November Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother


perfume sample fairy godmother

Esperanza the Perfume Fairy Godmother

First things first, the two wishes I’m granting from October – flowergirlbee, I’ll be sending you some Dior Feve Delicieuse, Cartier Defendue and Serge Fourreau Noir.  Vanie, I’ll be sending you some Ann Gerard samples.  Both of you, click on Drop us a Note at the top, send me your address, list what I just said I’d send you. I’ll send you a note back to let you know I got the e-mail, and then they’ll be on their way. Well, sorta, I’m off on vacation for the next week and a half, so be patient on me replying to you unless you e-mail me sometime Tues or Wed Early this week.

Hey, it is time again for the Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother for November 2015.   First the general guidelines on how Fairy Godmother works – this post will be open for the entire month of November 2015.   I’ll start a new one at the beginning of December 2015.   For those of you new or that need a reminder of how this works – in comments you can list one or two things that you are yearning for and can’t seem to get –  a perfume sample is the easiest wish to grant.  Or you can wish for a full bottle, decant, vintage perfume or discontinued perfume you can’t find.  If someone has it and can help you out, they can reply to you in comments and then you can arrange to go offline through e-mail to work things out.   Please don’t post e-mails in comments unless you spoof them somehow, like this – patty at perfumeposse dawtcawm (spelling the dotcom at the end that way prevents robots from finding it as easily).


Caveat Emptor and all that, don’t send people money, check out their references on MUA or Basenotes or the Facebook groups before you send something in a swap, if you wind up doing a swap.  We have some amazing Fairy Godmothers that show up every month, granting wishes right and left. If you’ve been the recipient of some kindness, do give back when you can. I know people have gotten wishes granted, and every month they comb through the posts trying to find one or two people they can help out, and it just makes my heart happy.  If it’s a gift, send away.  I should note that  it’s more likely that a Fairy Godmother will happen along if you are a fairly regular commenter on The Posse and people recognize your name.

I will play Perfume Posse Fairy Godmother and go through the list and grant at least two perfume sample wishes. I’ll pick from ones that nobody has been able to help with – I’ll spin my wheel  – and send them The Precious.   If I can’t find two I can help with or you’re not sure what to wish for and you get picked, I’ll send you a little sample pack of some new releases, which you can wish for too!  I’ll announce who those people are when I put up November’s post.  Good luck!

perfume sample magic wand So what is it that your heart desires?  (pulling out wand from the back of the closet and blowing off an inch of dust)  

  • Winterlude says:

    When I first began visiting this site and learning about perfume, I read a comment from someone who wrote that a perfume made her cry. I’ve smelled things that made me smile, things that made me wonder “what were they thinking?”, things that kept my nose glued to my wrist, and things that made me recoil in disgust (looking at you Chypre Mousse!), but nothing that affected me on such a visceral level. I know perfume is deeply personal and our tastes differ but I’d love to know and smell what affects you most. Has a scent ever made you cry, made you unbearably happy, or ache with a longing for something you can’t name? I realize this is a strange request, but if it has, I’d love to try it! Unless, it’s Chypre Mousse.

  • AllGirlMafia says:

    Hello! I have a few samples I am happy to part with. To keep down on shipping cost US only, please.

    1)L’Artisan Perfumer Sample Box. 9 2ml samples (I kept Timbuktu for myself because I love it!) brand new except for being tested once.

    2)The Rose Lover
    Tauer Une Rose Vermeille
    JHAG Lady Vengeance
    JHAG Mad Madame
    Jo Malone Red Roses
    DSH American Beauty

    3)The Leather Lover
    La Collinia Toscana Viocolo del Sellaiio
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    Lutens Cuir Mauresque
    Lauder Azuree
    Hermessence Cuir d’ Ange

    A few things I’d always be happy for- Donna Karan Chaos, Boadicea the Victorious Imperial, Lutens Daim Blond, Histories de Parfum 1740. If you have any of these, great! If not I’m still sending these out one way or another just shoot me an email. Username Realmizz04 of the yahoo variety. Thank you!

    • Nemo says:

      Has the “Rose Lover” been claimed already? Otherwise I would definitely be interested. Thanks so much!

  • Luna Green says:

    Hello! I am looking for a sample of Lush Kerbside Violets, which is apparently impossible to obtain in the US. Grr. Can anyone help?

  • Peppermoon says:

    I’ve been depressed for the past few months and completely uninterested in all of my hobbies. My poor perfumes have been going unworn and I haven’t posted on any of my fragrance websites for a long time. I think it’s a good sign that the medicine is working, that I’m starting to feel interested in scents again! I’d love to receive any unloved or weird samples, nothing specific just whatever someone has laying around. I just want to get started sampling again. 🙂

    r smith 3 (at) uga (dot) edu

  • Vanie says:

    Dear fairies,
    One repeat and one new wishes for me this month: ELDO Fils de Dieu and Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman.
    I can be found in the land of gmailll under the name vanessa dot b dot laperriere

  • katrin says:

    Dear Fairies,
    This month, I’love to try Zagorsk or L’Artisan’s Voleur de Roses…

  • thegoddessrena says:

    I’d like some Estee Lauder Spellbound, current or vintage or for a real long shot, Guerlain’s Metallica

  • Clarochka says:

    I am dying to try any of Roja Dove or Keiko Micheri Rahat Lokoum. I can be reached at marianna_r in yahoooooland . Thank you

  • flowergirlbee! says:

    dearest perfume fairies,
    this month i am going to try and fulfill my long held desire to smell jar parfums bolt of lightning,vero profumo’s rozy edp and a newer wish, born on this very blog, to smell eric buterbaugh’s apollo.
    my email can by hinky so if i don’t reply message here and i will contact you : )
    thanking all the perfume fairies, past and present : )

  • thecindyb says:

    Hello fellow perfume enthusiasts (cough…addicts) – what a wonderful idea. My biggest perfume wish would be a sample or decant of Caron’s nuit de noel -it is the perfect season to give it a try. My second wish would be a sample of vintage mitsouko – I am a new perfumista and it is on my educational bucket list 🙂

    If there is a fairy godmother out there my info is cynthiabonna at geemale dawt com.

  • Lizbee says:

    What an amazing idea! I am new to perfumeland, and I’m so impressed by all the love shared on these pages.

  • Becky says:

    Hey, fairies!

    I am wishing to try anything by Parfumerie Generale this month. (I have tried Aomassai, and while it is lovely and interesting, the Good n’ Plenty note is sadly not for me.). Please and thanks. 🙂

    On a related note, I have some random, lovely-but-not-for-me orphans looking for a home. I’ll send out a care package to anyone in the US. First come, first served.

    s c h o o l m a r m 8 0 at geemale.

  • Patty Pong says:

    Repeat wish =|
    I wish for Trayee or Bombay Bling 🙂

    • Lisa D says:

      Patty Pong, I’ve got a trio of NV samples with plenty left to test -Trayee, Bombay Bling and Mohur. Give me a holla at lisadarty in the land of hotmail!

  • rosarita says:

    Hi Posse friends! I would love a sample of the new Tom Ford Noir for women. I can send samples by return. Thanks!

  • Neva says:

    Dear Fairies, I am repeating my wish from last month hoping that this time someone will be able to help me with it. I’d like to try Frederick Malle’s Iris Poudre, Angeliques sous la pluie or Cologne Indelebile. You can reach me at modesty blaise 65 (without spacing) at yawhuuuh dot com.
    Thank you!!!

  • marjo56 says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year now (to be honest, I think I came to your post via Olfactoria’s Travels and Australian perfume junkies). At first, I was very intrigued by your ” Menopause Sucks” Post, going through that fase myself. However, I stayed because of your funny, passionate and intelligent stories. I never commented, because I’m a shy person (and my English isn’t very good, excuses for that). As for my wish, I would love a sample of De Profundis, by Serge Lutens. I smelled it once, years ago, and I remember loving it but it was way beyond my budget at the time. You are very generous with your perfume, I don’t think you can find anything like it in Europe (I’m Belgian). Have a very nice day. marjo loyens AD hotmail dot com.