May. My other humid weather option fro China, Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan, keeled over and died almost as soon as I set foot outside the hotel. So what do you say to THAT Hermes ... hmmmm? I'm glad to hear you like the current formulation of Calyx. I went to some trouble to obtain vintage, based on some remarks I'd seen that the current is not as good. But I have now compared old with new and I agree with you, the new is as lovely and luscious as one could want. Perhaps not as mossy in the base, but to me the difference is barely perceptible.

Tatiana June 15, 2014

Old graphic designer here. Miss those days. So glad Calyx is still available. I've gone through several bottles. My latest bottle still has a Prescriptives imprint on it. My college aged daughter likes it and owns a bottle as well. Hopefully, if a younger generation likes it and continues to buy it, they will continue to sell it.

carlene June 15, 2014

I had to log in just to say...PASTE-UP!! (I'm a typesetter from the olden days) And still have a bottle of Calyx, gonna go put some on right now...

Tena June 15, 2014

I fell in love with a decant of the old Prescriptives Calyx, and ran to the nearest Clinique store in March as soon as I heard they were reissuing. I wear it with abandon, and would gladly snatch up the shower gel should it become available. If I can purchase it in Nova Scotia, it must have a widespread distribution, and I encourage everyone to run out and try it. Clinique created carded samples for the launch, so there should still be lots left.