Blah, Blah, Blah

photoFirst off. I’m going through Keikp Mecheri Les Merveilles and they’re brilliant, but I want to wear them more before seriously posting on them.

Second, after a very weird period where I just wasn’t hungry (like eat a bowl of cereal in the am and half a yogurt for dinner) my appetite seems to have somewhat come back. If I eat out I still take half of it home, but that is more about the portions in American restaurants than anything else, even in Los Angeles. Did any of you see the list of the 9 most caloric meals in America? Number one was a meal at Red Lobster- some god awful sounding combo that when consumed with one of their Margaritas (890 calories? What’s in it? Tequila, Triple Sec and unprocessed duck fat?) delivers more than 3600 calories. Which is more than you need for two days..

So anyway, I’ve started to cook again. I was for a long time a “pick something up at the comfort bar at the market” kind of guy, but that was a hold over from my old apartment were I could set off the smoke detector if I made toast. My new place is better so I’ve been cooking more. This past evening was an artichoke to start, baked tilapia with sautéed grape potatoes and shallots and heirloom tomato salad.

One of the reasons I’m dusting off my (semi) culinary skills is that a good friend from New York is coming out to visit for a week and mentioned that we should have a few meals in and hang out.

In which case, Hot Pockets won’t cut it.

If you have a special recipe you’d like to share. please do so in the comments.

Image of floral arrangement in my living room from my iPad. Just because.

  • tammy says:

    Surely your friend meant ordering in?? :o)

  • mikasminion says:

    If you and your friend both like tilapia, I often sauté a few cloves of sliced garlic until almost crispy in an oven-proof pan, then top with rinsed and still slightly damp mixed baby greens (as much a I can cram down on top without overflowing), arrange fish on top, season with whatever (s&p, dill weed, sumac, paprika, Aleppo pepper, just whatever), and stick in the oven at about 375 for 15-20 minutes. Served with rice and something colorful (tomato salad?) it makes a really impressive quick meal.
    Also, the green rice recipe from Cookie and Kate serves pretty well with it (the entire rice bowl recipe is great but I do make the rice by itself a lot) Be aware that I usually have to cook the rice a lot longer than the recipe states.

  • LaDona says:

    Crab-stuffed flounder is easy and impressive! I think I used Emeril’s recipe off food DELISH!