Developing a Fragrance for Patou and Relaunches



 Fashionista has an interesting interview … Jean Patou Perfumer Thomas Fontaine Describes the Pressures of Developing an Exclusive Fragrance

Fontaine talks about the process of developing a fragrance for Patou, his work on Joy Forever, and some other news:

We’re relaunching old fragrances. This year we’re doing Vacances, L’Heure Attendue and Colony. When I’m working on this formula, I have to make sure that I’m keeping the spirit of the fragrance…”

  Photo of Fontaine – @jeanpatou Instagram.

  • Caroline says:

    Relieved to hear Patou doesn’t conduct consumer testing. I’ve never smelled the original Vacances, but of the reissues, it’s the one I most want to try. Hope its journey to the US doesn’t take forever…

  • Alison says: