Eric Buterbaugh Perfumes

Eric Buterbaugh perfumes are a new launch of 7 perfumes.

Eric Buterbaugh perfumes

He is a snazzy florist to the stars (photo above are arrangements from Princes Beatrice’s 18th birthday party).  The background on the launch said that as he keeps working with flowers, more and more of the scent isn’t there anymore, which I agree with.  When I smell greenhouse floral arrangements, you really struggle to get any scent at all.  He says he missed that because he loves floral smells.

So… 7 perfumes in a new launch that center on florals – Velvet Lavender, Sultry Rose, Regal Tuberose, Apollo Hyacinth, Virgin Lily of the Valley, Celestial Jasmine and Fragile Violet.  He instructed the perfumers who crafted these to make them without regard to cost of materials or marketability.

When I got the nifty sample set (10 ml samples for $250), I was expecting some fairly straight-up soliflores, but they aren’t simple soliflores, and this set lends itself beautifully to some great scent combining.  It is on the pricey end of the spectrum, but we all know we’ve seen way worse pricing in the luxury perfume region.

I’m not going into great detail, other than notes, except  to say that I really loved them all for very different reasons.

  • Velvet Lavender – Notes of lavender, apricot, bergamot, clary sage, armoise, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and musk.  Warmed apricoty lavender with great vanilla and sage highlights. One of my favorite and most unusual lavenders I’ve smelled in a while.
  • Regal Tuberose – Notes of grapefruit, pepper, papyrus, tuberose, patchouli, jasmine sambac, amber, oakmoss and musk.  A buttery tuberose sniffed up with some pepper and grapefruit.  I wasn’t convinced I’d love this combination of notes, but I did.
  • Celestial Jasmine –  Notes of jasmine, amber, ambergris, linden blossom, Jasmine sambac, freesia, Jasmin de Provence, tuberose, narcissus, ambrox, silkwood and musk.  One of my favorites, but I’m a complete sucker for linden, and I love the ambergris/narcissus/ambergris enhancement to jasmine.  This isn’t a skanky poopy with indoles to burn jasmine – it’s much more on the beautiful jasmine to love instead of giggle about until it calms down.  Not that I actually do that.  I normally roll my eyes back in my head with there are indoles running rampant.  Regardless, I love the straight-up unusual beauty of this.
  • Apollo Hyacinth –  Notes of hyacinth, lily of the valley, angelica seeds, Asian pear, neroli, galbanum, oakmoss, cedarwood and Haitian vetiver.  Alberto Morillas made this, and the pear, angelica and vetiver added to the green hyacinth is stunning.  Another one of my favorites.  I actually think I love this more than the jasmine.  Oh, maybe not. Tough to pick, love them both the best.
  • Sultry Rose – Notes of pepper, passionfruit, Ottoman rose, vanilla orchid, saffron, ambrette, oud and ambergris.  I admire rose in theory, but only have a few that I love to wear.  This rose goes on the list.  I like the notes that differentiate this, softened by the vanilla and saffron with some kick from the pepper and ambergris.
  • Fragile Violet – Notes of mandarin, tea, mulberry, violet, lotus, wisteria, cedarwood, amber and musks.  I love violet, and adding tea to this gives violet a unique twist that I really liked.
  • Virgin Lily of the Valley – Notes include orange flower, bergamot, rosewood, muguet, ylang, amaryllis, sandalwood, ambrette and musk.  This is a straight-up beautiful and pristine Muguet, it’s almost crystalline in how it sparkles.  It hit the top of my fave list as well because I can never say no to a great Muguet.

Now, I have to tell you that in respraying these to do this review, combining all seven is pretty intoxicating. It’s how you think a greenhouse should smell but just doesn’t anymore. It’s the nose buried deep in an amazing bouquet of smelly flowers from a garden.  If you can get by with spraying all seven and not get booted from wherever you’re going, I recommend it.  Otherwise, just do it at home before you go to bed, you’ll thank me later.

So we’ll do a drawing for two sample sets of all seven of the Eric Buterbaugh perfumes.  Just comment on which one you think would be your fave of the seven, and you’ll be entered in the drawing.

Winners of the Hermes Jour d’Hermes Gardenia samples – Kingcav, Tiara, and KimB.  Just click on Drop Us a Note at the top of the blog, send me your name and address and remind me what you’ve won.  I’ll send you a quick “got it” e-mail so you know it didn’t drop into my spam filter and then get it sent to you.

Katrina August 21, 2015

Am I two late to enter this draw? They all sound fantastic. I am really at a loss to choose: The Celestial Jasmine, Hyacinth, and Rose sound great, but I'm always searching for a good Muguet de Bois and the Lavender sounds interesting! I would be thrilled to try any and all.

finanna August 16, 2015

Thanks for the wonderful draw, please count me in:) My favourite would probably be Apollo Hyacinth. The notes sound gorrrgeous and Morillas is one of my favourite perfumers. Would love to spritz all seven at once, though.

london August 14, 2015

Jasmine I think but frankly all of them

Heidi August 14, 2015

I'm a sucker for a good jasmine scent, but your description of the Apollo Hyacinth was so lush, I'm going to go with that one!

SnarkyShiba August 13, 2015

That's quite a lot of sheckles for a sample set! The lavender one sounds like it's right up my alley though!

Kingcav August 13, 2015

I think the lily of the valley would be the one. They all sound fabulous.

stina August 13, 2015

Count me in... Apollo Hyacinth would top my list, closely followed by the jasmine and the violet. They all sound incredible, though! And thanks for doing this drawing!

KirstenMarie75 August 12, 2015

I think I'd go for the Apollo Hyacinth, based on the notes list. I'm intrigued by the LOTV with hyacinth - two of my faves! Also love the idea of green housing it before bed.

CbSutcliffe August 12, 2015

I rarely meet a rose I don't like and want to wear, but the violet/tea combination could be even better since it is less "done". I would love to be in the drawing so I can find out!

Miki August 12, 2015

The lily of valley and apollo hyacinth sounds amazing. Thank you for the chance to experience the scents.

flowergirlbee! August 12, 2015

these sound so amazing patty. i was wistfully thinking how i wish i could try these and then i read about the giveaway!! joy : ) you are the best!! apollo hyacinth sounds like it could be my fav but fingers crossed i get to try them all to find out!! apricot with lavender,rose and passionfruit,wisteria and violet...i love these notes...all things crossed and pray the perfume saints are on my side : )

taffyj August 12, 2015

I was sure I'd pick Velvet Lavender, but then I read the description of Sultry Rose. Win-Win

Gigi August 12, 2015

Wowie zowee what a prize! I think I'd go for the the jasmine but the velvet lavender sounds so intriguing. I didn't even like lavender at all until PdN's Amber Oud, and now I'm fascinated by the note. Thanks for the draw!

Rini August 12, 2015

Rose, oud, and saffron? Sign me up for Sultry Rose! The ambergris sounds like a interesting twist. Lavender and Violet are definitely contenders as well!

Jackie b August 11, 2015

I would also be tempted to spray all at once! Glutton for flowers, but Fragile Violet would be my first choice.

PrincessTonk August 11, 2015

Call me crazy but spraying them all at the same time sounds right up my alley!! But if I had to pick one, it would be the Jasmine and I am a linden lover myself so all the more reason.

jane August 11, 2015

All of them sound great. I fall for most violets and muguets. But I don't know of many hyacinth fragrances, so I'd go for that. Spraying all 7 sounds scarily delightful!

Kata August 11, 2015

Apollo Hyacinth come my way :) Once I visited a hyacinth field in the Netherlands and it was the most intoxicating scent ever. not to mention a beauty for the eyes.

Justine August 11, 2015

I am a total flora-phile!! These all sound beautiful- please enter me in the draw. The Jasmine and the Violet are particularly appealing. Thank you for this opportunity!!

Ingeborg August 11, 2015

These perfumes sound lovely. I think the Apollo Hyacinth would be my favourite, just because i am not sure about the musk in the jasmine perfume! In fact, I would love to try all of these since it looks like enough green notes have been added to make these just the kind of floral scents I enjoy.

sunnlitt August 11, 2015

These fragrances all sound so lovely and amazing!! I would love to try them all, but that price is a bit beyond my budget these days. Wow! The Apollo Hyacinth sounds the most appealing, but it would be hard to choose. Thanks so much for the drawing.

tiffanie August 11, 2015

Celestial Jasmine made my heart skip a beat. My favorite jasmine scents have some yellow flowers too, so the linden in this one makes me happy. I think it could be a stunner. I'm in love with fresh jasmine flowers and am always on the prowl for a fragrance that can approach the real thing. And trying all of these florals at once? I'm dizzy just thinking about it. Whew, the sillage! Gorgeous.

Danielle August 11, 2015

If there was ever a drawing I hoped to win, this would be the one!! Current favorite by the description would be Apollo Hyacinth, with Velvet Lavender a close second. Fingers crossed!

ElizabethC August 11, 2015

These sound wonderful. I think that I would adore the Lily of the Valley, but the Jasmine comes a close second! Thank you for the drawing!

TheLunarWhale August 11, 2015

They all sound really interesting! I think my favorite to try would be the Velvet Lavender, the combination of notes sounds just delicious.

Sun Mi August 11, 2015

Wow, these sound amazeballs - what an amazing giveaway! I adore my white florals, and so I'd probably love Celestial Jasmine the most, however! I am fully intrigued by the Asian pear note in Apollo Hyacinth - I love love love me some Asian pears. Thanks for this utterly amazing draw.

Bridget B August 11, 2015

Hyacinth not guan into. Darn auto correct!

Bridget B August 11, 2015

I soooo wanted to try these but the price point is a tad high for me. I think the Lily of the valley or guan into would be my favorite. Thanks so much for such an extravagant draw!!!!

SamanthaL August 11, 2015

I've been wanting really badly to try these since Tom mentioned them a while back, just not 250.00 badly!! I think I'd like the Hyacinth most, followed closely by the violet...I think the tea does sound interesting with it. Please enter me..thanks Patty!

Janice August 11, 2015

When I first heard about these I also assumed they'd be soliflores, so I'm glad to hear they're more complex than that! Most of them sound amazing, but I think my favorite, or at least the one I'd try first, would be Fragile Violet. Violet and tea sounds really interesting.

Dina C. August 11, 2015

Oh Man Patty! These sound awesome! I love floral scents, can you tell? Just this past weekend, my daughter got a dozen roses from a friend after a show she did (Shakespeare's Richard III), and for once they actually smell like roses! Very faintly, but still. I'm tempted to ask her friend where he got them. I'm always deeply, deeply disappointed when flowers don't smell like anything. All of these scents sound very tempting to me, especially the hyacinth with its galbanum notes. Thanks for the drawing! :-)

Sapphire August 11, 2015

I have been reading about these in Vogue and one or two other places and they all sound pretty fabulous. Have been despairing at having a chance to try them. The hyacinth and muguet ones sound like they would be my favorites. Thanks for the drawing!

Artist August 11, 2015

oh please please enter me for the jasmine! I had a glorious urn of jasmine growing just outside my door in Mexico and I miss that scent so much...I would be ever so delighted to be transported back to scent of pure lovely non indolic jasmine and the addition of linden sounds swoonworthy! Thank you so much!

EchoCharlie August 11, 2015

The lavender and the rose sound lovely. It is so hard to choose just one.

Glannys August 11, 2015

Thank you for the drawing. Based on your descriptions, it is really hard to choose, but I am especially intrigued by Velvet Lavender.

Tiara August 11, 2015

I thought the Velvet Lavender sounded perfect but then I read the notes for Celestial Jasmine. That would be a tough choice but certainly the 2 I'd try first.

Civet August 11, 2015

I would love to try these! That's a serious price for a sample set, though!

Kandice August 11, 2015

I'm most curious about the hyacinth though the jasmine and tuberose also sound wonderful. Thanks for the chance to try these. It would be interesting to know why flowers aren't as fragrant anymore. Does it have something to do with the way they're grown for market? I also love the smell of flower shops but haven't been in one in awhile. I hadn't realized they'd changed that much.

jirish August 11, 2015

I think my favorite would be the hyacinth, but the jasmine also sounds wonderful as I too love the scent of linden.

AnnieA August 11, 2015

Apollo Hyacinth would be the one I am most curious to try.

carlene August 11, 2015

They really do all sound beautiful, but that Jasmine is calling to me (even though I'm not really sure what silkwood is)

Peggy August 11, 2015

They all do sound really lovely--Apollo Hyacinth might intrigue me most! Love the flower, have not yet found a hyacinth perfume I can wear.

Lemoncake August 11, 2015

They all sound fabulous but the Regal Tuberose and Celestial Jasmine would be my first picks.

Queen Cupcake August 11, 2015

These sound truly lovely. Again and again, I return to my favorite floral fragrances--neroli, lavender, tuberose, rose, muguet, hyacinth, iris (okay, root...) --I love them all! Thanks for this draw!

Laurels August 11, 2015

I think the Celestial Jasmine would be my pick, but they all sound really interesting.

Judy August 11, 2015

You sold me in the hyacinth- or maybe the lavender? Pear? Apricot? They all sound interesting! Thanks for considering me for the drawing- judy

Katrin August 11, 2015

I am immediately drawn to two-the Velvet Lavender and Celestial Jasmine. Thanks for the draw!

Clarissohka August 11, 2015

Please enter me. The velvet lavender and sultry rose sound amazing

Recovering Perfectionist August 11, 2015

Hmmm. How to pick? Maybe "Fragile Violet," but I think I'd have to smell them all to be sure! ;-)

Audrey August 11, 2015

I think I would like the sultry rose.

Maya August 11, 2015

I am a floral lover, so Eric Buterbaugh's perfumes really interest me. I would love to try them all. Lately I have been looking for and sampling fragrances with hyacinth or rose so my choice would be Apollo Hyacinth or Sultry Rose.

marjo56 August 11, 2015

Ah, your descriptions make me want to go and lay down in the nearest flowershop. They all sound so good, but I guess I would have a preference for Apollo Hyacinth, but I love Violet too, so....... I don't know.

Nemo August 11, 2015

Funnily enough, I would choose Velvet Lavender even though I don't usually jive with lavender notes. The apricot makes it sounds really interesting!

karibub August 11, 2015

These sound swoon-worthy! I think my fave might be Apollo Hyacinth but it's just a guess - your descriptions make it sound like any choice would be a good one.

Maggiecat August 11, 2015

These sound amazing, and I totally agree about the loss of scent in florist shop flowers. Celestial Jasmine and Virgin Lily would be my davorites, I think!

FeralJasmine August 11, 2015

Please enter me! Nothing entrances me like the scent of flowers, when I can find any with scent. Throughout my tumble down the rabbit hole I've been looking for a perfume that captures the experience of smelling fresh hyacinths, so I think Apollo Hyacinth would be my pick.