Cyber Monday: Share your great finds, tips and tricks

Cyber Monday shopping cartAh, it’s Cyber Monday. Since the media has been reporting that Black Friday sales here in the U.S. are slightly down from last year, it’ll be interesting to see how the retail world fares this Cyber Monday.

I don’t tend to do much online shopping on this day as I’m usually working a long day, and some of my buying is done, the rest will have to wait until later, and I’ve learned my lesson about impulse buying. But I know some of you have been (and will be) busy today ferreting out good deals, bargains, bonuses, and what-not.

My one online foray this weekend proved rather disappointing. As some of you may have heard about or experienced firsthand, the Neiman Marcus site has been plagued with technical difficulties, going up and down (mostly down, it seemed, at least on Friday) like a jack-in-the-box. So unless things go really well on this Cyber Monday, I’m guessing their sales might take a bit of a hit. I had flirted with the idea of splurging on a Frederic Malle candle there, but after several tries, I finally threw up my hands in exasperation. I took the hint: perhaps it was a sign from above that the purchase was not meant to be. 🙂

So all you experienced shoppers, please share your tips and tricks, good sites to visit, what you’re planning to buy, or what goodies you’ve already found. Are big online retailers such as Luckyscent, Beautyhabit, and others a gold mine for you or do you do better at smaller venues, such as Diptyque, or various indie perfumers?

Or do you avoid the Cyber Monday hubbub altogether and wait for later bargains and last-minute deals to come down the pike?

Mariann November 30, 2015

As I'm based in Europe, many of the US and Uk sales don't apply. But I did snag a bottle off fragrancenet and l'artisanperfumer both 25% off. I would have ordered a sample set from 4170 tuesdays as she ships to the continent, but alas I was too slow.

odonata9 November 30, 2015

Just did one bit of shopping on Cyber Monday, but it was for myself! Everything at Old Navy is 40% off today online (50% if you get their emails), so I bought a few things for myself. Finally found a decent fitting pair of jeans, so buying a backup pair and some lounge pants. I already did most of my other shopping (online as well, just too impatient to wait since I know what I wanted and who knows if it will be discounted later) - just a few more things here and there to pick up!

poodle November 30, 2015

Unless I know exactly what I'm looking for I find online shopping to take just as long as actually going to the stores. If the website keeps crashing that's even worse. The Kohls site kept freezing on me yesterday and I came pretty close to just saying to hell with it. I'm not planning on doing much shopping today except to maybe buy myself a new kindle since mine is not holding a charge very well anymore. As far as perfume goes I never seem to be able to ferret out the good online deals like some folks so I'm curious to see what everyone's secrets are.

Portia November 30, 2015

Hey there Ann, No cyber Monday here but i did put my eBay to sleep for a while. Christmas and then Holidays. I need to save a bit for them. He He he late as always. Portia xx

Neyon November 30, 2015

I found some Me to You candles in Savers...they actually smell absolutely gorgeous, and the vanilla one is especially creamy and addictive..they would make such great gifts!

John Carter November 30, 2015

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Solanace November 30, 2015

Glad to know I'm not the only one here using the computer as an oracle. Every time an email won't be sent, especially if it's work related, I take that as a sign to think things through a little more, lol. Have a great and fragrant week, everyone!

Heidi November 30, 2015

I just bought bigger decants of SL's A La Nuit and Fumerie Turque from STC (thanks to the "charcoal" pre-Black-Friday sale!) because I love both but OH MY GOD my Nuit got in my Turque, or my Turque got in my Nuit, and I've realized how awesome they smell layered!

Caroline November 29, 2015

Despite my inundated inbox, I've been fairly restrained, but here's what I purchased this weekend: 1) Tatcha Indigo Body Butter (the Tatcha site is currently offering 20% off) 2) 2 sets of Celestial coasters in Seafoam from Anthropologie; I've been lusting after them for awhile, and since they're 25% off, I took the plunge. No free shipping, alas. 3) An artificial, decorated 3' tree to place on the front porch from ATG Stores. No % off, but it was $44 and shipping's included. They had some attractive live potted trees at one of the grocery stores, but the rep told me they couldn't be placed outside, which is why I got the fake one. In order to get 10x points at Nordstrom tomorrow, I'll get another pair of Ugg Dakota slippers--something I like to keep in reserve anyway. Don't need any fragrance, but I may cave to lipstick temptation. Ann, did you ever try the YSL mattes? Nordstrom doesn't have them any longer--but plenty of other fish in the sea.

hajusuuri November 29, 2015

Hi Ann! This tip is not just for Cyber Monday -- If you sign up for ebates, you actually get cash back every quarter via a check in the mail. Many department stores, eBoutiques, online discounters are included in the offers. You need to enter the websites through ebates. The cash back portion itself does not require a coupon code but by searching for the merchant on ebates, you will see what coupon codes are available. I am not affiliated. H. :-)