Daphne Scent – spring smell perfections

Yes, daphnes in spring!  daphne scent

It is that time again, the time of year where I get all mushy about my favorite spring smell – the beloved, somewhat naught daphne.  If you haven’t lived through my rantings every spring about the daphne, well, trust me, you’ll have to listen to it again if you stick around.

Every spring, and I never know if it will be in April or in May, I get out of my car and catch the most beautiful scent in the world – the first scent of spring, which for me is my daphne.  It is sweet and pure, but sometimes has this dirty undertone that takes my breath away.  Right now, with the first blossoms, it is all sweet. As the blooms age, then they get a little more rank.

So what to do when I fall in love with my daphne  – again?  Go drag out Parfums Delrae Wit, which is one of the most perfect daphne scents  — okay, it’s about the only daphne scent made.  Napa Valley Cielo was pretty great daphne, but they don’t make it anymore.

So that’s my Snoopy Dancin’ spring is here scent.  It signals that winter is really going or gone.  This year is so early for the blooms, which usually means we’ve got another foot of snow coming.  Yeah, it’s Denver, we get a late snow even in June.

What scent do you catch that is your Snoopy Dance spring scent?

  • KirstenMarie75 says:

    Daffodils and vintage Diorissimo.

  • The tell-tale spring scent around here is star jasmine. A lot of people grow it on their fences, and it smells so good. I haven’t smelled it yet this year, though, which seems a little odd. It seems like it’s one of the earlier blooms in the spring. Another is blooming gardenias in front of the grocery stores. I got that one at Kroger the other day.

  • Karen says:

    I had heard of the divine daphne spring scent so I planted a bush in my back yard. It is one of the best parts of spring. Why can’t I find more flowers for summer besides the daphne, lilacs and hyacinths. (Love keeping up appearances as well!)

  • March says:

    The daphnes are everywhere right now! I think the plants are sorta funny looking but man they smell good. Spring for me is the general thawing-earth smell. Black March is my go-to. One of my kids ran off with my bottle, she loves it 🙂

  • FeralJasmine says:

    I love daphnes but don’t have any at my current home. Right now my air is full of wisteria, the narcissus season just ended, and soon the beautiful and narcotic Spanish broom will be blooming. Maybe Ai need some Wit to add daphne to this glorious season.

  • Elisa P says:

    I’m not sure I ever smelled a daphne! What do they smell like (besides heaven)?
    I grew up in So Cal so not sure about signs of spring since it’s always spring and summer. But some of my happy-dance scents were orange blossoms and oleander where I would have to stop and inhale deeply for several minutes, and tell others to just go on ahead of me. People thought I was strange. I couldn’t understand why EVERYONE didn’t have that reaction. Anyway, Le Labo Fleur d’Oranger is the only OB fragrance amongst the one’s I’ve tried that captures that smell exactly as I remember it. Alas my home, NYC, is pretty devoid of such natural phenomena.

  • joannawnyc says:

    Linden blossom–maybe that’s more early summer, but also sweet but dirty. I still have some L’Occitane Linden, don’t know what else is out there.