Recommend For Me- Skin Care

creamFor yeas I used the same line of skin care on my face and it worked extremely well for a long time, then I noticed that as I aged it wasn’t working as well, so I moved onto the mens version of a famous apothecary. That was great for a long time as well, but the company was bought by one of those Engulf and Devour (thanks to Mel Brooks) companies and it didn’t work as well. That, and the fact that I’ve gotten older my skin has gotten dryer. It is actually for the first time ever having dry patches that flake. leaving redness. Now. although this IS Los Angeles I don’t really want to walk around in pancake make-up. So something that would soothe and exfoliate the flaky stuff would be great.

So here’s where you come in Tonstant Weader- give me some ideas for lines to try. Hopefully ones that don’t cost the earth or have 634 steps tp get my face clean.

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  • Nina Z says:

    I also recommend Paula’s Choice. I’m having excellent results with the Resist line. You can order a sample set of products from them.

  • Unpalleteable says:

    Hi Tom,

    How few steps do you want to get away with?! If you’re a 3 steps tops kinda person then I would go with:
    Daytime: Milky/Creamy Cleanser -> Hydrating Serum -> Moisturising SPF (don’t let the sun mess with you!)
    Nightime: Oil-based Balm Cleanser -> Hydrating Serum -> Heavy Duty Moisturiser

    If 634 steps is too many but you could perhaps handle 6, I would recommend something like:
    Cleanse -> Exfoliating toner -> Moisturising Toner -> Serum -> Oil -> Moisturiser
    This is more Korean skincare routine inspired, and really works for my dry skin. I can’t remember who said it, but someone likened the effectiveness of moisturising toner to watering plants – if the soil is totally parched and you just pour a big stream of water on it, what happens? It runs off the surface and is hard for the soil to absorb. Whereas if the soil surface has been moistened, it will be primed to receive a good watering.

    I can’t recommend whole lines as I always mix and match, but a few star products would be the Eve Lom cleanser (AKA The Most Expensive Cleanser In The World but seriously it’s the best and lasts and lasts), IOPE Moistgen Essential Softener (moisturising toner) and Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream (a very moisturising SPF).

    Good luck going flake-free! If you find an awesome new regimen please let us know.

  • Gwenyth says:

    I have struggled with dry skin for the last several years. I’ve tried so many products from high to low. I live in Idaho – high mountain desert – where there is not much humidity and plenty of wind and temperature fluctuations.

    Finally, after much trial and error I found what worked for me:

    At night I cleanse my face with oil. I use either a mix of 1/3 jojoba, 1/3 avocado, 1/3 apricot OR I use Eclos Cleansing Oil ($10 at Ulta), Then I use Derma E with Vitamin E cream as a moisturizer (about $13) Derma E is created for “extremely dry skin”.

    In the morning I use an exfoliating cleanser (there are many available at most drug stores) and then smooth a few drops of Organic Argan oil OR a few drops of Marajuca Oil (made by Tarte) followed by small amounts of the Derma E creme.

    My skin has not looked this good in YEARS! I am sooooo pleased and it doesn’t cost much to maintain my regimen.

  • Kismet429 says:

    I just discovered how easy it is to make facial oil treatments using ingredients you can get either on-line or from a natural foods market. At 60 my skin is drier than ever, and most of the anti-aging ingredients are extremely irritating. I finally found a lovely scented facial oil from a commercial maker in the UK only to have it dropped by its US vendor. I despaired until I realized that I could duplicate the ingredients locally for a fraction of the price.

    There are a ton of recipes on line (check out, but I’ve been successful with mixture of apricot kernel and grapeseed carrier oils mixed with lavender and chamomile essential oils. I use it at night after I wash my face with either Aloette cleansing oil or Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser and in the morning after I just splash my face with water.

    I don’t leave the oil on; I slather a generous amount on face, neck, and deck, massage for a few minutes, then splash it off. Follow up with your favorite day or night cream (and here I drop some cash on the Dior Hydra-Life day and night moisturizers, but you could use something else), and your skin will be a soft as kitty fur.

    This works for me, but I’m going to check out the suggestions in some of the other comments–sounds like there are some other worthwhile options. Good luck!

  • Mrs. Honey says:

    I also recommend Paula’s Choice. My skin has not dried out much but it has changed and the Clarsonic is my savior.

  • Patricia Seybold says:

    Tom, check out a little indie company run by a retired chemist: They are located in Arizona. I recommend looking at their ready to use line (as opposed to ingredients that you can add to your own basic products). The prices are very very reasonable. No fancy packaging, the stuff works! We live in Los Angeles too and my husband has joined me in using some of these products for two years now. I have been using them since 2011. We are both 72 and our skin looks darn good for our ages. Our choice products are the collagen serum, the Vitamin A cream and the Revitalizing Night Cream. I like the Anti-Aging cream as well. She has a nice basic sunscreen as well. You can get sample sizes as well as small sizes. Make a cup of tea and sit down at the computer and have fun with the website. You can load up your cart and have trouble spending $100. No kidding!
    Take a look…no hoopla, just stuff that does its job well.

  • tammy says:

    Seconding the Cerave. At the very least, go on and get you a tub of the moisturizing cream. I am the polar opposite of dry, or I’d still be using it. My skin looked and felt so good after I used it, but it started breaking me out, so I don’t use it regularly. But mercy sakes, it is amazing stuff. The cleansers are great too, and it’s a drugstore brand, so it’s cheap. Use it on your hands, too; you’ll be stunned.

    I would also recommend you try the 15 dollar sample jar of Tatcha enzyme powder exfoliant. Shipping is free, it’s completely refundable if you don’t like it, plus you can choose three samples ( you could perhaps try their moisturizers?)

    I’d also recommend calling and speaking with one of their reps; they’re great folks. The line is expensive, but the stuff lasts forever. If you feel like taking the plunge, the Discovery Kit is only 70 or 80 bucks, (you can probably find a coupon code somewhere, too) and they will take it back no questions asked even if you use it almost up. I like their Sensitive Skin stuff, even though it breaks me out a bit.

    Lastly, for those like me who are oily rather than dry, I strongly recommend the Erno Laszlo soap. (It may work for dry skin,too) I cannot believe what it has done for my skin. My husband comments on it every day, and he is your typical male hetero who wouldn’t notice if my skin fell off, generally. Completely cleared up my acne, is clearing up blackheads, and shrinking my pores. (I deviate from the routine a little; I don’t do the 30 rinses, because that dried me out a bit)

    The January Beauty Bar/Sample Society box includes a sample size of the soap ( and several other things) for 15 bucks, so go grab one!

    No affiliation with any of these companies, just a happy camper. ( I put the link in because it’s kind of hard to find the old boxes. It’s not an affiliate link of any type. )

  • Elisa P says:

    I have drawers of stuff that didn’t impress: natural and chemical. My best regimen so far:1)cleanse with mild cleanser and cleansing brush.
    2)neutrogena rapid tone repair with retinol
    3)borage oil squeezed from oral capsule form.
    4)2 fish oil and 2 borage oil(from any vitamin shop) caps daily (orally) with some vitamin C.Also I rub sliced potato on my face. No joke, it’s good for skin discoloration but also seems to shrink my pores (done before topicals are applied).

    So far my skin looks better than it looked when I was 5 years younger! And it’s fairly economical.

  • Caroline says:

    Explore the Paula’s Choice online store…the packaging’s nothing to write home about, but the products are effective and reasonably priced.

  • AllGirlMafia says:

    For my face I find my skin much mire plump/healthy when I sleep in honey. I just wet (just enough) then apply a thin layer of honey avoiding my eyes as much as possible. I rinse it off when I wake up. Just as Amy K said a light spritz of simple rosewater helps (I buy the vor-mag one in the pink bottle).

    For my body immediately out of the shower I apply raw shea butter from my shoulders on down. Since it is so thick you won’t need very much. If I have time I apply another layer of plain unscented lotion from wholefoods to help seal in the shea butter. I wake up inn the morning with unbelievably soft skin.

    *I only use the shea at night because it is thick and heavy. After morning showers I only use lotion and rosewater. An drink plenty water!!

  • Hamamelis says:

    Hi Tom, my 50ish skin, which can be dry and flaky, does well on Aubrey esp. Age Defying Therapy moisturizer. Shake well before use. If all else fails…coconut oil! It is the only skin care my husband uses, he looks great 🙂 !

    • Maya says:

      I second coconut oil. Use it on skin, mix with sugar for a scrub, and add it to bath. If all else fails, fry with it or put it in coffee. 😉

  • LaDona says:

    There is a company in San Diego called Dr. D. Schwab that I have been using for years. Their skincare is really great….certified organic botanicals, no petroleum or animal products, no animal testing. Really gentle and effective. For those dry patches, use the rescue cream. I have given it to two friends getting radiation treatment for cancer, and they both fell in love with it. It’s fantastic for taking the fire out of burns too, ( I cook….badly.) they don’t repackage products, they make them in their own lab, here. I don’t use anything else on my skin…just love them. Also, they send that rescue cream free to cancer patients all over the world. Amazing company and products! Call them and they can advise you on which products are best. I don’t work there…I’m just a complete homer. I buy local every chance I get….hell, even my bike is from a San Diego company. ( Electra, if you are curious! )

  • Amy K says:

    My skin is like the Sahara, and a cheap rosewater and glycerin toner followed by Cerave in the tub work better at soothing my red patches and flakes better than any of the pricey products I’ve tried.