Tara October 1, 2014

Do try the edp version, I find it far superior to the edt. I am enjoying some fall scents despite the heat thanks to mega AC at the office: Mitzah, Anubis, Tobacco Oud and Montecristo.

tati September 23, 2014

I'm enjoying Theorema, Dzongkha, and especially Iris Nazarena in the cooling temps. Still holding off on bringing out my favorite favorite patchoulis such as MFK Lumiere Noir Pour Femme.

CbSutcliffe September 22, 2014

I reach for Hermes Rose Ikebana. It isn't quite a heavy hitter to me at least but it has more substance than what I tend to latch on to in the summer

teri September 22, 2014

There is something about MP&G's Rose Muskissime that works well for me in the 'tweener seasons. It doesn't seem quite like a summer, spring, fall or winter scent, but it bridges the periods between perfectly.

Tena September 22, 2014

I am in Malle's L'Eau d'Hiver on this sauna-like day here in NE Canada. I find in the shoulder seasons, I tend to wear the scents most appropriate to the upcoming season, plus any of those weird oddities that are always/never appropriate. I found a small blue bottle of NE EDP at my local discounters ( Winners) and wore the heck out of it this summer. That and Ninfeo Mio were my intros to Goutal.

JanLast September 22, 2014

This season has been unseasonable. I moved directly from Isabelle Gelle's Coeur d’Île, a gorgeous year round walk by the shore to Slumberhouse. Grev for now, that tiny clove note peeking through the pines and fir. A little later, 'll jump into Ore or Rume. Or maybe a little Mario Tomas Le Poete, perfect for today. And I agree with Sherobin, fig is never out of season.

Farouche September 22, 2014

I like some of the Diptyques for early fall: Eau Duelle, L'Ombre dans L'Eau, Tam Dao, Vetyverio, and Volutes (EDT and EDP). Thanks for reminding me to pull them out!

sherobin September 22, 2014

Fig is never wrong, so the classics, like Philosykos and Premier Figuier. Also, some lighter leathers like Bottega Veneta, Mythique, Kelly Caleche, Cuir Cannage, Madame Jolie. And zen stuff (to me) like Tam Dao, OJ Woman, Encens Flamboyant, Silences. Great new seasonal classification! Have a beautiful shoulder season!

katrin September 22, 2014

Hi Ann! For me the shoulder season stared with a really pleasant rediscovery. I had a decant of CdG's Holygrapie somewhere tucked away and I remember not being that impressed. But it's an easygoing,and softly powdery and spicy scent. It keeps whispering, but not in a demanding way. Unfortunately, Nuit Etoilee did not smell great on me at all, and ended up trading it.

Dina C. September 22, 2014

Hey there Ann, For me, this shoulder season is all about lightweight woodsy scents. I've worn VC&A Bois d'Iris several times lately. It's an all-season winner in my book. The woodsiness hints at fall to come, but the iris and other notes keep it lighter than, say, Bois des Iles to me. I'm also liking lightweight incenses like Marni. Tried buying a bottle yesterday. The following dept stores did not have it: Nordstrom, Saks, NM, Bloomies, Lord & Taylor. Finally ended up buying a little bottle on the bay when I got home. Other recent scents: Tam Dao, L'Artisan Premier Figuier Extreme, and Le Labo Iris 39.

Neva September 22, 2014

Nuit Etoilee I wore this Summer and it felt perfect. Though I must say, it was a rather cold and rainy Summer this year... in the shoulder season I love wearing Cartier Declaration - freshness combined with woody sweetness. It always fits for me.

Portia September 22, 2014

So sad they stopped the coloured glass Ann. Now the whole range is in slightly golden glass. YAWN Portia xx

wefadetogray September 22, 2014

gosh, this is a tough one. I am wearing right now Bois Blond by Parfumerie Generale and I adore it, just like that. It's perfect when things slowly move from the density of the summer to the cooler fall nights. Yesterday was another Parfumerie General, L'Ombre Fauve. Gorgeous!

eldarwen22 September 21, 2014

I find myself wearing Theorema and Shalimar more and more when the transformation between summer and fall. To a lesser degree, no 5. I am waiting to break out the Epic and 1270 and finally try out my Amouage body products.

hajusuuri September 21, 2014

Hello Ann! Jo Malone Blackerry & Bay works well in the shoulder season and I think Wood Sage & Sea Salt will as well (I've only worn this from a sample and I am seriously considering purchasing the humongo bottle even though the 30 mL size is available).

furriner September 21, 2014

I have both versions, and like them both. The edt, for some reason, reminds me of backyard swimming pools in the 1960s..... Both are cool cool cool, though the edp is certainly smoother. Beauty Encounter and Fragrancenet have both versions.

Robert September 21, 2014

Hey! Someone on FFF told me you might be looking for a FB of NE? I have one, VERY gently used (-4 sprays) for sale on FFF or you can email/pm me. It's the edp, 100 ml., $70.00 shipped CONUS. Thanks!

Linda W. September 21, 2014

LOVE this scent in both strengths - Beauty Encounter has the beautiful!! blue bottles discounted :-)

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