Amouage Sunshine Review

Amouage Sunshine has me perplexed beyond belief.  I keep angling at writing this review for a month and then wind up scratching my head and the review and rethinking it. I don’t know whether it’s love or hate.   Musette has done a review on Amouage Sunshine already, and it is an excellent one.  Not sure that I can add anything to her review game on this.

That bright yellow bottle…

Amouage Sunshine


… makes my heart go all melty right off the bat.  Dear Lord, it is a damn yellow perfume bottle.  ALL my hopes and dreams for the perfect perfume bottle have come true.  I’m fully prepped to love this unsniffed. It goes on all sparkly and fresh. Yeah, there, I said it, the part that I want to hate.  I haaaaaate fresh perfumes.  But I don’t really hate this exactly. I sorta hate it, but it is liquid gold and sunny and bright and, yikes! still fresh’ish.  But not in that “cover it up” kind of way.

Then I get it – it is what a happy perfume should be. It has some of the same elements that I’ve come to hate in the overload of fresh, happy perfumes that line the commercial counters, and then it goes to some other place.  A place rich with memory of life.  What’s that saying?  Life is one, long dreary sludge, punctuated by moments of sheer joy.  Amouage Sunshine gets that – the sludge, the detour into despair, then polishes it all with a patina that only the unflagging optimist has the patience and perseverance to undertake.  As an unflagging optimist, I do get Amouage Sunshine.

But that freshness!

Then I do what I always do when something is under my skin.   I breathe and relax and let it be what it is.  Embrace the freshness because that is a part of all of this.  It’s not Amouage Sunshine’s fault that it’s perky and happy and joyous.

It’s not only that.

Do you have those moments when you have been sad or melancholy for either known reasons or reasons you cannot figure out? A moment happens that pierces through the melancholy, lets hope in, and for that one second — you know, it’s not even coming from sadness, so scratch that.  I was reasonably bored last Sunday at Mass, it was early in the morning.  The priest was the same one I’d gone through Advent confession with that pumped me up so much the week before.  He’s from India and a joyful spirit – Amouage Sunshine contained in one person.  During the mass he would say  — “One God for yever and yever.”  I don’t know why that shredded my dark clouds of boredom and dreary, but it did.  It was something bright that illuminated all the sameness of life and made it beautiful. Amouage Sunshine, I love it because it does that too.

Yeah, I’ve decided I love it, despite its freshness.

Notes of Almond, Blackcurrant Liqueur, Davana, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Vanilla, Magnolia, Cade, Patchouli, Papyrus and Tobacco Blond.  What a list of notes.  I love davana, that gives it that something else that won’t quite come to you – sorta weird, sorta ecstatic, sorta dirty.  A lush, happy floral with some serious depths once you stop giving the fresh part of it the evil eye.  An interesting turn for Christopher Chong. First, this is a single, it’s the feminine, with no masculine counterpart, per their usual release.

I have some winners from previous week’s posts to give away! First, I promised Amouage Sunshine samples from a previous post, and the winners are – Einsof and flowergirlbee.

CB I Hate Perfume Do Not Ask Me Why sample winners – Angelique, Michael R, Tena, Julie L, Pixel, and Eloquaint.

All you drawing winners, just click on the Drop Us a Note at the top, send me your address, remind me what you’ve won. I’ll send you a response, once I dig in that e-mail box, to let you know I got it and it wasn’t spirited away by the spam fairies, and then I’ll get it in the mail to you!

So what can we talk about this week?  Are you ready for Hanukkah and/or Christmas? I do the minimal  Throw up a tree get a present for my two sons and my mom, hand out yearly bonuses, and that’s it. I make Christmas lasagna, order pies from Wednesday’s pies, and I keep  my Christmas stress to zero or slightly below that.  You?

  • Eloquaint says:

    Christmas lasagne sounds incredibly intriguing. My husband makes a wonderful spinach lasagne…

    A wealth of Amouage fragrances have dropped into my lap recently, one thanks to my wonderful fairy partner last month and two I had totally forgotten that I had ordered samples of-oops. As always, the quality blows me away.

    First night of Chanuka, and the annual debate: do I put the menorah in the window, or do I leave it somewhere I’m positive the dogs won’t get into it? How carefully am I really going to be able to mind their flammable little butts?

  • malsnano86 says:

    CURSE YOU POSSE PEOPLE, I’m going to have to test this one! even though the last several Amouages I’ve tried have not done a *thing* for me. Now I have to find it somewhere…

    Ah, Christmas… I’ve decorated. We don’t do Huge Christmas Decor, and I like to do it slow, the second week of December: electric candles up in windows and wreath on the door maybe the first weekend of the month, then I get my nutcracker collection out and set it up on the hall table one day. Next day’s the Nativity set, day after that is artificial garland and lights on the bannister and the porch railings. The tree won’t show until middle of the month (it will be tomorrow, because our daughter asked us to wait until she was home from college to help). We’ve gotten out of the baking-cookies era and into the era where the boys do the garland and the tall stuff on the tree, which is nice.

    Still have some shopping to do – the kids and I had a blast packing “bags of joy” for foster kids in our area, picking out things we thought they’d like, but other than that it’s just family. (Still need to shop for my SIL, my mother, which will be tough, and my MIL, which won’t be tough at all.)

  • Julie L says:

    I won a sample! Thank yuuuu!! So excited! I’m on my phone and don’t see the drop a line box anywhere but as soon as I get to the computer will certainly send my info!! Merry Christmas!

  • Musette says:

    You goofball! This is a SLAMMIN’ review! I laughed and loved my way through it – and right now, with an ongoing, rainy fog that has everybody on edge and snappy (and Lawd knows when it comes to snappy I’m at the head of the line)…..well, it was just what I needed to perk my crabby self right the heck up!

    Patty! For yever and Yever!


  • FeralJasmine says:

    The bottle makes me happy to look at, sort of like that Chanel yellow handbag a few seasons back that I would never have dreamed of buying but rejoiced to see in ads. And this scent probably falls in the same category for me. If a sample or decant should come my way I’d be happy to try it, but I don’t feel driven toward it on ore than an eye-candy level.

  • Tena says:

    I have a decant of this that I am waiting to thoroughly test – sounds like I should do this sooner rather than later.
    I am also very excited over winning one of the CB I Hate Perfume Do Not Ask Me Why samples !!

  • Maya says:

    This second happy review of Sunshine convinces me to give it a try. It will be my last from this house though. I have already tried 5 or 6 Amouage perfumes and they do nothing for me. The great love that so many seem to have for Amouage totally eludes me. My family and friends don’t like the perfumes either so I don’t feel so *alone*.