Smells Like it Should be Fall Already


What smells better than falling leaves and a basket of apples?

This week got away from me, so I’m winging it a bit —

I said last week I ordered the roll-on of L from Soft Surroundings.  It finally showed up…. man, I’m used to quick ship and them taking, like, ten days to send me a 10ml bottle was mildly annoying.  It was quite the vanillic spice-bomb on my friend, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be terrible on me…. and it wasn’t.  But whoa it smells so different on me!  I wish you could smell me right now, it’s amazing, but it is pretty much honey and tobacco.  I’m kind of blown away.  The honey is dominant, with that little bit of a skanky edge to it although nowhere near, say, Miel de Bois (which I adore and own a bottle of, naturally.)  And plenty of tobacco.  Tobacco and honey.  Really, it’s phenomenal, and four hours later the wattage hasn’t dimmed any.  And this is a roll-on, I wonder what the spray would be like?!  Y’all honey-tobacco freaks, and you know who you are, should consider checking this one out.

So right this second it smells like fall inside my living room — my fragrance, some cedar incense in the background, and I’m pretending it’s a chilly, rainy day outside, but actually it’s rainy and humid and awful.  I even have the AC on, for pete’s sake.   It’s 76 with 96% humidity.  Go away, heat, I’m done with you.  Bring on the wool sweaters and pumpkin pie and toasty radiators, I’m ready!  I’m doing my quasi-seasonal fragrance rotation because I don’t really have room any more for it all, and that’s nice anyway because it’s easier to see what I have and actually wear it more often, you know?  I ran across my bottle of Worth Courtesan (lol remember how I would not shut up about that stuff?) and spritzed some on and I still think it’s delish.

Sorry, that’s all the typing I can do, I need to continue with my wrist to my nose.  Do you have a seasonal scent rotation?  What are you looking forward to spritzing on the first cool-weather day?  What do you think would happen if I wore Miel de Bois to work?  How do you feel about a bright-colored (but elegant) bag for the office?  (yeah, that’s random)  Are you looking forward to making or eating some cool-weather comfort dishes? (stew! pumpkin bread!  sweet potato pie!)



  • Jen says:

    To celebrate autumn in Arizona (below 100) I baked the first pumpkin pies of the year. Delish!

  • tiffanie says:

    I wore a good couple of dabs of Amoureuse last night. I like it best when the evening is cool. Today the remnants smell like honey.

    Go colorful or go home when it comes to a new bag for the office. This summer I wandered through an outlet mall while on vacation. The Clarks outlet store had a bag in a color they called “Coral.” It’s really orange. I hesitated, but I loved the size (not too large as I’m just 5 feet tall) and the shape of the bag (bucket-y but with nice outer pockets and details). I bought it since the store manager said it was a “one off” that never existed in any other colors. I thought I might get tired of it, but after several months it is still getting lots of use.

  • maggiecat says:

    I loved Courtesan! Never did find a full bottle, but blew through several decants. And I am SO ready for Fall – it’s still hot here in Dallas. Fall is my favorite season, and I’m already starting with my Fall-ish perfumes.

  • ElizabethC says:

    Brightly colored bags work for ALL occasions 🙂 I’ve got a bright blue Cambridge Satchel and am now lusting after a forest green (they call it pine) map bag of theirs. Yes, I am ready for Fall! Wore Neil Morris Prowl even though it was warm and sunny outside because I’ve decided to ignore the weather and wear what I want 🙂

  • teri says:

    Love honey scents, but not so much on the tobacco, but still might give this scent a try – just in case.

    For certain, go with the bright bag. I’m someone who almost always dresses in solids, and I express my whimsy with my accessories. Today, for example, I’m wearing an olive suit but carrying a brilliant burnt orange bag and matching shoes. There is nothing that makes me feel more work-fashionable than lovely accessories in unexpected colors. Do it.

    I am looking forward to making my once-a-season concord grape pie. It’s a fair amount of work and not something I would eat every day, but it wouldn’t be fall without one.

  • Lisa D says:

    Definitely yes to the bag. I recently bought a tote in orange, and I love it. As mals noted, it injects a spot of brightness into one’s day.

  • malsnano86 says:

    FALLFALLFALL!! We’ve started marching band season (yay!) and cross-country season (yay!) and not only did I get out my fall decor last weekend, I made pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. Put all my 3/4-sleeve cardies in the front of the closet. Put away most of my sandals. This weather… oh yeah.

    Been wearing the heck out of Safari and Cuir de Lancome and Tabac Aurea. Also the teal handbag my sister gave me for my birthday – that’s been a welcome kind of brightness. So, yeah, get the bright bag for work.

  • Maria B says:

    I’m looking forward to wearing three from Sonoma Scent Studio: the beautiful Nostalgie (my favorite fragrance of all, an old-Hollywood glamour floral chypre), cozy Winter Woods, and bracing Forest Walk. Last night I ordered a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Cinema, a mimosa (with a touch of jasmine) fragrance on amber-vanilla-musk base. I know you liked it, March; I enjoyed your review. Are you still wearing it?

  • Heidi says:

    It’s already fall up in North Dakota, so I’ve been wearing my vintage Vol de Nuit and spritzing my husband with SL’s Fille en Aiguilles. And I’ve already started my cozy weather food rotation: leek & potato soup, risotto (I can’t stand over a stove stirring that long until it gets chilly), and (naturally) tatertot hotdish.

    And YES to the bag.

  • cinnamon says:

    Lucky you, March, regarding Miel de Bois. I get something unmentionable from that perfume. Definitely a scrubber. Chemistry is tricky. But the ‘idea’ of honey and tobacco sounds sublime. Don’t really have a rotation, except that Dior Eau Noire does not get worn in the summer. Ever. Which is good because it has been discontinued and I don’t have much of it left. Sigh. Why do good things get ditched?

  • Ann says:

    Hi, dear! I’m right there with you — bring on the fall already! It’s been rainy and a bit muggy here in the Deep South, and I’d love some cooler, crisper days, but at least it’s not 90, which some September/Octobers it has been. I am waffling a bit with my fragrance, trying to find some kind of middle ground. Glad you are loving that Soft Surroundings scent. Enjoy!

  • Dina C. says:

    My fall fragrance wardrobe starts leaning toward heavier greens, chypres, leather and suedes, and incense scents. Galbanum, my year-round favorite, takes a more prominent role. Lately I’ve been loving Marni, LAP Premier Figiuer Extreme, and Sycomore. Our afternoons are still Indian Summerish, so I can’t pull out the real heavy hitters yet.

    As for fall foods, yes! Last night I did a baked potato bar with all the toppings for dinner. They tasted good. Looking forward to fresh-picked apples too.

  • Eleebelle says:

    I carry a yellow purse and wore Miel de Bois to work just last week. I say: proceed with gusto. As for fall, I keep thinking it’s getting cool here but I keep being wrong. I’ve started dressing/perfuming for fall anyway, but what I’m really waiting for is macaroni and cheese season to kick in.

  • rosarita313 says:

    I lurve this time of year and have been wearing my fall favorites for a while in the unreasonable heat, but the first major cold front rolled through yesterday and it is definitely Fall now. Yay! Two fabulous perfumeistas have raoked me decants recently – 5 O’clock Gingembre and my beloved Satellite Padparadscha, which I finished last week and can no longer find. Breaking out the Gingembre today, baking apple crisp for my mom this weekend, digging out the fleece for a neighborhood party and bonfire tonight. Bring it on.

  • Pam says:

    March, take the bright-colored bag. I don’t have Courtesan but will now be on the lookout. We are having the same sticky rainy days, but the weekend promises to be more Fallish.

  • Becky says:

    I jumped the gun on my fragrance rotation because I am so over my summer scents right now. It’s been humid and nasty here for most of September, but yesterday it got cloudy and the temp dropped and I actually had to put on a cardigan for comfort. (And, okay, I went to McDonald’s for one of their pumpkin pies.) All signs are starting to point to fall.

  • Portia says:

    Hiya March,
    I love Courtesan too, that fun sweet pineapple caramel musk that you can spritz till your wet and never skunk anyone. MMMMM Funny you should mention it today because I promised someone yesterday that I’d wear it today but I forgot.
    Portia xx