Lipstick Monday: What are you wearing and loving now?

lipstickEven though the calendar is reading October, I’m still enjoying (and am loathe to give up) my hot pinks, fuchsias and purplish red hues, and have found some budget babies that I’ve been loving for months now: First off, NYX’s Fuchsia lip pencil. Sinfully cheap but the perfect shade for wearing all over and for lining under my pricier tube of Chanel La Romanesque, as well as a lovely Hard Candy lipstick in Wanted, sent from a sweet Posse pal.

Also, matte lipsticks from Jordana in It Girl and Plum Gorgeous and NYX’s lip liner in Bloom. All three are very close, if not identical, to MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous. I’m seriously considering taking back my unused MAC lipstick as these other shades are working so well for me, and all three together cost less than the MAC.

In fact, in looking around for a good matte red lippie, I’m considering Jordana’s matte In Style. At less than $4 a pop, it’s hard to go wrong. And if I hate it, I can always use it for Halloween doings or to write myself reminders on my bathroom mirror, ha!

lipstick 2

NYX Bloom

Alas, I’m one of those folks who likes a color and then ends up with several different lipstick brands in pretty much the same shade, with perhaps only the tiniest of differences between them. Does that ever happen to you? You love a certain color, and somehow over time you end up having six different brands of basically the same red/plum/pink/coral/beige that you adore. Just reach into your makeup bag or drawer and you’ll pull out your favorite, no decision needed, right?

Anyhoo, I need to start rounding up my fall/winter stable of lippies. I do know when I’m needing a dramatic, drop-dead red, Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Majella (above right) is it. Just about perfect for this time of year and onward, looking as great on Thanksgiving as it will on New Year’s Eve and on through Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps Chanel’s La Fascinante, one of their mattes, although I need to test-drive this one a bit more.

An old fave, Nars matte lip pencil in Forbidden Red is a great brick red for me, and about as orange red as I can do, but I do hate that the shade is discontinued. And of course, at some point I’ll be dipping into my dwindling tube of Estee Lauder Perfect Silent Red, my Holy Grail of red lipsticks. I would give my eye-teeth to get a backup of either of these, although the Estee Lauder would probably be going off something fierce by now. 🙁

What lipsticks are you reaching for these days? Do you have a shade or two that you save for special occasions (i.e. the upcoming holidays)? What new lippies are you itching to try?

  • Neyon says:

    I’m very interested to try Nars’ satin lip crayons. At the moment it’s not a lipstick I’m raving about, but the tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bees in Rose. It’s a lovely rich red with that healthy dash of pink, just adds delicious natural touch of colour to my pale lips. It also contain jasmine wax and ylang ylang wax! It’s not just pretty it’s genuinely exquisite!

    • Ann says:

      Neyon, do try the Nars satins and let us know what you think. They are slightly moister and glossier than I was used to from Nars (which was their matte lip pencils) but they go on like a dream. Hear, hear for that Burt’s Bees — I’m all for a great color that feels and smells good and is affordable, too. Thanks!

  • poodle says:

    In addition to the Besame lipsticks, I’ll throw a vote in for the butter London balms. I got Teddy Boy which is a my lips but better shade and I like it. It’s got a balm feel with almost lipstick like color. Too Faced Lip Creme in Sweet Maple is another recent acquisition. It’s similar in texture to the butter London Balm but a bit creamier. The color I got is not quite brown. It’s got a lot of plummy red in it I’d say but it’s not terribly dark on. Both are good for everyday wear. I did buy a red pencil in the butter London line too but haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say if it’s my dream red or not yet.
    I love the lipstick posts but they make me want to go out and find everything people mention.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, dear! I just poked around Sephora and saw the Besame line — beautiful! Must try those other colors you mentioned too. I know what you mean: Hearing everyone’s picks and faves makes my wallet cringe and burrow nto the deepest recesses of my purse. 🙂

    • tammy says:

      Oh, I forgot about Butter London. The formula of those balms is awesome, although the colors aren’t the best for me. I do have Primrose Hill Picnic, and love it.

  • AnnieA says:

    Today’s post encouraged me to break out MAC’s “Charred Red”, as Ruby Woo was just a little too pink for what I am wearing today. Sometimes I mix my bolder colours with lipbalm to make for a softer version.

    • Ann says:

      Howdy, AnnieA! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that MAC red but it sounds gorgeous. Great idea to soften up the big colors with balm, plus nice to have the extra moisture in cold weather. Thanks!

  • tammy says:

    Despite the fact that I really don’t think red suits me, I am pining away for one of those god-forsaken gaudy Louboutins. I was very disappointed to learn that it’s only the red that comes in the black bullets; I’d have probably had several by now if they were all black. Which shames me no end, because they are incredibly tacky. But damn I want one! 😛

    I pretty much have to stick with pinks/berries/fuchsias, and lord knows I have drawers full (verily, even copy paper boxes full) of lippies that look very much alike. But lippies are my weakness, and I wear them all!

    I don’t change things up much for the seasons, because there are such limited amounts of colors/shades that work for my coloring. My cheapies will be NYX Chaos (Ann, you need to check that one out, too!) another NYX that is newish to me called Hunk, Milani Raspberry Rush, Revlon Cherries in the Snow ( the nearest to red I have) and my beloved Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop ( I keep 6 of these on hand, as it’s my perfect shade)

    My FAINcier standbys for Fall include YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 5 (Fuchsia in Excess, I think; I love all their fuchsias, though) Too Faced Berry Sexy, Bite Beauty Vigne, Amarone and Quince, MAC Lickable, NARS Janet, Sephora French Kiss, and several Lancome Lip Lovers whose names I can never remember.

    For glosses, I love YSL in Fuchsia Terriblement, and Bare Moxie in Stunner. (And the YSL glossy stains in the fuchsias)

    When I am brave enough to go dark, Vincent Longo Mulberry is my pick. This is mostly something I wear in the privacy of my own home, as it isn’t the most flattering on me, but dang it, sometimes a girl just wants to get her vamp on. (And horrify her husband, but mostly get her vamp on)

    Love Lipstick Mondays, Ann; thank you! Lipstick seems to have taken up the slack in my perfume buying, since very little perfume in the last two years has grabbed me at all.

    • Ann says:

      Tammy, me, too, me, too! I didn’t know about the red only coming in the black container though, bummer. My son saw the CL lipsticks online and for a second he thought they were Christmas tree ornaments, ha!
      You’ve got some great suggestions there (love Nars Janet as well), and I can’t wait to try some of them, especially the NYX. And you are spot-on about the lipstick buying; I often feel that way, too. Can’t seem to fall in love with or pull the trigger on a pricey full bottle of fragrance but often seem able to dig deep into the pockets/change purse/car seats/sofa cushions and spring for a new lippie (or three). Hugs to you …

      • tammy says:

        Ann, I was confusing Chaos (which is redder) with Chloe ( more fuchsia with a shimmer). Shiva is also gorgeous, although may be a bit frosty for some.

  • SamanthaL says:

    Thanks Ann…I love a lipstick post!! I’ve been wearing Besame Cosmetics lipsticks lately, they’re so pigmented and don’t dry my lips out. Their American Beauty is the best blue-toned red I’ve ever worn and the packaging is really pretty.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Samantha! I agree; lipstick is right up there with good perfume for me. Your high praise has me jonesing to try that American Beauty, as I am a blue-red girl from way back. Where do you get the Besame line? Thanks!

      • poodle says:

        Sephora has them online and you can order directly from Besame. I’ve got Noir Red and Besame Red. I really like them. Also, they have these cute little lipstick matchbooks that allow you to try the colors. Sephora only has one but Besame has a few colors I think.

  • Abbey says:

    I’m with you Dina C. At 36, I only just started wearing any daily lip color, and it’s Maybelline Baby Lips. These are great for just a hit of color, and at the price point, you can get a few. I probably do need to look at trading some of the light pinks of summer for more red for fall.

    • Ann says:

      Those are great, aren’t they, Abbey? I’d love to find a reddish one for fall, too. Let us know what you found and liked.

  • Dina C. says:

    You know how those fashion magazines always say to emphasize either your eyes or your lips, but not both at the same time? Well, I always choose my eyes. So for me, lips are an afterthought. I like a tinted balm or a gloss better than a true lipstick. My favorite gloss right now is Marvelous Moxie in Rebel, which is a pinkie mauvey MLBB color.

    • Ann says:

      Arrghh, Dina — dadgum computer ate my reply to you and I just now realized it wasn’t showing up. Anyhoo, I am the opposite of you, mostly playing up my lips. I wear glasses and I should pay more attention to my eyes to emphasize them more, but I never have enough time in the a.m. to do much. But recently, a Chanel SA got a-hold of me and gave me the works: shadow, liquid liner and mascara. I was pretty impressed but realized it’s just too much for me, save for special occasions. BTW, a nice balm sounds pretty great with winter coming soon.

  • Thanks to Patty’s review ages ago, I finally tried Serge Luten’s red lipstick earlier this summer. I walked out of Barney’s with that and the mauve. The mauve is a stunning, unique not-nude-but-light color, though the formula wears off rather quickly. The red, however—a grail red. It lasts forever. It’s the one lipstick I put on and then don’t worry about, no matter the plans for the day. After several months of happiness, I recently got the bright berry and the palette of reds. Thank you, Patty!

    • Ann says:

      That Patty is such a beautiful enabler! 🙂 So glad you are loving the SL lipsticks. I want to try them if I ever get anywhere near a store that carries them.

  • Solanace says:

    I got Mac’s Russian Red and it is red carpet worthy gorgeous, though it has to be applied with a brush, which is too much work for me. On most days, I tend to wear something easier, like Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle, Dior Addict Extreme in Avenue or some Benefit shiny balm.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Solanace! I agree, it is a lippie you have to apply with care, but wowza, is it gorgeous! You’ve got some good daily wear items there, softer and more forgiving, yet still pretty.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    My favorite lip gloss is raspberry jam by Clinique but it’s discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere. But my other favorite is Clinique Honey Bee but it has been discontinued as well so now I stick to lip balm.

    • Ann says:

      Oh, yes — I remember that one, too, and liked it very much. I think it was pretty popular, so why don’t they bring it back? Are you listening, Clinique? Here’s hoping you find something similar to love soon.

    • Rina says:

      Have you tried the Cosmetics Company Store or the Gone But Not Forgotten program from EL? Sometimes they can still find a d/c’d product and send it to you, but not discounted, unfortunately…. Google gone but not forgotten estee lauder for the link.

  • Rina says:

    Urban Decay d/c’d their Super Saturated Gloss pencils so of course, I now have a gorgeous Nude, 2 pretty fuscias and a perfect red. Love Nara Cruella! Lipps are their own addiction!

    • Rina says:

      Stupid auto-correct! Nara = Nars, Lipps = Lippies

      • Ann says:

        Amen, Rina! The bloopers are annoying but sometimes can be a hoot. Good for you to have gotten the discontinued pencils. And Cruella is great — a perfect red! In fact, a smaller size of it is the Sephora birthday gift this year (plus another lighter, more neutral Nars pencil), so if any of you Posse peeps still have birthdays coming up in 2015, it might be worth it to hurry and sign up for their program.

        • Heidi says:

          I got the Cruella as Sephora’s gift and love it — also love the line of reds Nars put out with classic movie star names — I’m enjoying “Jeanne” right now, a very true red. I have a lot of trouble finding the perfect dark brick red — I had a matte one from L’oreal, a color called “Daring” that’s been discontinued — and I’ve been trying to match it before I run out. I’m also loving a new buy — Nars’ “Fast Ride” — it looks like that popular dark blackberry color, but goes on more like a balm + stain, so it’s more subtle, which is probably good since I’m not 19 anymore (not by a long shot!).

        • Rina says:

          That’s exactly how I got it! Love the Birthday pressies from Sephora!

          • Ann says:

            Love Nars, too, Heidi and Rina! And yes, those Sephora bd gifts rock! Also must try that Nars “Fast Ride” — a balm plus stain sounds perfect to me. Thanks!

  • It must be the weather! I just did a change in lip wear. I tried a new brand – Kismet Cosmetics. I’m usually more of a lip crayon kind of chick – fast, easy and moisturizing; Pur Minerals in Daredevil has been my go-to for about 4 years. But I felt the need for something more polished. And Southern Living dubbed Kismet Cosmetics lipsticks as instant classics. So, Naked Gypsy (a pink-nude), Wildflower (a bright pop of pink), and Crushed Coral entered my world. It’s good to branch out!

    • Ann says:

      What a cool trio, Alexandria! I know you will enjoy them all. Isn’t it fun to discover and fall in love with a great line?

      • It must be the weather or the time of year (school was always a fresh start right?) I’m trying e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. New skin care. (Thesis Beauty. Love.). New perfume. (Congress of Flowers. Awaiting arrival…) New eyeshadow. (Vapor Beauty. Ordering today.) But, considering “they” seem to discontinue every great find, what else can you do but keep exploring?

  • Caroline says:

    How timely…had recently stuck Guerlain’s Maxi Velvet liquid lipstick in Fleur de Givre in my Nordstrom cart. But the following morning it had sold out! It was sold out at a couple of other sites too, but found one at Bloomingdales and pounced. Glad I did, it’s a nice medium pink-red with good staying power, and reminds me of the YSL Glossy Stains, but less glossy.
    I too tend to choose colors that are fairly similar (but different enough that I justify further purchases). Would love to try Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Eblouissante. Nars Majella is indeed perfect for fall!

    • Ann says:

      Howdy, Caroline! So glad you were able to snag that lovely Guerlain — it’s so frustrating when things sell out so quickly. Hope you get to try out the Chanel soon and love it.